Angle # 01


This started about 3 years ago. I started to work for a charter bus company. They are south of Cleveland, Ohio. I can not tell you the name. If my boss would read this and find out about it I know I would lose my job. I started to drive for them in the winter. By summer I had a few groups that called me off and no. The one group was a Cleveland collage. Also no name. In the spring soft ball started. I got the girls fast pitch soft ball team. Not a bad job. Since I'm in my 30s, ok mid 30's. Alright I'm 38 years old. I do not look bad for 38. I stand 5' 11" almost 190 not what I would call a stud but average looking.

The first charter came and I picked up 19 girls, a coach and a score keeper. I took them on a three day trip south of Cleveland. No guys. I had my own room. Friday night they had a game, two on Saturday and then two on Sunday. Back home. On the way back home the score keeper sat up front and talked to me. This went on for about 4 weeks. One week home and one weekend on the road. Each time Angle would sit up front and talk to me. On the way down one Thursday we talked. This was going to be a 4 day trip.

"So Bob are you married?" Angle and I would talk about anything.

"Yes I am. Have been for 15 years. You?" I knew that she was not married, no ring. Why a girl of 22 looking like her was not married. I would have married her in the drop of a hat. Or her panties.


"Boyfriend then?" Her face had a smirk on it. I knew she had a boy friend. Just by the way she looked at me.

"No. I have had a few but they are mostly into themselves. Thinking only of what is good for them. I gave up on them years back." Her face did turn a little red so I thought why not just ask.

"Girl friend then?" I knew that it might not be the right thing to ask, but the hell. What could she do. Answer yes or no that was about it.

"Yes I have dated a few. But then they act like I have to do as they say. Just like a guy. Right?" I just gave her my best smile.

"I guess so." I looked over at her and then back on the road.

"Have you ever gone out with a guy." Now it was my turn to get a red face.

"Yes I have. Do you find that hard to believe?" Once more I took my eyes off the road and looked her right in the face. Now we both knew something about each other that no one else knew.

"In a way yes. But then you are so open that it does sound like you. Did you enjoy it?" I think I knew what this was going to turn out to be. I tell you, you tell me.

"Yes I did. Nothing like what it sounds like. Just a little touching and a few other things. Not to much of the gay thing. I have dated a few TS's and CD's." I found it easy to talk to her.

"Do you still date them? Her smile had changed. Her eyes told me that she was just asking to ask and know me better. Not to judge me.

"If I can find one that I like. Plus they have to understand what I'm into. Things I do and won't do. I guess you could say I'm more a clean freak. Into safe things but then they are kinky to some." I knew that I was getting into something that I do not talk to others about and I might scare her off. But then I was not looking to bed her down anyway. Not that I wouldn't if I could but she was a lot younger then the girls I dated or guys.

"So you like kinky things then. Are you more into a submissive person?" She was looking right at me and then as she said it her eyes went down. I had a feeling that she was testing me. Trying to see what I would do. I was thinking . What is she really up to? Only one way to find out.

"Yes I am. And my dear if you are what I think you are. Undue the next button on you blouse. If not then I guess your not what I have in mind"! I looked back at the road. I knew that I had taken a step and if she was not what I thought. Then all shit could break loose. I was thinking of what I might have to tell my boss if Angle told him I asked her to open her blouse for me.

I drove for a few seconds more and then looked back. I did not see what I thought I would. But I did see that her blouse was open, not just one but all of them. Her red lace bra was holding her tits nice and rigid. I could see some white meat around her lace. I could also see her nipples. A light brown showing thru her lace bra. She was holding her blouse open so I could see. No one else could see her since they all sat in the back.

"I see that you do as your told my dear. I like that in a good submissive. I guess I'm going to have to find out just how obedient you are. Do you always do as your told?" Now I knew I was taking a big step. Not just with my boss but with my job and her job. If anyone saw or heard what was going on. All kinds of hell could go on.

"I guess your just going to have to order me to do things in front of you. But I do think it would be better later on in your room. I can tell you this. I have yet to disobey an order that was given to me by someone that I care for. And I do care for you. Shall we wait till we get to the hotel?"

"I think that would be the best my dear. But for now remover your bra and place in in your bag!" I was doing this to see if she was as kinky as I thought and as daring as I thought. I watch off and on a few second on the road and then a few at her. I watched as her fingers open the front and then pulled it free. Then back at the road. Back to her and then I could see her white breast looking back at me. Her blouse open so anyone coming towards us could see her if they looked into the front window. Her nipples hard and sticking out. I would say that she could dial a phone with them. I got one more look at them and she closed her top.

