tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngel's Tease Ch. 05

Angel's Tease Ch. 05


This is Chapter 5 of a story started by Sexyasian who asked me to pen chapter 5 and "make me wet". Read Sexyasian's first four chapters before reading this one to get the full effect.


I did not know how long I had been unconscious. When I came to, I heard someone say from close by, "Mr. Sin! She's waking up!" The first thing I felt was a throbbing pain between my legs where my pussy had been irritated by the Horse. I noticed Mr. Sin was looking intently at me and was holding some clothing in his left hand. "I like what you're wearing" he said, running his hand casually over my breasts making my nipples spring out immediately, almost painfully. It was a cruel joke since I was naked and had had my g-string ripped off me before I was mounted onto the Horse. As his hands moved slowly from beneath my breasts and up to my nipples, I noticed that even with the throbbing pain between my legs, I was wanting his fingers to linger on them, tease them some more, and pinch them. I was struck by that since it had not been that long ago that someone had put clips on my erect nipples as I was astride the Horse and I remembered the pain as the clips were fastened on my taut nipples.

Logically, I should not have wanted more of that treatment and pain and I surprised myself with the realization that I did in fact want them pinched now by Mr. Sin's slender fingers. I began to question my own sanity a bit and wondered if I was going a bit crazy. I had read about previously conservative women, prudes really, who once were introduced to a liberal sex life eventually embraced it and then sex became a way of life for them. For one lady, sex became the driving force in her life. It dominated her thoughts night and day. When I realized that I was ready to have Mr. Sin's fingers pinching my nipples again so soon after I had endured the clamps, I began to wonder whether I might be sliding down that slippery sexual obsession slope. I also remembered the ice cubes that Dan had held to my nipples previously and I immediately felt the first tinges of moisture in my pussy again and in spite of the throbbing, I felt the first sensations of heat and wetness in my vagina. Then Mr. Sin said, "I have a special costume for you."

He began to slowly dress me and as he did so I felt him rubbing his cock against me. I had been tortured on the Horse and treated like a slut, but in spite of this, the feeling of his hard cock against my leg was driving me insane. I knew I shouldn't but I was so horny and I couldn't help myself, and I felt my leg pushing out against his cock, trying to feel his meat against my flesh. He noticed my movements and looked straight into my eyes and with a sinister smile on his face he said, "Ah, ah ah, you naughty girl. It's not time yet for that. You've been a bad girl and you must learn how to be a good little obedient girl".

He had what looked like a Singapore schoolgirl outfit that he wanted me to wear. What made it so provocative was the pleated plaid skirt which hardly covered my pussy and ass. My thighs were bare above the knee-length ribbed white wool stockings that he slipped on my feet and then pulled up to my knees, making sure that he lingered on the smooth skin of my feet and calves, about the only parts of my body that had not been splattered in cum. His touch was almost electric as by that time I was craving a touch, any touch, on my over-sensitized skin. It almost felt like sparks were shooting from his fingertips as they traced over my feet, ankles and calves.

The skirt barely covered my round ass. And the translucent white blouse he buttoned across my chest was extremely tight. He had started from the bottom up, looking deeply in to my eyes as his hands fastened the buttons in to the buttonholes. As he buttoned the two between my breasts I felt my nipples swelling and rising up. They met the fabric of the almost-see-through blouse and his gaze left my eyes and moved down to near where his hands were. I looked down also and I could see my nipples pressing up forming large dimples against the blouse and the brownness of my areolas could be seen beneath the blouse. He looked from my tits back into my eyes and seemed to look deeply into my soul and then gave me an evil grin. It was like he was reading my mind. I tried hard not to show it but having ridden the Horse and been subjected to the slutty treatment that I had received, I was beginning to feel like a slut and in the back of my mind I wanted to act like one too.

The sheer blouse emphasized the size of my breasts, which were more ample than you'd ever see on a real schoolgirl. My large round breasts made a mockery of the whole pretense that I was a little girl, and that made the whole scene all the more sexual -- much more so than if I would have been topless or naked. And he had little brown penny loafers for me to wear, which he slid on my feet.

He walked me over to another part of the room and on the wall was a large full-length mirror. Looking in the mirror at me, he smiled a strange cruel smile. "You look delightful," he said slowly, as he pulled my hair into pigtails. "Perfectly delightful."

