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Animal Lust


It was a stormy night, thunder booming outside her window. Flashes of bright light told her that the lightning was low in the sky. She reached to turn the living room lights down and moved to relax on her favorite lazy boy. "Ahh...tha's it." she settles into the seat with her legs tucked under her. She reaches over to the table for the book that she was currently reading. Normally she didn't read romance novels, but this series was different, sexy and paranormal. She smiled to herself as she read the first sex scene over..."Damn..if only..whew.."

She glanced up at another strike of thunder/lightning. Something caught her eye out the window..."What the fuck was that?" She stood up and walked to the window to look out into the blackness of her front yard. Shaking her head she laughed softly at herself. "T...you is seeing things...ya freak." She turns to head back to her book when another flash outside tells her she wasn't seeing things...

Outside on her lawn was a man and he was staring at her house. "Holy...wha the??" She looks out the window again and sees that the stranger is moving toward her front door. She dashes for the phone to dial the police, but just as she reaches the receiver...her front door is being pounded on...she freezes with one hand hovering over the handset. She stares at her entryway.... the pounding continues and is more menacing. "OK...really freaking here!" she grabs the cordless and begins to dial...PZZZZZT...power outage.."OH SHIT!!"

The beating on her door stops briefly, she jumps as he pounds on the door again. Her heart almost pounding in the same rhythm, her breathing deep and echoes in her head. Fear captures her entire body...the house is so black and she can barely see in front of her. Then the sound at the front of her house changes from pounding to breaking...she hears her doorjamb begin to break free from the housing. "Ohmygod!!" she runs in the dark to the back door as he enters the front. She screams as she feels his hands on her shoulders.......

She feels herself being pulled back into the house and her back door is slammed shut. She lashes out with her arms to make contact with her assailant. The dark figure pulls her to him; she feels his hot breath on her face. His cock is hard beneath his jeans. She whispers with terror rising in her throat, "Who are you? What do you want?" His breathing is heavy with lust and he only growls an answer to her question as he pulls her tighter to him.

He leans his face to her neck and breathes in deep, taking in her scent. He growls again and pulls her to the bedroom. She slaps herself mentally for feeling a twinge of arousal at his hardness against her lower belly. "Tina you are a freak" she yells into her head. He tosses her onto her bed, towering over her as he prevents her from escaping. Leaning over her he pins her down by the waist...again he breathes in deep...his instinct to take her now...his cock straining against his jeans.

She wiggles under him trying to get away. She stares at the shadow above her with eyes wide. He leans to nuzzle his face in between her thighs...she gasps as another twinge of pleasure tickles her belly. Her struggling slows a bit, her curiosity peeking at his gestures. He begins to smell her desire build and he grins in the dark nuzzling her crotch once again. He places his body over hers and grinds his hips into hers...she feels his cock hard as a rock and again she gasps.

He moves to nuzzle her neck as his need to mate with her increases its want. Hot, hard, pulsing his cock is tight and aching. He once again breathes in then settles his lips on her neck, then nips her gently. He grins again hearing her sigh heavily and her body relaxing a little under him. He knows she wants him...she may not know it, but he does...he smells her wet sex. The beast inside him howls, it wanted her with a desperation that neared insanity. It wouldn't be satisfied until it tasted her fully....

He couldn't stop himself. Every instinct he possessed demanded that he take her. His wolf's soul wanted to taste her. His lips were running up and down her neck and then suddenly he sat up. Her body trembles, but it may not be fear that creeps along her skin. She breathes deep and slow watching his movements. His eyes were smoky with desire. He slips one arm around her torso and pulls her in for a deep, hard kiss.

Her muscles tense at the sudden action, but she finds herself relaxing and her arms slip around to his back. His kiss becomes more powerful and he growls low in his throat as he feels his body change. The wolf wanted her now. Fast and hard.... his hands grip her upper arms roughly then he pulls away from the kiss. He again tosses her back on the bed and stands at the edge. His grin was sly but not quite evil.