"Now that I have proven that I can do as I'm told my I see something that I have wanted to see since I first met you?" Her eyes went to my lap. I knew what she wanted to see. Do I dare do it. What would happen if anyone else saw. I found my hand going to my zipper without thinking. In one motion I had my zipper down. My hand was fishing in my pants and I started to pull my hard cock out. Now that I think back I know it was wrong. But I still did it. I pulled out my 7.5 inch cock. I then took my hand away from it and Angle could see almost all of it. My balls still inside but about 7 inches sticking out. I looked back at her and her mouth was open. Her tongue licking her upper lip some. Then she I watched her hand go to her lap and reach between her legs. They closed on her hand and it looked to me like she was about to get off.

It took about 2 more hours to get to the hotel and check in. We had about 4 hours before the game and as we checked in I asked the hotel clerk if I could have a room off by myself. The look I got from him. He must be thinking that I was going to pick up a hooker off the street and take her to my room.

"Sure, I have just the room for you. No one can see or hear you in that part of the building. Plus you have a side door if you want to us it. Down the road about two miles on the left is what your looking for!" He gave me a smile and I took the key. I called Angle and told her the room I was in. I went in and sat on the bed.

"Come in my dear." In she walked. Right up to the bed and stood right in front on me. She had on the same blouse but she had put on a skirt. Not to long about mid thigh. I could tell she had stockings on. I could also see what looked like a garter belt. I had a half smile on my face.

"I see that you are wearing a garter and stockings. Is that true? Show me." With that said she reached down and started to pull her skirt up. Once her stocking tops were showing she stopped .

"I do hope that you enjoy what I have put on for you. I have about 2 hours before I have to get ready for the game. I need you to understand that no one can know about this. Other then that you may do as you please." I was thinking of all the things I would love to do to her. One of them was to spank her. To find out if she was what I thought she was.

"Come and bend over the bed. Put your ass up so I may see." As I was saying that to her she had bent over and placed her hands by her head. "I'm going to spank you my dear. You are not to move. You may give the safe word of Parma if you want me to stop. Any other word then that one I will not stop. Do you understand me?" As I was speaking to her I was pulling up her skirt. Once over her ass I slapped her ass. Not to hard. But hard enough to leave a red make. "Do you understand me?" Once more I slapped her ass. I could see a red hand print showing on the sides of her lace panties. Her legs were together . I could not see what I was looking for between them. Still thinking of what I was going to see I slapped her the third time. This time a litter harder.

"Yes I understand. The safe word is Parma. I will try to take what you give me. Right now you are about in Akron." This little cunt knew how to play the game. She just had told me that she could take much more then I was giving her. With that my hand came down hard. I could hear her give out a soft moan And then a sound like "OHG". I had no idea of what that meant. But I did enjoy the sound. Her ass moved as I slapped it. Like a shock wave. The skin of her now red ass moved up to her back. It looked like when you drop a stone in water. A wave of water moves away from that point. I could hear her breathing though her nose. My hand had left about 10 different red prints on her white ass. I was starting to enjoy giving her pain. And from what I could see she was enjoying it. I stopped spanking her and took off my pants and shorts. I was now stand naked behind her. My hard cock sticking out . I reached over and picked up my belt. I thought, should I slap her ass with this. I then brought it up and at about ¼ of what I wanted to I came down. I could hear her before I could see what it had done.

The sound that came out told me what I needed to know. It was like it came out all in one word. "OHMYGODYES!" I could see her ass tighten. Her legs, ass and hips moved some. She did not try to move it away from me. I watched her reach for a pillow. I watched as she placed it under her mouth and moan into it.

"You enjoy that, don't you?" I was asking her for two reasons. If she said yes then I knew she could take more. I waited for her answer. Her answer came out in this way.

"Yes I do!" As she said it she was trying to hold something in. Her breathing was not the same as before. "You are still not that close to Parma. If you understand what I'm trying to tell you'"

With that I bent down to her face. I kissed her ear and then her cheek. "If you are telling me that you would like more I'll do it. Do you think you could go to the game after I give you a sound spanking with my belt? And that tonight I could finish?" Her head come up and looked back at me.

"God yes just do it. Do what ever you like. Please yourself. Treat me like a cunt that I am." Her head went back down.

