The tension in the air was so thick it was like being under water. My eyes were fixed on the road and my hands gripped the steering wheel so hard my knuckles were white. I was furious. Furious at my wife and she was just as angry with me. We were on our way to a party at a friend's house and both of us sat silently; too angry to talk, because if we did, it would only lead to further words that could not be taken back.

In the whole eight years of our marriage I don't think I have ever been so angry with her. We had started arguing as we were getting dressed when I saw the dress she was putting on.

"Jesus Christ, Linda, why don't you just go naked."

"What are you complaining about, what's wrong with this?"

"Why don't you just hang a sign on your back that says 'Sex for Sale'."

"Are you saying that I look like a call girl?"

"No, I'm saying that you look like a $20.00 whore."

She was wearing next to nothing, no bra and just a thong, tenuously concealed only by a Lycra tube that barely covered the area between the top of her bosom and the bottom of her ass. The whole outfit, except for her shoes, could fit into a space covered by my two hands. Don't get me wrong, she has the figure to get away with this dress. It looked great on her but it also gave the impression that she was an easy lay.

"Look," I said, "we don't know these people all that well and we don't know their friends at all. If you go looking like that there will be a dozen guys hitting on you in the first half hour we are there."

"So what, guys hit on me all the time, surely you know I have never cheated?"

That was part of the problem, I didn't know. For the past year and a half I have had my suspicions but I never acted on them. I never caught her in a lie, never had her followed, never had any proof that she was unfaithful. I just had my doubts and maybe that was worse. So I never answered her question.

She repeated it and again I didn't answer.

"You son of a bitch," she shrilled, "you think I am fucking around? You think I am a slut or a whore? Well then maybe tonight you will get to see what you think I really am!"

With that she picked her purse and left me in the bedroom. When I got downstairs she was already in the car and I could feel the frost in the air. She was pissed off at me for what I didn't say about her and I was pissed off because she wasn't about to change what she was wearing. Not one word was passed between us until we reached our destination.

The street was pretty well filled with cars when we got there and I had to park a few houses down. "Are we going in," I asked?

"You wouldn't want to miss this," was her defiant reply as she strode ahead of me. I saw her pulling down the hem of her dress as it kept riding up on her ass. I wondered how many times she would have to do that tonight or if she even would.

We walked through the house to the backyard and onto the slightly elevated patio. It was a well lighted stage and Linda just stood there for a moment, the babble of the thirty or so people there seemed to fade away as heads turned to take in the sight of her and then it resumed.

Our hosts, Fay and Don Sibelius came to greet us, Fay gushing, "Linda you are stunning, I never saw you looking so good."

Don following with, "You are going to be the talk of the party."

Fay, after giving me a peck on the cheek, grabbed Linda's arm and saying, "Come with me there's some people I want you to meet," led her across the lawn to a group of women.

Don, shrugging, said to me, "Let's get you a drink."

He then dropped me off with a couple of guys whose only interest in life was the current pennant race between the Yankees and the Red Sox. I looked around and I saw Linda surrounded by a gaggle of women. An hour later the women had been exchanged for men and it was obvious she was eating up the attention. For the next hour and a half I lost track of her and it wasn't until the drinking got to me and I had to answer a piss call that I found what she was up to.

The downstairs john was occupied so I went upstairs and I had to wait there also. While I was waiting two guys passed me on their way downstairs, one said to the other, "She looked like a slut when she walked in, now we know that she really is."

That piqued my interest and after I finally took my piss I went further down the hall and looked into the bedroom. I saw her. I saw Linda, on all fours, on a bed, getting fucked from behind.

A big guy had his hands on her hips and with every thrust she gave a grunt. Her eyes were closed and as her body rocked with his thrusts, her naked hanging tits swayed every time he bottomed out. Her dress was bunched around her waist like a wide belt. I could see her ass rippling as his groin smacked against it with a sound like she was getting a spanking. She didn't even look like she was enjoying it; the look on her face was more of determination than joy.

I stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorpost, until he dropped his load inside of her and gave huge groan. I couldn't tell if he was fucking her ass or her cunt but she never gave any indication that she climaxed. I started applauding the performance in a very slow steady rhythm. Her eyes flew open and at first she looked shocked and frightened and that changed to a look that challenged me when she recognized who it was.

The guy said to me, "OK pal, you can have her. She drained me, I'm finished with her."

To which I replied, "No thanks, I'm finished with her too."

Then I turned and headed home. As I went down the stairs I heard her calling, "'s not....."

