Angelic Demise


"Come here naughty boy." She said accentuating each vowel with an almost moan like sound. She pulled my shirt completely off and she dropped to her knees. I felt my cock thicken up with blood. There was no way I could get horny like this so quickly. I did enjoy sex, but three times in less than two hours seemed a bit excessive to me. Hailey reached her hand up my inner thigh and began to stroke my penis through my jeans. My mind soon grew warm and hazy. I loved the feeling of intercourse. I had no other purpose in life than to fuck and produce children. Why did we care so much about work or news? All we should do is eat to survive and fuck like rabbits to make sure that our race survived.

My pants were soon in the corner of the room and Hailey; I mean Miss Fellatio, was working my boxers off me. I smiled down at her, but her gaze was fixated on my stiff rod. Her eyes looked as though there was nothing in them. To me it looked as if she worshiped my cock. I laughed at each cold breath her nose produced on the head of my cock. Soon the familiar feeling of a tongue brushed at the tip and I shuddered from excitement. Hailey reached her hands forward and gripped my ass. She slid forward on her knees and swallowed down my cock.

As I said before I didn't have a massive peter, but she didn't mind it. My mind grew even foggier and all I could think about was how I lived to produce cum. I was nothing but a slave of sexual desire. I looked down at Hailey and watched the perfect red 'O' her mouth made around my dripping cock. I loved her. She loved my cock. My hands reached forward and I touched the back of her head.

Hailey coughed and pulled her mouth off of my stiff member. She reached one of her hands forward, and she spit on my cock to add more moisture to it. She spread the saliva around with her hand and she went back to sucking my dick. I moaned out in pleasure. She was extremely good at getting me where I needed to go. I had no other reason to be alive right now, other than my need to fill Hailey's stomach with spunk. She needed to drink my cum.

I felt the familiar jerk inside my body as my load began to build up. My cock stiffened and I felt a thick stream blow out into Hailey's mouth. She didn't like to swallow my cum normally, she said it made her throat feel gross, but she eagerly drank from my cock as though she had been drinking fountain that would give her everlasting life. I felt my dick slowly unstiffen in the tight confines of my sweetheart's mouth, and she reluctantly released me. Hailey wiped a finger around the edges of her lips with her index finger and collected the remaining spunk. She popped her digit into her and slurped audibly. She moaned out as she removed she now wet finger from her mouth. She seemed different today. Something wasn't quite right.

Soon she stripped herself down and pushed me back on the bed. I knew that I just came and there was no way I could get horny that quickly, but Hailey wanted foreplay so as not to lose the momentum she had built up. She guided my hand down to her wet pussy, and as I touched the folds I felt something strange. Where my palm was resting, just above her beautiful moist box, there was a thick swelling of flesh. I reached up with my fingers that were now wet from her pussy and touched the abnormal part on her body. I felt a slight slit that was leaking some juice that felt similar to precum. I made a circle around the object and Hailey moaned out of pleasure. I couldn't see what was going on because of the dimly lit room, but I decided to continue to explore this strange part on her body.

Soon my cock began to stiffen once more. My mind slowly slipped back into sexual ecstasy and I pushed her onto her knees. I adjusted myself behind her and slipped my cock into her dripping pussy. The feeling was incredible. I hadn't been this turned on in a long time. I started fucking her slowly, the bed made slight noises as I pushed my cock to the hilt. Hailey moaned out each time I shoved myself into her body. This was some of the most intense sex we had had in a while. She liked it rough, but today I was going to make her beg me to go harder.

After thrusting into her for a few minutes I felt my hands shaking. I needed to see her breasts. I needed to taste her sweet flesh. We changed positions and soon I was thrusting on top of her. Her eyes were closed and her head was cocked back. I watched her mouth as she moaned out each time my cock pressed inside her body. Her hands gripped at the blankets and I leaned forward and took a soft nipple into my mouth. She moaned out of excitement, and I began to suck and flick my tongue on that tasty mound. I sat back and admired her bouncing breasts. Each time I thrusted into her, Hailey's body jolted making her breasts shake and bounce with extreme exaggeration.

