tagBDSMAngelika's New Master

Angelika's New Master


Angelika was walking home after a night out with the girls, the warm breeze blowing her long black hair out behind her. In her all-black outfit, that made her skin seem pale, someone might think of her as a Goth chick or a vampire wannabe, but she didn't care. She just liked black. Being only four foot ten, she might also have looked like a child pretending to be a full-grown woman, but once you got a good look at her, you could tell she was all woman. Her curves put childhood completely out of the question. Now, Angelika could certainly take care of herself, despite her size. She was always careful and was constantly looking over her shoulder. But, like most people, she almost never looked up.


In the shadows between houses, he watched Angelika with a growing lust, both sexual and blood fueled. He gently touched her mind and found out where she lived. With a smile, he licked his lips and starting moving toward her house. The fun was about to begin.


Angelika stopped short of her front door, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up. Her front door was hanging open just a little and she knew no one else was home. She grabbed her cell phone and flipped it open, ready to call 911. Pushing open the front door, she reached for the light switch just inside the doorway. A few clicks and nothing happened. She stepped into the living room and bumped into the over-stuffed chair. As she got her bearings, she heard a noise from the door, a very soft sound, like that of fine grain sandpaper being barely brushed against already sanded wood. She turned toward it and then had to blink as all of the lights came on.

"Just a power outage," she said out loud to no one in particular. Turning back around to face the living room, she let out a scream.

On the two walls of her living room were handprints that looked like they had dripped their hands in red paint and dragged them across the wall, leaving prints two to three feet in length. The real problem was that is wasn't red paint. It was blood. Angelika ran from the house in a panic, dialing 911 as she ran for her friend's house.

He was following her as she babbled to the 911 operator while walking quickly the eight blocks to her friend Lindsay's house. She gave the police her phone number and told them where she would be staying, giving them somewhere to contact her if needed. She turned a corner and hurried, passing by several small shops that were on the edge of the neighborhood. She yelped when a strong hand grabbed her right arm and pulled her into the incredibly small alley between stores and roughly shoved her face first against the red brick, her arms being pinned above her hand with his powerful grip. He pressed himself against her and she felt his warm breath against her hair.

"You belong to me now, pet. Stop running and accept it."

Angelika felt the tears stream down her face as he pushed his knee between her legs, spreading them, his other hand popping open the button on her pants, pulling them down just far enough to expose her pantiless ass. She heard his pants come down and tried to prepare herself and he pushed his throbbing cock between her ass cheeks and started rubbing himself up and down between them, his weight pushing them around his shaft. She started to cry out when she felt two pin pricks at her neck, making her gasp as her whole body shivered, the pain mixing with so much pleasure that her whole body went numb.

As quickly as he arrived, he left, leaving Angelika to sag against the wall, not sure what to make of what just happened. She felt the two small holes at her neck and she shivered again. She redid her pants in a daze and continued her journey to Lindsay's house. She got to Lindsay's house and pounded on the door, again on the verge of tears. The door swung open and Lindsay looked out, the gold security chain holding the door about six inches from the doorframe.

"Angelika? Oh my God! What happened?" The door shut and then Angelika heard the clinking of the chain and then door reopening a second later, Lindsay almost pulling Angelika inside.

Angelika told Lindsay what had she had seen at her house while sitting in Lindsay's kitchen over a cup of tea, as Lindsay tended to the two small wounds on her neck. Her hands were shaking enough to still a little tea on the white marble countertop, which Lindsay cleaned up with a paper towel.

After the tea, Angelika found herself yawning uncontrollably, all of the adrenaline having left her body. With a smile, Lindsay led her to the couch, complete with a pillow and a thin blanket, tucking her in with a hug, a kiss on the cheek, and a reassurance that everything would be okay in the morning.

"Linds," Angelika asked in a small voice.

"Angel," Lindsay replied in the same voice, just one of the things they did.

"Do you think you could curl up with me until I fall asleep? I don't feel too safe at the moment."

"Sure, Angel. Let me go change for bed and I'll be right back. I'll bring something for you, too."

