tagBDSMAngel's Vacation Ch. 01

Angel's Vacation Ch. 01


My Mistress is leading me by the hand through the airport; she won't tell me where we are going. She packed for me so I have no idea even which direction we are going.

Last night Mistress collared me in a very nice ceremony my Master was there as well. I guess he is no longer my Master now that I totally belong to Mistress, but Master Jeff will always have a special place in my heart. She gave me a beautiful collar that I will always cherish. Mistress also gave me a necklace to wear when we are in public; it is a gold chain with a gold collar on it to remind me of who I belong to. I love it. I will wear it always.

As we head to our gate I see people who are dressed in summer clothes, shorts, dresses and sandals. "Mistress, please tell me where we are going." I plead.

"No Angel, you will find out soon enough." Mistress says as she smiles at me.

When we get to the gate; I see a sign that says the plane is going to the Bahamas. I have always loved the ocean and I smile. Mistress knows me well; she knows how much I love the beach and the tropical air. I want to jump up and down but that would not be appropriate for my position, instead I squeeze my Mistress's hand a little tighter showing her how excited I am.

We board the plane and find our seats. Mistress has another surprise for me. She hands me Ben wa balls and tells me to go put them in. After I put them in I can feel them moving in my cunt and already am getting wet. I take my seat next to my Mistress and hold her hand.

"Squeeze your pussy muscles around the balls slut." Mistress demands. "You are to do that the whole plane ride. After we land, I have plans for you girl."

"Yes Mam. I will do as you wish"

By the time we land in the islands. My pussy is sopping wet and my seat is wet.

"Good girl Angel, I can't wait to show you off while we are here." Mistress whispers in my ear. I have another surge of moisture running down my legs. She takes my hand and we head out to find a taxi to our hotel.

We can see the ocean from the taxi and I can't wait to get to our hotel and change into my suit and go to the beach.

"Mistress, see how beautiful the ocean is!" I exclaim.

"Yes Angel it is beautiful, but I have plans for you before we get to the beach."

"Yes Mistress." I say and sound upset. She slaps my face.

"Never forget you are mine to do with as I see fit slut!" She says through clenched teeth. The taxi driver looks into the backseat and gives me a look asking me if I am ok. I smile at him that everything is fine.

We are at the hotel and Mistress goes to the front desk and gets our room. I am left holding the luggage and waiting for my Mistress to finish checking us in. I look around the lobby and notice the potted palms and the other tropical plants. I also see someone else like me, I think. She is waiting for her Mistress the same as me. I smile at her and she smiles back then turns away quickly so her Mistress doesn't notice.

"Come Angel." Mistress calls to me and I follow her to our room. "Put the bags in the closet and take off all of your clothes."

"Yes Mistress" I do as I am told then I come back out to where my Mistress is. She is sitting on the sofa in the living room of our suite. She points to the floor in front of her and I crawl over to her and kneel in front of her.

"Do you still have the balls in slut?"

"Yes Mistress, you have not told me I could remove them."

"Come closer slut so I can see for myself." I spread my legs and scoot closer to her, she can see how wet I am, my wetness is running down my legs, she takes a finger and puts it in my pussy and fucks me with it. Then Mistress takes it out and puts it to my lips, I stick out my tongue and lick my juices off.

Mistress opens her legs for me to see her beautiful cunt. I lean in for my first lick, she grabs my hair and pushes my face into her cunt and I begin licking her swollen clit. I move my tongue down to her pussy lips and lick those, I hear my Mistress moan. I am glad I am pleasing her. She is what I live for. As I tease her hard clit with my tongue and teeth, I move to put my fingers inside her pussy and she pulls me back. "Mouth only slut!" I go back more vigorously sucking and licking her. Her juices are all over my face, she pushes my face into her cunt harder, I know she is close, I lick and suck faster. I bite her clit and that sends her over the edge, she moans my name as she squirts all over my face.

I am close to cumming with pleasing my Mistress and the balls in my pussy all day.

"You will not cum yet slut."

"Please Mistress; it has been a very long time."

"No, do not touch yourself. Go get ready for the beach and leave the balls in."

"Yes Mistress" I go into the bedroom and change into my suit and gather what we need for the beach. When I am ready I go kneel by the door and wait for my Mistress.

"Let's go Angel. Don't forget the sunscreen, I don't want you to have tan lines."

"I have it Mistress" I say as I grab the bag for the beach.


When we get to the lobby and head for the beach, I see the girl from earlier. She is very pretty and she waves at me. I smile at her, Mistress saw me smile at her. She grabs me by the hair and pulls me close and whispers, "I am the ONLY one you are to be looking at slut. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress, I am very sorry. She is just so beautiful. I couldn't help but look."

She pulls my hair harder. "Listen to me slut, DO NOT ever talk about another woman to me ever! You will be punished for this insolence."

I am crying as she leads me by my hair to the beach. I have a hard time keeping my balance on the sand as we find a place to sit down. "I am so sorry Mistress; I promise it will not happen again." I beg.