The movements of her breasts made me thrust harder. I needed to cum. Soon Hailey's moans became screams of pleasure. She grew louder with each thrust that I made. Then I felt her body clamp down on my cock and flutter as she reached her climax. My own body couldn't handle the intense pressure. Soon, cum was bursting from cock into her slick hot snatch. I moaned out and thrusted a few more times, being sure that every drop of cum that came from my body was released inside of her.

Hailey sat up as I pulled my cock out. I was still on my knees and she grabbed my loose flesh and sucked the rest of the juices off my body. She had never done that before, but it felt good. I pulled her in close for a hug and we lay together giggling. I switched off the lamp that gave the room a strange glow and soon the darkness of night lulled me into a deep sleep.


Law I - Subsection B

Female orgasm When directed at a non-human surface she will create a penis type appendage that will produce a male orgasm and follow the previous laws. If anyone ingests the cum from the new female fuckable surface they will slowly gain futanaric traits.

I awoke to a slight wet dripping sound that echoed in my head. I figured Hailey decided to put Coffee on, and it must have been percolating. The smell of cum lingered in the air from our night last night. My cock ached a bit around the base from the multiple times I was abused. As I moved I felt pressure on my hips. They ached from the intense thrusting. I scooted up and felt something strange brush against my feet. I opened my eyes and saw Hailey pushing her finger in her wet cunt. Cum was dripping off her fingertips onto the bed. Her eyes were blank, but her face displayed pure pleasure. Her fingers were furiously coaxing out another orgasm. She must have been at this for a while, her skin looked flush and she was shaking.

I opened my mouth to say something but as I did looked down her legs and saw there was a thick large cock throbbing on the base of the bed. The dripping sound that awoke me was Hailey's orgasm dripping over and over onto the thick phallus. Each time her juices dripped over the cock it would throb and grow widening out and stretching longer. It leaked precum that made my mind start to swim. I pulled the blankets to the side and moved towards the cock. Hailey moved from her straddled position and stepped to the side. I moved over top of the cock and without second thought spread my ass cheeks apart with my fingers. I moved forward and backward smearing precum on my tight anus. I had never had anal sex, nor had I had any gay thoughts before as I have said, but this was something that interested me beyond any reason. With a definite push I felt my skin stretch tight against the phallus.

The cock didn't get very far with my first attempt, but I needed it inside of my body. I lifted off and pushed harder against the penis. It was probably five to six inches, but I was going to make sure it would go all the way in. I moved in small circular motions to open my asshole larger. Suddenly the muscles in my ass opened and the cock slipped all the way into my body. I moaned out in pleasure and my hands began to shake. My mind felt numbed, and the precum that was leaking from the cock made my ass feel number. Hailey moved close to me. My legs were hanging over the edge of the bed with a large cock planted firmly in my ass that her cunny juices produced. Hailey spread her pussy open and she sat down gently on my stiff member.

She moaned out and the motion of her body made the cock swirl in my bowels. I moaned out and began to thrust into my girlfriend. Each movement coaxed more pleasure and cum out of the cock in my ass. I lost control. I planted my hands on the bed and made sure my feet were squarely placed on the ground; I then began to thrust in and out of Hailey's wet gash. The cock in my ass leaked more precum and soon I forgot about anything else other than the existence to fuck. Hailey still showed no mental function in her eyes. She didn't appear to have anything inside. She was merely a fuck machine for me to stuff. As I thrust I felt the cock in my ass thickening. It pressed inside my body and pushed me closer to cumming. Hailey began to moan out and she flipped her hair back with her face pointed at the ceiling.

I felt my own mind slipping and all I wanted was to feel that release. As I thrust up I felt the cock stuffing my ass release a thick load of cum. My hands shook as the release lurched into my bowels. I screamed out in pleasure and pumped a load into Hailey. I felt her box tighten and suck in as much of my juices as possible. After our intense orgasm Hailey slid off me and moved to the corner of the room. She faced me but didn't seem to show anything was left in her mind. I watched in amazement as her body changed. The once overly sized part I played with last night was now more visible. It spread and stretched and protruded with a slurping sound. As her body changed she smiled with satisfaction.