Angelika sat quietly as she waited for Lindsay, who returned wearing a dark green pajama set that looked really good on her, since she had pale skin and dark brown hair, which she tucked a lock of behind her ear. She held out an oversized t-shirt to Angelika, who smiled shyly and went to the bathroom to change.

She returned and Lindsay started to laugh as the shirt, one that hung to Lindsay's knees, came down to Angelika's ankles. She looked like a little girl wearing mommy's shirt. Angelika put her hands on her hips, making Lindsay laugh even harder, Angelika joining in and the two of them falling onto the couch, leaning against each other, Angelika's laughter mixing with sobs as the stress from what had happened earlier caught up to her.

Lindsay put her arm around Angelika's shoulders and snuggled against her, Angelika wiping away her tears. Without speaking, they both laid down, Lindsay lying behind Angelika, her right arm draped around Angelika's slim waist. She wrapped her around Lindsay's and took a deep breath, her eyes falling closed as Lindsay nuzzled behind Angelika's ear.

As she drifted off to sleep, Angelika felt warmth spread over her, one that started in her groin. She opened her eyes and saw Lindsay between her thighs, her tongue working quickly over Angelika's clit, on hand moving up to squeeze her breast through the t-shirt, while using one finger to circle Angelika's pussy lips. Angelika couldn't speak, but only moan, her high pitched voice bouncing off of the high white walls, the frequency and pitch of her moans increasing. As her orgasm peaked, her breath catching and her voice squeaking, Angelika's eyes flew open and she found herself alone on the couch, her blanket tight between her thighs, rubbing against her engorged clit, the smell of her sex filling the room. She blinked in the darkness, spying Lindsay's form in a chair across the room.

"Linds," she said quietly, getting no answer. "Lindsay," she said again in a forced whisper, but still nothing. She reached out and turned on the table lamp and looked over at Lindsay, letting out another throat ripping scream.

Lindsay's head say at an awkward angle on her shoulders and her throat has been ripped out. Angelika's heart hammered in her chest and she tried to climb backwards on the couch. She let out another little scream as her cell phone started ringing. Watching the LCD screen light up as it rang, Angelika tentatively reached out a hand, almost expecting Lindsay to start moving again, her eyes darting back and forth between the phone and the body. Gingerly, she picked up her phone and flipped it open, answering it without looking at it.


"Hello, Angelika." The voice was gruff, the same voice from the alley. It sent a chill down her spine, as it was tinged with menace, Angelika feeling more tears start to run down her cheeks.

"Who is this?"

"You don't know me, but if you look at poor Lindsay," he said, her eyes involuntarily going to the corpse, the soft blue eyes open and starting at nothing. "You'll see my handiwork. I've been watching you, Angelika. You are a delectable little morsel that I will enjoy having when the time comes."

"What do you want from me?" She heard a soft chuckle on the other end of the line.

"I don't want anything 'from' you, Angelika, I just want you and you shall be mine."

She hung up to his laughter and dialed 911 again, telling the operator about Lindsay's body and the phone call. The operator stayed on the line with her until the police arrived and took her into protective custody. Angelika hesitated when the doorbell rang, afraid that it was the killer, the voice on the phone. She willed herself to the door and opened it, two uniformed officers standing there. She flung the door open and let them in, one of them taking her into another room while the other looked over Lindsay's body. After a few questions, the officer suggested that he take her back to the station for a formal statement. Angelika agreed and they went to the other room, the room with Lindsay's body, to get her clothes. They officer's partner was kneeling next to Lindsay's chair.

"Hey, Jenks," the cop said. "Let's take this one back and let the CSU guys get a look at her." His partner didn't respond. "Jenks. You okay?"

He moved in and touched his partner's shoulder and they watched as the body of the officer fell over, the officer's hand going to his gun, both of them almost vomiting as Jenks's head rolled from his shoulders and tumbled into the doorway that led to the dining room, their eyes following it's path and stopping as it came to rest next to the feet of a shadowy figure in the doorway. The officer, whose name was DiSilva, drew his gun and started backing toward the front door, keeping himself between Angelika and the inky darkness.

