tagLoving WivesAngie Goes Shopping

Angie Goes Shopping


This is a stand alone story, but it's also a continuation of the story Lusciously Thick.


Mike Johnson was a school teacher and the basketball coach at one of the county's prestigious high schools. In the fall or the spring when he didn't have to coach, his day was pretty much over by 3:30PM giving him over two hours alone before his wife, Angie, arrived home from her job. Once he'd finished doing a few chores and cooking dinner, Mike usually took the opportunity to indulge his voyeuristic tendencies electronically. His time after dinner was usually taken up with grading papers, planning basketball strategies, or watching TV with his wife, so this represented the only time Mike had to himself.

Mike changed into an old pair of navy blue sweat pants, a gray t-shirt, and his shower sandals, and then went to work. With the trash collected, folded laundry schlepped back up to the second floor, the dishwasher emptied, and dinner started, Mike finally positioned himself in front of his computer. Today's offerings would be special as his friend Tony had left him a batch of video clips. The clips were of Tony fucking his beautiful wife, Brittany.

Tony always stayed with his friend Mike Johnson when doing business in D.C., a tradition that continued even after both were married. Tony, who lived outside of Chicago, had just spent the last three days with Mike and Angie, and was traveling back home today. Before he left, Tony loaded pictures from his iPhone onto Mike's computer. There were three files, each containing a video clip, each about ten or fifteen minutes long. He opened the first one and the screen was filled with Brittany's smiling face.

"Hey, Mikey! We thought you'd like these," said Brittany with a sexy twinkle in her eye. "I know I sure did! Say hi to Angie for me. Enjoy! Bye!"

The screen went black for a second and then the camera closed in on a large, white, erect cock as a set of full pouting lips engulfed the head with a swirl of tongue. Precum that was dangling from the hardened appendage now clung to the edge of her lower lip, the remainder of the strand connecting to her chin. The camera drew back to capture a topless Brittany enthusiastically slurping on her husband's slimy fuck stick.

"Goodness, gracious, Brittany!" shouted Mike in appreciation of her oral skills.

Brittany slowly and deliberately worked over the stiff muscle with her talented lips; DSLs as Mike often kidded her. Her hands massaged her own breasts, mindlessly pulling at her hardened nipples as she concentrated on swallowing as much of Tony's cock as she could. She retched once, withdrew, then the whole thing disappeared down her throat.

"Damn," hissed Tony from behind the camera.

"You can say that again," said Mike to the images on the screen.

Mike suddenly muted the video when he heard a noise coming from the kitchen across the hall. He listened carefully and finally recognized the sound as a pot top rattling as it boiled over on the stove. Dashing into the kitchen he slid the offending pot off the burner and set about cleaning up the mess it had caused. He was thankful that they had set up an office on the first floor near the kitchen for this very reason. Just as he returned the rice to simmering on the stove, Mike heard the sound of keys as his wife unlocked the backdoor and walked in.

Angie's unexpected early arrival home allowed her to catch her husband "slaving away" in the kitchen. That sight always made her pussy wet, as did the sight of her husband vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, folding laundry, and cleaning bathrooms. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be), her early arrival had also encroached on Mike's "me" time, and he'd have to enjoy his video present from his friends Tony and Brittany at a later date. However, all thoughts of "me" time dissolved when he saw how his wife was dressed.

Angie was wearing a white blouse, a dark charcoal gray blazer, and a pair of tight black and gray plaid dress shorts. The shorts were made out of some combination of wool and lycra that stretched around her hips and butt, and were tailored to follow the curve of her buns into her ass crack. The plaid pattern on the shorts accentuated the roundness of herShe looked professionally sexy, but only if her profession were as a salesperson at a high priced lingerie boutique. As a portfolio manager at a small investment firm, this outfit may have crossed the line, but it certainly drew the attention of her husband especially when she bent at the waste and examined the contents of the refrigerator.

"Damn, Angie," exclaimed Mike. "Did you wear that to work?"

"I didn't go to work," she explained with a sexy smile.

Mike's eyebrows rose with astonishment. He looked his wife up and down, admiring the flawless flesh of her freshly shorn legs. Her black platform pumps made her calves "pop" and accentuated the bulbous nature of her bodacious booty. With her jacket buttoned, the white globes of her DD breasts were framed by the lapels, augmenting her voluptuous hour-glass figure.