She stares up at him with questions roaming in her head, but unable to voice them. She can only watch and wait for what will happen. His movements were sudden and skilled at their task. In what seemed to be only one gesture, he had her jeans and shirt off. She lay before him with only her panties on. Her breasts full, pale and nipples ready to be suckled. He growled again louder then before. It was animal, predatory, a beast stalking its prey. Leaning over her body he ripped her panties off with his teeth. She was cleanly shaved...he almost howled with excitement.

He had to have her. Not just the wolf in him, but the human too. He needed to possess her now. He takes her by the waist and flips her over. With smooth actions he strips himself bare and pulls her to her hands and knees on the bed. His mind was a blur of emotions; he didn't even notice that she was no longer struggling against him. He allowed his wolf soul to take over, to satisfy itself. His hands grabbed her waist and he thrust himself into her hard. She yelled out as he entered her.

The pain was so intense, sooo...pleasurable..."Tina ..you are definitely a freak..this guy is raping you and you scream in sexual desire?" She mentally beats herself for allowing this to happen. His thrusts came hard and pounding. She weakens at each movement. Her gasps become grunts as she feels his cock inside her deepen with each stroke. "Is he getting bigger?" she wonders. Her pussy was wet, slippery and she could feel his cock fill her fully...not just her pussy...but also her whole belly.

He growls deep at each thrust of his hips. His hands grip her hard to steady and balance her. "She won't slip away" and he bounces in and out of her pussy. The smell of sex permeated the bedroom, sending the wolf to crazed actions. He pulls out of her suddenly and looks down at her dripping sex. The mixture of blood and her cum creates a pang of deep need in him. He sinks his mouth over her pussy and drinks her. Taking in all of her juices, his tongue laps over and in her.

She grunts loudly as his mouth clamps over her pussy lips. She struggles to not scream out..."ohhhhhmyygooddd...what is happening?" She feels his mouth leave her and his hands are once again grabbing her. He pushes her flat to the bed on her stomach and spreads her legs wide.

He growls low and deep as he forces her legs open. He wanted to fuck her, to use her and taste her everywhere. Moving in between her legs he holds her down with one hand on the small of her back. She struggles in confusion, her mind still reeling from his mouth sucking her dry. "Don't move..." he growls out. "Just do as you are told." Again he takes her with his mouth...his tongue moving in and out. He laps up the sweet taste of her. His cock grows harder with each flick of his tongue.

She lies with her face to the pillow trying to not scream out in pleasure. She moans quietly, not wanting to let him have the satisfaction of knowing how much she wanted this. The pressure of his heavy hand on her back increases with each suckle of his mouth. He sucks hard on her clit..."Ohhhh!!!" she couldn't help but call out. He nips the nub with his sharp teeth then pulls on it hard.

He blows air into her pussy and nibbles on the flesh of her lips. In one movement he again brings her to her hands and knees before him. With both hands on her hips keeping her still he thrusts into her hard. He hears her grunt out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He smelled how much she wants this, making him thrust his hips faster into her. His body leans over hers and his hands wrap around her fully. He fucks her harder and more demanding.

The wolf in him wants to call out in triumph, but instead he licks the back of her neck. He sinks his teeth into her shoulder as he pumps in and out of her. She feels his teeth in her flesh and tears flow from her eyes as the pain hits her. "He isn't human...he can't be...." she cries, her body confused as to how to react to him. Logic tells her that she is being brutally raped...but her body responds to his with intense twinges of pleasure as she rocks against his hips. She cries louder as she realizes...she wants more..she wants him.

She feels fluid drip steady from her pussy...wetting the both of them. He pumps in and out of her quickly and he pulls her to sit on his lap not removing himself from her. His cock grows large inside her filling her again. She still feels his teeth in her shoulder and with a quick look down she sees blood dripping down her left breast...the sight both arousing and disgusting her. His mouth eases the bite of her shoulder and releases his teeth. He then takes his hands and places them at her waist and begins to bounce her up and down on his cock.

