tagBDSMAngela's First Lessons

Angela's First Lessons


This is a continuation of Angela and Devin's story. You can read more about Angela and Devin in my other submissions. They are written out of time sequence, but each story can stand alone. Chronologically this encounter occurs immediately after "Angela's Seduction" In this story Angela learns about what it means to be bound to a master.


Angela felt close to tears. Her emotions had been a wild roller coaster ride for more than a day. This man had infuriated her, terrified her, inflamed her senses to the breaking point, and then made love to her in ways she had never imagined. She had not even known such peaks of ecstasy were possible, and yet she sensed that she had just begun to drink from that well.

Her knees ached from kneeling on the floor for so long. She pulled her face away from his legs and looked up at his face. She raised her wrists to him. "Help me put my bracelets back on please."

Devin pulled her to her feet clutching her fiercely to his chest. "You are a precious treasure, Angela. You have no idea how happy you have made me." His lips found hers and for the first time she felt him tremble.

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to his room. He sat her on the edge of the bed and gently pulled her robe closed. Kneeling at her feet he held out his hands. "Give me your wrists." She mutely held out her arms to him and he reverently buckled the leather bands around her wrists.

Still on his knees he looked at her intensely. "Angela look at me, its very important that you listen. Any time you want to stop all you have to say is 'stop'. Any time you want to be free all you have to say is 'let me go'. Any time you want to leave all you have to say is 'I want to go home."

"What you said yesterday about magic spells was very true. I have been doing everything in my power to bind you to me. If we take this step it will forge a bond between us that won't easily be broken. Each time you give yourself to me, I will own more of your soul, until I have consumed you completely. Only then you will be mine truly and wholly. That is a sweet and terrible gift for it places upon each of us obligations. You will become my source of strength and comfort. I will become your refuge of safety and ecstasy. What we will feel for each other will transcend love."

"You will be expected to submit to me. I will have power over you. Power is a very strong drug but it is also a responsibility of amazing proportions."

"Neither of us should undertake this kind of commitment without open eyes. Today, even tomorrow you will still be able to walk out that front door, but soon it will become increasingly difficult until you are trapped as surely as the sculpture in the front room."

She slid from the bed and knelt facing him. "You don't even live here, you live in London. You will leave me alone." Her lips trembled at the thought.

"These bonds we will forge between us will stretch around the world. I will come back to you as often as I can. Waiting can be an act of submission greater than any pain or pleasure."

Angela listened to his torrent of words, feeling each of them strike into her heart, piercing her with their mixed message of a promise of a perfect refuge and a threat of the loss of herself. She sensed that his words had barely touched the enormity of the thing that lay before them. She did know one thing, it was probably too late for her to leave now already. She knew that she could not walk out that door now. In fact she felt like she would have to dragged kicking and screaming to get her to leave.

"This is madness Devin. I met you only yesterday. How do you know I will be able to do this."

"I don't know for sure but I sense great depths in you. I am willing to take the risk if you are."

"Devin, I think your magic has enchanted me more than you imagine." She gently touched his lips and then placed her hands in his. "Devin I give myself to you. Help me learn to be worthy of you."

He marveled how she intuitively understood that the only transformation that could be openly acknowledged was her own. In order for her to truly submit to him there could be no question of his absolute power and infallibility. He stood and raised her to her feet and had her sit on the edge of the bed once more.

Angela sat and watched him walk to his bureau and open a drawer. When he turned back to her he had what looked like a handful of silk ties, but they were all the same black color. When he returned he handed them to her. "I prefer silk to rope." Picking one up she ran it through her fingers. It was multiple layers of heavy silk sewn together, about two inches wide and about 8 feet long. It was amazingly soft and strong. There were a half dozen of them coiled like snakes across her lap. He stood back, his face suddenly unreadable, his eyes shadowed, watching her.

The tension was building in her, she shuddered. "Devin I don't know what to do. Please tell me what to do."

His words were a mystery. "All you have to do is give yourself to me."

