tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngie Gets Pimped Ch. 02

Angie Gets Pimped Ch. 02


The next morning Angie woke early. She was unsettled about the events of the evening before. She had been unfaithful to Dave, but she had been forced to do it to save his job. She tried not to think about it as she got the children ready for school.

After she returned from taking the children to school, she called Robert. He had ordered her to do so. She didn't want to upset him now that she had finally given in to his advances. She wanted to secure the promotion for Dave. It would mean so much for her family.

"I'm glad you called me," Robert answered. "I have some plans for you today."

Caller ID, Angie thought. "What do you mean?" Angie asked, somewhat afraid that he would want sex again, although she really expected it.

"Before I tell you that, tell me what you are wearing," Robert replied.

"A pair of old shorts and a t-shirt," Angie replied.

"No bra or panties?" Robert queried.

"Of course I am wearing a bra and panties," Angie answered.

"That sort of thing has to stop," Robert said forcefully. "Strip for me, right now!"

Angie complied. She picked the phone back up and stood there naked talking to Robert. He had Angie pick out the shortest skirt she owned and a button-up blouse that "is the most see through you've got."

Angie fixed her hair and did her makeup. She put on the only pair of heels she owned, other than the ones Robert had sent her. They were only an inch and a half tall, cream color, and worn out.

As she drove to the park Robert had told her to meet him at, she was conscious that her nipples were poking at the thin material of the blouse. At five feet and six inches, her natural 36C breasts seemed a little large for her frame, but they were a perfect match for her 36 inch bottom, set off nicely by her 25 inch waist.

Angie felt herself getting wet as she drove. She knew it was the anticipation of sex with Robert again. She hated herself for it, but she thought it was going to happen and she should enjoy it some.

She arrived at the public park and waited in her car until Robert pulled up in a convertible a few minutes later. He scolded her for not having anything more revealing, but added that he would take care of that later.

They walked together, hand in hand, until they came to a large oak tree. Angie was enjoying the nice day and the pretty park, and she admitted to herself, Robert's affection.

Her enjoyment ended when Robert ordered her to unbutton the blouse. They were outside in public and several others were in the park. Angie fumbled with the buttons and tears began to trickle down her face as the blouse opened, revealing her breasts.

Robert ignored the tears, bent down and moved the blouse totally away from Angie's breasts as he sucked first one and then the other. Angie shook as he did. Robert then took Angie by the hand and walked her down the sidewalk. Her tits jiggled as she walked. Robert loved it. Angie was horrified.

They walked past a woman who looked with disdain at Angie. Another woman jogged past them, glancing at Angie and not believing what she saw. Robert stopped several feet short of a bench an older man was sitting at.

"Raise your skirt to your waist and walk to the bench!" Robert firmly said.

Angie stood there, unable to speak, shaking her head, "No!"

"Do it!" Robert was more forceful. "And sit down next to him and put your hand on his cock!"

Angie was slow to lift her shirt, so Robert yanked it up and commanded she hold it high. Angie trembled as she slowly walked toward the man. It seemed as if she were in a trance as she sat down next to him and placed her hand on his crotch.

The older just sat there, not quite sure what to do. He looked to Robert, who was smiling and motioning for him to take advantage of the situation. The man leaned over and kissed each of Angie's nipples and then he felt her wet snatch as her pushed his finger inside her. He sucked on each nipple as he fingered Angie in public.

Robert walked over to them. "Let's take this to the car," he quietly said. Angie held the man's hand as they three of them walked to Angie's car. Robert had Angie get in as the man sat next to her in the back seat.

"You can't leave him this way," Robert told Angie. "Why don't you suck him off?"

Angie obediently bent over, undid the man's belt, unzipped his pants, and with his help took his old cock out. It was long and thin, but as she took it in her mouth and sucked, it grew. Within a few minutes, his cum was shooting inside her mouth.

"Remember to always swallow," Robert said as he watched them from the front seat. As the man was zipping his pants, Robert asked him if he could spare five or ten dollars, saying that Angie needed it for gas.

The man took a twenty out of his wallet and handed it to Angie. "That's too much," Robert said. "She doesn't have time to fuck you just now." The man put the twenty back and handed Angie a five.

As the man got out and walked away, Robert commented to Angie, "Your first trick!" He laughed as they got out of Angie's car and into his and drove off.

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