tagLoving WivesAngie's Spa Visit

Angie's Spa Visit

byJust Plain Bob©

Angie and I had not been getting along for a couple of months. She barely spoke to me and when she did she was always pissed off about something. Our sex life had come to a complete halt, we didn't snuggle or cuddle anymore, but the worst of it was that I couldn't get her to tell me what was wrong. Then one night I came home from work and found Angie sitting on the bathroom toilet crying her eyes out. I asked what was wrong, but she wouldn't talk to me and when I persisted she screamed at me, "Leave me alone god damn it, just leave me alone!" As I turned and walked away from the bathroom Angie slammed the door and locked it.

The next day at work my secretary said, "What's wrong boss? You seem pretty down in the dumps today." Bambi has been my strong right arm for the better part of five years and I honestly believe that she knows me better than my wife. Bambi and I are as close as a man and woman can get and not be having sex (not that we both hadn't considered it at one time). I explained what was bothering me and Bambi said, "What do you expect? You have three kids, all under six, and she is constantly on the go. Being on call 24/7 for three kids and a husband and having to take care of a home have left her worn to a frazzle and she's doing it alone because you are always working. The poor girl needs some time off. I know just what she's going through, it happened to me before my kids were old enough to go to school."

"What did you do?"

"Dumped the kids on their dad and took off for a week by myself."

"What happened?"

"You don't want to know. I'd really prefer that you continue to think of me as a nice girl. It almost cost me my hubby, but I came home rested, relaxed and ready to handle things. And I vowed that I would never let it happen again. Now I take one night a week and one weekend a month for personal time."

I spent a couple days thinking about what Bambi said and then I called a friend of mine who is a doctor. I told him what the problem was and asked him if he could make any recommendations. He told me that Bambi was probably right and gave me the name of a health spa and said that several days there alone would probably work wonders on Angie.

I called the spa and made an appointment for a consultation and then I took a day off work and went and talked to them. I took a tour of the facilities and then I made an appointment for Angie for a one-week stay. When I went back to work the next day I made arrangements to take a weeks vacation and then I arranged for a babysitter to watch the kids on Sunday. I packed a bag of the stuff that the spa said that Angie would likely need and tossed it in the trunk of the car. Saturday I told Angie that I had arranged for a sitter and that I was taking her out on Sunday.

On Sunday we caught an afternoon movie, an early dinner and then I drove across town and pulled up in front of the spa.

"What's this?"

"A surprise for you."

I got out of the car, got her bag out of the trunk and then helped her out of the car. I walked her into the lobby and as she stood there looking around I handed her the bag.

" Took some time off from work to watch the kids. I've paid for a week and if you want to stay longer just let me know and I'll take care of it."

I handed her the car keys and an envelope, "Take a look at what they have to offer and if you don't like it or want it take the car and the cash in the envelope and go do what ever you want. Whatever you decide I don't want to see home for at least a week. I want you to have one entire week with no screaming kids, no dirty house to clean and no husband whose needs you have to meet. Take as long as you want and when you come home we will work out a way to see that you get time off on a regular basis."

I bent and kissed her. "I love you baby, have a good time" and I turned and left her there. I had a cab waiting and as I headed home I hoped that I had done the right thing.

The following week was a busy one for me and it did not take me long to understand how wearing it could be to stay on top of three kids and a house and how much Angie had really needed a break. Before the week was over I had a new appreciation for what Angie went through day after day, week after week and I also found out just how much I had depended on her.

I didn't call Angie, I just let her set her own schedule and hopefully enjoy herself. She called on Tuesday and asked how things were going and I told her that the kids and I were managing and weren't at each other's throats yet. She asked to speak to the kids and when the phone got back to me there was silence on the other end for several moments and then, "Thank you honey, I really need this." Then she told me that she loved me and she hung up. She called again on Friday and after talking to the kids she asked me if it would be possible for her to stay two more days. She said she was in a yoga class and needed a little more time to get the full benefit of the class. I told her to take all the time she wanted and she told me to expect her home on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday came and I had the house spotless, the kids scrubbed and in their Sunday best and all four of us were waiting anxiously for Angie to get home. She pulled into the drive at a quarter to six and the kids ran out to meet her. They monopolized her until she put them to bed and then she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the bedroom. It was the wildest evening of sex that I'd ever had. Angie was insatiable and every time I thought that I just couldn't get it up again she went to work on me and proved me wrong. The big surprise was that for the first time since we had started having sex together Angie let me cum in her mouth. She had always been willing to give me head, but she always made me tell her when I was ready to cum and then she would finish me by hand. This time when I told her I was ready she grabbed my ass in both hands and held me in her mouth until I was soft. She looked up at me, "I wanted to do something special for you. I'm sorry that I didn't do it sooner" and then she went to work at trying to get me up again. She was still trying when I fell asleep.

The next day we shipped the kids off to their grandparents and spent a lazy day together. She thanked me several times for sending her off to the spa and then we talked about how to make life a little easier for her. We decided that she would take one night off a week for her personal time to just get away from it all. I told her that she should also take a weekend a month, but she said that would be too much so I told her that we could play that one by ear - if I saw her getting stressed or if she felt the walls closing in we would see that she took a weekend off.