She stood and pulled off her robe and stood before him. She knelt and offered up the silk tie to him. "Devin, I give myself to you. Please help me learn. I need you to help me. Bind me to you please."

He reached down and took her wrists and slipping the silk through the D rings he tied her hands firmly together in front of her. Angela felt a thrill of fear and an even stronger rush of excitement. "Thank you."

He pulled her to him, "For tonight call me 'Sir', don't use my name." His heart was full of amazing emotion and he knew he was in danger of either clutching her to him and protesting his love to her or losing control of his zeal and testing her too severely.

Taking the long end of the silk tie binding her wrists together he tied the silk high on the tall post on one corner of his bed, stretching her arms high over her head, lifting her to stand on her toes.

"I will cause you pain and pleasure. Trust that I will not ask more from you than you can give. If you need me to stop all you have to say is 'stop'. If you need to be freed all you have to do is say 'let me go'. If you want to leave all you have to say is 'I want to go home.' Do not use these words unless you are serious. If you stop me too often you will disappoint me."

Her calves were already quivering from the strain of holding her weight. "You will find that you will have to alternate holding your weight with your arms and then your toes. This struggle is part of your submission."

She nodded mutely, her breath coming in nervous gasps, tears of fear beading her lashes.

"Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are right this minute?" He began to gently stroke her body. Leaning down he pulled a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. She whimpered, the sensation exquisitely teetering on the knife edge between pain and pleasure. He gently bit and tugged at her. Her whimper deepened into a moan. He moved to her other breast and began to tease and bite her. He ran his fingers down to cunt. She tried to spread her legs for him but found it made her take all her weight on her arms, she knew she couldn't hold herself that way for long. He cupped his hand under her crotch and lifted her easing some of her weight, holding her up with two fingers deep inside her, the heel of his hand pressing and massaging. She moaned softly. He lowered his hand so she had to support her full weight once more but kept his fingers in her. He began to move his fingers in and out of her, rubbing her clitoris. He continued until her legs began shake violently and she pulled herself up with her arms. A sob broke out of her. Grabbing her around the waist he lifted her up. "Wrap you legs around me." She groaned in relief. Cupping his hands under her ass, he continued to probe and massage her cunt. He could sense her building excitement. When she was close, her cries urging him, her legs starting to spasm, he stopped and whispered in her ear, "Time to struggle again." And pushed her legs down off his hips, stepping away from her.

"No, Oh god, Please No." The words ripped from her throat in a scream of pain and frustration. Reaching down and seizing her cunt in his hand and continued his stimulation.

"Did you ask me to stop?"

Suddenly still hanging full weight on her arms, she lifted her head and through gritted teeth she grated out, "I did not say that." She struggled up onto her toes staring into his eyes, her face fiercely determined. "Fuck me, fuck me harder." Her words hoarse with tears and passion. He lifted her with his hand in her cunt and wailing she began to spasm around his fingers, her legs limp under her, hanging from her arms as the waves of pleasure blocked out the pain.

He quickly lowered her and she collapsed to the floor her legs limp under her. He lifted her to the bed and held her close, her bound hands trapped between them. "You are far braver than I ever imagined you would be." She suddenly burst into tears, her deep wracking sobs shaking her whole body. He held her, gently rocking until she had cried herself out.

Once she caught her breath, she took a deep shuddering breath. She said, "I am sorry. I don't know why I am crying."

He gently untied her hands and turned her onto her stomach and began to massage her feet and calves. "Your nerves may be a bit on edge." She sighed and stretched groaning in pain and relief. By the time he had worked his way up to her shoulders and arms, her eyes were heavy and sleepy. She stifled a big yawn. He kissed her on the forehead. Covering her with a blanket, he whispered "Sleep now, brave girl." She smiled and sighed but did not open her eyes.

He got a pillow and a spare blanket and made himself a bed on one of the couches in the living room.

Angela was pulled from sleep by pain. Her calves and the arches of her feet ached. Her shoulders ached. She was not disoriented. She knew exactly where she was. The memories of the night before were sharp and fresh, echoing through her mind with every pang and ache she felt. She had never felt so calm, so satisfied, so triumphant.

