tagHumor & SatireAngie's An Adult Ch. 04

Angie's An Adult Ch. 04


Angie made sure to get refreshed and ready for home, since she didn't want her parents worried about her long absence. She didn't need too many questions, since she didn't trust herself to lie well enough to Mom and Dad. Besides, she hated having to deceive them, and tried to avoid that whenever possible.

However, she found herself amused by her parents' conversation, as she set foot inside her house again. Remembering that she began this day a virgin, she laughed inwardly at how scandalized her mother and father were by the gossip about the neighbors. If they had any idea about her, they would have massive heart attacks at the same time, she thought.

"Do you think that Mr. Dumont knows about his wife's boyfriends? I mean, how could he be ignorant? Why does he put up with her? He's too forgiving, if you ask me. If I caught you with some hussy, I damn sure wouldn't just let it slide," her mom remarked with some degree of contempt.

"Trust me, I know better than that. I just hope that you have no plans of bringing some stud over here, either," Mr. Sloan rejoined.

"Yeah, like I could handle one of those guys. Did you see them? They look like the sort of men who would half-kill me with sex. Besides, I don't see them eating me out half as well. They seem very self-centered. Then again, so is Mrs. Dumont, so they deserve each other," Pamela Sloan noted dismissively.

"Yeah, well, I predict that Allan will snap one day and show up on the news with an Uzi. I know that I would, if I were him. Not that I could find an Uzi, so I would just settle for my daddy's old 12 gauge. Of course, buckshot can do a lot of mayhem, too," her father chuckled.

"Well, this is what my folks discuss when I'm not around! Shotguns and love affairs, of all things," Angie visibly rolled her eyes.

"Well, I wouldn't say that Mrs. Dumont's affairs come from the heart. That would require her to possess one. I have seen no proof to that effect. I half-expect her to bleed ice-water," Miles Sloan derided his neighbor.

"You got a point there, Dad. She's Cruella de Ville come to life," Angie giggled.

"Exactly, pumpkin. Now, how was your friend?" her mom inquired.

"Not too bad. We mostly chatted about boys and window-shopped. I didn't feel like buying anything today. There weren't enough sales. I did have a Blizzard from the DQ, of course. Oreo, naturally," Angie recounted certain parts, though not all by any means.

"That's our girl. She knows what matters. Ice cream, every chance she gets for it," Mom teased her.

"Of course, Mom. Especially on a hot Saturday. So, what are your plans for tomorrow?" she asked out of pure curiosity.

"Church, actually. You know, it wouldn't hurt you to attend once in a blue moon," Mom commented.

"Hey, if the rector is still the tall hunk with the nice tan, why not?" she winked mischievously at her parents.

"Angela Rose Sloan! There's more to being Episcopalian than handsome priests!" Pamela feigned chagrin.

"But it's a nice bonus, right, Mother?" she kept up the needling, in the hope of changing the topic.

"You know, I'm not sure if we've properly had 'the talk', have we, doll?" Dad threatened.

"Trust me, Dad, we've had a million chats about sex. It just happened over time, not all at once, if I recall correctly. I'm on the pill, remember?" Angie rolled her eyes again.

"Yes, but what about condoms or abstinence? Do you just rely on birth-control pill, or take other precautions?" Mrs. Sloan wondered.

"Actually, I'm not interested in guys my age. My virginity goes to an older man, not a mere boy. Grown men are sexier, since they're not either shy, stupid, or clumsy. Does that help?" she explained with a half-truth, not adding that she had been deflowered already.

"No, it just means that I'll have to watch out for guys who might stand up to me," Dad retorted with a mix of worry and humor. In fact, he was a touch relieved at her common sense.

"Yeah, but they could provide for me if they knocked me up, unlike the losers from high school," Angie pointed out.

"Could and would are two different things, honey. Don't forget that," Mom reminded her.

"So I just have to wait for the sort of guy who not only can, but will. I don't want a kid right away, but I'd like to think that even if we break up, the father of my baby would pull his weight," she replied, already sure that Allan was just such a man.

"You mean child support?"

"Well, that and being active in his baby's life. Plus, I think that I would want a man who would be my booty call even after we split. Since my social life would be dismal for a bit, I would need the release," Angie came with the most shocking idea that she could mention, just to move the conversation elsewhere.

"Okay, enough talk of what might happen if my daughter gets a bun in the oven. I'd like to think that it's a very implausible notion. I don't need nightmares of being a grandpa at my age," Dad griped, which meant that Angie's trick had worked indeed.

"I'm with you on that," Mom agreed.

"Consider the topic changed, then. I'll let you think that I'm a good girl, even when I'm bad. How's that?" Angie smiled wickedly.

"I suppose that's the most we can expect, under the circumstances. So, you do realize that you can vote now, right? Do you care about that?" Miles deliberately picked a new topic to avoid further discussions of his daughter's possible sex life.

Angie and her mother both giggled like schoolgirls at the hurried way that Mr. Sloane seized the chance to move on to another issue. Angie knew that her parents were Clinton Democrats, but at least they could disagree with her Libertarian views without fearing for her welfare. She figured that, if anything, her card-carrying NOW member mom would be first to lecture her on politics, instead of her dad.

In any case, she really enjoyed supper that night, which was halibut and steamed rice. For all of her feminist talk, Pamela did like to cook a bit. Angie sometimes wondered if she protested a bit too much about not being a homemaker. For her part, the idea of being a housewife didn't sound too bad, as long as she had some money and wasn't stuck in the house 24/7.

After dinner, Angie rushed to her room to call Allan. She wanted to make sure that he knew of her plans and they could make some of their own to meet again. Presumably, after church, she could hook up with Mr. Dumont again and enjoy a D/s threesome where they would have their way with Charmaine. She would service both of them, in every possible way. Then Angie would clean up again and go home as if she had been taking a Sunday afternoon drive, a thought which more than amused the 18 year old.

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