My hand reached out and pulled her panties down. I ripped them off her and I thought I saw something between her legs. But she kept them closed. I pulled my hand up and then it came down., hard. I could hear her suck in air and before she could move and make a sound I slapped her ass once more with my belt. That made 3 times with the belt. Her ass was now a deep red. I pulled back for number 4 and 5. I could hear the sound it made as number 4 and 5 hit. I was now glad that I had gotten a room off to the side. After number 5 I took a good look at her ass. Two makes on one cheek and 3 on the other. I reached down and open her cheeks and saw her ass hole. I could not see her pussy. I felt her ass and the heat that I had put to it. My finger pushed into her ass. It went right in. It felt hot inside her ass and tight. I knew right then I was going to fuck it before I let her go. I pulled it out and then pushed in deeper. In it went. I could hear her breathing harder. I started to finger her ass and I felt it open more. Out my finger came and down came the belt. Number 6 and back up, 7, 8. I was watching as her ass turned a beet red. Dark red. Then 9 and 10. I had slapped her ass almost as hard as I have ever spanked anyone else and she did not give a word that made me think I should stop. With the belt on the bed I reached out and open her cheeks. I placed my cock on her hole and started to push in. I could hear a sound like a jet taking off. A sound like an "AH" but just long and deep. I pushed hard and I went in. Deeper with each push. I felt her open her legs and I felt the heat on my balls. All the way in. I could feel her tight ass holding my cock in and then I felt her touch my balls with hers.

Yes, just what I thought. My little Angle had a cock and balls. She was shaved and smooth. I felt her tighten her ass as my balls touched hers. I knew what she must be thinking. Did I know? Was I pleased? Was I going to leave her? Then I told her what she was waiting for. I pulled my cock out and then pushed in hard and deep. I reached up and took her hair in my hand and pulled her head back and up. I then started to fuck her ass. In and out. I pulled out till just the head popped out and then I pushed in once more I impelled her ass on my cock. She never once told me to stop or slow down. I was thinking of what to do next when it hit me.

I started to fuck her. Not a love fuck. As in making love. That is soft. Not a fucking you would give someone you love. But a cram it to the brain hate fuck. I was trying to get my hole cock and balls up her ass. Each time I would push in I would pull her hips back. You could hear my thighs slap on her ass cheeks each time. I could feel the heat from the spanking I gave her on my thighs. I started to pump in and out and with each in stroke I could hear her.

It was a steady beat. With each push in she would make a "AH" sound. We have all heard it when we fuck someone. It started off slow, like counting to 10 when you could your money. Then faster and faster. Now it was to the point that you could not keep up with the thrust. Think of how fast your hand moves when you jack off. I was trying to reach that count.

I was getting closer and closer to shooting my load in her ass. I reached down and around her. I wanted to feel and touch her cock. See how big she was. Thinking if I could have her fuck me like I was fucking her. As I reached down I found it. "IT" Yes I found it. A nice size. I would say about 6 inches long and about as wide as two fingers. Just a little smaller then my cock. She was not dripping. That I liked. I started to pull up and down on it. And she was getting into it. I had my left hand on her cock and jacking in up and down. More down then up. As if I was milking her. I could feel her almost to that point. I pulled my cock out. Knowing what I was going to do. I moved fast to one side and kept jacking her cock off. Or I should say jacking her cock down. I started to spank her. I would slap her ass and then pull down on her cock. Slap, down, slap, down.

"FUCK YES." That is all I heard. I felt her ass get tight and then her cock started to shoot. I was looking at her ass between the slaps and it was red. This bitch could take a spanking. I have never had a girl or guy that took that much. As she shot I kept spanking her and kept jacking her off. Then it happen.

She was crying. She told me later that it felt that good that she just started to cry. With come on my hand and all over my bed I started to rub her ass. I touched it and felt the heat from it. Angle did not move. She was looking back at me and her face told me that she would never leave me.

"My master is pleased with me?" The way she put it. I can not tell you how it made me feel that night. I have never spanked a person that hard. I have never fucked someone that hard. And I have never felt that good doing it.

We have done it many times since then and I'm going to try my best to write about them. Please let me know if you enjoyed this story. It is my first on Angle and I hope not my last. Write me.

Most of this is true. I have and still do spank others. Not as hard as this. I only spank as hard as they like. If anyone does it to hard it takes all the fun out of it for them and then other person.

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