For the next couple of months Angie went out every Wednesday night with her girl friends or went out and took in a movie. Our sex life improved greatly and Angie always seemed to be in a great mood and every thing was fine - right up till the day I needed her car keys. It was a Saturday morning and I had just changed the oil in Angie's car. I needed to start it up and run it to check for leaks at the drain plug and filter housing. Angie was in the basement doing laundry so I went to her purse to get the keys. I found them and I also found three foil packets containing condoms. I stood there stunned as the implications of my find sank in. After the third child Angie and I had decided that three kids was enough and I had gotten myself a vasectomy after the birth of Jamie. I heard a noise behind me and I turned to see Angie standing there looking at me with her purse in my hand. I stared at her for a couple of moments and then said, "I needed your keys" and I put her purse down and walked past her on my way back out into the garage.

Ten minutes later Angie followed me out into the garage and sat down on the steps that lead from the kitchen to the garage and watched me finish with the car. I closed the hood and stood there looking at her while I wiped my hands on a rag. Finally she broke the silence, "It's not what you think it is."

I looked at her in disbelief, "How could it not be what I think? What other possible reason could there be for you having condoms in your purse?"

"When I said that it wasn't what you were thinking I meant that it didn't mean that I don't love you or that I'm thinking of leaving you or anything like that."

"Are you trying to tell me that you are cheating on me but that it is all right because you still love me and don't plan on leaving me?"

"No, not exactly. I'm not trying to say that it is okay because we both know that it isn't, but I do love you and I had hoped that I could find a way to end what I've been doing before you found out about it."

"Well lady, your luck just ran out" and I walked past her and went back into the house.

I took a shower to wash off the grease and grime and when I came out of the shower Angie was sitting on the bed waiting for me.

"What are you going to do?"

I don't know. I've never had to deal with an unfaithful wife before."

"Do you want to know what happened?"

"Not really. Knowing that it happened is already more than I wanted to know."

"Will you at least let me tell you? I need to try and make you understand that I do love you and that I don't want to lose you. I admit that I screwed up, but I didn't mean to do it. It just happened and I've tried to end it but I can't."

"What do you mean 'you tried to but can't?"

"He has pictures and he has threatened to show them around unless I keep seeing him."

"Pictures? How did he get pictures?"

"I guess I wasn't the first one to screw up like I did. He figured that it had a good chance of happening with me and he had a friend standing by ready to take photos."

Despite my anger and disgust with Angie and what she had been doing to me I was suddenly intrigued. What had the man been doing that he had a good idea that he could get my wife into a compromising situation and even have some one ready to take pictures? "Go ahead, I might as well hear it."

It had happened on her fourth day at the spa. She had come out of the sauna and had gone for her afternoon massage. The girl who had been giving her massages was on her day off and a young man named Steve was waiting for her. He began to give her a very slow massage and after ten minutes Angie had been very relaxed. Steve had come pretty close to a few of Angie's erogenous zones, but hadn't quite touched them and she was feeling sensuous and sexual. Steve had been leaning over the end of the table and was bending forward and working on Angie's back muscles. "I had been lying there with my eyes closed and Steve told me to turn my head to the other side. I opened my eyes and turned my head and I saw, only inches from my face, his cock jutting out from the fly of his shorts."

"It was a stupid thing for me to do, but I was hot, I was horny as hell and I wasn't thinking clearly. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head of Steve's cock. As soon as he felt my tongue he stepped forward and his cock pushed into my mouth. Then he grabbed my head and held me while he fucked my face. As soon as my tongue touched the head of his cock I knew that I had screwed up big time, but he had too strong a grip and I couldn't break loose. He didn't let go of me until he had cum in my mouth and his cock went limp. Then his friend came in and they showed me the pictures on the digital camera. Paul had managed to get a perfect shot of me sticking out my tongue to touch Steve's cock and in all the other photos you couldn't tell that I was trying to break a way from Steve."

"You couldn't tell that I wasn't a willing participant in what the pictures showed. I swear that everything after that bit of stupidity with the tongue was unwilling on my part, but I also knew that there was no way that I could have ever let you see those pictures. You would never in a million years have looked at them and not thought that I was a whore so when Steve said that I had to fuck him and Paul or they would show the pictures all around and send a set to you I didn't see any way out but to do it."

"Him and his friend? You have been fucking two men ever since I sent you to that spa?"

Angie looked down at the floor and said, "It was either that or let you see the pictures and there was no way in the world that I could let that happen. I love you and I couldn't take a chance on losing you so I went along thinking that it would be just one time."

"Two men? You did two men? At the same time?"

Still looking down at the floor Angie said, "Sometimes."


She looked away from me and was silent. My tone was insistent when I said, "How Angie!"