I never heard the end of the sentence. I was out the door, in the car and down the street in thirty seconds flat. I must have left a half inch of rubber on the street behind me. If I was angry before we got there, I can't even describe the fury that filled me now. I had to pull over and stop for a few minutes because I couldn't see for the tears that filled my eyes.

I loved this woman; she is my wife, the woman I wanted to grow old with. So we had an argument, everybody does at one time or another. But to fuck someone, a stranger, at a party, with me there, what did she think would happen? Did she hate me that much? My mind was going round and round, it's a wonder I didn't have an accident. My concentration was on everything else but my driving. But I made it home, my thoughts still in turmoil and the telephone was ringing off the hook. It was Linda. I wasn't going to answer, let the answer machine take it.

"God damn it Jerry where are you. You ran off and left me here. Come back and bring me home."

Next call after about fifteen or twenty minutes. "Answer the phone, I know you are there. Come and get me."

Next call. "Damn it Jerry, pick up."

Next call. "Jerry, please come and get me. I can't get a cab."

Next call. "Jerry, I'm sorry, please come and get me."

At about 2am I heard her key in the door and I heard her heels on the floor as crossed the hallway. She already had her foot on the first step when she saw the light in the family room, then I heard her enter where I was waiting.

"Why did you leave me there like that?" was her accusation. Then she saw the look on my face.

"I.....I guess I messed things up tonight." she continued contritely.

"Big time." was my answer.

"Jerry, I never......"

"Not tonight Linda. Things were said tonight and things were done tonight that never should have happened. We'll talk about this tomorrow and for many days to come before we finished, before we are divorced."

"Divorced? I don't......"

"Linda, not tonight. Go to bed."

We went upstairs and I got into the bathroom first and then into bed, she soon followed and turned back the cover on her side. I stopped her cold.

"Linda, you're not sleeping here."

"What? Why not?"

"Why not? You fucked a guy tonight. He took you bareback. Do you know if he was disease free? Do you even know his name?"

She blanched. The enormity of what she had done tonight was finally sinking in. "Oh my god. Jerry, I'm so ....."

"NOT TONIGHT LINDA. Go to the guest room."

I could hear her softly crying as she made her way to sleep in another room and another bed for the first time since we were married. I don't know if she got any sleep that night. I know I didn't, and from what she looked like in the morning, it couldn't have been much. I gave up trying to sleep at six in the morning and went down to make some coffee. I was reading the Sunday paper when she came down at 6:30.

"Jerry," she said, "I'm so sorry about what happened last night. It never should have happened and if there was a way to take it back I would. I love you and only you and you are the only man I ever want to be with for the rest of my life."

"If's that's the case why were you fucking him?"

"It was the arguments. Not only last night's but we have been arguing for months now and I was so angry that I think I went with him to make you angrier."

"You think?"

"Alright, I didn't think. I just was so pissed off at you I wanted to hurt you. I guess I did, didn't I?"

"Is that why you wore that dress, too?"

"No, actually I wore it because I wanted to get you hot and horny. We haven't been making love much lately and I bought it to try and get you interested in your sexy, neglected wife. But when you told me I looked like a whore I lost my temper."

"So you went and found a guy who would fuck you."

"I didn't find anybody. As soon as we got here Fay dragged me off to bunch of women and a full glass of booze. I don't know if you ever heard women at a party when they get well oiled, but they often talk about sex and their men. At this party, it was one man in particular, and how big his penis was. It seems that several of them had sampled him and how much they had enjoyed him."

"They pointed him out to me, he was there at the party. He is a big good looking guy and he must have noticed the interest the women were showing in him so he walked over with several of his cronies and joined our group. I don't know, maybe it was a setup by Fay, but the women just started drifting away and I was left with the men. At that point the drinks and the flirting were getting to me and I looked around for you and saw you were watching me but you never came over to get me. You just left me there with those guys and that made me angry again."

"That's when John, I think that's his name, maneuvered me into the house to get another drink. I was drunk and abandoned by you. John was coming on to me and I don't even remember going upstairs. I knew he was going to fuck me but I was so far gone with the booze and the anger I didn't care and I just let him do what he wanted. I swear I hardly felt him inside of me and I didn't get any pleasure from it. It was when I heard you applauding that I came to my senses and I realized what I was doing and I was frightened. Then I realized that you must have seen the whole thing and that you had done nothing to stop it. That's when I got angrier."

"I waited until I thought you were home and I started calling for you to come back for me. I waited for about fifteen or twenty minutes and called again and again and again. You never came for me. Finally the party ended and I got a couple who was coming this way to drop me off. I was mad at you for leaving me there and after I saw your face when I walked in I was more scared of loosing you. Jerry, what is happening to us?"