Suddenly I felt the juices in my ass bubble. My skin itched and I stood allowing the phallus to slip from my clenching ass. I looked down and saw my chest expand out. I reached up a hand and touched one of my nipples. The skin was soft and extremely sensitive. I moaned out in shock. I felt the itch continue in my groin and I ran to the bathroom to see what was happening. As I looked myself over my chest expanded to what appeared to be similar to a small chest. Each swollen mammary looked to stretch to about an A cup. I reached my hand down to my tingling ball sack and it felt to shrink just a little bit. I moaned out as I watched my skin bubble and shift. Finally it stopped and my mind began to race. I couldn't figure out why I had changed or what made me change... perhaps it was the juices from that phallus that Hailey created on the bed.

I ran back to the room to find Hailey missing. I turned and ran into the living room. The front door was left wide open. I gasped as I examined the room. There were at least six more cocks growing out from the walls, couch, and countertops in my kitchen. I turned back and frowned at the open door. What was happening to the world?


Law II -

Futanari will be the only survivors.

I put on a jacket and made my way outside. I had to find Hailey. Come on Torin you will be okay... you just need to find Hailey. As I talked to myself I felt my stomach pinch in pain for food. I guess I should find myself some food also. I walked down the street and heard a familiar moaning sound. My mind drifted and I found myself walking toward the noise. I wasn't in control, but I didn't care how I got there I just needed to get there. Where was there though? In my confusion and my daze I found myself in front of a large group. Gathered in a circle of naked flesh stood men and women; each had their hand near their pelvis and they were making a familiar stroking motions with their arms. I moved into the circle and saw a woman in the center moaning out with wanton desire. She too was completely nude and rubbing her oversized clit. It stuck out from her pussy at a thick two inches. It reminded me of Hailey's before she disappeared this morning. It had the appearance of a very small cock but didn't have the loose skin or an opening on the tip. It seemed to be her main source for pleasure though.

Before I realized what was going on I was nude and kneeling next to the woman tugging on my own shaft. I turned to face one of the women who were making the same stroking motion with her arm. Protruding from her pussy was a thick four inch cock. The head was leaking a copious amount of precum. I slid forward and wrapped my lips around the short shaft eagerly. My mind numbed and my throat followed suit. I couldn't help but suck her all the way in. My nose got buried into her soft hairless mound. I dug my hands into her ass cheeks and choked my head up and down on the shaft. After a few decent strokes with my throat the cock burst a load. I eagerly swallowed the cum and felt my mind drift into a pleasured trance.

My nipples pointed erect. The skin tightened and my areola puffed making my nipples more apparent. I felt the tingle continue in my balls, and my shaft grew more sensitive. I needed more. I released the cock from my mouth and moved to the next. I opened my mouth around one of the men in the group. His shaft was normal sized, and it tasted extremely salty, unlike the woman I just sucked off. As I bobbed my head on the shaft I felt someone grab my ass. I looked over my shoulder and saw a woman with a thicker shaft holding me. I closed my eyes and moaned out around the cock as the woman thrust forward into my tight ass. I had never imagined putting anything in there, but this was delightful. First I got a toy at home I rode, and now this. Life couldn't be more perfect.

We danced in this never ending fuck fest. My mind numb from drinking cum. I took the load from the man and drank down more of his seed. I felt my face tingling and my breasts expanded further. The woman released her load in my ass and I felt my hips thickening and flaring out. My light sack that was swinging soon shrunk further and didn't feel as drastic as before. I released the man from my mouth and he stepped to the side. Another woman moved forward and her thick rod danced before my eyes. The large cock smelled amazing.

I opened wide and to my surprise someone else grabbed my ass. My skin felt thicker and more like a pillow under their touch. My mind continued in its numb encounter. I reached a hand forward and stroked the woman's cock in my hand. My mouth soon wrapped itself around the leaking head. I needed to have more cum in me. Soon the person who was holding my ass slipped their thick cock into my recently plugged hole. It slid in with ease. It must have been stretched out, and the thick loads of cum that were planted in it probably helped guide it in. The cum that was unloaded into my hole made my mind even more stimulated with sexual need.