"Miss, move toward the door," DiSilva said softly, "And run for the squad car." Angelika nodded and grasped the doorknob, wrenching it hard, jerking the door open, and sprinting for the police car, her bare feet slapping the pavement, their sound lost as DiSilva caught up to and passed her, running to the other side of the car, jumping in and starting the engine, flooring the accelerator a soon as Angelika was inside. He drove and drove fast, taking seemingly random turns, trying to get away and get to the police station.

"What was that," Angelika yelled as she tried not to bounce around in the back seat.

"I don't know," DiSilva answered, wrenching the wheel hard to the left, sending her sliding into the right hand door. But whatever it was, it scared me." HE straightened out the steering wheel and breathed out a loud sigh. Angelika pushed up against the Plexiglas between them.

"Look out," she screamed.

DiSilva saw the shape materialize out of nowhere and yanked the wheel hard to the right, trying to swerve around it. As he tried to correct his path, his sweaty hands slipped off of the wheel and they ran into a fire hydrant, DiSilva held in by his seatbelt, but Angelika, unsecured in the back seat, felt her forehead hit the Plexiglas, but felt as solid as concrete. Her vision swam, but she was able to see DiSilva draw his fun. Before he was able to use it, the thing smashed the window and a sledgehammer fist beat him mercilessly. She wasn't sure if he was dead or not, but when the back door opened, she knew it didn't matter.

A thick hand grabbed her ankle and she was pulled out of the car and into the spray from the ruptured fire hydrant. As she began to fade out, she saw a face creased by ivory smile, one that filled her with terror.

"At last," she heard. "You are mine."


When Angelika awoke, she felt a slight strain on her shoulders, but she couldn't figure out why. The sell of freshly dug earth reached her nose and there were almost no sounds, except for the thumping of her heart in her ears. Her head throbbed, probably from hitting the Plexiglas. When she opened her eyes, her head spun and she felt like she might vomit, so she closed them again, the nausea fading and the world returning to normal.

She tried again after a few minutes and though she felt her stomach rebel a little, the room didn't spin. Letting her eyes adjust to the dim light coming through the dingy window some ten feet above her, she found herself face down, her knees and shoulders digging into the bumpy concrete that made up the floor. She tried to sit up, but found she couldn't really move. Trying to move her hands turned out to be impossible. Turning to her sense of touch, she could feel thick ropes binding her wrists to her ankles as well as her ankles being bound to each other. Her knees were also joined by rope. All of these together told her why she couldn't move. They did not tell her, however, why she was completely naked.

A door opened behind her she suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable. Her legs held her firm ass and shaved pussy up in the air and try as she might, she couldn't cover herself. The door closed, but she couldn't see anyway from her position. Just as she was wondering if they had just left her food, she felt a rough, heavy hand touch her bare behind and start caressing it. Something in the touch was almost like petting a family pet, suggesting ownership. She shivered under the warmth of the hand on her skin, bringing a soft chuckle from behind her.

"What do you want," Angelika asked, her voice wavering. "Who are you?"

She recognized the voice as the one she heard both in the alley and on the phone. "I want nothing because I already have what I want, Angelika. I have you." As if emphasizing that point, he gave her ass a little smack. "As far as who I am, my real name isn't important. They only name that matters is the one you will call me from this point forward."

"What name is that?"


After he had proclaimed himself her Master, Angelika heard the door open again and then close, followed by a plastic dog bowl of water about a foot away from her, a little spilling down the side of the blue plastic. He scooted it closer to her with his foot, leaving it only a few inches away. She tried to move toward it, now realizing how dry her throat was. She attempted to raise her head to get at the fresh smelling water, but was unable to shift her weight enough to do so.

"How am I supposed to get a drink if I can't get my head that high?" Her voice seemed stronger now, anger mixing with her fear. She yelped when he grabbed a large handful of her long black hair and pulled on it.

Using her hair, he pulled her face off of the cold concrete and, tugging sideways, he pivoted her over the bowl and released her hair, splashing her face into the water and then pulling her back up, Angelika spluttering and couching at her sudden immersion.

"For starters," he said, "You could ask more politely.""

"May I have a drink of water please?" He dunked her face again, pulling her right back up.

"And who am I that you are asking?"

"You are..." She bit back the first reply that was on the tip of her tongue, as she fully realized that her captor was in complete control. "You are my Master."