"You didn't?" asked Mike adjusting the growing bulge in his sweat pants.

"No, I had somewhat of an epiphany this morning and decided to go to the mall instead."

"Epiphany?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, well, Tony sort of helped motivate me to make a few changes in how I dress," she explained with a sly smile.


"Well, you and Tony," she clarified taking a swig from the bottle of water she'd retrieved from the fridge.

Mike stood in a state of excited confusion. Angie enjoyed watching him struggle to make sense of her words.

"How did Tony and I...?" Mike never finished his question as Angie cut him off in mid sentence.

"Well, I watched both you and Tony cum as a result of my ass, so I figured if my ass can make two guys cum, I'd better go buy some clothes that really show it off," she said as she turned and wiggled her ass playfully at her husband.

"Watched Tony and me cum?" asked Mike still confused.

"Yeah. You know, I had no idea Tony's cock is almost as big as yours!" she gushed.

Mike's mouth dropped open with astonishment and then quickly turned into a frown.

"Jesus, Angie! Did you fuck Tony?" he exclaimed, fearing the worst had transpired between Tony and she when he wasn't there.

"No!" squealed Angie, rushing to hug her husband and calm his fears. "No, no, no," she repeated, rocking Mike in her arms until she felt he had calmed down. Once she felt the tension leave his muscles she pulled away enough to look him in the eyes. "You know you're my Boo," she reassured him, kissing him lightly on the tip of his nose.

"Yeah, I know," said Mike slowly regaining his composure. The familiar warmth of his wife's body pressed against his was comforting.

"I mean, give me some credit, hunh," she said squeezing his buns for emphasis. "I'm not going to go all nympho just because I see a hard cock, you know."

"Yeah, I know," said Mike with a sigh. "At least I hoped that was the case."

"So, you're not one of those guys that secretly want to see his wife fucked by some other guy?" asked Angie grinding her pelvis against the bulge in Mike's sweats.

"No, not in reality anyway," admitted Mike.

"Well, you can relax. I just caught him jerking off, that's all" she explained as a matter of fact.

"Tony jerked off for you?" asked Mike, again growing annoyed.

"Hey," she shot back. "If you hadn't taken video of your big ol' cock fuckin' the shit out of me, I wouldn't have seen Tony's fuckin' cock!"

Mike grimaced, realizing that he had in fact taken video of their union without her knowledge or consent. He realized that she certainly had reason to be upset, but he still was unsure of the circumstances that allowed her to see Tony's cock. His expression softened, but it still retained a degree of worry, flustered as he was by the possibilities of what may have been. Finally, Mike gave up speculating about the details.

"OK, you're right. I'm sorry," said Mike with as much remorse as he could muster. Then he pressed on for information. "So, what happened with Tony?"

"Well, when I left for work this morning I realized I'd left my Blackberry at home. So when I went back to get it I caught Tony at your desk jerking off to the video you made."

"Holy shit! What did he do when he got caught?" asked Mike excitedly.

"He never saw me, but I sure saw him!" she exclaimed with equal excitement.

"You watched him?"

"Well, it's not something you see everyday, you know?"

"And he came?" asked Mike, his own cock growing harder in his sweat pants.

"A lot!" she exclaimed excitedly. "That's what inspired me to go shopping instead of to work."

"Well...," sighed Mike, satisfied that his wife was beginning to believe the praise he has always heaped on her voluptuous form.

"Yeah, I'm beginning to see what you've been saying about my body all along," she said with a guilty smile. "That's why I bought these."

Angie spun away from her husband and walked across the kitchen with the exaggerated strut of a runway model. Each confident step was accentuated by the undulations of the protruding bulges of her heart shaped ass. Still facing away from him, she paused, set her feet about a shoulder's width apart, and bent over, placing her elbows on the counter top. When she arched her back, her buns rose and separated invitingly, revealing a large wet spot where the material stretched across her pussy.

"Damn, Angie!" commented Mike. "Your pussy is already wet."

"I know, right?" said Angie looking over her shoulder at him. "It started when I put this stuff on in the store and decided to wear it home."


"Yeah. Every man I passed on the way through the mall stopped and openly stared as I walked past. I just started getting wet!"

"I see," smiled Mike with approval.

"But I want to see what they saw," said Angie turning to face her husband and leaning against the counter. "Got your phone on you?"