Hard and fast he moves her, but then he soon realizes that she is doing the work...not him...her feet planted flat on the bed on each side of his lap. She uses her feet to squat over him...to fuck him. She brings her hands down to settle on his thighs for balance. She bounces up and down on the hardest, largest cock she has ever encountered.

His body tenses up and he feels himself change. Sex always charged his species, made them stronger. His cock becomes larger, harder and throbs inside her. His muscles twitch as they elongate and transform. The hair on his body seemed to appear darker, more prominent. His eyes a bright yellow...the wolf demanded to come out. Unable to resist further, he lets it. Soon where there was a man, there lays a werewolf in full form. Dark, furry, strong and sinister. She doesn't notice this change in him, as her mind was hell-bent on fucking him hard. Her eyes closed with the arousal and pleasure she is feeling.

He stretches out under her while she rides him hard. He looks up to see her in the throes of orgasm...her head back, nipples hard, her skin glistening with sweat. Her pussy tightens around his cock and he feels her cum again. She screams out as he buries himself deeper into her. The beast growls in satisfaction. He pulls her off of his cock and tosses her to the bed again.

She looks up in shock to see the werewolf. She screams in terror as the beast pins her to the bed. His heavy body atop hers he plunges into her hard. His cock tears at her pussy, and she bleeds from the pleasure wound. He thrusts hard into her creating the room his cock needs, stretching her to no end. She continues to whine and cry as the beast pleasures itself. Claws grab at her breasts. Teeth sink into the fleshy underside of her right breast.

"This isn't happening, this isn't happening!" she repeats over and over in her head. She looks up again at the muzzle of the wolf. Fangs drip with a mixture of her blood and his saliva. Seeing no way to fight back, she surrenders fully to the mercy of the beast. With tears of pain and pleasure in her blue eyes, she reaches up with one hand to stroke the wolf's course fur along his neck. He tilts his head to the side at her gesture. Such a soft touch, it throws his mind into a tizzy.

He had raped human females before, but this one was different. She almost seemed to allow his actions. Before he could react, she was moving under him seductively. She wanted him and he knew that. Her scent was strong in his nostrils sending him over the edge and he howled...long and low..."Arrrrrrrooooooooo." He lowered his muzzle to nuzzle her neck while he slowed his thrusts. He felt his orgasm approach. His cock is at its full length inside her. She gasps in pain/pleasure at her filled pussy.

She lifted her legs painfully to wrap them around the beast's waist feeling all of him inside. Her insides felt like they were being torn out, but ohhhhh the orgasm it created. She closes her eyes and reaches up to him. Arms encircle his neck and she pulls herself up to sit in his lap. Her cheek brushes his muzzle....

He wraps his long arms around her and holds her to him. His mind is racing, torn between his human side and the wolf. The wolf wants to take her hard, the man wants the love she offers. She presses her hips to him and grinds herself to him. Her head resting on the fur of his shoulder. He runs his clawed fingers down her back slow...she arches against him from the pain "Uhhhhhh." The wolf does not want this affection and tosses her down to the bed again.

He flips her over and pulls her to her knees once more. She whimpers still from the pain and fear flowing through her body. With her body shaking from exhaustion, she glances back over her shoulder to see the wolf lick his muzzle with his long tongue. A low growl is heard as he takes one arm and wraps it around the front of her thighs holding her in place.

Sweeping his tongue across her pussy lips the growl is louder as he tastes her. She shudders from his hot, wet tongue. He licks her slow, pausing here and there to cover her pussy completely with his tongue. It slips into her to feel the tight, wetness of her. Her knees almost give way as she feels his tongue enter her...thick and hot. "I'm going to pass out. I know it." her mind blurry with the thought. Again he strokes her with his tongue then nibbles on her clit sending shocks of pleasure through her entire body.