"No it will not and tonight I will make my point. You are mine and only mine now no more Master Jeff. "

I feel fear for the first time in a long time. I spread the blanket out for us to sit on and wait for my Mistress to position herself, so I can kneel beside her. Mistress likes me to brush her hair, so I begin brushing her hair stroke after stroke.

"Angel, do you understand why I reacted that way?"

"No Mistress, not really, but I think it is because you care for me."

"Yes Angel I do care for you. But you are mine, you wear my collar. Everything you do reflects on to me. Even though you are a slut, you are MY slut and only I will tell you who you can play with."

"Yes Mistress, I am truly sorry for looking at her."

As Mistress gets up she tells me. "I need to go back to the hotel for a few minutes. You relax and think about how I should punish you."

"Yes Mistress I will think about my punishment." With Mistress gone, I head to the water's edge and put my feet in the water. It feels so good and refreshing. When I am cooled off I head back to our blanket and lay down with my book and begin reading, soon I fall asleep. I am not sure how long I am asleep, but the next thing I know I feel someone kicking me softly in my side.

"Time to wake up sleepy head." Mistress says to me, as I sit up she says. "It's time to get ready for dinner. Pack up everything and meet me back in our suite."

"Yes Mistress." Still a little groggy, must be the jet lag I think. I don't usually fall asleep on the beach, but it has been a long day. I gather all of our things together and go back to the hotel. I make it back to the suite without incident. I am so thankful that there was no one to talk to or even smile at; I know my Mistress would find out somehow. I knock on the door to our suite and wait for Mistress to answer.

Mistress comes to the door after several minutes, as she opens the door; I get to my knees and crawl into the foyer. "Slut you took your time, did you talk to anyone on your way?"

"No Mistress, I promise you I came straight to our room."

"That's good Angel, go take a shower and get dressed in what I put out for you."

When I get in the bathroom and take off my suit, I see tan lines. Oh no! I forgot to put on sunscreen. Mistress hates tan lines; she will punish me for this. I know she will. I get in the shower and wash all of the sand off my body. I want to touch myself so badly, but I know I will get punished even more than I will be. I clean myself as quickly as possible and get out of the shower and Mistress is standing there watching me.

"Slut what is that on your body?"

"Tan lines Mistress. I must have forgotten to put sunscreen on at the beach. I am so sorry Mistress." I crawl over to her and kiss her feet. "Please forgive me it has been a very long day and I just forgot."

"This will add to your punishment slut. Finish getting ready for dinner, we have reservations." Mistress says as she walks out of the room.

I finish getting dressed quickly so I don't upset Mistress any more. She has laid out a short strapless dress with tropical flowers on it and nothing else. I walk out to the front room and Mistress is waiting for me.

"So glad you decided to join me slut. Lift your dress for inspection."

I lift my dress for her to see that I am freshly shaved and not wearing any panties.

"Glad you could follow those simple instructions." She says as she touches my thighs for me to spread my legs wider. "You still have your balls in I see." My cunt is so wet from wearing them all day it is dripping down my legs. Mistress puts her finger in my juices and runs it up my thigh then she puts her finger to my mouth. I suck it clean. "Good girl. It is time for dinner; I don't want to be late."

We leave the suite and head to the lobby, tonight our reservations are at the restaurant in the hotel overlooking the ocean. We can feel the breeze coming off the water and it is so relaxing, I forget myself for a minute and relax and smile at the waitress.

"What are you doing Angel?" Mistress asks as she glares at me.

"Nothing Mistress, I just smiled at the server thanking her for serving us. I promise Mistress that was all it was."

"We shall see. Lift your dress where I can see your cunt." I lift my dress for her, I am sitting next to her at the table and she reaches over and slaps my clit. I wince but don't say a word or make a sound. She then rubs it till the server comes back with our salads. "Leave it up like that, you are such a slut I am sure you want the whore serving us to see your pussy."

"As you wish Mistress." I am getting wetter and more turned on as the waitress sees my pussy. She looks down and smiles at me. I try not to look at her. "Do you want her slut?"

"No Mistress you are my life, I serve only you." Mistress begins rubbing my clit again; I move in my chair and am so desperate to cum.

"You will not be cumming tonight slut." Mistress informs me. "That will be part of your punishment. And I have a plan for your punishment tonight, something new for you to be sure."

I can only wonder through the rest of dinner what she is devising in her beautiful head. I need to cum so badly already and knowing I can't just makes me need to more. She has been rubbing my clit all through dinner and making me squirm.

As we finish dinner, Mistress signs the check and she takes my hand and leads me to the elevator. We are the only ones on it and she pulls down the top of my dress and begins playing with my tits. She pinches them and twists and pulls them, soon she is slapping my tits, and it is such a pleasurable pain. Someone gets on the elevator and she doesn't stop, but I am turning red with embarrassment. He tries to ignore us but she is making it too difficult for him not to notice us. Soon he is looking at her playing with my tits. I can see he is stroking his cock and he is getting hard.

"Do you want my slut to suck your cock?" Mistress asks him. He shakes his head yes. "Follow us to our suite and she will take care of you."

