AnimeCon Harem Pt. 02


"Truth or dare?" Stephanie echoed, as the trio seemed to pause to consider for a moment. "I've, ah, I've never played truth or dare..."

"Gee, really? What a surprise," Kelly snorted. "Well, with me and Brian here it's like, a perfect time for you to have your first game."

"I dunno, truth or dare would be even less fair." Brian said, looking conflicted. "It's not supposed to be competitive in that way. You can just... dare something really out there and obnoxious so that you can win. 'Bang on the door of another hotel room,' or 'strip naked,' or 'lick your phone battery.' "

"Hey, not all of those are that bad," Kelly defended playfully.

"All of those are, in fact, bad," Stephanie refuted, turning pale. "W-we could vote on the dares? If it's--"

"Yeah okay, li'l miss democracy," Kelly rolled her eyes. "Voting'll just fix everything in your book, huh? Don't go trying to mediate for us if you don't even have your own opinion to stand by, it doesn't--"

"Don't say that to her," Brian admonished. "Go on, Steph."

"N-no, it's just, ah, well, with three of us there can be no ties in a vote. If a dare between two players is too unfai--, uh, too unreasonable, the third player can be impartial, or at least, can be the deciding vote to reject or allow the dare."

"That makes sense," Brian said, nodding. "I guess we could do that..."

"Okay, we can definitely do that," Kelly agreed, brightening. "I've got this app on my phone that gives random truth or dares. There's even some sexy ones mixed in, but I mean, you could get anything, so it's fair that way. How 'bout it? Steph and I both wanna play, you're not gonna sulk off by yourself in the corner now, are ya?"

"Well..." he glanced at the clock on the nightstand thoughtfully. It was just after eleven o'clock. Hell, why not? "Alright, fine, I'll play 'til around... midnight or so. If no one's won by then, I'm passing out over there on the floor. But on one condition."

"What's the condition?" Kelly pouted.

"We don't use some random question app," Brian said. "Truth or dare's a personal game... kinda like a psychological battle. You have to be able to read your opponent, know what you can convince them to do or reveal, and also what pushes too far. You've gotta find these perfect questions, and then have the guts to ask them, 'cause what you ask and dare also reveals a lot about you, you're putting your desires out there in the open."

In actuality, Brian had played frequently with his friends from high school. They had pitted the authority of peer pressure against each other to test their individual inhibitions and tolerance for social humiliation. They learned a lot about each other and even more about themselves through these games; Brian found himself on the conservative side, less willing to put other players in embarrassing situations. Emily, on the other hand, had discovered within herself an enormous capacity for dares, but found herself absolutely terrified by truth questions.

"You've played before, I see," Kelly remarked, returning her phone to the charger. "Guess that settles that. A lot of the random questions were lame anyways. Well then, we all ready to play? Do we all know the stakes?"

"I'm ready," Brian answered. "If I win, you girls are sleeping on the bed, and I'll take the floor."

"Sounds more like a loss to me," Kelly said, smirking. "If I win, we'll all squeeze into bed together, in a big sexy tangle. Steph?"

"Uhm," Stephanie started, looking apprehensive. "Th-that is, both of us on the floor, and Brian on the bed. He shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable sleeping b-beside--ah, because of us. Since it's his room, that's was, uh, that's what's fair."

"Right, 'fair', huh. So at the very least I just gotta make sure you don't win, 'cause that puts me on the floor," Kelly observed dryly, standing so that she could turn the chair to face the bed. "Okay, let's go then, we've only got an hour 'till midnight. Clockwise okay? Sit up on the bed with Brian, Stephanie. Who's goin' first?"

"Well, truth or dare?" Brian asked suddenly, regarding Kelly with a grim smile.

"Dare," Kelly shot back, raising her chin defiantly.

"I dare you... to remove... one article of clothing," he said dramatically.

"Hah!" Kelly laughed, amusement evident in her voice. She abruptly yanked one of her short socks off and pitched it against Brian's chest.

"Just like you said, the questions reveal everything 'bout the asker," Kelly said, her voice dropping to a sultry whisper. She proudly put her now bare foot up between his legs on the edge of the bed where he was sitting, and wriggled her toes a tantalizing inch away from his groin. "You want my clothes off. You want to see me naked. Some psychological battle this is, I've got you all figured out right from turn one."

"If I wanted to see you naked, then I would've just dared you to take everything off," Brian countered, rolling his eyes. "It was a probing question, I was even more interested in seeing what you'd do when given the choice. You try to seem all wild and daring, but when it came down to it, you played it safe and took off a sock."