He sits up to mount her again thrusting hard and long. She locks her elbows to withstand the impact of his cock pounding into her. She can feel his thick cock throb and she knows he is near to orgasm. Clawed hands grab her waist and his thrusts come faster. He lifts his head and howling in triumph as he expels himself into her bruised and wounded body.

She feels a rush of heated liquid throughout her belly. Her own voice mingles with the wolf screaming as she cums...hard, long, and throbbing. The wolf, tired from his claiming of her, sinks to the bed behind her. His cock still remains inside the warmth of her pulsing pussy. He reaches for her shoulders to pull her onto his lap. Wrapping his arms around her to hold her close, he feels his body change once again.

Her head was jumbled with emotions she shakes her head with confusion as she sits on him. The arms around her were human and she turns her head to see the man behind her. "We will have to stay joined for awhile, until I am finished," he whispers in her ear, giving her a small lick and kiss on her neck. He rocks her back and forth on his lap to both complete his orgasm and to calm her.

The soft body in his arms relaxes and leans into his chest and together they sit in the dark to listen to the thunderstorm raging outside her bedroom window. Her head slumps forward as her body gives in to its exhaustion. He gently lays them both on the bed without removing himself from her. Spooning up behind her, he licks one of her wounds to help heal it. He watches her face as she sleeps snuggled in his arms, and smiles.

He watches her as she sleeps and her face is still flushed from their encounter. Her body twitches slightly in his arms and he knows she is dreaming. They all do after a night with him. The dreams range from nightmares to exotic...he pauses to watch her face again. "I wonder what kind of dream she's having?" he leans to lick another of her wounds. Her back arches against him at the feel of his tongue and he feels her thighs clench. He grins as his question is answered, "Ahhh...exotic dream." he snickers.

The dreams are swirling around in her head...she sees a wolf coming towards her with teeth bared. She looks around her and finds her surroundings unfamiliar..she's lost with nowhere to go. The wolf comes closer slowly, and as he comes into better view he morphs to a man. His arms are held out to her welcoming her to him. It was him...the man who took her. She tilts her head with questions in her eyes..then runs to his outstretched arms. He encloses her into his embrace and one hand moves up to slip her sleeve of her blouse off to expose the skin of her shoulder.

"Do you want this?" he whispers softly against her neck. His lips brush her bared shoulder. "You'll be forever changed, and there is no going back." She whimpers and then holds her breath as she nods. "You've already made me yours...complete it. Just tell me what to do." He looks her in the eyes "You will know...." and in an instant his fangs appear. Without warning he sinks his teeth into the flesh of her shoulder. "Uhhhhhhh.." her head leans back as the pain hits her. As sudden as the pain came, it left and was replaced with the feeling of ecstasy.

He was right; she did know what to do. She felt her own canine teeth lengthen and she bit his shoulder in return. Their blood and life forces mingle to become one, their heartbeats begin to beat in unison. She felt what he felt, the pleasure and need running through him.

He watched her closely as she jerked awake. He adjusted her and pulled his cock out of her warmth. She looked up to him smiling, and then reached for him. She kissed him passionately and in an instant he was hard again. She wanted him, all of him and she pushed him onto his back. She straddled his thighs and took his cock in her hands. Her eyes were dark with desire; all he could do was watch her. His hands rest on her thighs and he nods. She lowers he head to take his cock into her mouth and sucks her cheeks in hard. He moans loudly as her warm, wet mouth takes him in.

As she suckled his cock it lengthens and becomes thicker. He can feel her pussy getting hot and wet on his thighs. In one sweep he lifts her and impales her on his shaft. She grins down at him rocking on him, her hips grinding down against his body. Stretching her torso over his, she licks his neck...then looks back at him smiling wide. He grins in return as he sees her fangs....then he knew he was no longer alone.

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