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Angel's Great Week


MONDAY 05/31/10

My husband left at 5am this morning to go out of town with his work. I get so bored and really horny when he is gone. I get up at 5:30am to shower; he didn't wake me this morning with sex so I take my purple dildo from it's hiding spot with me. While washing, I lift one nipple to my mouth to suck then slide my soapy fingers between my legs to my sweet little kitten in the boat as my husband likes to call my clitoris. I slowly tease it working in circles and up and down untill it makes me wet and slippery. I like touching myself . It is so exhilarating to be able to make yourself have an orgasm. I take my dildo and just as slowly glide it across my sensitive spot then into my clenching channel. Speeding up the pace from slow to medium then at last I pump my purple toy in and out. Doing it harder each time till I feel my juicy twat start to tighten and know I'm going to cum. I steady to the perfect rhythm of fast and hard and explode all over mister purple. Now that I'm satisfied I can continue my shower!

After I'm clean and dressed, I have to wake up our girls so they can eat and get ready for school. I take them to the bus then head to the park for my morning run. I'm only wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a light blue tank top with a sports bra under it. I've run about a mile so I'm all sweaty and breathing heavy and yet I feel eyes on me. I turn to look and three large men are watching me run. It makes me feel sexy, but I also think here I am all messy after a run and guys are staring at me, why? Wow what a great feeling! I look again and yeah they are staring right at my large tits. Feeling sexy, I send them a knowing smile and continue my run then head home for another shower.

For this shower I don't get out mister purple but rather I decide to use only my fingers. While thinking about the men from the park, I spend a good amount of time licking first one then the other of my long hard nipples. I suck on them both switching between the two, sucking then licking. By then my little tit turners are very hard and erect like a solider standing at attention. I love that my knockers are big otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this. Wow I feel sorry for little breasted women! While sucking and licking my big sexy breasts, I slide my finger to my kitten in the boat and work it in circles round and round. I slide two of my fingers into my sopping love box. Sliding two fingers in and out, in and out going faster and faster until I cum. When I cum, I feel my juices gliding down my thigh. Oh I get so wet playing with myself. It surprises me that I get wetter then when my husband does! Again when I'm done I clean and get dressed for the rest of the day.

I do all of my entire house cleaning; first I sweep and mop my beautiful hardwood floors then vacuum the girls room. After I finish that I do the dishes then wash and fold clothes. When I done it's time to get the girls off the bus and do homework. We get their homework done then I help them clean their bedroom after that they can watch cartoons while I clean the bathrooms. When I'm done with all that, it's time for supper so I make raviolis which they love. What kid doesn't right? We sit and watch a family movie then off to a bath and bed for the kiddies.

Once they are settled in for the night I get the book I've been reading called The Captive and begin to finish it. It has been good so far and is getting better. I read for a good while and the book is making me horny but I only have four pages left. I hold out and finish for a great ending then head into my bedroom to put my book away and take out mister purple.

I need it fast I'm so horny from the story so I stand mister purple on end and slide my juicy beaver all the way down it. Going slow so I can feel each ridge of my toy's 8 inches. I leave enough room so I can hold the very bottom while I ride it up and down, up and down. While riding it I circle my labia with my other hand bringing me closer to climax with every turn. I finally reach my climax and feel my juices slide down my toy and onto my hand to pool at the base of my purple friend. When I start to cum, it almost feels like mister purple is gripping the inside walls of my honey pot. Content and satisfied, I clean my fun buddy and myself then slide into a nice peaceful sleep.

TUESDAY 06/01/10

I wake up this morning feeling lonely because my hubby isn't here. I miss him when he is away working, but life goes on. I get out of bed to shower and dress then wake the girls for school. I'm not in the mood so I bypass masturbating this morning. I get the girls on the bus and then like always go for my morning run in the park. The sun is shining and birds are singing. I like to run then do some walking and then run again. While on the second part of my run I spot a man and lady necking on a bench in the shade of a big willow tree. They are so into each other that they don't even notice when I stop and lean against a nearby tree. I stop just to stretch and catch my breath but can't stop myself from looking at the lovers kissing each other.