I felt so strange looking at myself. I felt foolish in this school girl outfit and I knew that some men enjoyed seeing a woman dressed up that way. I had always thought that I would never dress up like that, that it was too demeaning. However, now that I had it on, my idea was beginning to change. I tried a girlish pout, and it suited my get-up perfectly. Then I was ashamed of myself, pouting like that, the way all the girls in high school I hated used to simper at the boys. Here I was acting just like them at the first opportunity. I pulled on my pigtails and pouted some more. I bit my glossy red lip. I couldn't help myself. I had never looked so sexy as this when I actually was in school.

I turned around and looked over my shoulder at myself in the mirror, saw just how much of my ass was exposed: I could basically see the pucker beneath both my cheeks, and the elastic rim of the stark white panties he made me put on. I continued to admire myself, my nipples growing harder and harder. Almost absently, I had begun to touch myself with slow lingering motions, rubbing underneath my heaving breasts though the blouse, and my thighs, above the tops of the wool stockings. I was getting myself all worked up, and I could see by the way Mr. Sin was staring at me that I was getting him worked up too. Or at least I hoped so. I noticed that the throbbing pain that I had felt previously from the Horse was now giving away to a hunger, a hot hunger, a gnawing hunger, a feeling like my pussy was demanding meat, to be filled by a big cock.

I looked directly into Mr. Sin's eyes with what must have been a lustful stare. He grabbed my wrists, and I thought he was going to guide my hands to his body and let them play, but instead he quickly bound them with a rope behind my back. "Be good, pretty little Singapore girl," he said. "Don't struggle. You like it anyway."

Then he guided me into another room, which had been almost completely emptied out except for a small stool on rollers, the kind you see in doctors' offices, sitting in the middle of the room. He had me sit on the stool, and then he turned out the lights, and locked me in. I didn't know what was happening, but I was burning to touch myself, and my hands were still bound. I was ashamed to admit that I was burning for Mr. Sin to touch me and satisfy my desire and I was wetter than ever, and I wished for him to take me then and there. I thought about getting up off the stool and trying to rub myself against one of its legs, trying to relieve myself some how.

I'm not sure how much time passed, but soon the door opened, and Mr. Sin turned on the light. Men began to file in, their heads looking down, though they couldn't help but steal glances at me, bashfully at first, and then with more lingering audaciousness. They were all Asian men, all in their forties from what I could tell. There seemed to about twenty of them packing into the room. Most of them were dressed in shirts and ties, some of them had briefcases with them. They didn't look at each other at all, and none of them spoke to one another. They seemed to be as strange to each other as they were to me.

Mr. Sin entered last, after they had all were in. He was wearing a smart, professional looking business suit and glasses. He began to talk to the men in a stern, harsh voice, in a language I didn't understand. It was Chinese but was not a dialect that I was familiar with. I was thinking about whether it might be Hakka or Fukien when Mr. Sin addressed me. "School is about to begin, little Singapore girl! Stand up!" He barked. "Are you ready?" Mr. Sin looked at Dan and nodded his head. Dan walked around behind me. Instantly I thought that Dan was going to take me from behind. At that moment I was scared of the thought that Dan would be fucking me from behind while all these older men would be watching us, but at the same time I was so ready for him to take me there and then. I felt my pussy was ready to devour him! I waited to feel Dan's hands on my hips knowing that soon after I would feel his cock probing my drenched and waiting pussy. Instead I felt Dan's hands take the rope which bound my hands and suddenly the rope became very taut. He must have tied the end of it to something in the floor. Now my arms which were bound behind me were also pulled tight behind me, which kept me from walking.

Mr. Sin pulled the stool away and sat on it himself, in the corner of the room. For a few minutes, nothing happened. The men just stared furtively at me and shuffled their feet. I stood there awkwardly facing them, my hands tied, feeling extremely exposed in my ludicrous schoolgirl outfit, my nipples still painfully, obviously erect and visible beneath the diaphanous fabric, even though these men, as a group, collectively did not interest me.

