tagLoving WivesAngela's First Time

Angela's First Time


This is a true story of my recollection of an incident between my Wife, my friend and myself from a couple of years back. Only the names have been changed.


"It'll be fine baby. He's a great guy and I trust him. We go way back. And I promise you'll have a hell of a lot of fun" I told my wife Angela.

I'd always had the fantasy of having a little slut for a wife who I could share with other men and now it was starting to come true. Angela is 43 years old but still has the looks and body of a 23 year old, putting most girls half her age to shame in the looks and figure department. She's always had a high sex drive - often waking me several times through the night to get some cock. In every way, the perfect wife really.

"I don't know about this. I'll meet him and we'll see where it goes but no promises" she replied feeling nervous.

"Fair enough. Can't ask for more than that."

I poured a couple of Morgan's rum to help loosen her up a bit. It seemed to work. She was obviously interested and kept asking questions about him. "How long have you known him? How do you know he's into other men's wife's? Did he like the pictures you sent him?" and the likes.

I'd known Owen since high school days and kept in touch off and on throughout the years. He is athletic in figure and stands around 6'2" in height. He was someone I could trust and could help make my wife sharing fantasies come true. In our twenties he was always known as someone who slept around, never settling down with one woman. He always used to brag about older, married ladies wanting his young cock and how the husbands would photograph and video him fucking them. At first I never really gave it much thought until he started showing me pictures of him with various women in compromising positions. It was obvious that he wasn't the one taking the pictures. Then one night he showed me a video of him fucking a woman in her forties in different positions and rooms in a house that wasn't his. The woman was obviously loving the fucking he was giving her judging by the looks and the sounds of her having several climaxes. During the video, one thing struck me - it was the woman's husband who was filming it! I kept hearing his voice telling Owen to "fuck my slut wife" and "That's it - give my little hot wife the hard cock she needs" etc. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen and from that moment I knew I had to have a wife that I could share with other men.

"I'll get it. That'll be him" I said to Angela as there was a knock at the door. She looked at me nervously and tried to make herself comfortable on the couch. I greeted Owen at the door with a hug and a smile. "Been way too long buddy. How you doing?" I asked as we met.

"Brilliant man. Things are good. Can't wait to meet this sexy little wife of yours you been telling me about" he replied.

"She's right through here. C'mon through and I'll introduce you."

We walked through to the living room. "Owen, this is my gorgeous wife Angela. Angela, this is Owen."

Owen eyed her from top to bottom as she stood up from the couch looking every bit the sexy, seductive woman in her short black dress, heels and black hold-up nylons. "Wow. So good to finally meet you after seeing those pics and everything Gordy has told me about you. Got to say, you look even better in person." It was obvious right away that he wanted to fuck her. The only question was would she be up for it?

"Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself" was her reply and she gave him a hug with one arm while the other was holding another Morgan's, followed by a kiss on the cheek. That was all I needed to see. It was a thrill in itself seeing my wife hug and kiss another man. She looked so hot and seeing them together just sent all my fantasies into overdrive.

For the next 30 minutes or so, Owen and myself played "catch-up" while Angela served a couple more drinks and listened into our conversation. During that time I noticed a few, telling glances between them so as we sat together on the couch across from Owen, I started to work my hand underneath her bum and towards her gorgeous pussy. The conversation kept up for another 15 minutes or so and all the while I was rubbing her clit and fingering her. She was incredibly wet so I thought it was time to move things forward.

"Right then, Owen, there's obviously a reason we asked you to come over tonight so I've got to ask, are you up for it? Is she fuckable enough for you?" I asked.

"Of course she is. Just look at her. She's sex on legs" he replied.

"And what about you Angiy" I asked as I was still fingering her pussy under her dress "are you up for a good night? Does Owen do it for you?"

She bit her bottom lip and shyly replied "Yeah. I think I am."

"Ok then. Let's get this started" I said as I unzipped my trousers, pulled out my 7-inch cock, stood in front of Angela and put it in her mouth. She went to work right away on it, holding it with one hand and grabbing my butt with her other. I grabbed her hair with one hand and slapped her face a few times with the other as she sucked and licked my cock. "Come on Angiy, show him what a good cocksucker you are" I said as I kept thrusting my cock into her mouth.