The man is holding her in a lovers embrace, kissing her sweet lips then down her neck. The lady puts her head back and closes her eyes as he goes even lower down her neck.. I see him cup one of her medium sized breast and she looks around to make sure no one has seen him. She doesn't see me or anyone else and lets him continue caressing her tit and nipple through her tee shirt. He must be doing something right because her head is tipped back once again and she has her eyes closed, lips smiling in pleasure. I'm thinking "It's very hot watching them, it's making me horny." I wonder if it will go further but I don't have time to find out as I have too much stuff to get done before my kids get home from school.

I run to my car and head home. I get home, shower and dress in a black skirt, pink tank top and sandals then my nephew and I head out to do my errands. I leave my thick long blonde hair down so it can dry as it usually takes most the day. We get everything done then go to Food Lion to get groceries for the week. While going through the aisles picking things we need I feel like I'm being watched so I turn and look and no one is there. I continue to another aisle and get the same feeling so again I look and I see this pretty red headed lady looking at me. I acknowledge her with a smile and continue on. In another aisle I still feel like someone is watching me so I turn to look and there she is again staring at me. I decide to approach her so I gave my nephew our grocery list and tell him to finish our shopping I'll find him in a minute. He does as I ask and I go to see this red haired lady that has been staring at me. I'm very bold and always speak what is on my mind.

When I get to her I ask, "Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you keep staring at me?"

She says, "No I just like the way you look! Can we talk for a minute in the ladies room?"

I see nothing wrong with this so I followed her to the ladies room at the back of the store. When we get inside and close the door she turns, grabs me and starts kissing me, sliding her hot tongue into my mouth. "WOW" kissing her back I'm thinking I thought we were going to talk! Maybe I should have pulled away but I've never been the type of person to not kiss back. I like to kiss and be kissed. When she releases me I ask, "Why did you kiss me?"

"I've seen you many times before and am so very attracted to you that when you approached me, I knew it was my chance to have you," she says. While telling me this she all but rips the buttons off of her white blouse and slides it off her shoulders to the floor. Undoing her bra and letting it slide to the floor as well.

"I'm married!" I tell her.

"So am I but we can have fun if you want to," she says.

"Have you done this before?" I ask

She says, "No but I've wanted you for a long time so come here and play with me!" offering me her beautiful titties.

I'm shocked and turned on at the same time. This could be fun and it is exciting and naughty! This is the first time I've ever cheated on my husband or even thought of it in the 8 years we've been together. He is gone so much and I get so horny. Would it be wrong or even cheating since it's not with a man?

"Would it be cheating if I'm with a woman?" I ask her.

"I don't think so, A man is so different." she says.

I don't know either way but am very attracted to her and I can't let this chance pass me by. I'm wet.. How can I be so turned on by her and be wet from only one kiss? She is a little shorter than my six foot frame, thick in the right places and so very, very sexy and also has big titties. I couldn't be with a woman with small tits. They have to be close to as big or bigger then my 38D's.

Still turned on from what I had seen in the park and looking at her offering up her large smooth breast to me, I couldn't help myself so I reached up to support both her juggs in my hands and started licking and sucking her hard nipples while kneading the softness around them. She is not the first women I've been with so I know what to do plus I know what I like. While licking and sucking her nipples, I slide one of my hands below her skirt and up her thigh to the womanly spot between her legs. When I get to the part of her thighs right below her pussy I feel her wetness and I know she likes what I'm doing. I slide up the rest of the way and slide my hand across the sweet outer part of her sex. I start to nibble on her nipples lightly at first then harder. She moans her pleasure so I bite her nipples making her moan a little louder. She is so hot now rubbing her hot box over my hand back and forth. I know what she wants so I slide a finger into her heated slipperiness and hear her sigh. I then slide in another so that two of my fingers are buried into her sweet tight hole. She's moving her hips and I'm moving my fingers in perfect rhythm.

"Oh my!" she says and I feel her pussy tighten and her juices squirt all over my hand.