He began to shout out some admonitions in Chinese, in that same dialect. Hearing it again, I thought it might be Hakka, and then the men began to stir and approach me. A gaggle of five or six squeezed in on me, and suddenly I felt their hands all over me, touching my breasts, my waist, my thighs, my stockings, rubbing up and down my body, hands everywhere, all at once, I could hardly tell what was happening. It was hard to keep my balance with my hands tied, and I found myself leaning into the men, trying not to fall, and turning and twisting this way and that, spinning around in place as wave after of wave of the men came at me. None of them looked at my face and none of them said anything. Their eyes were all on my hot little body with my nipples sticking up high and hard pressed beneath the tight blouse, an obvious indicator that I was turned on and hot. I was their eyes burning as they scanned my naked thighs and looked beneath the almost see-through blouse.

But I could feel them. One had pulled my panties aside and tried to jam a quick finger in me. Admittedly, I was so wet, he would have instantly known how aroused I was. I saw anonymous fingers and hands on my blouse which reached for the buttons there. I watched as those same fingers held the buttons and slipped them out of the buttonholes. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I did know that soon I was likely to be naked within this maelstrom of mature men. I couldn't believe that I was in this situation. Unbelievable! Only hours before I had been in my usual comfortable world at home, in control of every aspect of my life, and now here I was in the middle of a seething mob of men who were touching me anywhere they liked and I was absolutely powerless to resist them. I was jostled around continuously, and soon I was breathing heavily, both from the sexual anticipation that was building up inside me and because my breathing was made a little harder by my arms being bound behind my body. I kept being knocked around; there were so many probing hands and curious fingers exploring ever inch of my body it seemed. Of course I had never felt anything like it before. It seemed almost every inch of my body was being touched at the same time. I was both repulsed by these greedy men who sought to ravage me and incredibly turned on by everything they were doing to me. The good girl within me wanted to continue to struggle and cry out for help although by this time I knew that there was nobody there to save me. The she-devil within me wanted me to toss my head back, close my eyes and give voice to the low-throated animal moans that I give my lovers. Some of my boyfriends had commented to me in the past that as they were fucking me and heard my moans and sometimes screams of pleasure, they were incredibly turned on. I was torn -- wanting to give in but wanting to resist.

My stockings were almost pulled off. One was rolled down to my ankle; the other I felt being pulled up again by a surreptitious hand. My shoes were long gone. Finally I lost my balance completely and crumpled to my knees. And then I noticed for the first time that some of the men had their flies open and their erect penises pulled out so that they could jerk themselves off. On my knees now, they turned to face me. I saw more men pull their cocks out, quickly making themselves hard, jostling their way to be close to me. I had never seen so many cocks before, so many different shapes and sizes. Some were stubby and short, others were long and bent, some were hard to see because they were being jerked so furiously.

I realized with a growing horror that they were planning to ejaculate all over me. I tried to find Dan in the crowd but all I could see were hard cocks all around me, some only inches from my face, all I could hear was the heavy breathing of all these men jerking off at the sight of me. My instinct was to try to cover my face, but my arms were bound, and I couldn't protect myself. I noticed that a part of me was flattered that so many men would be so fascinated by me and would expend so much energy with me as their focus. Part of me was extremely turned on with an intensity that was frightening. Here were all these men rock hard at the sight of me in the short skirt and stockings, and the sight of my bulbous breasts hanging out of the once tight blouse, which now was completely undone. My arms were still bound behind me but now I was eye-level with all of their upright and had cocks which they were all now furiously pumping. My nipples were so completely hard, yearning to be touched, and I hoped despite myself that one of these men would place his lips on my nipples and suck me to orgasm, but none of the men did so. Realizing that there would be no lips, no teeth and no tongues on my aching nipples, I began to think about other kinds of contact, that there would soon be spurts of cum directed my way. I had seen photos of girls with cum splattered all over their breasts and I now wanted the same experience. I wanted to see cum splashing on my tits, just so that my nipples would feel some kind of contact. In fact, I realized I was arching my back, hoping to catch the first loads there on the top of my breasts.

