tagGroup SexAngie's An Adult Ch. 05

Angie's An Adult Ch. 05


Angie couldn't wait to get out of church that morning, despite the sexy priest there as usual. She had a different gentleman in mind to bed, along with his bitch of a wife. As expected, Charmaine was on her best behavior, desperate to appease the pair of lovers.

"As a matter of fact, she's been a very good girl this morning. Who knows, if she keeps this up, I might be take her out in public someday without embarrassment. Won't her transformation shock the neighbors? I know what they must think of her and me," Allan laughed with delight.

"How about church? I know that would stun my parents, especially given her obvious submission. I'm not sure if Mom would be pleased or alarmed at such a 180 degree turn," Angie proposed, while kissing her married boyfriend.

"Sounds like fun, although I'm Catholic instead of Episcopalian, which would make it even more of a jolt," Mr. Dumont grinned as he fondled Angie's butt.

"Exactly! My parents and others will wonder what you're up to, which is why we would really enjoy it," Angie winked at her beau as she undressed for him.

"I think that my wife needs to kiss your ass. Don't you, Charmaine?" Allan instructed his spouse rather sternly.

"Yes, Master," Charmaine agreed, before proceeding to kiss and lick Angie's bottom. By now, she had acquired the taste for the derriere of her husband's teenage mistress.

"That's a girl, Charmaine....you're doing such a great job!" Angie moaned as she felt Mrs. Dumont's wonderful tongue rim her butt-crack.

"She's a keeper, now, isn't she? Before, I would have just kicked her out, but now she has learned her place," Allan remarked with a voyeuristic smile.

"True, but I have another problem. I want you to fuck me, if you don't mind, sir," Angie encouraged him.

"You don't have to ask me twice. Charmaine, keep licking her ass, but give me room to use her sweet pussy," Mr. Dumont responded, before sliding his hard cock into his lover's wet cunt.

Angie didn't, indeed couldn't say much at all for a while after her mature boyfriend took her doggie-style. After all, she had the double stimulation from his dick and his wife's tongue. Her mind went into a very pleasant haze for what seemed like hours, but was in fact a mere half hour.

At last, Allan shot a load deep into his girlfriend's pussy, wordlessly filling her with his cum. He was still semi-hard, so he shoved his cock into Charmaine's mouth and gestured for her to clean both of them up orally. Mrs. Dumont clearly got the message, because once she licked off the juices from Allan's dick, she started eating Angie's cunt as well.

What none of the triad knew was that Angie had forgotten to take her birth control pill that morning in her excitement, and by now, she was extremely fertile. Mr. Dumont had just knocked her up. Of course, a girl as resourceful and clever as Angela Sloane wasn't one to let something like pregnancy get her down.

"So, out of curiosity, what was your exact original plan yesterday?" Allan asked his lover while Charmaine made lunch for all three of them.

"To lose my cherry and find many new lovers. So far, I have two. I didn't know how close we would become, but would it bother you if we worked together on that scheme? Perhaps you could seduce the wives while I bed the husbands. We could set up quite the sex club, if you're interested," Angie reacted with a salacious expression on her face.

"Just how far would you like to take this? I wouldn't mind being cock of the walk, so to speak. I presume that you have some boundaries, like incest," Dumont mentioned, mostly to clarify the issue.

"Actually, if you don't find this too disgusting, I think that bedding my parents might be fun, too. I hope that you don't want to kick me out for thinking that," Ms. Sloane stunned her paramour.

"As if I would ever throw you out, after what you did for me! I don't think so, babe! No, I find the idea exciting in a fun, perverted way. I just want a chance to sleep with your mom, of course. She's a babe, which must be where you get your sexiness," Allan shocked her in turn.

"Well, she does need to loosen up a bit, and fucking her daughter's married boyfriend would be a great start at such a goal," Angie snickered with devious delight.

With that thought, Charmaine brought lunch, only to be put to work orally. Her sandwich got cold before she could eat, but she didn't mind it, since she had the chance to taste some delicious cock and cunt. She didn't even think of warning her neighbors, since she was very much in thrall to both Master and Mistress, as she thought of them.

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by Anonymous05/02/18

When will you finish this?

You've developed an unusually erotic story line that has a lot of open-ended lines laying around. Will you bring it to some appropriate conclusion?

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