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Anjali's Evening Out


Part 1

We are married for ten years. My wife Anjali is 32 and I am 34. Anjali is 5.5 tall, slim and fair complexioned lady. Her looks are pretty and she resembles a model rather than a married woman. Both of us belong to urban middle class background, and are well educated couple.

I work in consulting, while my wife is a freelancer, associated with different projects. Anjali does not like an idea of a lifelong employment, and gets easily bored by any routine. I always say jokingly to her that its my good luck that she is still married to me, and not bored of me even after ten years. Anyway, my wife has a great sense of humor.

Having said that, both of us are broadminded with respect to our relationship, and we are having almost an open marriage, though we don't call it that way. My wife has had a few partners, even after marriage, and I did never feel jealous about it. Anjali does not describe these persons as her boyfriends, as there was rarely any emotional attachment in such relations. These relations are temporary and my wife is very selective about the person, as the relation may involve a physical component, if Anjali chooses to do it. Both of us are very clear that her discretion is final both in choosing a person, and to the extent to carry it.

There was, however, one incidence a couple of years ago, which developed quickly, and my wife found herself in the bed of a young man almost unplanned.

Anjali has a good friend, Rucha, who was of four years younger to her. Rucha is a fair and goodlooking girl, but is short and a bit healthy. Anjali got acquainted with Rucha when both were working on a same project and became friends due to common habits and likings. Rucha is married now, though at the time of this incident she was unmarried.

Rucha is fond of net surfing and chatting. She used to chat with many guys and was thinking of finding a right guy for some casual, uncommitted dating. Incidently, she found Rishav, who was 23, doing his MBA, and was very smart. Both of them had some online chat and cell conversation, and they decided to meet. As Rucha belonged to a conservative family, she chose not to go alone and meet an unknown guy on a blind date. Instead she requested my wife to join her. Anjali always likes casual acquaintance with young guys, and hence she agreed readily.

The two ladies selected a remote location on the outskirts of the city, and informed Rishav to come there. Anjali was supposed to come back by 7 pm, while she returned home only at 10 pm, and was looking very relaxed and in a great mood.

I was very keen to know about their meeting, but my wife made me anxious, and did not reveal anything till our lovemaking. During the session, I found her very active and energitic. Finally she told me that this guy, Rishav, five years younger than her, was tall and healthy, good looking, sensible and funloving person. They had a great evening together, and Rishav requested Anjali to join a drink and dinner with himself and Rucha. Rishav was so sensible that he managed the presence of Anjali extremely well and did not make Rucha feel uncomfortable. As Anjali was better looking and had a great figure, it was natural for Rucha to be a bit nervous, but Rishav was skillful enough to handle both the ladies properly. In the process, he had a lot of conversation with Anjali and cracked a good number of jokes to make the occassion comfortable for everyone. They had light drinks, a good dinner and some great time together.

Anjali told me that Rucha and Rishav were planning to meet again the next day. "Mostly, they will do it today..." were her words before falling asleep after our lovemaking.

I could sense that my wife was feeling some attraction towards this boy. This guy seemed to be charming, and had shown a lot of interest in my wife in their short meeting over the evening.

Part 2

The next morning, we got up as usual, got ready, and rushed to our work. In the morning we hardly get time to talk. This guy Rishav was in my head, but I could not say anything to Anjali about him in the morning. Throughout the day, I kept thinking about Anjali's enthusiasm when she talked about Rishav. I had seen her eyes shining. Clearly she enjoyed his company. I decided to talk to her over this. I could not hold my anxiety long and decided to go home early. I was home by 6 pm, at least a couple of hours earlier than everyday. Anjali always returns from office by 5.30, and she was there at home as usual.

"What makes my dear hubby to be home so early today?" She asked with a pleasant surprise and gave me a great hug. She was obviously very happy to see me home early. I handed her a bouquet (I had stopped bringing flowers for her long back) which was another surprise for her. We had Dhokla for light snacks that I had bought on my way home. Anjali was in a great mood and we talked for long time while we prepared the food. Simple things like gifting flowers, chatting long hours, and walking in park with hand in hand had taken a backseat in our married life after first 2-3 years. But that evening we felt like a newly-wed couple. We sat for dinner and as both of us were feeling hungry, we focused on the food.

"Do you want to meet Rishav again?" I asked Anjali all of a sudden after silence of a few minutes.

"What?" Anjali almost fell off her seat.

"Do you want to meet Rishav again?" I repeated, smiling at her.

"I didn't get you, Rajeev..."

"You've had a great time yesterday"

"So what?"

"You can have even more, if you wish."

"Are you kidding?" Anjali couldn't hold back her giggles.

I focused back on my plate, and started talking about the latest movie of Shah Rukh just after a few seconds. Our communication went over everything except Rishav for the rest of the dinner.

"Come to bed early." I declared as we finished our food.

I was already in bed, only on bermudas when Anjali finished her small assignment on her laptop and entered the bedroom. As she drew near, I pulled her in the bed.

"Wait, wait, let me take a wash."

"No, not anymore," I planted a kiss on her lips as my hands reached under her top.

