tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngel's Tease Ch. 03

Angel's Tease Ch. 03


I shivered in fear when the tanned guy came back with some ropes. I realised that all these was for real. It wasn't my fantasy anymore, and I know that I really didn't want this now.

"Please.. I didn't..didn't mean it! I just wanted to experiment..experiment for fun! I tried to plead with Dan, grabbing his left leg and kneeling in front of him.

His face showed a change of mood and I saw a shimmer of hope. Afterall, I was just having a little fun with my backfired "towel show" and the "slut show" earlier on. Wiping my tears away, I pleaded with Dan in the most pitiful voice.

He seems to have soften down and was wearing a smile. There was something different about the smile, and the stare. I traced his stare back to where my nipples were, right on his left leg. In my rush in pleading, I was actually rubbing my nipples hard on his leg when I grabbed his leg earlier on.

My red and swollen nipples are arousingly rubbing his leg all along. His mood of change was not to pardon me, but in fact an elevation of lust to nail me. I was thrown into an atmosphere of pivotal fear, I knew I cannot handle a gangbang. In fact this is rape! Naively and down to my desperate end, I screamed loudly for help.

The next instance, I saw my lacy bra forcefully stuffed into my mouth and a swift hand gave me a hard slap.


I struggled to open my eyes but still everything was pitch black. Narrowing my eye, I realised that I have been blindfolded. The chilling cold swirled around my body, hinting to me that I am naked. I wasn't gagged anymore but I did not dare to shout out for help. Feeling a bruised cheek, I realised that I must have pass out from the slap. My hands were tied together at my front while my legs were free. I tried to pull at the ropes but my feeble hands would not even loosen any bit of the ropes.

Suddenly, I heard some noises followed by loud footsteps. The noises were chaotic, mixed with whistling and laughter. I kept very still and did not dare to move an inch. It was really scary as I couldn't see anything, hearing the surrounding sounds itself was making me break out in cold sweat.

"There she is. Can we do it?"

I recognised Tony's voice and somehow my wetness formed again. I did not know why his voice is making me wet, ashaming me of my logics.

"Hmmmmmm, her body looks like a crowd-pleaser. Alright, you've got a deal." A deep voice answered.

The conversation was weakening me, it doesn't seems like I could escape. Forgetting my pretence, I sniffed a sob and I realised I have drawn their attention.

"Oh, so our toy has woken up."

My blindfolded was removed at once, and I was greeted by the sight of many men. Not only Tony and his gang, but a few other middled-aged men. I pulled my tied hands close to my breasts, hoping to block my tits from being exposed while crossing my legs.

Dan giggled and said, "What are you trying to hide from us? You can't escape now, don't even dream that help will come!"

My eyes watered at his words and I stifled a few "No" admist my sobs. Dan dragged a chair over and instructed James, the tanned guy to tie me to the chair. I was pulled up to sit on the chair, with my hands tied at the back and my legs were spread open, being tied to the front legs of the chair.

"Listen, you are in our hands now. We are going to do anything we like with you, and at the same time we will get money by using you."

I kept quietly and bit my lips, knowing that pleading would not work. I was confused at Tony's words... how are they going to make money out of me? I scanned the older men in the room, and they were all wearing the same shirt. There was a logo on the left chest but it was alien to me.

Tony lighted a cigarette and continued, "This is the famous underground club. Only one in Singapore. Works like a brothel in the day and in the night, it functions like a club running shows. Sex shows, to be specific."

He took a deep suck at his cigarette and smiled,

"And we are putting you on a show later. Aren't you happy? Haha, there will be lots of guys watching you!"

"Please, Tony, Please! I don't want to do it! I can't... I am scared." I replied.

Dan interrupted with a sneer, "Precisely. We want you to be scared. On stage, the more you resist, the more the guys will like it. You should be proud that you can perform for all those guys, they paid a lot for each show...and of course we will give them the best entertainment! You are a horny bitch!"

I closed my eyes, wanting to shut out the laughter from the guys. Deep inside me, I knew it was me who brought this upon myself. If I had never tease my tenants by dropping my towel in the first place, this wouldn't have happen. Yet after hearing them, there was a shameless excitement with my gush of wetness smearing my cunt lips.

"Slut, Mr Sin is the owner of the club. You will be sold to him after the show and you better serve him well as a toy!" Tony warned, pointing his finger at a man in his forties, the only one not dressed in the same shirt but clad in an expensive suit.

The man nodded with a lustful smile. His stare was very charismatic though I know he is scrutinising every part of my pettite body.

His deep voice answered, "Not yet Tony, I said you guys can do the show with her, I didn't say I will buy her yet. I think...hmmm I think it depends on her performance later. To work here as a toy is a great enjoyment for the girls themselves. Echoing the end of his words, the whole gang of the guys laughed loudly.

"Yes! Yes, sir! We tried your girls before here, they were so different." Stan answered eagerly.

"Trained. Young man, the girls has to be trained. After the training, they as toys will be unique!" Mr Sin replied, like a peacock.

Dan pointed out that it was time to prepare and Mr Sin & his men left the room. Before he left, he instructed Tony not to give me any drugs. He did not want me to get horny by drugs and he specifically mentioned he wanted me to be allowed to resist on stage and punished hard.

"Can we fuck her now, Tony?" Stan stood in front of me, pulling down his zip.

"Stan, you are dumb or what? We are playing in the show, not now! It will spoil everything if we fuck her now! But we must make her wet now."

Tony pulled out his belt and walked towards me. I stared in fear, afraid that he will whip me. Using the belt, Tony slowly slide the belt gently down from my ears to my neck, and from the neck down to my right nipple.

"You like the ruler just now, don't you? I think you will like the belt more!"

With a fast whip, he slapped the belt moderately on my nipple. My right nipple reacted immediately to you, standing swollen and hard. His slaps were neither too hard or too soft, though it stimulated a few moans of pain from me. I realised my cum were now dripping at the side of my legs.

The other guys crowded around me and started to touch me all over. When I tried to scream, James will twist my nipples hard, reducing my screams to moans. I shaked my head in disbelief and now, I knew I was so wet until my cum were flowing down my legs.

"Guys, let me try this on her." Dan said and the other guys made space for him to stand near me. Without any warning, Dan took two pieces of ice and rubbed continuously on both my nipples. A stinging pain seared through my nipples and the freezing cold numbed my nipples with pain. The two raisins swell to the size of 1 cm in height. I kept pleading but apparently all the guys were enjoying it.

When the ice melted on my nipples and the ice got smaller, Dan took them and pushed up into my vagina. I could feel the ice inside me, making me even wetter and I felt that I was horny. I controlled myself and this was definitely not the time to get horny.

I wanted to scream when I saw Stan approaching me with an even larger piece of ice. It will hurt, I know. Stan was about to push the large ice into my tight cunt when someone shouted:

"Tony, the stage is ready! Time to play!"

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