Angela's Panties


I am a 32 year old bi-curious guy married to Angela (27). Although I’ve never been with another guy I have had lots of gay fantasies. Most of these revolved around dressing up in women's underwear and making love to another similarly dressed guy. I spend a lot of time when Angela is out trying on her sexiest underwear and surfing gay and TV sites on the web. Angela knows nothing about my secrets. I would love to her from guys who are into this and I am dying for it to come true one day. I’ve got lots of sexy pictures of me wearing some of Angela’s sexiest underwear. This is my ultimate fantasy about a guy I wrote to for ages.

Angela received a phone call from someone she used to know when she lived on the South coast of England before we met. Her friend's 18 year old son was at University and was doing a history project about a town near where we lived. He had to spend a few days using a local archive and Angela's friend wondered if her son could stay with us for a few days while he used the archive. Angela agreed and told me later. I must confess that I wasn't exactly delighted with the prospect of someone else coming to stay with us, but didn't really mind.

On the evening that Jamie arrived I had been out running. When I got back I opened the door and heard him talking to Angela. All I was wearing was a tight pair of lycra shorts, it was a hot evening and I had taken my shirt off during the run. When Angela opened the door to introduce me to Jamie my heart almost skipped a beat. Standing in front of me was the hottest young guy I had seen for ages, exactly the type of guy I had been fantasising about all those mornings after Angela had gone to work as I went through her lingerie draw. My cock instantly stiffened under my shorts. The lycra only emphasised my hardness and arousal. Jamie's eyes slowly looked down my body and fixed on my hard, now aching cock. The faintest flicker of a smile flashed across his face. I was scared that Angela would pick up on the vibes going between us but all she said was that I could take Jamie's case up to his bedroom. I picked it up and went up the stairs followed by Jamie, I could feel his eyes looking over me as we went upstairs.

I went into the small spare room where he was staying next to the main bedroom. Angela had done some washing earlier in the day and there was a pile of dry washing on a table in the room. On the top was some of her lingerie, topped by a skimpy light blue thong and bra set and some matching suspenders. I reached across and said I would move them but Jamie's had came across and rested on my and he said it was Ok and not to bother. We stood there inches apart, his hand resting on mine, my cock straining in my shorts and the sexual tension now pulsing between us. We stood there, out eyes locked together as gradually we started to move closer, our mouths now almost touching. Suddenly the door began to open. We broke off and moved apart as Angela walked in. She looked at the pile of washing and asked if Jamie minded having it in the room as there wasn't really any room in the main bedroom. He said it was ok and smiled. I knew exactly what he had in mind for that sexy, skimpy lingerie.

The evening passed slowly, I tried to hide my attraction towards Jamie as best I could, but whenever Angela was out of the room he made it obvious how much he wanted me. After a few drinks we went to bed. I heard Jamie switch the light off in his room a few minutes after Angela did in our room, the thin walls not offering much protection against the sounds from the adjoining room. Angela lay naked in bed and quickly fell asleep. I lay awake, my cock rock hard and my head full of thoughts of Jamie and how much I wanted him. I was frustrated that he was lying only a few feet away but I couldn't have him.

After about an hour it was too much, I couldn't resist any more. I got out of bed naked, my cock still rigid in front of me. Careful not to wake Angela I crept into the next room, not knowing what to expect. As I opened the door I saw him, lying stretched out on top of the bed dressed in Angela's pale blue thong, bra, suspenders and a pair of dark stockings. He looked incredible, his cock barely contained by the skimpy material of the thong. He smiled an I walked towards the bed. I crouched over him and did what I had wanted to do since the second I clapped eyes on him. My naked body slowly lowered on to his and we met in a deep, slow, passionate, sexy kiss, our tongues exploring each other as we gave in to our desire.

