tagLoving WivesAnita's Birthday Ch. 02

Anita's Birthday Ch. 02


This is a better read if you've read the first chapter so you have the background. I write personalized erotic stories and this was one of the request stories, this is part 2 of 3, enjoy.


You walk into the living room and there is applause and whistles, you hear multiple comments about how pretty you are, how amazing you look, one guy who you can see is already very excited says, "holy shit she's perfect."

You walk up to each guy and introduce yourself, they do the same with a hug and a sweet, sexy kiss. Every single guy presses against you as they kiss you, seven men, all thoroughly excited to have you in the room. We lead you over to the table and there is a cake in the shape of a face, little drops of cream running over the mouth. We sing happy birthday to you, there are a pile of cards on the table. You start to open them, a card from each guy, sweet cards wishing you happy birthday, each one containing a certificate showing that each man is STD free and HIV negative. You look a little confused, your husband leans over your shoulder and says, "everyone is clean, you get nothing but skin against skin tonight."

A little shudder runs through your body because you can feel how hard your husband is against your ass, he's as turned as you are.

Everyone is eating cake and drinking, paying complete attention to you, you can't get over all of these sets of eyes devouring you, the hungry looks, the bulges in their pants. Finally, people start to make their way into the living room and your husband asks, "are you ready?"

You say ok but I can see you actually trembling. I come over and give you a hug, "are you ok?"

"I'm so excited I think I'm going to cum."

I give you nice tight hug, press up against you and you have a small orgasm. "Wow, you're amazing" I give you a little kiss and lead you into the living room, you see your husband grinning and filming from the corner. The men are spread around the room, I lead you to the center and ask you to relax for a second as I put a blindfold across your eyes, "don't worry, just for a minute."

After you are blindfold you can feel that the men are gathering around you, you can hear and feel their breathing and even just from that sense their absolute excitement.

"Do you want us?"

"Yes," you whisper and suddenly you feel lips on the side of your neck, under your hair on the back of your neck, lips on your shoulders as hands slide around your ass and breasts, hands start to find their way under your skirt running across you soaking wet pussy, you twist around until you find a mouth and begin to kiss and are turned in another direction as another tongue finds its way into your mouth. You've lost track of how many places you are being touched, kissed, licked, you explode, you cum so hard you faint, falling back for a second into so many arms. They hold you, continuing to kiss you lightly as you recover.

Bit by bit there are fewer bodies touching you until you are alone, breathing heavy, you feel some one taking the blindfold off. You look around and realize everyone is naked now. You take in the view, cocks of all different lengths and thickness, all at attention, all straining to get at you. A little grin comes across your face, I walk you over to the coffee table and ask you to bend over and put your hands on the table, it's time for your birthday spanking. I crack your ass with my hand as you bend over, just hard enough to sting, but not so hard that it lingers, in turn, one by one each man comes over, rubs your ass to soothe it, gives it a little kiss and cracks your ass. Seven little stings, seven little kisses, we all sing happy birthday to you again as we stroke our cocks staring at you, you reciprocate by touching yourself as well.

You look around, men sitting, standing, all excitedly looking at you, you decide to go clockwise and walk over to the left side of the room to the first man standing, you kiss him softly and drop to your knees and start to suck him, nice and slow, increasing your speed you feel him tense up and grab your head and you stop, looking up smiling, "not yet."

You lean over to the next guy who's sitting down, stroking and sucking him as he tells you how incredible your mouth feels on his cock, he tells you how beautiful you are. You are starting to hear the mumbling and comments from the other guys,

"Look how perfect her ass is."

"Oh my god I want to fuck her."

The comments, the smell, the taste of another new cock in your mouth is driving you crazy, you hungrily grab the fourth and devour it, driving down deep and fast and you know he's gonna blow, but you want some cum, he grabs your head and forces you even deeper, you pull up a little as he explodes so you can taste every drop of him as he fills your mouth. You lean back and smile, open your mouth to show him, and then you close your mouth lean back and swallow loudly. There is an audible gasp across the room, you can feel the energy, I sit there amazed that with all of the tension in this room that we haven't gang raped you.

You get up and are completely sultry as you stroll over to the fifth cock and kneel before him, he's huge, the biggest in the room, he's so thick its hard to take much of him into your mouth, but you do and stroke him with your mouth for a couple minutes, playing with his head and kissing it as you move on to number six. Hmmmm, number 6, I've never been called that before. You tease me mercilessly as I had done to you earlier. Running your tongue around my balls, up the base of my shaft, your face buried in my lap as you suck my thighs and slide your tongue under my balls to my ass. You know that you are driving me crazy because you hear me begging you to suck me, you look up and say you want it, take it and I grab you by the hair and drive your perfect mouth down my shaft, you start to hum and I have to pull you back off to keep from cumming, just for a second, and you dive back down sucking me, my hands falling down to stroke your breasts as you continue to suck me.

You pull back, last but not least you say with a grin as you crawl over on all fours to suck the final cock. He's sitting down and his thin but very long cock is completely at attention. You rise up without even touching him with your hands and swallow him completely, you hear groans and growls of appreciation from across the room. You pump him with your mouth and he pulls you off, it feels too good he says, panting and straining to keep from cumming all over you.

I walk over and take your hand," this way princess."

As you stand up I can tell how excite you are, you hug me and say thank you and kiss me. It's all I can do to keep from throwing you down on the floor right there.