It wasn't long though before the first man, a middle-aged Chinese man with a long thin cock, came, an explosive gob that struck me right on my cheek, warm and viscous, like a wad of micro-waved marmalade. I could feel it squirming down toward my chin, even as the next wad dripped on my shoulder and upper arm. This seemed to set off a chain reaction, and soon several men were coming, exploding all over me, covering my hair and my forehead, and thank God, my breasts, with their thick steaming loads of semen. I had to close my eyes as gobs of cum were hitting my face from all directions. I felt it dripping down from my forehead, covering my eyes, sliding down my cheeks and onto my lips, joining the cum that was accurately aimed for my lips and lingered there. The smell of it all was overpowering, like the sea, but much more intense, overwhelmingly earthy. Eventually I broke down and opened my mouth and began licking around my face, tasting the sperm. I had never tasted semen before much less swallowed it.

While I was down there on my knees, with my eyes closed, licking my face, I could hear the men groaning, grunting, sighing with release as they came. Some muttered things in languages I couldn't understand, but I decided that they were words of encouragement, so suddenly I found myself playing it up for them, exaggerating my licking the cum off my face, shaking my cum-drenched tits for them, swiveling and swaying for them. I continued to feel their cum shower me. I never felt so depraved. Above it all, I could hear ever so faintly in the background, Mr. Sin's cruel laugh. Even still, I couldn't stop myself; it was turning me on too much not to flaunt myself in my slutty state. I even thought at that moment I would die to have one of those sweaty Asian cocks inside of me, in my mouth, in my cunt, in my ass, anywhere.

Finally the men were finished. I was covered in what felt like warm goo which smelled salty and fresh. I noticed a tremendous hunger in my pussy. It was like I had felt back when I was a virgin, back when I had never been fucked before, never been touched before. I remembered the hunger and the desire that I had back then, and this hunger was much stronger. I had to have a cock and I wanted it now! I was not above begging Mr. Sin to finish me off, to make me cum. I called out to him, "Mr. Sin, please I must have a cock! Dan! Come fuck me please!" I begged Mr. Sin for satisfaction. I couldn't even see him; my eyes were stuck shut by the all the cum on my face. Finally I felt someone lift me to my feet. I felt some big strong hands on me, helping me. I was so grateful. I was so hopeful that soon I would be feeling someone's hard dick probing the inner recesses of my hot soaked pussy.

I finally cracked my eyes open in time to see Dan standing naked in front of me with a huge erect cock between his legs. Next to him Mr. Sin was holding a large black rubber dildo looking at me with an evil smile. Dan untied the rope that that bound my wrists to the floor and walked me over to another part of the room. I saw a ladder there and wondered why it was there. Dan was looking up and I followed his gaze and noticed a large steel ring at the end of a chain that was suspended from the ceiling. Oh my God, I realized at that moment that I was about to be tied to the ring! Just then I felt a hard slap on my face which caused me to fall down. I felt two strong hands grab each of my ankles and lift my body up from the floor. I looked up to see Dan holding my ankles and he looked at me with an animal intensity, as I would imagine a gazelle would see in its last moments as it looks up to see the lioness with its jaws in her flanks. As Dan held me up someone else grabbed the rope that bound my wrists and maneuvered my arms such that Dan lowered my body to the floor again and Mr. Sin grabbed my feet and pushed on them to fold my legs up against my cum-covered breasts. Dan then pulled the rope and my arms were pulled to the front of my body. I felt immense relief as they were restored to their normal position again.

As Dan held the rope that bound my wrists, he began to climb the ladder, ascending up to the suspended steel ring. I was getting seriously scared because this was way more than I bargained for. I remembered back to when I was in the bathroom with the towel around me, ready to walk out to surprise the three boys and thought what a fool I was. But at the same time I was ashamed because I realized that I was so turned on by what was happening and the real danger and uncertainty of the situation made what was happening even more delicious. All I could focus on was Dan's big erection as he climbed the ladder and I felt my arms being lifted up to my waist, level with my tits, which were now drenched with men's cum and which was drying into little yellowish-white splotches, and then finally over my head. Mr. Sin came behind me and smacked the dildo hard against the backs of my knees. This caused my knees to buckle a little and I went into a plie, which was a position I remembered from my ballet days, in which the knees are slightly bent. "Yes, Dan, tie her up at this height" I heard Mr. Sin snarl from behind me. I heard the clank of the chain as Dan fastened the rope to it and I felt my arms pulled above me, not so tight that I was hurting but tight enough to keep them high over my head.

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