"Yes, yes, I'm cumming!" she says. She is so passionate and sexy with her head thrown back and eyes closed that it turns me on and I feel myself getting wetter. She pulls my fingers from her sopping channel and pushes me up against the stall door then she raises my pink tank top. I have on no bra so she starts to lick, suck and nibble my nipples. I can't believe this is happening in the grocery store ladies room but it feels naughty and so good at the same time I can't stop her. She is sucking, licking and nibbling on my long hard nipples while she slides my black skirt up to my hips. Then she lowers herself to her knees and lifts my right leg resting it on her shoulder and starts licking my hard clit. Oh wow she does it good. I grab her hair and push her mouth to my wanting vagina! My breathing is getting labored and I'm moaning in sweet pleasure. She slides her finger into my hole and works it in and out while licking and sucking my hard clit. I'm going to cum and my pussy tightens around her finger while I climax. She pulls her finger out and slides it into her mouth to suck my juices from her.

"I want you to lick me, Will you?" she says.

"Yes do you want my fingers too" I ask her as she stands on the toilet seat facing the wall and bends over legs spread wide showing her pretty pinkness. I'm thinking "wow she is ready isn't she". This is so fun and exciting and new!

"Do anything you want to me sexy!" she responds.

I sit on the toilet seat between her sexy legs and slide my fingers into her still wet throbbing tightness and start licking her clit at the same time. She likes it a lot I can tell because she pushes against my hand wanting it harder. Instead I take my fingers out and slide them over her wet outer lips teasing her then slide them in again and again. She is moaning and pulling my hair turning me on even more. I start to suck her clit while working my fingers in and out of her harder and harder then grab her tit with my other hand and pinch her nipple. I feel her start cumming. She squirts so much that some of her juices get on my titties. I pull my fingers from her hole and start to clean up as she comes up to me and licks her juices from my knockers. When she is done she dresses me, then herself and we walk out of the ladies room. As we walk through the store looking for my nephew we exchange phone numbers and chat a little. We chat about the basic get to know you stuff like Where you live, what you do and so on.

She tells me, "I was all she expected and next time will be much better because we'll have more time!"

"Thanks and I'll look forward to it!" I respond.

We find my nephew outside and he says, "Where have you been I've been sitting here for an hour!"

"I'll tell you on the way home." I say.

"We were in the ladies room having fun if you know what I mean!" my red haired girl tells him with a smile.

He just stands there mouth hanging open for a minute then says to her, "Why didn't you come get me?"

She tells him, "I wanted her not anyone else!"

"WOW you go Aunt Angel!" he says and gets in the car. I'm sure I'll hear about it forever now! She kisses me goodbye and I get into my car and ride home. The whole way home he is asking me questions. I tell him, "Just never you mind," and ignore him the rest of the way.

When we get home we get the groceries put away and then I run down to get my girls off the bus. My girls and I get back to the house spend an hour doing homework then they clean their room while I straighten up the rest of my house. They finish with cleaning their bedroom and go outside to play till supper is done. After I'm finished straightening the house, I put some potpies in the oven for supper. When they get done we eat then I get the girls in the shower and ready for bed. We sit up and watch a Scooby Doo movie then it's their bedtime.

When the house is quite, well as quite as it can get with a 19 year old boy still up playing the PlayStation 3, I sit down at my computer to work on the story I'm writing. I write for a couple of hours then head off to bed it's been a long eventful day.

WEDNESDAY 06/02/10

This morning I wake from a dream with thoughts of my Food Lion girl in my mind and very horny. I get my purple friend from his hidden home and resting back on my pillow I open my long legs and begin to stroke the rubber head along the swollen lips of my sex. My body has experienced this pleasure so many times that is starts to react immediately. My outer lips throb and my pussy grows hot and wet in readiness. I slide the head of mister purple then slowly the rest of it into my waiting honey pot. Instantly my pussy tightens around the hard substitute shaft, clinging to it like a baby monkey clinging to it's mother as I slowly pulled out then pushed it back in. Knowing how to bring myself to a swift and satisfying release, I thrust in and out with the motion and speed I like and need. Again and again I repeat the strokes that bring me closer to that heightened state till I feel my slippery walls tighten around the rubber shaft more and my juices flow. I lay there satisfied for a while then get up to clean and dress.