"Oh-ho? Or maybe you really just didn't have the guts to ask me to totally strip. Guess we'll see how brave you really are when your turn comes around, though," Kelly declared, fearlessly nestling her bare foot deeper into his lap before turning towards Stephanie. "Truth or dare, little girl!"

"Uh!" Stephanie breathed, tensing up. "Um, uh, Truth? T-truth?"

"Playing it safe?" Kelly frowned. "This really is harder without an app givin' you the questions, huh?" She seemed caught off guard, and narrowed her eyes as she tried to decide on the best question to pose the shy cutie. She tapped her toes against Brian's thigh, looking distracted.

"Well, don't take forever, either," Brian said, shifting himself uneasily back out from beneath her foot. "Just ask whatever."

She took a long moment, impatiently working her toes against Brian's pant leg and furrowing her brow in thought before she finally lit up, a devious smile spreading across her features.

"Okay, I've got it! Would you ever want to make out with a girl, or are you like, completely dead-set against the idea?" Kelly asked, giving the other girl a coy smile.

Gee, wonder what her dare would've been? Brian thought.

"Uhh, that is, uhm," Stephanie managed, taken aback by the question. "I've never, I never thought about--"

"Well, now I'm asking," Kelly insisted, arching an eyebrow. "So you've gotta think it through and answer."

"I don't think I'm completely against the idea," Stephanie answered hesitantly, flicking her eyes from Brian to Kelly. "But I wouldn't say th--"

"All we needed to know," Kelly interrupted, her voice cool and unreadable. She wet her lip with her tongue and rubbed her lips against each other, smiling at the girl. "Your turn to ask Brian, then."

Maybe she really is into Stephanie. It's hard to tell if there's actual attraction or if Kelly just flirts with everyone.

"Okay. Truth or dare?" Stephanie asked Brian, a little more enthusiasm evident in her voice.

"Dare," he said, not having to think about it too much. Since Stephanie was so shy, he trusted she wasn't as likely to go overboard in whatever she asked him to do.

"You, um, one piece, a-a piece of clothing. You have to remove one piece of clothing. I mean, I dare you to," she said, an expectant grin flashing briefly across her face. "Like you had Kelly do."

"Not you too," Kelly complained, letting her head fall back against the top of the easy chair in exasperation. "You guys can go a li'l bit bigger with the dares, you know? You don't gotta stop at one piece of clothing. Dare him to motorboat you, or suckle your toes... or have him whip his dick out and jack it for us. Whatever you're into. You can ask for anything, you know?"

"N-no," Stephanie shaking her head as her face flushed red. "Just, ah, just one piece of clothing right now, thank you."

"The shirt it is, then. You've got the right idea, Steph," Brian said, shrugging free of the leather shoulder holster he'd been wearing. "Kelly's that impatient kinda girl, who'll gamble too big and end up losing out. Emily used to be the same way."

"The hell's that supposed to mean?" Kelly exclaimed in mock indignation. "You're only losing out if you're not getting what you want out of the game. I can dare as big as I want."

"No, you can't," Brian smiled. "'Cause when we see you go all crazy with your dares, we'll always pick truth and not give you any chance."

"What? You can't do that every time, that's cheating," Kelly griped. "Right?"

Stephanie watched the exchange with bemused interest, saying nothing.

"You really have no sense of caution," Brian sighed, unfastening the remaining buttons on his dress shirt. "When you dare, it's not this free pass to get whatever you want. When you go too far, you squander our trust and lose out on chances to keep daring, keep enjoying that power aspect of the game."

"Yeah, pardon me for not accepting truth or dare as some profound psychological game," Kelly said, her voice laced with sarcasm. "Here I've thought all this time it was a drinking game for pressuring friends into making jackasses of themselves, seeing titties, making out with strangers..."

"Hey now, what happened to it being a fun way to get to know each other?" Brian asked playfully, pulling his shirt open and sliding it off his shoulders.

Kelly and Stephanie were both staring at him, fixated. After a moment he glanced down, wondering if they were noticing something he hadn't. Back in high school, he'd been fairly scrawny and would've been nervous taking off his shirt in front of girls, but a few years of eating well and running in the mornings had done wonders for his constitution and confidence. He'd always had almost no body fat, and nowadays, considered himself in decent shape as well.

