Angels Ch. 3


I just stared at the beautiful Lucy Liu in disbelief. In one day, i've fucked Cameron Dia, Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell..NOW Lucy Liu.

"Come in, hun." said Drew.

"This is Bob." Neve pointed to me.

"Hi. Having fun, I see."


The beautiful "Ally McBeal"star grabbed her shoulder straps on her shiny Red dress and flung them off. With that, her dress fell to the floor. She was completely naked underneath. She was STUNNING! slim figure with semi-wide hips. Her jugs were ENORMOUS!! Not as big as Pam Anderson, but large enough. She seductively walked over to Neve and passionately kissed her. Popping her tongue in Neve's mouth, the women fondled her chest.


Her hands slowly inched down the "Part of Five" actress and stopped at her cunt. With 2 fingers, Lucy fingered her. Finally, their kiss broke.

"OH! FUCK! I LOOVE IT!!! MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FINGER!! NASTY FUCKING BITCH!!" With each intrusion, the brunette thrust her hips into the "Angel" harder. "SHIT! I'M CUMMINNNGGG!!! The "Scream" queen unloaded a massive wad of girl-cum on her mouth. "AHHHH!" Hell, that was AWESOME!!!"

"AHEM!" Drew and I said at the same time.

"Sorry, guys." Lucy grabbed Neve's wrist and walked her over to us.

Drew, Neve, and Lucy popped the tip of the tongue until it touched each women.

"HEY!!! I'm still here."

Neve put her tongue on my cock and engulfed my dick.


Drew decided to kiss me, which left Lucy.

The beautiful star was lapping Neve's pussy. She put her hands on the beauties ass. Then, the lovely women spanked her.



The Asian took that as enthusiasm.


Finally, Drew broke our kiss. "Eat my pussy." The "bad girl" got up on her feet and my face was right in her shaved cunt. "Lick it," she hissed, as the beauty shoved my mouth on her box.


SLURP! SLURP! SLURP!! I was on the verge of cumming, but couldn't warn Neve. So I just unloaded my slime in her mouth. The black-haired lady swallowed every drop. She, too was erupting.

"OH, SHIT!! I'M CUUMIINGGG!!! The star's orgasm burst into Lucy's mouth. "AHHHH!" The 2 embraced in a HARD, LONG, kiss. But, before Neve could get real hot, Lucy broke the kiss.

With my cock free, the "Ally" star took the opportunity to ride me. She grabbed my member and guided it to her wet cunt. Once they opened, the beauty rammed herself on me. "OH, Fuck me. I LOOVE IT!!! CUM INSIDE ME!

Done with my mouth, Drew kissed down my chest.

Neve took the chance and went behind the starlette. Her tongue gently licked her wet box.


She grabbed the beauties hips to steady her. Violently, the lovely women who's been making us "Scream" spanked the now redhead.



The brunette star smiled around Drew's lips and smacked her again.


Drew stopped her licking of my chest to warn Neve Campbell she was cumming.

This only encouraged her to lick her harder.

"AHHHHH!!!" The celebs large orgasm sprayed down the star.

I saw a few dribble down and hit the floor. In pleasant suprise Neve lapped up the excess mass.

Lucy was furiously humping her pussy on me. OH, YEESS! FUUCCK ME! HARDER!!!!" With nothing to help her with, she just slammed her pusssy harder on my cock. "HOLY SHIT, YEAH!!! FUCCKING BASTARD!!! I LOOVE IT!! I'M CUUMMINNGG!!!" Her climax traveled around my dick.

I also told the babe I was cumming, and with she slammed me one last time before my huge wad erupted on Lucy's cunt. "AHHH!" Just then a voice was outside Drew's trailor. It was Cameron These 4 are going to be the death of me. OH WELL, I'm gonna die happy, at least.

To Be Continued...

Reader's note-I decided I wanted to have a gangbang with all characters.

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