Angelic Demise


Hailey stood in front of me and smiled. Cum still coated her chin, and the other girl grabbed her and pulled her in for a deep kiss. I watched as their tongues ran against each other. As if by instinct I grabbed my fleshy ass and spread my cheeks apart. I slowly sank back onto one of the seven inch cocks that stood off the couch cushion. I felt a pang of pleasure well in my stomach as I bottomed out on the cushion. Soon Hailey and her friend were petting each other's dripping pussies. My head felt foggier and I began to thrust myself up and down on the cock that was now plugging my no longer virgin asshole.

Hailey's new friend slid down to her knees and she flicked her tongue forward into Hailey's dripping pussy. I felt a surge of excitement well in me. With more enthusiasm I thrust myself on the cushion cock coaxing more pleasure out of my body. I felt precum leaking into my bowels. The sting soon became a numbing pleasure. My asshole was so stretched out that I could fit almost any cock into my body. I smiled and drug my hand up my body, and began to toy with my new Fleshy breast. My other hand held the cushion as I humped the cock with my spread asshole.

Hailey let out a moan as she came and I felt my small balls welling up with seed as I reached a climax. The cock stuffed between my cheeks soon blew a load filling me up. I could tell that it was unloading into my bowels, but I didn't care just as long as I took in more cum. I needed it. I ejaculated a hefty amount, and it splattered on my thighs loudly. I let out a sigh as the pleasure erupted in my head. There was nothing more blissful than feeling that sexual release.

Hailey moaned out as if asking for me to absorb more cum into my body. I had taken so much in today, but I couldn't get enough of it. For some reason it made me feel more alive each time I took more into me. It was as if I had two personalities forming in my mind. Each time any sexual activity began to happen the demon inside me took over and all I could do was fuck anything. The craziest part was I didn't care if it was male or female, or a mixture of the two of them. I looked down at myself and realized that I was changing into one of those who belong in between. My breasts weren't enormous, but they were larger than I would have expected. It only took one day to have breasts that nearly matched Hailey's.

I soon felt an unsettling pulling sensation at the base of my shaft. I removed the cock that was stuffed in my ass, and with a lewd pop it slipped out. Hailey was now on the ground with her eyes closed, her sexual friend continued to pet her pussy while licking the cum off her fingers. I wonder what her story was... I made my way to the bathroom, and felt strangely as I did so. My step didn't feel right, my whole body felt different. It was like I wasn't using my own body. Each step I took felt exaggerated, and my head felt dizzy. I opened the bathroom door and placed my hands on the edge of the sink. I slowly examined my body a let out a gasp at the sight of me.

I had at least a large B cup if not a small C cup sized pair of breasts with large nipples pointing out of my once flat chest. My skin was smooth and soft, and my waist size was completely different. I didn't quite have the body shape of a woman, but I was nowhere near what any man should look like. My hips had a small flare to them that hinted at some sort of ass. I turned a bit to realize that that had also inflated a bit. Upon turning to look at myself in the mirror I realized that I was a lot skinnier than before. The small bottom part of my ribs showed, and I was flat all the way down my pelvis. I had a good slight curve to my body in all the right places. I felt myself getting turned on by the fact that my body wasn't my body anymore.

I looked down at my cock and realized it too had grown longer and thicker. It was probably seven to seven and a half inches long and almost an inch and a half wide. I reached my hand down to feel my ball sack. Each nut was roughly the size of a penny. I gave out a yelp as I touched myself. There was no way that my cock had grown but my balls were so tiny. How did I produce so much cum earlier without a bigger sack? I traced my body again in the mirror admiring the girlish traits that were very present. I had to find out what was going on.

I stared at my face to only find that the one that was looking back at me was extremely androgynous. There was no way you could tell if I was a boy or a girl. My longer black hair didn't help the situation either. I appeared to be more of a woman than a man. What had happened to the world? Why was I so addicted to taking in cum? Why was Hailey so brain dead? What was going on?


