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Ania's Girl Party


While living in eastern Europe my wife, Ania who is 26 and myself Robert 51 years old, Ania had some girls friends from school over for the evening. I was away for a few days on a course but I was going to be home early that same morning of her get together. One of the girls was going to stay over and this is what started the chain of events off.

The girls were sitting around talking about old times at school and college where they used to share the same room in the dorm. As the dark winters set in they used to share each other's pussies as well. They said it was difficult to get boy friends in to the house. The all liked each other anyway. As the night went on the girls were getting drunk and as usual the conversation got around to sex. They started to talk about the things they got up to and how they missed it now. As it got later 3 of the 5 girls got a taxi home as they all lived closed to each other. This just left Ania with Joanna, Jo to her friends. The cuddled up while listening to music, one thing led to another and in the end they started to stroke each other and start to kiss. It was a warm evening so they both had on shorts and tee shirt.

Ania is not to tall but she has nicely rounded tits, 34C with the best arse around for smacking while fucking her. Jo was a similar height but with smaller tits but certainly fuckable.

As they were listening to the music the phone went and neither of them noticed. They started to undress each other and finally finger each other. Jo boy friend was trying to get hold of her to tell her that her was going to a club with some of his friends and he was going to come and get her. He knocked on the door, got no answer so he let himself in with the spare key that was kept under the mat. He walked in heard the music and knew they were in the front room. He was with 3 mates, one was a black guy called Joe. As they all walked in to the room they found the 2 girls in a 69 position sucking each other out. Ania had a black dildo and was pushing it in and out of Jo's cunt.

The 4 guys stood they and watch for a few seconds and crept back out in to the hall. The decided they would go back in tie the girls up and fuck them stupid. But they also decided to blindfold them first. They turned the lights out walked over to the girls blindfolded them and then proceeded to tie they hands behind their backs. Both of the girls were crying and begging to be released. The boys didn't say a word they just used hand signals to each other. At this point I got home earlier than I thought and walked in on all of this. The Andy Jo's boy friend put his finger to his lips to keep me quiet. He took me into the hall and told me what they where going to do. I was OK with the idea.

The girls were made to stand up and their clothes were ripped off of them. They were shaking, asking not to be hurt, as they would do what ever they wanted. Jo could feel hands all over her and suddenly she felt a rope being tied to her hands, which were behind her and they were lifted up. This caused her to bend forward. The rope was then secured over a beam on the ceiling and she was left dangling with just her toes touching the floor. She felt some behind her touching her arse, she pulled way and to stop her moving the guy started to smack her backside hard and fast. Jo started to cry and scream. Her knickers were picked up and forced in to her mouth. For the noise she was slapped some more until her arse was bright red.

Ania had been forced on to the floor and had a dick forced in to her mouth. At first she wouldn't open it so she had a slap across the face, which made her fall over. She was picked up and she felt the dick against her mouth again and this time she opened it to allow access. The guy fucked her face for a while then as he withdrew the next took his place, then the next and then the next.

The kept on rotating until they had had enough. She was then taken to the table where one guy sat on the edge had Ania suck him off while one got behind her and fucked her. She was sweating but she still had her hands tied which prevented her from stopping the guy pushing his dick to far down her throat. This went on for ages and every one changed around. It was then the turn for Jo, Ania was tied in a similar position and she had her arse smacked a few times before leaving her to hang there.

Jo went through the same fucking over and over again. I don't know how much cum the pair of them swallowed. After what seemed like hours the boys decided to get off. Andy and myself were going to stay and carryon fucking as the girls still didn't know who we were. Danny the black guy wanted to stay and help. He had never had such a captive audience before. We left the girls went to the kitchen to have a drink and decide what to do next. Before going I took the gag out of Ania's mouth. We could hear the girls whispering to each other, Ania was saying that it should be OK as I was going to be home soon.

We went back in untied the girls and got them into a 69 position, then tied them around the waist and then their ankles together. We left their hands free to let them touch each other. I started to fuck Ania and Adam, Jo. While fucking them we forced them to suck each others clit. They were coming and screaming with release every few minutes we changed ends and fucked a new hole. I pulled out of Jo and signalled Danny to fuck her arse. Jo screamed as he pushed really hard up he banged way for ages before he came Jo was so near to her release. He pulled out and slapped her arse as Ania carried on licking her Jo came and screamed out loud. Ania had the same treatment from me, Andy went around to Jo and forced her to suck his dick holding her head and forcing it down her throat.

We got dressed and was going to untie the girls go out and come back and see what they said. At this point we heard a knock on the door and their were 3 guys 2 black standing in the door way, pushed past us and walked in to the front room. We stood there horrified. Just what we want fresh meat one said. The all dropped their trousers untied the girls, picked up Jo and threw her on to the settee. One other picked Ania up by her hair and pushed her on an armchair. The blindfolds were taken off and they were then gangbanged for the next hour or so.

We stood in the dark and watched as they were fucked senseless. Ania had one guy stand over her while he fed his dick in to her mouth. I could see her twisting way. Theguy held her face and said suck it or get beaten. She opened her mouth and sucked it in. Jo was going through the same. One guy stood between her legs held her behind the knees and lifted them over his shoulder and started to fuck her. His dick was bigger than mine and wider. I could see she was struggling to accommodate him. At one point he pulled her legs higher and then forced his dick into her arse, I could see it stretching around it. He then fucked her hard banging her into the chair. All this time Jo was taking the same. They changed places a few times.

In the end one guy laid down and Ania was lifted onto this dick and pushed down. She was pushed forward and another fucked her arse then the other made her suck his dick. They all fucked in unison and kept on shagging girls and places. The one fucking Jo's arse got off of her, walked over to the desk picked up a 12 inch rule and struck her arse about 12 times saying when I tell you to move I expect you to move. Got it. Jo nodded her head, he dropped the rule and pushed his dick up her arse and carried on fucking her.

When they finished they got dressed and walked out. The girls just laid their not moving. I heard Jo ask Ania if she was OK and they both said they were. As all of this had not worked out as we expected we thought we should get out and decide what to do. We left quietly, found and all night café, ad decided to go back in a few hours time as if we had just got home. We did this went in woke the girls up who were sleeping together, I said I will started the coffee. As we were sitting around the table I pulled Ania onto my lap and kissed her on the cheek.

She return it with a deep tongue kiss, took my hand and led me off to the bedroom where we fucked like mad. She stopped for one moment and she said that she had missed me last night. Nothing else was said. Later on we got up and went back into the room to find Andy fucking Jo. Jo looked over her shoulder at us smiled and carried on fucking. We sat down had a drink and watched until they had finished, we all got dressed and went out for lunch. Nothing was said about that night except they had had a good evening with their friends and thought they should have another evening with friends again soon. I don't know if they knew we were the first ones to fuck them or not.

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