This lasted around ten minutes, during which time Owen had get himself undressed and started playing with his cock while watching the show. When he was fully undressed, I pulled my cock out of Angela's mouth and lifted her off the couch to stand up. I turned her round to face Owen while I stood behind her and lifted her black dress over her head leaving her with only her heels and stockings on. I then walked her over to the other couch, pushed her down to her knees and told her "I think it's about time you gave our guest a little treat" and then grabbed her hair and pushed her face down to Owens hard cock. She wasted no time grabbing it and getting it into her mouth. To start off with I kept hold of her hair and motioned her head up and down. She was gagging and trying to get up for air saying "It's too thick to get all the way in my mouth."

"Let me see if this helps" I said and started to push my cock into her pussy as she was still sucking him. It obviously did help and she started moaning as I fucked her but kept saying "it's too big" in a muffled voice, trying to speak with her mouth full.

"Only one thing for it then" I said and pulled her up to her feet again, turned her round to face me and then pushed her down onto Owens lap. The look on her face as she lowered onto his cock was simply the sexiest expression I've ever seen. Owen was at least an inch, possibly two, longer than me and was so much thicker in girth. Angela let out a loud moan as I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto him. She shook and quivered in a way that I'd never seen before as she adjusted to his size all the while looking into my eyes. "Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. He's so big and fucking rock hard" was all she managed to say before I shoved my cock back into her mouth. Owen was grabbing her by the waist and pushing her pussy deeper and deeper onto his cock until she had her first climax. It took about 60 seconds! She was breathing heavily but all the while never let my cock out of her mouth, sucking it as good as she ever has.

"Fucking hell Angiy. If this is how good you suck my cock with Owen in your pussy, we'll have to get him up more often" I said. I'd honestly never been sucked this hard a furiously before. It was simply amazing.

"His cock's so fucking good" was her reply as she started to move her pussy up and down Owens cock by herself. "It hurts but it's so fucking good." She kept grinding his cock for another three or four minutes before she started to cum again. This time taking my cock out of her mouth and wanking it while she came.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. OHHH MY FUCKING GOD!" as she came for the second time in five minutes. "Soooo fucking big. Soooo fucking gooooood!"

"You want to stop?" I sarcastically asked.

"No. Fuck nooooo! It's so fucking hard" she replied.

By this time Angela had let go of me completely and, still sitting on his lap with her back to him, placed both her hands on his legs for support and had started to fuck his cock again all the while letting out moans of pleasure along with the odd "Oh my god" and "soooo fucking good." She was looking right at me as she kept fucking him and moaning as I simply wanked my own cock to the hottest sight I had ever seen ... yet!

"So you love my cock then Angiy? You love how it feels in your cunt? You love what it does to you?" Owen began asking.

"Yes. Yes fucking YESSSSSSS. I love it. It hurts but I don't want to stop. It's a good kind of hurt" she replied.

"And you like fucking me in front of your husband?" he asked.

"Fuck yes. It's such a turn on that he's right there watching us."

"C'mon then Angiy" he said as he slapped her ass a few times. "Ride me. Ride me harder. C'mon woman. Gordy says you're a really good fuck so let's see you fuck me harder. C'mon, fuck me like a bitch. Fuck me like the slut he say's you are."

She seemed to respond to his commanding tone and started to really fuck him hard and fast, still breathing heavily and moaning about how big and hard his cock felt. "That's a girl. C'mon, you can fuck me better than that. Take my cock and fuck me like a proper, married slut. You feel it? You feel it deep inside your pussy? You feel it stretching you?"

"Oh my god yes. I feel it deep. Sooooo deep inside me" she said through heave breaths as she kept frantically fucking him.

"And you like it? You LOVE it? You love what it does to you?"

"Yes. Yes I fucking love it. It's soooooo good."

"Is it the same as Gordy's? Does it feel the same as your hubby's cock does bitch?" He started calling her names which I know she loves.

"It's bigger. Its bigger than his. It feels deeper and I can feel it stretching me. It feels like my pussy is completely full" she said, still looking at me while fucking him.