Law II - Subsection A

Clause A

In all for a human to fully transform into a Futanari one needs to ingest at least 100 ML of male/Futanari orgasms (Whether it be vaginally, anally, or orally)

I felt a familiar pleasure pulsate through my body as cum erupted from my body. I felt the wet liquid splash down on my thighs and my eyes popped open. I sat up to find my hand stroking my cock. I must have fallen asleep after the events of this morning. I looked around the room. The sun was spilling through my cheap shades and the house was extremely quiet. I must have been alone. I climbed out of bed and wiped myself off. I gathered my jeans and threw on a shirt. My new changes to my body made it difficult to put anything on. I struggled for about five minutes with my jeans trying to pull them over my stretched ass, but decided to wear a pair of sweats. I went out to the kitchen and grabbed myself a quick drink of water. When I closed the fridge I saw there was another five to six inch cock pulsating off the door. It was so fleshy and soothing that I wanted to touch it.

I knelt down on the ground and opened my mouth. My mind began to hum and everything went silent around me. I closed my lips around its head and began to suck. I placed my hands on the base and opened my throat. Soon its precum was dripping down into my stomach and I felt the desire to suck as much cum from the tool as I could. I spent at least five minutes stroking and rubbing the dick, while bobbing my head up and down on the shaft. I felt it tense up and splash a huge gob of cum into my mouth. I swallowed feverishly trying to get as much of it into my mouth as I could. I felt my face tingle and my chest felt heavier as I finished drinking the semen from the shaft.

I stood from my daze and finished my cup of water. I had to find out what happened to Hailey and why she wasn't being herself. Then again I wasn't even the me I was twenty four hours ago. I ran out of the house in a panic to only be greeted by the strangest sight I had ever seen.


Law II - Subsection B

Any person who ingests a female orgasm becomes mind numbed and slowly becomes a woman themselves with each female orgasm they ingest. The only purpose they serve is to prepare the Futanari survivors. They can gain futanaristic traits by ingesting a male/Futanari orgasm, but they will remain numbed from the first female orgasm they ingested.

The city had a fleshy hue to it. The walls of almost every building had some form of cock or vaginal hole in it. There were a few men attached to a fuckable hole in the wall or ground, their faces blank and they almost appeared to be dead as they humped slowly. There was smoke billowing from deep in the city, and not even four blocks over I saw a downed plane. I couldn't see very well because there was a strange mist in the air. It was almost as thick as a fog, but didn't seem to be something from mother earth. I took another step forward to only see more people, each one completely nude and fucking each other like wild animals. What had happened to humanity?

I plugged my ears so as to avoid the sound of moaning and screaming. I knew that if I listened to more of it I would fall into one of my sexual trances and lose myself out here. The city looked like a warzone. How could it have decayed so quickly? Buildings were crumbling; people were running from here to there in a panic. The ones that weren't running in panic were plowing into each other. I had to look away at times to make sure I didn't get sucked in. I figured that was how it happened. It was sight and sound that made me lose myself.

Amongst my quick observations I noticed that there weren't any more men. Well not true men that had the usual body type. Everyone was far thinner, and not hairy. In fact there were quite a few that looked extremely attractive. Each time I found myself gazing after one, I had to turn my head and run. I probably looked like a fool with my hands covering my ears and watching my feet. My shirt exposed part of my stomach due to the fact that I was probably now sporting a solid C cup on my body. My cock swayed in my sweatpants, and I realized that I didn't bother to put on a pair of boxers. I felt so exposed, but then again everyone in the street was naked masturbating or fucking like rabbits.

I saw a few women as I quickly passed by that reminded me of Hailey. They had that vacant stare in their eyes, and they were masturbating their soft moist cunts creating more surfaces to fuck with their orgasms. My body grew rigid and I had to look away, I knew that I couldn't make it very long if I walked along this path for too long. I turned down a side street and found myself next to a group of women; they were forcing two men together. I use the term men loosely because they didn't look like men, but nonetheless they were being pushed together until their sexual urges took over. It's as though the women were trying to make all men change into... whatever I was becoming.

