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After hours of tracking the sent he found the source. She had to have been on the move, someone would have beaten him there if she were simply asleep this whole time.

The sent grabbed his attention first back by the river. Faint, delicate, teasing; Sniffing the air, his spine tingled as was his forefront. Another was around, she was ready, and so was he. It came from across the river from where he stood, to new territory. Checking the grass, leaves and sent of the area he examined if it was claimed by anyone. Only her, she who had been near there not so long ago and was his for the taking. He took off. Flying over boulders, fallen trees, slower creatures, he had the sent and followed it up the hillside, across a meadow into deeper forests. Pausing in the brush briefly losing the sent when the wind blew.

Crouching, wanting to keep the breeze from picking up his sent, he wanted no forewarning to alert his prey. She shifted, the sent was stronger, he was close. Heart pounding, breath heavy, he slowed his pace for the sent was potent now.

Keeping mindful of his motions, he stayed light on his feet and slowed his breathing. Quiet now. He listened. Nothing. Was she watching? Did she catch his sent? Twisting & turning, looking in all angles signs of eyes watching him. Nothing.

Then it came, like sweet water to a thirsty man's soul, a sigh. Just enough for the predator to zone in. A guide of broken tracks leading from an off direction from where he came. They lead him to a rocky cliff side, not too high but far enough he could break something. Just below the ledge where he stood was another ledge, spacious with a beautiful treasure nestled in the center, asleep.

Beautiful, with long dark hair and a firmly shaped body. She was by herself. She was prime for producing. Was she already marked? He sniffed around, no other scent, just her intoxicating perfume. He went in.

Crouching down he took the non invasive approach, from below. He wanted to see if the woman was willing to mate before forcing himself onto her. He had watched his seniors demonstrate how to take a woman; the biting, the scratching & kicking. More often than not the wounds they inflicted caused more harm than it was worth. Including when many of the seniors found themselves ill.

On his search for his own territory he discovered another of his kind approaching a woman, but this was different. This other was not jumping from behind, he was kneeling. The woman was slightly curious herself as this was different behavior. She approached him and came to arms length. She jumped as the other reached out his arm, and didn't grab her. Instead he left his hand open, waiting. She took his hand and pulled her towards him. She was now inches in front of him, his member firmly pointing up.

This was it, the hunter assumed, he's going to take her. The hunter almost left had he not seen the smile on the man's face as he put out his tongue placing it on the front of the woman's body. She made a giggle, with her face smiling, her eyes twinkling. The man then took his tongue and lowered his face down her body until he reached between where her legs met.

Her face changed. The smile melted away and her eyes closed. She looked asleep if it wasn't for the noise she was making; moaning & groaning. The hunter watched as she grabbed the man, surely she was going to scratch now. No... she pulled the man's head forward and raised a leg around his shoulder. She was enjoying this! She wanted more. She wanted him.

The hunter, continued watching as the other commenced to lick the woman until there was fluid dripping down her legs. She let out a loud scream and fell to the ground. The other mounted and continued to thrust into her. No biting, no clawing, no wounds and no blood.

He intended to use that approach on this woman now. No biting, no clawing, no wounds, no blood. But how? Her legs were together on top of each other as she was resting on her side. Perhaps if he could get to her before she woke up. He put his hand upon her knee and tried to push, nothing. Then he put his fingers on her hip and pushed, she tilted. He jumped when she rolled completely on her back.

A sigh of relief. Resuming his approach he took her knee and slid it further from the other. Now the hunter had a clear view & direct approach to what he had come for. The smell was engulfing, his body wanted to go inside her. But he knew that would have to wait. He got closer, his nose was filled with her; the folds of her body beckoned him. Closer, he reached his tongue out and placed it right on her petals, it was warm. With the tip of his tongue he began to lick, the smell caused his member to harden, the taste caused his mouth to water. Noise began to come out of his prey, her breathing louder, deeper.

He was right, this was the way to do it. He continued licking, getting slippery he took a piece and sucked the fold. The moaning grew louder she was moving, twisting. Again he took the other side and sucked. Her moaning became a groan and hips moved upwards. He wanted to put something inside of her, he reached up and placed a finger in her.

She sat up. Their eyes met. Her mouth opened, he pushed further she moaned. Her eyes rolled back. He pulled his finger out and licked more, now using his whole tongue. Going around, up & down and inside her. Another groan came. Her chest raised, she pushed forward, he placed his fingers back into her, back and forth. Was she ready?

Her hips twitched. He had to make the liquid come out of her, just to be sure. He watched as he pushed & pulled his fingers in & out of her and found that her fold met at the top around a little curl of a rosebud. It was placed where he could lick and have his fingers move in & out of her. He placed his tongue on it. Her thighs tightened, the opening closed on his fingers and her chest came forward. He sucked it. She screamed as the fluid began to coat his fingers, he sucked harder. She screamed louder. He sucked, fluid poured down his hand.

She laid down twitching from her shoulders down. She was ready.

He placed his hands on each leg and spread them apart. His member ached he placed it at her entrance, feeling the warmth emanating from the opening. He pushed. She moaned. Her heat wrapped around him, soft, slick, he couldn't restrain himself, he thrust in her pumping.

He remembered how he made her body jump & convulse around his fingers and wanted that again. He put his thumb on her spot and pressed. She shot up, her hips tightened, legs pressed around his hips. He rubbed some more, her chest flew up, he placed his mouth on her breasts, with his tongue directly upon her nipple. Her screams echoed through the forest. Her insides clamped around his member tightening the grip as his thrusts went faster. In, out, faster, harder he lost control, he kept sucking on her nipple, he placed both hands on her hips, plunging himself in and out. Harder and harder until he let go, making one last thrust inside, pressing his hips to hers, holding her pinned against the ground he spilled into her.

He did it, he mated with the female of his species.

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