"What about the other guys," I asked?

"What other guys?" She answered my question with hers.

"The ones you have been fucking for the past year and a half?"

"There never was anyone else. The one guy last night was the only one and you caught me the one time I did it with him. I swear I have always been faithful to you."

"Prove it," I said.

"How do I prove what I didn't do?" As she was talking she had gone to her knees in front of me and opened my robe and retrieved my cock. "Unless I show you like this how much I love you."

She then proceeded to give me a world class blow job after which I took her to bed where the make up sex was mind blowing. If she kept this up I might have to give up Mary Jo.


My husband is such an asshole and he can be so stupid about some things sometimes. I found out a year and a half ago that he was fucking Mary Jo Miller. I even have the pictures to prove it. The trouble is I still love the big jerk and he is a damn fine lover, father and provider and I don't want to give him up. Also the thought of living as a single mother with two kids does not appeal to me. So instead of divorcing him I decided to have my fun too and when he finds out about it, I have the proof of his philandering to shut him up.

The only trouble was that while I had the proof, he had his suspicions and that caused tension between us and therefore all the arguments. It all came to a head the night of the Sibelius' party. Fay had told me about John Striker, more exactly, about his 10 inch cock and I wanted to try it on for size.

So I dressed the night of the party to attract or at least to advertise that I was available. Maybe I went I went a bit too far and Jerry came out with the comment that I looked like a cheap whore. That got me mad and I refused to change my clothes and he got madder so by the time we parked the car we weren't talking to each other. As I walked to the house I had to keep pulling the dress down and I thought perhaps he was right but I wasn't about to admit that.

When we walked on to the patio deck and I heard that momentary lapse of sound I knew that I had made the entrance that I wanted. It made all the rest worthwhile and I knew that I could seduce John Striker, if not tonight, then soon. Fay peeled me away from Jerry as soon as we arrived and set me up with a group of women so Jerry could see me with them. She soon pointed me out to John and let him know I was interested. The rest just took about an hour and I was in the bedroom with him.

I sucked him off first to give him some staying power and then he started fucking me. The man is incredible, I came two or three times to every time he did. We did it missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, somehow or other scissors, and sideways and we were finishing up doggie in my ass when Jerry walked in. By that time I getting worn out and not enjoying it too much. I was almost zoned out when I heard Jerry applauding. At first I was scared that he had caught me but then I realized that he must have been there awhile and seen me get it in the ass. Then I got mad that he wasn't angry. That is, I thought he wasn't until he turned and said he was finished with me too. I got even angrier when he walked out and left me there. At first I tried to stop him and when that didn't work, I really got mad.

That's when John started to laugh.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" I said, taking my anger out on him.

"You," he said, "your husband just caught you getting ass fucked by another man and you are angry at him."

When I realized the absurdity of it all, I started laughing too and I fell into his open arms. This time he fucked me in my pussy and it was sweet and soft and I came in no time.

Then I called Jerry and got the answer machine. I demanded that Jerry come back and get me. Then I sucked John hard again and he ate my pussy.

Then I called Jerry again and I rode John cowgirl

Then I called Jerry again while I rode John reverse cowgirl.

Then I called Jerry again while he fucked me doggie, this time in my cunt. My ass was too sore for a repeat.

Then John couldn't get it up any more and he finally took me home.

When I walked in Jerry was waiting for me and at this point I began to worry about my marriage, especially when I saw the look on his face and he mentioned divorce. I had lost my cool tonight and pushed things way past their limits, so I played the apology card. But he shut me down and said we would talk tomorrow. When he shut me out of our bed, I was really scared and most of the tears I shed were for real.

I didn't sleep well and I was up early. I guess Jerry didn't sleep much either because I could smell the coffee so I went down to join him. We started talking and I was all apologetic. I told him I got that dress to turn him on because we hadn't made love in a long time and how I got mad when he told me I looked like whore.

I blamed a lot of last night on all the arguing we had been doing and that what had happened between John and me was because I was drunk and angry and I was trying to hurt him. I didn't enjoy it at all.

As we talked, I knelt in front of him to plead my case while my hands opened his robe and I pulled out his cock. I gave a royal performance, I don't think I ever sucked a cock as well as I did that Sunday morning. Then he took me to bed and we made love, real genuine, old fashioned love. The make up sex was incredible. I really do love the asshole.

Now though, even if Jerry would give up Mary Jo, I don't think I could give up John. The man is not only insatiable but he really knows how to use that magnificent 10 inch cock.

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Story sucked! Both parties cheating was just a wash! He's an ass-wipe, she's a fucking slut! No real story here!

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