Angels Ch. 2


By enormous request, here is the awaited continuation.

* * * * *

WHEW! This was AMAZING. First Cameron Diaz, now this.

"OH, GOD! I'M CUMMING!! I unloaded my wad into the lovely Drew Barrymore as her own orgasm spilled on my cock. This is the story of how it all happened.

I was roaming outside the set, dazed, with fond memories of the fuck I had with Cameron. Then, out of the clear blue sky, I was halted by a noise. Someone was moaning. It sounded to me like someone was having the fuck of a lifetime. Curious to see what was happening, I followed the scent of the moaning. It sent me to a trailer. On the door it said, Drew Barrymore. HELL YEAH, I thought, I can watch the actress in heat. Frantically searching for a hole, I discovered a slit in the RV. It was very small, so I walked over to it and peeked through. What I saw aroused me. The lovely beauty was flat on her back and someone with short black hair was eating her pussy. Not Tom, I figured. His hair's brownish. Who on earth could it be?

"SUCK MY PUSSY, CUNT,!!" Drew hissed. FUCK, YEAH!! EAT ME BITCH!!" Her hips were fiercely humping the stranger mouth. EAT IT, NASTY FUCKING WHORE! "I'm CUUMMINNNGG!" She gave her lover one last thrust and unloaded her juices. "AHHHH." Just then, I spotted the "pussy eater" had breasts.

HOLY SHIT! The stranger is female.

Then, she brushed her hair from her face.

DAMN! It was Neve Campbell. My cock sprang to it's full extent. MAN, it was aching. I decided to keep my pants on, because with my luck, these beauties with help me out with that.

"UM, Drew, we've got company."

With all my discomfort I looked away from the gorgeous scene. It appears that Neve spotted me. I looked up, and sure enough, Neve was staring directly at me. Honestly, the crack wasn't THAT tiny. I was hoping they would notice me.

"Well, don't be shy. Come in." Neve ushered.

The young star just smiled in agreement.

So, I walked to the door, and opened it. As it shut behind me, I extended a hand to Drew. "Name's Bob."

"I know. Cameron told me all about it between takes. How was she?"

"Oh, pretty good."

"Hi," said the "Party of Five" babe.

"Hello," I waved.

"DAMN RIGHT Cameron's good. I'd say great, in fact."

"UH, I hate to spoil the chit-chat, but are we gonna fuck?"

"DAMN STRAIGHT," Drew shouted, as she pulled me to the floor. Rolling on top of me, the actress passionately kissed me. Her lips were wonderfully moist.

Neve was busy spanking the naughty vixen.


"UM," she said through or embrace.

The black haired beauty massaged her ass before spanking her harder.


Finally, Drew popped her tongue inside my mouth.

SPANK! Neve was getting really turned on by the mild S/M treatment.

I could tell Drew was, also.

My hands went to the attractive women's lovely breasts. They were AMAZING! VERY soft and round. I was just glad I didn't need 2 hands for grabbing 1. Her nipples were big and hard. Traveling lightly through every inch of flesh, I pinched her nipples. Finally, our kiss broke.

"Suck my nipples, she pleaded. I stuck my tongue out and gently touch the tip of her nipple. "OH, yeah, suck em. UM, just like that. GOD, I love it.

Neve decided she had enough of herself and glided to Drew. Without hesitation, the young star sat of the actress's mouth. "SUCK MY PUSSY SLUT," she barked. She steadied her self on her hands, as Drew popped her tongue in the beautiful young star. "OH, she moaned as her head rocked back.

I put my hands on Neve's breasts and kissed the talented starlet. Her lips were sticky from Drew's soaking pussy. Then, the beauty popped her tongue in my mouth.

Finally, she broke the kiss. "Fuck this nasty whore," she insisted. I positioned my lips to her cunt and licked her pussy.

"UM," Drew whaled.

Her lips were divine. With every violent thrust her hips bucked violently.

Finally, it was time. I pulled out my tongue and positioned my hard cock to her tunnel. I one quick thrust, I was completely inside her.

"Oh, yeah, fucking slut. You like my hard dick inside your fucking slutty pussy?"


Neve was violently rocking and I could tell she was about to cum. "OH, GOD!! EAT MY FUCKING NAUGHY CUNT, BITCH!! NASTY FUCKING SLUT! EAT ME WHORE!! YEESSS! OH! LICK MYY PUUSSSYYY!! I'M CUMMMINNNGGG!!" She furiosly humped Drew one last time. "AHHHHH!" Her massive orgasm flowed down the young star's mouth. Their. That was great," she panted. Neve got off the beautiful Drew and sat on the floor, watching me fuck the beauty.

"OH, YEAH!! NASTY CUNT!! NAUGHTY SLUT!! You like my cock?"

"YEAH!! FUUCCCK MEEE!! Her head was violently shaken every which way. MAKE ME CUM!! YEESS!! I LOOOVE IT!! FUUCCK MY PUSSY!! HARRDEERRR!! The actress put her hands on my ass and was shoving my cock inside her. "OHH, FUCK, YEESSS!! I'M CUUMMMINNG! I felt her juices spill around my cock.

Neve was having a wondeful time fingering her own box. "Yeah, fuck that whore's pussy. Treat her as your slut. I'M CUMMING!

Just as Drew and Neve were cumming, I too unloaded my slime into Drew. "OH, GOD! I'M CUMMIN!! I unloaded my wad into the lovely Drew Barrymore as her own orgasm spilled on my cock.

"Hey, Lucy. What's up," said Neve.

I turned my back on Drew, and standing in the doorway was Lucy Liu. MAN, what a day.

* * * * *

Note-I was rushed to write this story because so many of you wanted it. I don't consider it to be good as the first, but I gave it a shot. Whoever sent me the e-mail about Neve Campbell, I hope you enjoyed.

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