Anita's Sexual Adventures Ch. 09


"Jim, I see you have met my daughter. She's pretty talented." Pa said as he opened the refrigerator. Jim didn't respond. He was apparently concentrating on his blow job.

"Suck, slurp, suck."

"Can I fetch ya a beer Jim while I got the 'fridge open?" Pa continued as he rooted around with the door open, moving bottles around. "I believe Sunny might be able to balance one on her head."

Jim forced a response, "No thank you Bill, your family's hospitality has been great."

I continued making loud slurping noises on Jim's dick while he attempted to have a conversation with Pa. As Pa walked by the table he paused and said, "It's getting late young lady. You need to finish things up and get to bed. You got school tomorrow."

I pulled Jim's dick out of my mouth for a second to respond to Pa. "Yes sir," I said and continued slurping. Pa gave Jim a wink and left. Once Pa was gone, Jim could concentrate on his cock in my mouth. He finally let loose and I got to swallow my fourth different load of the night, a new personal best, although I did have an opportunity to top it once before, but came up short. It was at a lipstick party where all the girls wore a different colored lipstick. We all attempted to make a rainbow of colors on the football teams' dipsticks with our lipsticks. I got to suck a whole lot of different cocks that night, but only two out of 20 or so guys actually came in my mouth.

I crawled out from under the table, still naked. Jim grabbed my ass cheek and thanked me. He started to explain his open marriage with his wife Terry Faye, but then stopped in the middle when I seemed disinterested. Jim went into his wallet and pulled out a card. He said, "Sunny, this is my private phone number. If ever you need a job, I know me and the boys in Charlotte would love to have you around. And it would pay well too."

I nodded my head and said, "Okay, but right now I am happy where I am at, but I will keep it just in case." And with that I left and went back to my room. After all it was a school night. I was horny as hell after that four of a kind romp so I brought out my ole pal Silver Surfer and took care of business. Even after a few orgasms, I still felt a bit hollow. I needed to be loved and held by a man. I waited for Billy to come home from his fuck fest at the Peach Blossom Motel. I didn't have to wait long. Pa was yelling at him for staying out late on a school night and I could hear him smack Billy on the side of the head and send him off to bed.

I waited until the house got quiet and our guest had left. I then sneaked into Billy's room and slept in his arms. I felt at peace.

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