She stretched her arms above her head, her breath hissing as her muscles protested. She persisted moving and stretching until most of the stiffness was gone. She knew the muscle pain would take longer to heal but afterward she would be stronger. She resolved to spend more time at the gym, if she was going to do this she needed to be in better shape.

The light had been left on in the bathroom. Spilling out into the bedroom, its siren call reminded her how much she needed to pee.

Sitting up, she slid carefully from the bed stifling a gasp as her legs began to take her weight. Standing on her tiptoes had used muscles she didn't even know she had. The arches of her feet cramped and fought the stretch of taking her weight. Her calves were worst. They absolutely refused to hold her, weak and spasming, feeling like knives were being stabbed into them. Looking determinedly toward the bathroom, she grabbed the post at the foot of the bed and pulled herself to her feet. She could not help groaning at the combined protests of her shoulders and her legs. When she had her balance she turned and began to walk toward the bathroom. Taking one step at a time, carefully balancing, she set off across the room.

After a few steps, it got easier. Once she reached the bathroom, she sat down on the toilet with a deep sigh of relief. She looked up and caught sight of him, standing like a shadow in the door of the bedroom. She gasped as a thrill ran through her. "I tried to be quiet. Did I wake you?"

"No worries, I am a light sleeper. Anyway I enjoyed watching you."

"You were watching me? You could have helped." Her tone was just mildly petulant.

He moved to stand in the bathroom door, looking down at her. "I thought about it, but it seemed that it was a personal battle. Aren't you proud of yourself for accomplishing this on your own?"

"I have been spending too much time at the office and not enough time at the gym. I am way out of shape for this. My muscles are killing me."

"I can tell. Piss or get off the pot." His voice was amused. She realized she had not peed yet, his appearance had totally distracted her. She blushed and tried to relax. "Hurry up girl, you aren't the only one that needs to pee around here." She giggled and was finally able to let go, as her pee began splash against the water, she shyly looked up at him and spread her legs, revealing herself to him.

"Help me stand up please." She held her hands to him. He lifted her to her feet and she tottered to the sink and hung on to the edge of the counter. He stepped up to the toilet and lifting the seat, he leaned and placing one hand on the wall, he fished out his cock and began to piss, his stream churning the water in the bowl. Angela had never seen a man urinate and watched covertly from the corner of her eye. He looked up, caught her eye and grinned. He squeezed out a couple of last spurts and giving a satisfied shiver, shook a last golden drop off his cock, and tucked himself back into his pajama pants.

"Much better now. Like what you see?"

Angela was flustered. "I like you." She began to rummage through the drawers and medicine cabinet.

"What are you looking for?"

"I want to brush my teeth." He reached under the sink and got a handful of new toothbrushes still in their packages. She felt a flash of jealousy. How many women had he had up here? It made her feel odd, she had never felt jealous before in her life. "How many do you think I need, or are you expecting more visitors like me?" She could not keep the sarcastic edge from her voice. Her hand shook as she brushed her teeth.

As she turned to leave he was blocking the bathroom door. His eyes were stormy and dark. She tried to squeeze past him, blinking back tears. He grabbed her roughly and shoved her back forcing her to sit on the toilet lid. "What the fuck did you just say to me?"

A wave of despair washed over her. She burst into tears. Between sobs she let her fears pour out. "Look at this place, you probably have dozens of girls like me. And you are going to leave and go god knows where. You probably have a woman in every place you go."

His angry look softened slightly. Shaking his head slowly he sighed. "Angela if you have any questions about me, and 'all the women' you seem to think I have been fucking, you are welcome to ask me. But I will not tolerate you using that tone with me. It was rude and even worse disrespectful."

He reached down to her, and lifted her into his arms. Carrying her to the bed and laid her down on her back. "Angela it is too early in your training for me to allow that kind of disrespect. You will have to be punished; but because you are new to this I will reduce the severity." She whimpered. "Turn over on your face." As she slowly rolled over he took the silk ties and tied her spread eagled on the bed, hands and feet bound to each corner post. He was careful not to stretch her sore arms and legs. He stroked his hand across her ass. Her muscles flinched and she whimpered again. "You are afraid. That is good. You should be."