She looked up at me and I saw anger in her eyes, "Why do you want to know? Isn't it bad enough that you know that I'm a whore? What does it matter how they used me? Why are you making this harder on me than it needs to be. I'm a whore! I let other men fuck me and it's even worse than that. Both of them are black and that's why I could never let you see those goddamned pictures. You are so damned racist that you won't even eat in a restaurant that has black help so how in the hell could you handle a picture of your wife with a black cock in her mouth. I can see that you are disgusted with me and probably don't care about me any more so why do you fucking care?"

How could I tell her that the image of her doing two men at once had given me a very hard erection? How could I tell her that in spite of my anger and disgust at what she had done, that the thought of her servicing two cocks at the same time, and two niggers at that, was having a very disturbing effect on me? To cover up the real reason that I wanted to know I said, "I need to know because if we are going to salvage anything out of this sorry mess I have to know it all. There can be no secrets between us about this Angie. I want to - no, I have to know it all, from the very first to the last time you saw them."

"Are you saying that there is a chance for us?"

"I don't know Angie, it's possible, but I just don't know."

Angie gave me a long, quiet look and then she took a deep breath and told me about her last three months. The first time Steve and Paul had taken her on the massage table at the spa. Angie had thought that it was to be a one-time thing, but Steve had quickly disabused her of that notion. She was theirs to fuck until they got tired of her. After the first time on the table they went to a motel every night. The first two times they just took turns fucking her, but on the third night while Steve was fucking her Paul made her suck his cock. From that night on she always serviced both of them at the same time. At the end of her week at the spa she had checked out and then they had gone to a motel. There was no yoga class, instead the two of them fucked her silly for two days. It was during that two-day period that they had fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. Since then she had been meeting them every Wednesday night. They wanted to meet her more often, but she had told them no. She said if they met more often I would be more likely to find out about it and if she was going to get caught anyway they might just as well go ahead and mail me the pictures.

By the time Angie finished her story my erection was so hard it was painful. My mind was churning with images of Angie on her hands and knees taking black cock from both ends and images of Angie sliding up and down on a black pole while another one took her ass from behind. And then Angie noticed the hard on that was sticking out of my towel. Suddenly understanding dawned on her, "You bastard! You miserable fucking bastard!" She got off the bed and was going to leave the room, but I got up and grabbed her and threw her down on the bed. I ripped her clothes off of her and then for the first time in our married life I fucked her. No gentle love making, just pure hot lust fed animal fucking. I looked down into her face as I pounded my cock into her unfaithful pussy and I knew from her expression that she was loving it.

I knew then, oh yes I knew, "This is what you like isn't it? To be treated like a slut. They may have blackmailed you into it, but you loved it, didn't you? Come on bitch, tell me the truth. You loved being their fuck toy didn't you?"

The only sound from Angie was a grunt when I slammed my cock down into her. She stared up at me with fire in her eyes and said nothing. "Tell me Angie, tell me. You loved being their whore, their little fuck slut. Admit it Angie, admit it."

"Yes, god damn you, yes" she screamed at me, "Yes I loved it. I loved having their big, hard black cocks slamming into me. I gloried in being their married white whore" and I blew a gusher into her hot cunt.

I fell to the bed next to her and as I laid there trying to catch my breath Angie said, "Now what?"

"I don't know Angie, I really don't know. When I found out all I wanted to do was walk away from you, but after what just happened I don't know, I just don't know."

And I didn't. I was angry at Angie's betrayal, but thinking of her having sex with two black men had inflamed me and that, in turn, had led to my having the most intense sexual orgasm of my life. I tossed and turned most of the night and what little sleep I did get was filled with dreams of Angie being taken in various positions by faceless black men. Twice I woke up with a rock hard cock and both times I had been sorely tempted to mount Angie who was snoring softly next to me. As angry at her as I was I should have just taken her sleeping body, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I guess I just wasn't asshole enough.

I left for work before Angie got up and I spent the whole day at the office accomplishing nothing of either a work or a personal nature. Once again Bambi noticed my mood, asked me what was wrong and I told her the whole story. She gave a little rueful smile and said, "Just about what happened to me." I looked at her surprised, "Hey" she said, "I told you my little escapade almost cost me my marriage. I sure didn't think Angie was the kind to go off the deep end though."

"How did you save your marriage?"

"I told him what happened and that I loved him and he backed away from me and let it run its course."

My mind was a fucked up mess. Part of me wanted to call a lawyer and part of me wanted to hurry home and fuck her brains out. Part of me was turned on by the images of Angie's white body being covered by black men and part of me was furious at her betrayal. I did not doubt for one minute that the story she told me about how it started was true, but I knew and I knew that Angie knew that she could have told me what had happened and that I would have believed her. When Steve blackmailed her she could have told him to go piss up a rope, but she didn't. She didn't because it gave her all the excuse she needed to do what she really wanted to do anyway. The question before me was that even though I was turned on by the thought of Angela fucking other men, could I stay with Angie and live with the knowledge that she had cheated on me because she wanted to - not because she was being blackmailed - but because she wanted to?

I suddenly realized on the drive home that it was Wednesday, Angie's night out, and I wondered if she would be there when I got home and then I wondered what I would do if she wasn't.

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