I whisper in your ear, "I know how much of a perfectionist you are so we're going to take you one at a time until we're all ready to cum."

Over on the couch the first guy is sitting, I lead you over and you crawl on his lap, slide down on his cock and he thrusts himself inside you, your head comes back and I kiss you and say have fun. You are riding him, he's so turned on he's fucking you like a jack hammer, as turned on as you are by sucking so many cocks you explode all over him. He stops, panting and you slide off realizing he's on the edge and walk over to number 2 in a chair and climb on top.

He takes you nice and slow, letting you slide up and down and grind around on his cock touching all of those little places inside. After a couple of minutes the pace starts to pick up and you realize it's time to move on to number three who spins you around and bends you over the side of the couch, pushes in side you and grabs your arms back behind your back and starts slowly, and then faster, and then finally hammering you from behind. He's so damn excited it sets you off and you have a small orgasm, he collapses on your back kissing you, pumping you slowly and then pulls out.

You realize the couch is empty and number four, the really long thin cock, sweetly leads you over and lays you down on your back, gingerly climbs on top of you and slowly slides into you, he's so long and so deep that you gasp when he buries himself inside you hitting the back of your pussy, happily he goes gentle and slow and feels so good but he's going to blow so he stops.

Number 5, comes over and turns you to your hands and knees and takes you doggy style. He starts slow and speeds up getting you completely worked up and at the edge and stops, waits, starts again slowly and speeds up again, working his cock in a circle, you start to pant and just as you are about to explode he stops again. This is driving you crazy, you can't wait to be covered in cum but damn it, it would be nice to have someone finish you off. He starts again, his control is impressive as you takes up to the edge again and this time he keeps going, takes you over the top lets you explode, you scream and gasp all at the same time, your eyes rolling back as he goes even faster, your screaming, its so hot we all stop touching ourselves so we don't blow. He stops, pulls out quickly, groaning and walks away, you fall on your stomach spent.

Number 6, me again I pull you up slowly and have you sit on my lap and slide you down on my incredibly stiff cock. You are so unbelievably pretty, we kiss as you slowly grind around on my lap, bending my cock in circles inside you. You are so wet that your juices have soaked my lap, I whisper "happy birthday," as I kiss on your neck and start to pump myself deep inside of you, "do you like it?"

"I love it"

We fuck slow and deep for another couple of minutes. You realize someone has set down on the couch next to us and I smile as you say, "next."

You look over to see its the big boy and you slide off of me and move over to him.

You climb on his lap and as you are about to take his head inside you, he turns you and faces you out to the room. Slowly you take him inside you, he's huge and stretching you, if you weren't so wet you'd never be able to do this. Finally the tension of your pussy holds you in place even with all of your weight on him, it gives way suddenly and he's deep inside you. You let out a little yelp and can see how much watching you is turning everyone on.

He holds you on his lap as some of the men move the coffee table away and lay down some cushions and towels on the floor in the middle of the room. A man sits down on either side of you and start to touch you, fondling your breast and rubbing your clit, kissing and sucking at you. Another comes up between your legs and rubs his cock on your clit and you start to be slowly fucked by the huge cock inside you. The pleasure is incredible, you close your eyes and give yourself over cumming hard, you realize men are switching places, new ones coming to sit next you as others get up, so many sets of hands and mouths and cocks rubbing your against your breast and stomach and clit, someone bends you forward and you suck a cock while hands rub your clit and you get pumped from below, you cum again.

Finally, you can feel the big man in front of you picking you up and pushing you down, driving the huge cock even deeper inside of you, another man is standing on the couch next to you and puts his cock in your mouth. You have one cock inside you, another in your mouth, a third man is bouncing you up and down, and a fourth is sucking your breast and rubbing your clit, you can't take it anymore and are about to ask them to stop, it's too much, when it all starts to slow down. You lay back and I come over and take your hands.

"Are you ready? "

You look worn out barely able to speak, I lead you over and lay you down on the cushions and the towels. The really tentative guy comes over and kneels down over you and slips his cock in your mouth, he starts pumping your mouth furiously, he's panting.

"I saved this all week for you."

He pulls out and back and jerks himself all over your breasts. He wasn't kidding, it's a hug load of cum that seems to keep coming and coming, covering your breasts in white. He steps off as the hyper guy enters your pussy pumping you as furiously face to face as he did from behind you, he groans and pulls out exploding all over your stomach.

Suddenly you have cocks teasing at either side of your mouth and you grab them, stroking one while you suck the other, one backs off and a new one finds its way into your hand and mouth, they take turns until you realize you only have one in your mouth and it's pumping furiously, you can feel it tensing getting ready to explode and you realize you hear so much heavy breathing around you, you look up and three men are jerking off over you the fourth now joins and they are pumping themselves furiously.

There faces contorted and turning red, you reach up and grab one and it explodes all over your face and chin and it's like you've started an avalanche as the first load hits you all you can hear are moans and groans.

"Oh yes"

"God, yes."

Cum is hitting you from every direction soaking your face and mouth, dripping off your chin and sliding down your breasts. Drops are in your hair and you are surprised to feel someone enter you.

"I haven't cum yet," I start pounding you hard, looking into your pretty eyes sets me off, I pull out just slightly, cumming hard all over your pussy, rubbing my throbbing cock up against your clit covering it with cum and making you pop as well, I drag the last drops from my cock across your pussy lips coating them white and letting a little load slip inside you. (to be continued)

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