"Sure do," answered Mike, understanding just what she wanted as he pulled out the device.

For the next ten minutes, Angie moved about the kitchen striking provocative poses as her husband snapped picture after picture with his phone's camera. Eventually she began to undress, describing each piece of clothing as she lost it.

"I bought this jacket at Nordstrom's rack," she explained, unbuttoning the garment and hanging it on the back of a kitchen chair. Then she began to unbutton her blouse. "I already owned the blouse, but I saw this cute bra and panties set at Forever 21 that I just had to have."

Angie slid the blouse from her shoulders and draped it over her jacket on the chair. The lacy bra that barely covered her large breasts held them up and pushed them together so that her cleavage was maximized. Her husband continued to take pictures as she stripped.

"I bought these at Aeropostale," she said unbuttoning the tiny form fitting shorts that so gloriously encased her hips and buttocks. She had to wiggle to get them off of her hips and ended up rolling them down her thighs until just past her knees where gravity took over and carried them to the floor.

Mike looked over top of his camera phone and drank in her beauty with his own eyes. She raised her arms above her head and performed a slow, gyrating pirouette that created a wet spot at the tip of the tent that her husband's cock had pitched in his sweats.

"Ooh, is that for me?" said Angie when she saw Mike's erection pointing at her. She slowly walked toward him, laced her fingers around the turgid muscle and squeezed it so that it was encased by the material of his sweat pants.

Mike moaned from the exquisite sensation and kissed his wife on the side of her neck.

"Let's download those pictures onto the computer so I can see what I look like," said Angie as she led him into the office by his cock like a dog on a leash.

Angie gently pushed her husband down into the chair in front of the computer and then settled fully on his lap facing the screen. Her butt cheeks spread on his thighs as she wiggled to seat his erection firmly in the crack of her ass. When she moved the mouse to bring up the camera wizard, the screen lit up, went black for a second, and then was filled with a close up shot of a huge white cock plunging in and out of a very tiny bald pussy that was stretched to the maximum to accommodate it. Meticulously manicured fingers whizzed back and forth in a blur over the tiny pink nubbin that was her clit. Pussy juice was everywhere and glistened in the light from the night stand that helped illuminate the scene.

"Oh my god, that's Brittany," exclaimed Angie leaning forward to get a better look at the action on the screen.

The picture had a tell tale wobble to it as Tony was obviously holding it with one hand as he plowed into his wife. She lay spread-eagle on her back, one hand holding her thigh open from behind, the other ravishing her sensitive clit. Brittany's huge breasts swung about on her chest counter to each other and they smacked together with each savage thrust of Tony's cock. Her mouth was twisted and opened in a silent scream; her eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy.

"Why you little pervert," said Angie, smiling over her shoulder at her husband.

Angie realized that the sound on the video had been muted, so she moved the mouse so that the cursor highlighted a speaker icon on the desktop and clicked on it. Brittany's screams were no longer silent but filled the small office with the sounds of unbridled ecstasy.

"Oh yeah, fuck me!" screamed Brittany as she opened her eyes and looked right into the camera.

Angie found the smack, smack of Brittany's breasts rebounding off of each other rather intoxicating. The slurping and farting sounds that were produced by the savage, cunt-filling thrusts of Tony's cock Angie found mesmerizing. As she watched it force both air and pussy juice from the spasaming orifice, Angie involuntarily flexed her butt cheeks around the cock nestled between her buns in time with Tony's on-screen fucking. Soon she was caressing her own pussy as well as the balls on which she sat.

Suddenly, Tony pulled his pecker from Brittany's clenching pussy and gripped it firmly at the base. His wife sat up quickly and engulfed his member with her mouth, forcing it fully into her throat so that his balls nestled against her chin. Tony's testicles throbbed rhythmically as they disgorged their content deep into Brittany's flexing throat. Despite her efforts, cum oozed from the corners of her mouth and bubbled as she struggled to breath. She remained attached to her husband's cock until he'd finished convulsing, then she allowed him to withdraw his still turgid member. The camera focused on her smiling face as she licked her lips and giggled, savoring the fruits of her labor, if labor it was.

"I can't wait for Angie to give you permission to fuck me," said Brittany with an exaggerated pout. "Tony is so looking forward to it!"

Angie stopped moving on her husband's lap.

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