My hand reached down and slowly stroked his hard cock through the material, turning us both on even more. He let out a low, soft moan as the tension built even more. I was terrified of Angela, asleep only a few feet away waking up and finding us together but I couldn't stop. The thought of us together in the next room to Angela turned me on even more. I didn't care now if she found us, I'd never felt this turned on before. After about ten minutes of kissing and running our hands over each others bodies, driving ourselves wild with desire Jamie broke off and gently forced me on to my back. he began to slowly and gently kiss my neck, my chest and my hard nipples while his finger gently brushed my cock, torturing me with his feather like touch. His kisses worked their way down my chest until his mouth was a few inches from my cock, now wet and slick with precum. His tongue brushed the wet end of my cock as he tasted me for the first time. The soft, warm touch of his mouth made me moan, again I wondered if Angela might hear, but now I was past caring if she caught us. I wanted Jamie so much, I had never felt desire like it before. His lips moved over my cock, sucking, tasting and kissing. I moaned again as I got closer to the most incredible orgasm of my life as his mouth moved down the shaft of my cock, swallowing me slowly. I was in heaven as he gently sucked me closer to orgasm. I didn't want it ever to stop.

Just as a was about to shoot into his mouth I stopped him and pulled out of his mouth. I kissed him quickly on his lips and tasted my cock on his wet lips. I turned him onto his stomach with his tight, thong covered ass in the air. I began to kiss his ass passionately, my tongue running over skin and the freshly laundered cotton of Angela's tight thong. My tongue probed his ass as I pulled the thong strap aside. I forced my tongue into his tight, hot hole. Jamie moaned and the bed creaked, I heard Angela turn over in the next room. I was passed caring if she was awake, I couldn't stop now. I crouched over Jamie and took my hard, wet cock in my hand moving it to his waiting ass. I pulled the thong strap aside and slowly slipped inside him. he let out a sharp gasp as I entered him and he both moaned with desire as his ass muscles gripped me and I slid deeper and deeper inside him.

He was tight around my cock and I gently moved in and out, slowly making love like I had fantasised about so many times. y hands stoked his cock and balls through the material of Angela's thong. I kissed his neck and shoulders running my lips over his skin and the straps of Angela's bra. We moved together as we both got closer, I tried to hold off as long as I could relishing the torture of desire but suddenly I felt myself coming and cried out as I came, my come gushing into Jamie's tight ass. Jamie's face was pressed into the pillow but I still heard a small sharp cry as he came. I felt the material of the thong under my hand instantly turn hot and wet as he came. We lay there gasping as we came down from our ecstatic highs, my wet cock going slowly soft inside him.

We lay there in the dark for about an hour, kissing, holding each other and listening for noises from next room, the danger of being discovered heightening our excitement. After that we made love every night after Angela went to sleep. One night Jamie crept into my room dressed in some more of Angela's lingerie while she slept naked beside me, her breasts exposed. Jamie lifted up the sheets on my side of the bed and took my rigid cock in his mouth, giving me the slowest, gently blow job ever while Angela slept only inches away. After he had finished he stood next to the bed and I slipped his cock from inside Angela's panties and sucked until he came in my mouth. All the time Angela slept, occasionally turning over which made us freeze, but never opening her eyes.

On the final day of Jamie's stay I had arranged to leave work a couple of hours early so I could spend some time with Jamie before he went. I pulled up in the car outside the house and quietly slipped in through the front door. I could here noises coming from upstairs so I slowly climbed the stairs. I looked through the partially opened door of the main bedroom and could see Angela lying face down on the bed with her hands tied to the headboard with what looked like a couple of her bras. She was dressed in some new skimpy, lacy underwear, a bra, thong panties which were pulled down her thighs and a pair of stockings and suspenders. The panties were soaked and the room smelt of sex. Behind her Jamie was naked and vigorously pumping his cock in and out of her hot, wet, slit. Her breasts bounced with as she moved in the sexy tight, near see through bra. Angela was moaning Jamie's name and begging him to fuck her as she gasped and cried as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. The sight of my wife being screwed by my young boyfriend got me instantly hard. I had to quietly leave the house and find a quiet spot to park the car and masturbate over the scene I had just witnessed. Later in an email, Jamie told me that he got home and opened the door of his room to get dressed up and wait for me when he found Angela dressed in her lingerie lying on the bed. She said she knew he had been wearing her lingerie all week and she said she would tell his mom if he didn't make love to her there and then. After they had had sex she gave him the brand new lingerie she had been wearing as a present.

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