The three of us get off of the elevator and he follows us to our suite. As Mistress opens the door he begins playing with my tits that are still hanging out for all to see. I begin to moan and Mistress slaps my face.

"No cumming for you slut do not forget that."

"Yes Mistress"

"What is your name?" Mistress asks the man that has come with us.

"My name is Sam. Why are you doing this?"

"Because she is mine to do with as I wish. Isn't that right Angel?"

"Yes Mistress."

"And right now I want to see her suck your cock. Are you ok with that Sam?"

"Yes I am. What is your name?"

"My name is Kris and this is my slut Angel. Angel will do everything for you just relax."

I kneel in front of him and begin to undo his pants, I slowly remove his belt and undo his zipper and let his pants pool at his feet. Then I put my hands on his boxers and pull them down to his knees. He is already hard and he is big. I want his cock in my mouth badly. I stick out my tongue and lick the head, then slowly lick up and down the shaft before taking him in my mouth. And I suck him into my mouth and down my throat, and I hear him moan. He then puts his hands in my hair and forces me in more. He begins fucking my mouth.

I see Mistress sitting in her chair her tits are out of her blouse and she is playing with them as she watches me get my mouth fucked. She has a smile on her face. She lifts her skirt and begins playing with her pussy.

Sam is close I can tell, all of a sudden he stops and holds my head still, I feel him shoot his load into my throat. I hungrily swallow all of it then I lick his cock clean.

"That was amazing, how long will you be here? I would love to do that again with her, Kris."

"We are going to be here about a week. But Sam I am not sure what our plans are for the rest of our stay. Angel has not been very obedient since we have arrived, so tonight she will be punished. If we have need of you, what room are you in?"

"My room number is 412. I will be here till next Friday; I hope I get to play with you again soon."

I crawl over and sit next to Mistress, as she talks to Sam.

"Light the candles Angel and take off your dress."

"Yes Mistress." I go around lighting the candles then go and undress for her as she tells Sam good bye.

"Bring me the toy bag slut." I bring the bag over to her and she pulls out my cuffs and my collar. Mistress takes off my necklace and puts my collar on me then she puts my cuffs on my wrists and ankles. "Follow me my Angel."

I crawl behind Mistress over to the bed, she points to the bed for me to get on. As I get on the bed Mistress pulls out the ropes from her toy bag. She ties me to the bed so I can't move. "Push out the balls."

I push out the Ben Wa balls and gush all over the bed when they come out.

"MY my slut you are very wet tonight. Remember DO NOT cum tonight or I will punish you more."

"Yes Mistress I will do my best not to cum." I still have no idea what my punishment is going to be, Mistress hasn't said or done anything out of the ordinary.

She goes and picks up one of the candles and brings it over to the bed. She swirls the wax around in the candle and begins to tip it over, wax pours out onto my tan line. I hold my breath as the wax slowly lands on my skin. I feel the hot wax on my skin and want to scream, but if I do that will upset Mistress more. I feel tears come out of the corners of my eyes. Thankfully the wax cools quickly.

She continues to pour wax over all of my tan lines till you can no longer see them. Each time I hold my breath, as She has not gagged me and I don't want to scream. Mistress goes back to her toy bag and pulls out a dildo and puts it in my cunt and turns the vibe on low. I moan, I have a feeling this is going to be a long night. Mistress begins playing with my tits, pinching and pulling them till they are rock hard, then she pulls out two clamps with a chain, she puts the chain in my mouth and clamps my rock hard tits.

"It is up to you Angel how much pain your tits receive. If you drop the chain I will punish your tits with my cane. We have used these clamps before, you know how this works. "

"Yes Mistress." I try to say through the chain trying not to drop it. I can't see her she has moved out of my line of sight. When she comes back over to the bed she is naked and holding a flogger.

"Do you remember why you are being punished slut?"

"Yes Mistress. I smiled at the girl in the lobby and I got tan lines which you hate."

"Very good Angel, you have had the first part of your punishment now it is time for the next phase." Mistress says and she flicks her wrist and the flogger hits my cunt. I scream with my mouth closed so I don't lose the chain. She hits my thighs first one then the other, then back to my cunt.

"Who does this belong to slut?"

"You Mistress, only you." I cry.

"That's right slut, you are MINE!" Mistress yells as she hits my clit with the flogger over and over. I have tears streaming from my eyes. When Mistress stops she leans over me and kisses me gently on the mouth and removes the dildo from my cunt. I feel some relief. She then takes the chain from my mouth and removes the clamps from my tits and gently rubs them till the blood is flowing again. Mistress removes the ropes from my cuffs and I am able to move again. As I move the wax begins to crack and fall off, underneath my skin is red but not too bad. She then picks off the rest of the wax and rubs ointment on my skin.

Mistress curls up next to me on the bed and says "Angel, I want us to have a great relaxing vacation, I hope I don't have to punish you any more while we are here. I love you and want to enjoy you. If you are good, I may have Sam come back and fuck you. We shall see slut."

"As you wish Mistress." I say to her as I fall asleep exhausted.

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