I dress for my run in a pair of black spandex shorts and a red tank top then get my girls up and ready for school. After getting them on the bus I head to the park for my run like always. Today I don't see anyone making out but I do see the three men watching me run. I run passed them a couple more times but they say nothing to me so I head home to shower. After my shower I clean my house, starting with sweeping and mopping then ending with the laundry.

By the time I'm finished with everything I have to get my girls off the bus. We get home and do homework then they go outside to play with their friends. I've been rereading and writing my story everyday and am getting bored so I decide to take a break today and instead I play Hot Shots Golf on the PlayStation 3 till I have to start supper. Tonight I make pork chops, mac and cheese and corn, we eat our meal then I get the girls their showers and ready for bed. We watch some cartoons till 8:30pm then it's their bedtime. I stay up playing Hot Shots Golf some more then head to bed myself.

I can't sleep after laying there for an hour so I get up and take mister purple into the shower with me. It's so much better when you have a man's body next to you but mister purple will have to do. After lathering up with soap I caress my tits and pinch my nipples. I lift my nipples so I can lick and suck them both. Stroking my tongue over each making them as hard as rocks. I then slide mister purple's rubber head over my swelling wet lips and into my clenching tightness. I can take my time so I stroke the shaft in and out in a slow steady motion. Feeling each ridge of the shaft as I fuck myself with it. I take my other hand and lightly draw circles around my labia feeling it get harder. I can always tell when I'm getting close. I get so wet and tight that it gets hard to pull mister purple out and push him back into my love cave. Feeling that rubber cock slide in and out and sucking my nipples makes me cum. My liquids slide down my thighs, I cum so hard. It amazes me that I can please myself so good. I wash and set mister purple aside then continue my shower. When I'm done I put him into his hidden home and climb into bed for a night of sweet dreams.

THURSDAY 06/03/10

I wake in a great mood because my hubby will be home today. I don't play with myself this morning, I want to save that for him tonight. I get up and dress then wake my girls and get them ready for school. After getting them on the bus I go for my run in the park. The three men are there again and again staring at my large breast but why doesn't one of them say something?

My hubby is finally home after being gone for four days, working so hard out of town on his construction job. When I hear that big diesel engine coming down the road, I run out to meet it knowing he is driving hard and fast just to get home to see me. He jumps down from the elevated cab and kisses me right there by his truck. We have to stop because just then our girls come running up to greet their daddy. He gives each of them a hug and we all go into the house. I have supper ready for him like I always do. He says "Thanks baby. Oh how I miss your cooking." I got the kids to bed after we all enjoyed a nice supper and a family movie together. Now it's 'us' time. We like to relax for a little while after he had such a long hard, hot week. We sat up having a couple of beers and watched the new movie Daybreakers.

After the movie, I went to take a shower as I always like to be fresh for him. I got out of the shower and went into the bedroom to get dressed for bed. I looked up as I entered the bedroom and to my surprise he is already laying there naked with a big grin on his handsome face. I'm thinking "Wow he looks sexy like that." His cock is standing straight up waiting for me! Skipping my bed clothes, I crawl across my king sized bed and he says "I like when your titties bounce like that." I gave him a little giggle! It pleases me to know he likes my titties as much as I want him to if not more. When I get to him, I straddle both of his legs and bend my long torso so that my big breast are resting on his thighs. He lets out a long and breathy sigh which makes me smile. I lower my mouth to his erect shaft. I start at the base of his hard boner and lick up one side then stopped and sucked the head for just a minute. I very slowly slide my tongue down the other side. While doing this, my hand finds his balls and I lift them into my sweet hot mouth. First one, then the other and at last both together as I roll my tongue very carefully around them. He moans his pleasure that sends a shiver down my spine. I get so wet sucking him, knowing I can please him. He grabs my hair at the back of my neck and pulls me back up rather forcefully to his wanting, throbbing organ. I know what he wants so I start to suck it good and hard. I take it as deeply as I can looking him in the eyes to see his reaction. It turns me on so when I hear him sigh and say, "Damn woman you do that so good"! I feel like I have so much power and control at that moment. I love to suck this man's cock!

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