Angler's Delights Ch. 01

byLong Strongdaily©

"He's about to surrender!" I told Virginia.

"He better! I can't hold out much longer! My arm is aching!"

"I can't remember ever having a salmon on this long!" Virginia said anxiously!

"Stay with him! He's almost ready to give up! I'm going ashore to get my camera! Will you be alright!"

"Yes! I think so! Should I move closer to the bank!"

"Yes! But give me time to get a few picture first!" "O.K.!"

I reached the riverbank and was surprised to see Allen and Alex standing there observing the action! They had seen the whole episode and were eager as Virginia and I to see itsuccessfully concluded.

"That's how it's done! That's exciting ain't it!" Allen remarked. "It sure is!" I gleefully replied.

I searched my fly vest for my miniature thirty-five millimeter camera as Virginia, by this time, returned back to where we had entered the water. Her line had been retrieved back to the fly line. I knew then that she would land the first fish of this trip. I began shooting pictures as she attempted to hand tail the fish. Virginia had succeeded and, with a broad smile of accomplishment, held the salmon up, with difficulty, for all to behold. It was a magnificent salmon, weighing twenty-three pounds and as silver as could be. There was no doubt in my mind this salmon had entered the river and didn't stop till he had reached this spot. Their enjoined battle was one in which there would be no losers! Virginia, having had removed the fly and displayed the fish for all to see and photograph, placed him back in the water, head into the current, allowed it to regain its composure and strength and freedom! It didn't take long! The salmon made a swimming motion with such a force that it sent water flying into the air and Virginia on her backside in the river! She just wasn't ready for such a quick recovery and with such strength. It surprised her completely; she just wasn't ready for it! We all laughed at her a she splashed in the water to regain her footing. Once on her feet she felt somewhat embarrassed, especially since she now noticed the two black gentlemen there and enjoying her embarrassment as much as I.

Being a good sport and regaining her composure, Virginia joined the laughter. I now wanted to go down stream a short distance and around a sharp bend to fish a second hole which, in the past; I had some luck from time to time. She concurred and I was on my way! I entered the water and proceeded down river. Allen and Alex watched from the shore. I had no concern with the situation, i.e., Virginia being alone, especially with two strangers on the shore. Virginia and I kept a whistle as part of our safety gear so we could signal each other if there ever arose a problem. Besides I would be only a few hundred yards or so from her.

Virginia had entered the water as I began the short journey down to the next pool. Reaching the spot where she had successfully hooked her first fish, she began to peel out her fly line and fish the same section of water she previously fished. Virginia fished for twenty minutes or so, then retrieved her line and changed flies. She made several casts with the new offering and was soon in battle with her second fish of the day. This salmon was significantly smaller than the first, was a worthy adversary nonetheless.

The salmon made several jumps when first hooked and embarked upon a familiar embattlement strategy, refusing to surrender for some thirty minutes. Landing the salmon in the same spot as the first, it was awarded the same fate as his bigger brother. Virginia was now exhausted from two consecutive battle engagements with her finned adversaries! She then returned to the riverbank to rest awhile. Neither Allen nor Alex were anywhere to be seen. She surmised they had gone back to their campsite. Thirsty after all the mornings action she retrieved a pop from the back pocket of her flyvest and decided to go up stream to the pool's headwater and fish. Having no luck she felt that perhaps a change of flies might attract some attention. Virginia went to the riverbank to change her fly and observe the waters for some sign of a salmon. While changing her fly, Virginia, for some unknown reason, idle curiosity or perhaps a woman's intuition, peered through the trees to observe where the camp site was. Nothing was visible but her senses told her that there was something in the woods. Her curiosity impelled her to crawl further up the embankment so as to get a better view. Virginia hadn't prepared herself for what she was about to witness!

Virginia could now clearly see the camp. She had not however initially noticed that between her and the camp, one of the brothers, stood relieving himself of too much drink. She was less than twenty feet from him. It was Alex! Virginia immediately became concerned that he may have had seen her! She didn't dare move! Her inquisitiveness and imagination began to suppress her concerns! She began to be aroused by the sight of his huge black manhood exposed so near her! She had never seen a black cock before! This was a first! Virginia's concerns of being discovered were now preceded by her voyeurism. From that point on the show got even better she would later relate to her husband. Alex had, for reasons unknown, began to attain an erection!

She watched with some trepidation, yet carnal lust, as his manhood attained such stature as she had never witnessed, or imagined, in her entire life. As Alex's' cock reached its total erection state, he began to masturbate! This sight was now causing her face to blush while, at the same time, the feeling between her loins began its tell tale signs of arousal. She gently touched herself there as if to assure her possessions that they would not be neglected. Alex was by now at his peak of arousal and about to explode. She could tell this by his gyrations and his mummers of expectancy! His excitement took its toll on her as she began to massage her now swollen pussy! She continued to be aroused by the sight before her!

Alex had an orgasm and blew his load as he let out a loud moan! He stood there for some time just holding, and sometimes shaking, his massive black cock as it went limp in his grasp! He then returned his cock to its proper place, turned and headed back to the camp! His lust was, for now at least, satisfied! Virginia exhaled in relief that she had not been seen! She was left however very horny from what she had witnessed, but had been unable to have her own orgasm. She sighed with relief at not having been seen and returned to fishing.

To Be Continued...

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