"Is it better?"

She looked at me sheepishly and obviously on the verge of yet another climax. He asked again and slapped her butt again "Is it better bitch? Is it better than your hubby's cock? Tell me Angiy, tell me. Is my cock better than Gordy's?"

"Oh my god. OHHHH MY GOD YESSSSS. Yes it better. It's soooo fucking goooood" she moaned as the third orgasm hit her while still looking directly at me.

"Good, cause we're just getting started."

They continued to fuck like this for another 20 minutes during which time I rolled a joint, took some pictures of them and pulled at my own cock while taunting her with expressions like "You fucking love it, don't you bitch?", "You're a proper married slut now, aren't you?" and "Fuck him harder Angiy. I've told him how good you are so don't fucking let me down here. Fuck him good and proper like the married whore I've always wanted!" Owen was also calling her names like "Married slut" and "cum bucket" while fucking her, all of which only seemed to spur her on. She just kept fucking and came another three times over the next 20 minutes. I'd honestly never seen anything so erotic or seen my wife look as beautiful as she did at that point. She had obviously adjusted to his size and had started to properly enjoy the fucking with constant moans of pleasure and a real enthusiasm. She had also noticed how much it turned me on to watch her like this and told me several times that she loved me. I, in return, told her the same back and gave her several deep, passionate kisses while she was still impaled on his hard cock.

"FUUUUUUUCK!" she screamed as she reached what was by now her seventh or eighth climax. She slumped forward saying "I need a break for five minutes."

"Fine by me" said Owen as she got up and removed herself from his cock.

Turning round and looking at him she asked "What about you big boy. Are you ready to cum yet?"

"Nowhere near it. I can go for hours yet and I want to enjoy your pussy for as long as I can." The look on Angela's face was priceless as she realised that he was going to fuck her for a good, long while yet.

Angela poured us all a drink and for the next five minutes we sat and chatted about nothing in particular, sipped at our drinks and passed the joint around until Owen eventually spoke. "Right, I'm ready to give you a proper fucking now. Angiy, lie down on the couch and open up your pussy for me." After a quick glance at me with a look of fear, excitement and anticipation on her face, she did as she was told and lay on the couch with her head tilted over the arm rest and her legs as wide open as she could get them. Owen wasted no time in positioning himself between her open legs and with a quick thrust, pushed himself balls deep into her. He immediately picked up the pace and was furiously fucking her and it didn't take long for her moans to turn into screams. I was having the time of my life watching his huge cock go in and out of her pussy at a frantic pace. She always looked incredibly hot while she was getting fucked but this was even better. A bigger cock than she was used to was now stretching her pussy wide and pushing deeper than she'd ever known and she was loving it. To me, my wife just looked so beautiful being fucked like this. As they continued I walked round to the end of the couch where her head was hanging and pushed my cock into her mouth. I then grabbed her stocking-clad ankles and pulled her feet up to the level of her head, opened them wide and held them there. This allowed Owen to get even deeper into her. She started moaning louder and louder, which I loved as my cock was in her mouth, and was having climax after climax. I couldn't contain myself any longer and emptied my balls right down her throat as she was having another orgasm on his cock.

At this point I needed a break so excused myself and went out the back patio doors for some fresh air. I must have stayed there for around fifteen to twenty minutes, listening to them fucking all the time. It was such a turn-on for me to listen to her moans of pleasure from outside the house and the thought of her sexy body shaking and tensing up during the climax moans. This soon had my cock hard again so after finishing my drink, I went back in to find her bent over the arm of the couch and Owen fucking her doggy style.

"Gordy mate, you've done well with this one. You were right enough, she IS a good fuck. She cant get enough of my cock now" he said as I walked back into the living room. "Just look how she's fucking me now." He stood still with his cock buried in her pussy and she was backing into him, furiously fucking him while he stood there. With every backwards thrust he slapped her ass, making her yelp and yet seeming to spur her on.

"Told you. She's the fuck of the century" I replied.

"You're not wrong buddy" he said to me. Then turning his attention back to Angela he started slapping her ass some more while saying "C'mon then bitch. Fuck my cock harder. Fuck me better than that you married whore. Make your husband proud of you. You want him to be proud of you, don't you?"