Brian revealed a body that, while not huge and brawny, was definitely toned and defined. He didn't have the massive bulk of a body-builder, his abs and chest weren't exactly chiseled slabs of exaggerated muscle, and he would never consider himself athletic. However, his daily morning jogs had exquisitely carved any scrap of excess from his body. Even Chloe, who had become notoriously stingy in handing out compliments, had expressed grudging enthusiasm for his abdominal lines, those distinct v-shaped lines of pelvic muscle that disappeared down into his pants.

Stephanie and Kelly remained captivated at the sight, staring unguardedly at him with dazed eyes, their lips parted, speechless. Feeling self-conscious now beneath the weight of their continued stares, Brian turned and shot Kelly an expectant look.


"...Uh-huh?" she asked, sounding distracted.

"Thought for sure you were gonna have something to say, some snide, unimpressed comment or sarcastic remark or... something," he said. Are both of them making fun at me here? They somehow got their joke reaction all synced up together without saying anything?

"No, I... uh, look, I got nothin'," Kelly replied, seeming mesmerized by the sight of his bare chest.

"Really? I mean, I'm pretty pale," he suggested, feeling increasingly awkward at their strange, focused attention.

"No! No, you're, uh..." Kelly began, blinking.

"It is-isn't that, you're um, you're not..." Stephanie interjected before falling silent in embarrassment.

"Yeah, you're not pale at all," Kelly continued, swallowing and absentmindedly reaching towards him. "See, uh... look how much lighter I am than you."

"Not pale at all," Stephanie agreed breathlessly.

"Thanks, I think," he said, slipping the leather shoulder-holster rig back on over his bare skin. The pair of girls gave him confused looks.

"What're you doing?" Kelly asked.

"I picked the shirt, the holster counts separately, right? I don't have to keep it off," he answered innocently. "The dare was for just one piece of clothing. But I mean, I can ditch the holster instead if you want though, and put the shirt back on?"

"No no," Stephanie blurted.

"Nope," Kelly decided. "You look like... I dunno, some undercover cop. Like, something from the cover of a sleazy romance novel."

"Gee, thanks," Brian said, rolling his eyes.

"No, s'kinda hot, right?" Kelly said distantly. "Right, Steph? It looks good."

"It, uh... yeah, he... um, do you think, maybe, I could take a picture?" Stephanie squeaked, crawling across the covers and bouncing off the edge of the bed towards her phone on the dresser.

"You guys are making fun of me now," Brian laughed. "Sure, do I get to take photos of you guys when you're doing your dares?"

"Th-that's fine," Stephanie agreed meekly, only hesitating for a moment. "Probably." Her phone played its camera shutter sound effect. Several times, in fact.

"Who's next? Am I asking you again?" Brian said, turning towards Kelly. "That was a full circle around... uh, our little triangle. A full triangle around?"

"Then we'll go the other way, counterclockwise," Kelly instructed. "That way everyone asks everyone."

"Hah, alright," Brian said, turning back towards Stephanie. The pink-and-blonde-haired girl was partially hiding behind her phone as she grinned to herself at the picture she'd taken. I must really look like a doofus in that shot if she thinks it's that funny. "Truth or dare, Stephanie?"

"A piece of clothing!" Kelly suggested. "It's totally her turn to lose something now."

"Hmm..." Brian said, considering the options at his disposal as he looked at the nervously smiling girl. Stephanie squirmed beneath their attention, setting aside her phone.

"Tr-truth, then," Stephanie blushed. She was, after all, only wearing an oversized shirt and her pajama pants.

"Okay, I've got an easy one for you, just something I want to know," Brian assured her. "What happened tonight? Kelly mentioned over the phone that you lost your room somehow?"

"I, uh, well yeah," Stephanie said, her smile surging forth again. "After I was with you today, I, ah, couldn't find Megan again. I looked for her all day, b-but, the convention's just too big."

"That's awful," Brian said honestly, "She had your room key? Did you have some way of contacting her? If I'd known you weren't gonna be able to find her, I'd have had you stick with me."

"Y-yeah?" Stephanie asked, brightening. "I would've loved, uh, I mean, that would have, would've been great. I did, though. I had my own key, and I did find her... eventually. She was in our hotel room when I got back there, it just... well, sh-she..." Stephanie rambled, cupping a hand over her mouth as she recalled what had happened. "Con funk. She, uh, it was con funk. I-I couldn't bear to tell her. But, it was bad. It was so bad. It was the worst."