"Angela it is early, only 5 am. I am probably still too angry with you to control myself properly. I want you to lie here and think about how you were disrespectful to me and think about your punishment. If you sleep it will be OK. I will be back in a few hours after I have rested and calmed down."

He threw a blanket over her and walked out.

Angela thought she had no more tears in her, but this sudden abandonment, at the peak of her fears and anticipation, was more than she could bear. The thought of being punished had set off a maelstrom of feelings in her: fear of pain and failure, relief because punishment meant forgiveness, and she had been wildly turned on as he had tied her to the bed. Her sobs held notes of rage and frustration far more than fear.

Angela was jerked awake when he pulled the blanket from her.

"Angela, for now I don't want you to talk. I want you to listen. You can ask questions later if you have any. First; if and I mean IF, I choose to fuck someone else, you will accept that. You have no right to dictate to me who I fuck, when I fuck, or how I fuck. Second; if you ever use that bitchy sarcastic tone with me again, I will beat the shit out of you. You will accept that and thank me for it."

"Now I am going to tell you some things about myself, only because we are new to each other. I am not much inclined to fuck around. I am much too busy with my business and I have a huge disdain for sluttish behavior. I do not have a woman in every city."

"You are the first woman I have had up in this apartment. I hope that you will be the only one. Yes, you are right this apartment looks like a seducer's lair. Like I said before I am a predictable old satyr, I like to have the tools of my kinks around. I find it erotic. I am not so old to think I would never find a woman that met my needs, a woman I could love."

"Now you can talk, do you have any questions?"

He had stabbed her to the heart when he had used the word 'love'. Her voice was soft and uncertain, "Why me?"

"Oh sweet Angela, where to begin. You are amazingly beautiful in a soft and feminine way that screams to my maleness. You are brave, during that first board meeting you were obviously in way over your head and yet you stood up to me. Your body is lush and curved exactly like I like. You instinctively submit to me and you enjoy that submission. You wear your feelings on your face. I can tell at glance if you are turned on and how much, if you are afraid, if you are angry. There is no deceit in you. You seem to like rough dirty sex almost as much as I do. I like your height. I can kiss you without bending over. I probably can fuck you standing up without killing my knees. You smell good. I like the way your fair skin shows red marks when I spank you. I could go on most of the morning but we have a punishment that needs to happen. Do you have any more questions?"

His words had flowed over her like a soothing balm. Each one touching her, warming her, easing her fears. "Could I pee and get a glass of water before we start."

He laughed and began to untie her. She found she could walk much easier this time. He did not follow her into the bathroom. When she came out, he had gotten a pitcher of ice water and a couple of glasses with straws on a tray. He poured her a big glass and she drank it down and put the empty glass on the tray.

Kneeling at his feet she asked, "Please sir, punish me, help me learn. Make me worthy of you."

Reaching down he lifted her chin. "First you must apologize."

"Sir, I apologize. I was rude and disrespectful to you and that was wrong. I let my fears rule my words. I promise never to do that again."

"Don't promise to 'never' do things. Promise to work on improving."

"I promise to work on improving my behavior."

He pulled her to her feet. "Sit on the foot of the bed. I will tell you what to expect." He got out a long slender piece of bamboo with a handle on one end. He handed it to her. "This is a 'cane' like they use in boys schools. It is extremely painful. It is what we will use when you need to be punished again. This time we will use it only once so you will know what to fear in the future. I am going to punish you without binding you. You must be an active and cooperative participant in your punishment. I am going to have you bend over and hold onto one of the bed posts. When you are ready for me to strike you, you will say 'Ready Sir'. After I strike you you will say 'Thank you sir and then count." You will continue to tell me when you are ready and thank me and count until I am satisfied you have learned your lesson. At that time I will strike you one time with the cane. Then I will probably fuck your brains out because, like I said, I am a predictable old satyr and nothing turns me on like a well spanked ass.

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