He lowered her slowly this time, allowing her to suck some of the clean, cold water into her dry mouth. After a few small swallows, he pulled her mouth away.

"You are learning, my new pet," he said, moving her away from the water bowl and resting her face on the hard concrete again.

"Thank you, Master," Angelika replied, closing her eyes.

With almost no sound, he knelt behind her and ran an almost serpentine tongue, pointed and darting, up and down her bare, exposed slit, making her squirm to get lose, as well as in pleasure. His hands worked their way between her arms and her torso, finding her breasts and roughly pinching at her nipples, feeling them harden between his fingers.

Angelika found her pussy slowly getting wet as he found her clit with his tongue, as he teased it, prodded it, to make it peek out from under it's hood. Almost against her will, she moaned softly at his tongue work, attempting to push back against him. His tongue crept between her lips by only a fraction, making her gasp and try harder to push backwards. He ran the very tip of his tongue up to her anus, lightly swirling it around the sensitive skin, before moving back down to quickly flick it against her hard nub, making Angelika squeal and buck against him, straining her body to the liming to please herself with his tongue. It wasn't long before she was fighting for breath, her voice loud, echoing in her cell. As her orgasm ran through her, she tried to breathe and moan at the same time, her voice squeaking with each ''ah!' His tongue disappeared and his hands withdrew, leaving her as collapsed as possible, breathing hard as her climax faded.

"And now, my pet, we shall see if you give pleasure as well as you take it."

With that, he rolled her over onto her back and moved up by her head. He slid a powerful hand under her and placed it between her shoulder blades, lifting her shoulders off of the ground, her head falling backwards, putting his erect cock right in front of her face. Using his free hand, he tilted his hardness toward her.

"Open your mouth."

She did so and he placed the bulbous head between her lips, Angelika starting to suck on it until he ripped it out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with the now wet cockhead, turning her already flushed cheek a darker shade of pink.

"I didn't tell you to suck, did I, pet?"

"No, Master. I just..."

Another wet smack sounded as he cockslapped her again, stunning Angelika into silence.

"Let's try this again. Open your mouth, pet."

Angelika hesitantly opened her mouth and he placed the angry purple head into her wet, warm mouth, holding it still, Angelika fighting the reflex to suck his length into her mouth.

"Very good, pet. Now, tighten your lips, but do not suck. Do you understand?"

She nodded as best she could and snuggled her pink lips around his cockhead, moaning softly a he slowly fed her every inch of his thick, veiny shaft, Angelika breathing out as he touched and then went into her throat. Finally, his testicles, full and smooth, rested against her nose, filling her nostrils with the musky, manly smell of his balls. He pulled back out, her lips bulging around the crown, before starting to pump about half of his full length, which was around seven inches, she guessed, in and out of her lips.

Angelika braved her Master's displeasure by starting to work her rough tongue over his cockhead as he fucked her mouth, but no displeasure was evident as his pace increased slightly, Angelika flexing her pussy muscles and rubbing her thighs together as much as she could, again filling the room with the scent of her sex as she pleased herself, moaning again and again as she worked herself toward orgasm just as he did as he used her mouth. He pulled out of her hungry mouth and slowly stroked his raging member.

"Cum for me, pet. Cum for your Master."

Angelika closed her eyes and focused on her growing pleasure, her voice ringing against the thick stone walls again as she pushed herself closer and closer to another orgasm, her breath catching as she fought to breathe, her voice turning into high-pitched squeaks as she shuddered on the floor and in his hand, her eyes clenched tight, her voice finally breaking as she climaxed again, her juices leaking out onto her thighs and onto the floor. She relaxed as much as her bonds would allow and opened her eyes, gazing once against at her Master's beautiful cock.

"Very good, pet," he said, his voice betraying his smile. "I have seen you cum and now you shall watch me do the same."

He laid her on the floor and the gripped her shoulders, lifting her again and propping her against the cold stone wall, the heat from her body making it seem even colder. Reaching between her ankles, he snapped the rope holding them and spread her legs, kneeling between them, taking his thick shaft in his hand and stroking himself slowly. It wasn't until now that Angelika got her first good look at her new Master.

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