"Super gross," Kelly muttered, shuddering.

"That's awful," Brian said. "Geez, I'm sorry, Stephanie. Here I am taking off my shirt in front of you when I haven't showered since this morning. I'm sure I'm starting to smell, too--"

"No! No no, it's nothing alike, nothing like, she was bad, b-but you, I want to sm--uh, you're fine, it's all... it's fine. We're all calm and everything's fine. You don't smell bad at all." Stephanie sputtered, drawing a little closer to him as if to emphasize her point.

"So long as you're sure," Brian said carefully, feeling even more anxious than when he'd taken off his shirt. "Then, I'm satisfied. Your turn to ask Kelly, and then we'll have finished a full round, I guess."

"I do think you're forgetting a turn where I get to ask you somewhere," Kelly reminded him. "Then the round's over. You asked me first, remember?"

"Ah, right. Good thing you remembered, or we'd have missed it," Brian teased.

"...I doubt that."

"Truth or dare, then...?" Stephanie asked Kelly.

"Dare, of course," Kelly replied, displaying a wicked grin. Is she just gonna pick dare all night?

"Uhm," Stephanie began, clearing her throat. "I dare you to take off another piece of clothing."

"Well, that's interesting," Kelly laughed, leaning forward. "Is our little Stephanie curious about what I look like under my clothes? Wonder what the psychology is behind her asking that, huh? Or does she think this is what you want to see?"

Neither, Brian guessed. My first dare probably set the acceptable standard for Stephanie, and she's scared of breaking new ground with her own question. This is fine, though. Losing a piece of clothing or two every round adds up.

"Well, how 'bout it, Steph? You want the very shirt off of my back? I warn you, though, I've got nothin' on underneath," Kelly said, and she traced her fingertips down her frame, across the curvature of her own breasts. "Do you want my jeans?"

She hooked her thumbs into the tiny front pockets of her pants and gave them a slight tug. Her faded black skinny-jeans were tight, barely able to budge. "Or... do you want my boring ol' other sock? I was wearing it most of the day, but that's okay. This foot hasn't even been in Brian's junk yet," Kelly said, lifting her leg as if to fix that right away.

"You've gotta choose it yourself, Kelly. S'part of the dare," Brian said, catching her foot with both hands. "So what'll it be?"

"I choose the sock, then. Like hell I'm gonna give either of you a show yet, not after just giving me lame little boring dares like those. In fact, since you've already got me in your hands here, why don't you take it off for me?" Kelly purred.

"Sure," Brian said eagerly. "I'll count it as your dare for me, if that's what you want to waste your turn on..."

"Hey, I don't think so," Kelly exclaimed in mock indignation, retracting her foot of his grasp with a yank and pulling her knee up to her chest. She unceremoniously tugged the remaining ankle-sock off herself and lobbed it half-heartedly in Stephanie's direction. "Truth or dare, Brian?"


"I dare you to pleasure me," Kelly declared, a triumphant look appearing on her face.

"You what?" Brian asked, eyes widening. "That's a little bit much, isn't it? Right, Stephanie? ...Isn't that going too far for a dare?"


"No, it's not," Kelly said, blowing her bangs up out of her eyes with a puff of her lip. "I'm not demanding you tongue-fuck me right here and now. Although... you can, sure. I'm daring you to make me feel good. How you choose to make me feel good, that's up to you." She was leaning forward provocatively again, and the low cut of her top afforded a compelling view of her cleavage in the light of the hotel room's lamp.

"A psychological thing, huh? To see what I'll do, given the choice?" Brian asked dryly.

"Uh-huh. Decided on it right away when you got all high and mighty with the psychological bullshit," Kelly answered in a smug tone.

"Naturally," Brian said, smiling bitterly. "Well, alright then. Anything counts so long as it feels good for you, right?"

"I wouldn't say anything counts. There's feeling good and then there's pleasure. I'm not gonna give you any clues, but I think all of us know there's a clear difference." Kelly said, before casting a sidelong glance at Stephanie. "Well, okay, maybe not all of us."

"Alright then," Brian agreed, still not perturbed. "Sit here on the edge, right in front of me."

Taking a moment to gauge Brian's seriousness with a cool glance, Kelly gave him a wide, expectant smile and complied, shifting out of the easy chair across from him and onto the corner of the bed, fitting the curves of her butt snugly into the space between his legs.

"Oh c'mon," Kelly scowled as she realized his plan. "Don't tell me you think just a backrub is gonna--"

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