I turned quickly trying to get away from everyone. I needed to find Hailey. When I turned the corner I felt my shirt pull tight as stiff fingers pulled it in. I turned my head to only be greeted by a pair of large swaying breasts that belonged to a tall powerful looking woman. She was completely nude and had fiery red hair spilled over her shoulders in thick ring like curls. As I traced her body with my eyes I saw a thick throbbing cock lifting off her soft shapely pelvis. I felt my mouth water at the sight. In seconds I was stripped naked by the woman. I felt my mind turn wildly numb again, this time stronger than before. I bent over and grabbed at the building wall in front of me. She placed a hand on my hip and in seconds I felt her thick juicy cock plunge into my sore asshole. Within seconds the pain subsided and the unexplainable pleasure began to build in my core.

This was the true description of heaven. I reached my hand down and started stroking my body. As if on command the woman fucking my loose asshole reached down and pulled on my stiff cock flesh. She began to stroke me as if it weren't a stranger tugging on my tight man flesh. I didn't think it possible to find anyone that knew how to jerk me off better than myself, but this was meant to happen. I closed my eyes and moaned out in pleasure. I didn't care that some stranger was raping me. My head began to spin further and I pinched my eyes shut moaning out in pleasure with each thrust of my assaulters cock in my loose asshole. All I needed in life was to feel the inexplicable pleasure that I had right now. I felt the woman shiver as she reached her climax. Her cock bulged and released its thick ropes of cum into my bowels. My cock soon released out its white hot streams of pleasure that splattered freely against the wall. It might have been my imagination but it appeared I was producing far more cum than natural, then again what was natural?

I shivered myself as the cock slid free from my now exposed ass hole. There was no way it was meant to be used this much, but I couldn't remember what other purpose it served. I reached my hand back and wiped some of the assaulters cum onto my finger tip. I gently licked the sticky cream with pleasure as I idly walked in a daze away from what just happened. As I licked my fingers I felt my cock sway as it stiffened to accommodate a longer and thicker appearance. My face tingled once again with the familiar burn. It felt tight with each motion I made as though it were being held back by an invisible force. In a daze I turned to see the woman who had once attacked me was now fucking the wall where I had ejaculated.

I looked around the city to see many people doing the same, each copulating with a fuckable surface that someone else, or themselves, had created. This was a disaster. This new society was completely fucked up. I slowly made my way down the street, trying once again to avert my eyes from the lewd displays of other people humping in the street, or masturbating on random objects. After some time I realized that I was still in the nude, taking after what now appeared to be the rest of the citizens of my city. I decided if I was to avoid what had happened in the alley I would need to find something to cover my nude body with. As I thought about a covering for my upper body, I looked down and admired my thick beautiful breasts. One of my fingers found its way to my ample nipple and began to twist and touch making me moan out. I shook my head and decided it would be better to go to any store immediately.

I eventually found a place and made my way through the front window. The glass had been shattered in what I assumed was a sexual hysteria. I found mannequins with cocks and pussies from people who came on them. There were hardly any articles of clothing that I could consider usable. I stepped forward and looked into the dressing rooms, hoping that something had been discarded earlier. As I turned the corner I found a reflection of the most interesting thing. I moved closer to see it better, and to my astonishment the reflection was of me.

I pulled my hand up to my cheek and touched my skin gently. I had the face of a woman now, I wasn't myself anymore. The face I had grown so used to seeing in the mirror was replaced by a resplendent beauty. My body had a shapely hourglass figure with overly sized tits and thick nipples I wanted to suck on. I turned to admire my now shapely figure. My ass was thick and round, and I am sure that is the reason I was raped in the alley... I wanted to rape myself. I turned back and touched my cock; it was far larger than I could have imagined. It swayed with each movement I made, and I was pretty sure this tool I had was enough to make any porn star jealous. This was not right. This wasn't how life was meant to be. How could all this happen so quickly? I turned to look out the destroyed department store window. I needed to find Hailey and fix this mess before I lost myself.


Final Law -

The Fully transformed Futanari will return to their creator and join them to fulfill their purpose and creation.

I turned to the street not expecting to find what I did. There were hundreds of people gathered around the front of the store. Ten women with large massive cocks seemed to be the leaders. They had closed off any escape route I would have attempted and my eyes were drawn to their nimble hands stroking their fat cocks to the same beat. Their eyes were all locked on me as if I had drawn them here. I turned and surveyed the crowd. It was a sea of flesh in every direction I could see. They had been expecting me. They had been called to me. I felt my cock plump up and my skin pulled tight as blood pumped through my body. My heart began to race and I felt the burning desire and the numbing call come into my head. My legs gave out and I dropped to my knees. As if by command my hands went out to the nearest cock available and I opened my lips around the bulging head.