"Yes. YESSSS! FUCK YESSSSS" she cried as she kept backing into him.

"You love my fucking cock, don't you bitch?"


"And you want to keep fucking it?"


This continued for about another forty minutes while I stood, watched, listened, stroked my cock and occasionally shoved it into her mouth. I simply lost count of the amount of orgasms she had. Eventually she said that she needed to stop as she was exhausted. "Has Owen cum yet?" I asked. He looked at me and shook his head no. "It's ok buddy. I think your Mrs has had enough for tonight."

"You sure?"

"Yeah man. I think she needs some rest. I'll just go to the spare bed and make myself cum when you guys go to bed" he replied.

I looked at my wife. She looked totally fucked out and I have to say that although she looked exhausted, she was also glowing with a beaming, wide smile of satisfaction on her face. She looked beautiful.

We sat for another half hour having a drink and a smoke and chatted again about nothing in particular, all the while still completely naked apart from Angela in her hold-up stockings which now had several runs and tears in them. Eventually I said that we need to get to bed for some sleep as the kids would be returning in the morning so we all went upstairs where Angela kissed Owen goodnight and had a last, quick grope of his cock before he went into the spare bedroom. Angela and myself snuggled up into our bed and "spooned" for a while. "No regrets?" I asked.

"None whatsoever" she replied. "It was ... just fucking brilliant. His cock is sooooo good. I loved it. And I also loved the fact that you were watching the whole thing. It was such a turn-on fucking him while you watched and egged him on and called me slutty names."

"Good. It was the biggest thrill of my life watching you get fucked like that. You looked soooo beautiful with his cock in you" I said.

For a while we lay there cuddled up until she spoke. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course baby. What is it?"

"Do you think any less of me for fucking him?" she asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"No baby. Of course not. This was my idea and to tell the truth, it was the best sexual thrill I've ever had."

"You sure?" she asked.

"Of course. I love you and always will. This is just sex, nothing more. And you're becoming the wife I've always wanted" I reassured her.

"In that case ... do you mind if I go next door and finish him off?" she asked sheepishly.

"You serious? Of course baby. On you go. I'm sure he'd appreciate it and I'm done for the night so if you want anything else, it'll need to be from him."

"Thanks. I love you" she said before kissing me and getting out of bed. She walked out of our bedroom and I heard the spare room door open and heard Owen laughing. Then both of them laughing for a few seconds before it went silent.

I must have drifted off for a while. The next thing I knew I was woken by a sound like someone hammering nails into the wall. I could hear Angela screaming and my initial thought was "What the fuck!! What's wrong?" Then I remembered the situation. He must have been fucking her incredibly hard judging by the banging sounds, which I now knew was the headboard, and the screams coming from my wife. My cock was instantly hard and I began stroking it while listening to them fuck and imagining what he was doing to her. Eventually I had to see for myself so I got out of bed and went in next to the incredible sight of my wife completely naked on all fours and Owen pounding her hard and fast. Her face was then pushed down into the mattress and she had both her hands behind her pulling her ass cheeks wide apart when I noticed that he had a couple of fingers in her ass hole while furiously fucking her pussy with his big, hard cock. She saw me standing there stroking my own cock and whimpered "I'm sorry honey. I couldn't resist. He told me to do this and I just had to have more of his cock. It's soooo fucking good. Ohhh my god. OHHHHH MY GODDDDD I'M FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN! FUUUUUUCK!"

Owen looked at me and asked "Hope you don't mind buddy?"

"Of course not mate. Use the slut all you want" I replied before having one last look and saying "Have fun." Realising they were fine and really enjoying themselves, I left the spare bedroom and went back to our marital bed and lay there for what seemed like an hour listening to her getting the fucking of her life. She just kept moaning, whimpering, screaming and I could hear him slapping her and calling her all sorts of degrading names. Meanwhile I was furiously stroking my own cock and made myself cum another twice before she came back into the room looking exhausted and dripping of sweat. She got into bed beside me, kissed me and said "Thank you. I love you Gordy."

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