Soon as if on command the cock in my mouth released its sweet and salty load. The woman must have been jerking off to the other in the crowd long enough that all I was used for was a cum dump. The cock stuffed into my ass unloaded itself at almost the same time. My cock began to tingle and my ass felt a similar sensation. My breasts began to swing with each movement I made. The unfamiliar presence didn't matter to me though. I needed more cum to enter into my body.

I rolled onto my back and spread my legs apart. Two women kneeled next to my head and they stroked their stiff cocks. A man in the crowd grabbed my legs and spread them apart. He lifted me to get easier access to my loose pucker. He rammed himself in with insane force. I gasped out and right as my mouth opened ropes of cum from the woman to my right sloshed out into my mouth. I swallowed and put my lips around the erupting head. I drank from her pipe eagerly attempting to get more of her pleasurable spunk. After she finished releasing ropes of cum into my tingling mouth I reached over to the girl on my left.

She instinctively stuffed her cock into my mouth. My cheek bulged as she poked into the side of my face. I couldn't help but giggle around the penis. The girl began to moan out as I did so. The man plugging away at my ass soon stiffened up and released his load into my soft derriere. The woman I was sucking off released a load of spunk and I swallowed as quickly as possible. I felt some leak down the corners of my mouth and reached a hand up to collect as much as possible. I couldn't lose a single bit of the seed. I needed to collect as much as possible.

One by one the assailants that were plugging away at my face and ass left the circle. I stayed on my back for a minute breathing out of pure ecstasy. My cock had unloaded itself on the ground a couple of times, and it seemed to have made a soft pussy like hole where I had just let out my own built up cum. I stood and dusted myself off. I pulled my clothing back on and left the initiate on the ground. She looked so peaceful. Her eyes were open, but distant. Her cock was thick and dripping with semen. Her breasts were perfectly shaped. If I weren't so spent I wouldn't think twice about having sex with her.

I made my way back to my apartment. I forgot about what I was doing. There wasn't anything important to take care of anymore, everything that mattered had just happened to me. As I walked I soon realized what had happened. I had participated in a huge street orgy where men and women both raped my asshole. I instinctively reached back and touched my bottom. How could I? Why would I? I am not gay so why did I suck people off? Why was I so hungry for their cum? As my hand drifted touched my ass I felt softer flesh than anticipated. I gave out a yelp and squeezed my flesh with a healthy hand.

I had a lot more skin than I remembered. I looked down at myself and my shirt was pushed forward by something. I reached my hands up and cupped what was pushing my shirt out. I felt my heart race as my fingers grazed my flesh through my shirt. I had a pair of large breasts standing off my body. I picked up my pace to make it home quicker. This couldn't be happening to me.


Law II - Subsection a

any person who ingests a male's orgasm will turn into a Futanari with each time they ingest. This also applies to anal.

I stepped into my house to only be greeted by more cocks on everything. The couch appeared comical. It had two large cocks right on the cushions as if asking for someone to give them attention. I looked around and tried to count, but lost concentration when I felt a familiar pulling in my mind. I was losing control again. What was causing me to become a slave to intercourse? My mind went numb and I followed the familiar humming sound into the bedroom. Hailey was licking a blonde girl's pussy on the bed. She was drinking hungrily from the woman's cunt, as the woman moaned out in pleasure.

I didn't even notice, but in the time it took me to gather the scene in I was already standing naked in the room stroking myself to erection. It didn't take much coaxing out of my body though. I was sporting a thick woody in a matter of seconds. The flesh was familiar, but it felt different to me at the same time. I looked down between the gaps of my chest to see that my cock had actually grown in size. It wasn't exaggerated, but it was larger than it was last night.

Hailey finished pleasuring the blonde and stood from the bed. Her mouth was dripping with cum, and the woman stood next to her. They both shared the same vacant look in their eyes. It was as if they were no longer inside. I didn't care though, I needed to feel pleasure. Hailey and her lover guided me to the living room. My eyes focused on their bouncing asses. They were so perfect. I reached my hands forward and cupped a cheek on each girl. They giggled and grabbed my wrists pulling me toward the couch. They turned me so I could sit down.

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