I stroked and sucked until I felt it leak out its sweet cum into my mouth. I swallowed quickly and moved onto the next. My hips were soon grabbed by one of the girls waiting nearby and I felt the familiar pinch as a cock was pushed deep into my bottom. I smiled around the cock I was sucking on and gave out a gasp around the member as someone grabbed a hold of my stiff cock. The orgasm that erupted in my bowels came too quickly, but luckily there were enough women here to ensure my own satisfaction. Soon a felt a thick rope of cum splash on my back as one of the masturbating bystanders let out her load with a soft moan. The cock I was choking down soon erupted and I swallowed furiously attempting to get as much semen as I could.

This went on what felt like an eternity. There was nothing more that I wanted my world than to drink buckets of cum. In a daze as I slurped and sucked cock I felt my head burn and grow dizzy. Blinding white light began to tear at the edges of my vision. I was lost in the bliss that I knew would come soon. Load after load of cum that erupted into my bowels and mouth I was soon released from the group. They all stood back staring at me. My mind's numbness soon subsided and I felt myself come back from my sedated state. My throat was sore, and I credited that to the fact that I probably choked on at least ten if not more cocks in a fitted deep throat fest I just dived into.

I stood from my wanton whore like state, and looked at the group. I looked at my body and realized that I had changed further, my cock was longer, my breasts were fuller, and my hips were something that I only saw on girls in a Playboy magazine. I was no longer Torin. I was no longer me... My life had a different purpose now. I was meant for much more than the same mundane job, with the same boring girlfriend, in the same boring city. No, I was meant to serve and be served. I was meant to be what I am now.

I turned to see more of the faces in the crowd and felt my head spin in confusion as I caught Hailey's face amongst them. She stepped forward and I looked at her and realized she had a large fat cock hanging from her soft skin. I looked back up into her eyes and she nodded to me.

"This is what I was meant to do for you Torin. This is your destiny and I have fulfilled mine." She said in an eerie distant voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked, but I had already known the answer. She stepped towards me and placed her hands on my shoulders. Gently she pushed me back until I was on my back. I didn't even realize how I had gotten to the ground, but the vacant gaze I was staring into seemed to numb my mind once more. With gentle fingers Hailey pushed my thighs apart. I felt my cock pulsate as I the burning desire to have her grew within me. To my shock I felt her fingers drift against my body at the base of my cock and extreme pleasure followed.

Goosebumps prickled along my flesh and I felt precum drip from my cock head. Her fingers danced once more and I felt sick from the pleasure again. I felt moisture gather at the base of my cock and I felt confused. Why did this feel so good? Hailey then grabbed her enormous member and lined it up with the base of my stiff cock. With a grunt she pushed forward and I felt as her body entered my own. It struck me, she wasn't fucking my loosened asshole... no she was fucking my very own cunt! She pulled back and pushed herself in a bit further.

The pressure was overwhelming and almost painful. I had never before known the pain that could come from an over-sized cock pushing itself into a virgin pussy, but the pleasure as she pulled her massive member out made my head dizzy with excitement. This was more than I could have ever wanted in my life. I wanted Hailey to stuff my pussy with her thick juicy cock. I wanted her ropes of cum to erupt into my body. I wanted her to abuse me and rub me and make me her bitch. I wanted nothing more than this.

Soon I felt her stiff cock push deep into my body and our hips rubbed and grinded between us. She rocked back and forth and her beautiful tits touched mine gently. I smiled up at her and she smiled at me. We were in a lock of something that no one else could understand, and I am sure that no one would ever understand again. Soon her face began to twist with pleasure and she grabbed my hips. She fucked me with an intense fury as her orgasm built. I felt my body being racked by pleasure that I couldn't understand or comprehend. I needed to cum, I needed to unload my thick juicy wad, and I needed to feel Hailey burst inside my body.

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