"Don't fumble with my clothes," said Anjali and firmly pushing me back, disappeared into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, she emerged with a nightgown on, slipped into my arms, and we began our passionate kissing. After a round of kisses, we got rid of the clothes and I started exploring her vagina with my fingers. Anjali was lying under me. I began fingering her and sucking her earlobes at the same time. Within moments, Anjali started moaning with closed eyes.

I whispered in her ears, "Hey, do you want to meet Rishav?"

Anjali started giggling, and I kept her fingering, now faster.

"Did you like Rishav, Anju?" was my next question.

Along with a heavier moan, Anju hit my back this time and smiled naughtily, still her eyes closed. Suddenly I sensed that she was wet inside her cunt. Was this an effect of kissing, fingering, sucking her earlobes, or talking about Rishav?

Feeling Anjali's wetness within, I pressed the matter further. "Come on, Anju, you know you can handle this, if you want it."

Anjali opened her eyes now. "What about Rucha?" She was still giggling.

"What about Rucha? Are you going to tell her that you went on a date with her boyfriend? Or will Rishav tell her that he had a date with her best friend?" I argued.

"... and moreover, Rishav is not a committed boyfriend of Rucha, is he?" I now started sucking her lower lip. Anjali seemed to be buying my argument and I entered her smooth vaginal passage, which was fully wet by now.

"If you like the guy, go ahead..." my words were lost in Anjali's heavy moans as I began pounding her heavily.

Part 3

Remaining three days of the week and the next week passed quickly. Anjali was busy preparing her project report. I had to submit plans on our new assignment to the client. No time for romance, as usual. Obviously, there was hardly any time to think or talk about Rishav. The only update from Rucha's front was that Rishav and Rucha had done sex twice in those ten days.

On Sunday morning, Anjali announced that she had to go to City Mall that evening. I had decided to go to office and work for a couple of hours, and so I told Anjali that I would join her at the mall for lunch. We also planned for a post-lunch movie followed by shopping, and I rushed to office. We had a good lunch, the movie was crap, and we did some necessary and mostly unnecessary shopping.

In the evening, while we were having our snacks and coffee, Anjali said, "Rajeev, I think I should meet Rishav."

"Wow, my lovely wife has fallen for the stud!" I tried to maintain surprise in my voice, though I was expecting this line from her since last ten days.

"Don't fool around, Rajeev, you know it's going to be only casual meeting."

"And even if it turns out not to be, I know you can handle it." My tone was formal this time, assuring her.

"But I want you to meet him once." Anjali grabbed a slice of sandwich.

"What for, Anju? It's your decision."

"I know. It's mine, always," Anjali's voice was firm, "...but still, just have a look at the guy. Talk to him for some time."

I had to think on this. Five minutes later, I opened my mouth.

"Ok, done. But I won't see him as your hubby."


"At best, I can join you guys as your friend. Better, as a colleague."

We finished our coffee and drove back to home.

Anjali was confused over my proposal. But during the lovemaking, I argued that if her hubby would be present during their meeting, both of them would feel awkward, and Rishav would not open up. So, if Anjali had to enjoy the evening fully, it was necessary that her hubby must not be present there. Another friend, or colleague would do, however.

In the past ten years, I have known that the best time to make Anjali buy any argument is when I am thrusting her drenched vagina and when she is moaning heavily. It worked this time also. After we had our orgasms, I was lying on top of her, rubbing my head between her breasts. Moving her hand over my head, Anjali asked me, "Well, Rajeev, friend or colleague?"

"Colleague," I could not find time to speak more as Anjali pulled my face towards her and started sucking my lips.

"But we are meeting him only casually. Just over a dinner," Anjali declared after she had had enough of my lips, "...only after we are back, I can think further, if at all."

Part 4

I knew my sweet wife was firm enough on her decisions, and nobody could seduce her if she didn't want to be. So we decided to meet Rishav casually, over the next weekend for a dinner. We assured each other that we would simply some quality time with Rishav, have light drinks and a good dinner and come back home. If Anjali would find Rishav interesting, she would meet him on another day. Anjali seemed to be happy with this arrangement as it gave her another opportunity to meet Rishav.

On Tuesday Anjali called Rishav and informed him that two of her colleagues invited her to a party on Friday evening. She also told Rishav that her hubby was on tour and she wanted Rishav to join her on the evening instead. Rishav readily agreed. Anjali asked him to reach the place, a newly started pub, around 9 pm.

As the week-end approached, Anjali seemed to be preparing for the evening. On Thursday she went for shopping and bought some lingerie, denim skirt, a couple of tops, and a black sleeveless jacket. She went to parlor from the mall and had her facials and waxing, and had her curly hair set. Anjali looked gleeful, as if preparing for the first date. She showed me the tops and skirt in the night, and I sensed that they were a bit short as compared to her regular skirts and tops.

On Friday I came early from office. Anjali was already home by that time. When she received me she was wearing only my long T-shirt (which she does sometimes). Her smooth legs and thighs were extremely seductive. However, I controlled myself as we had to get ready and leave. We finished our snacks and she went to shower. She took a long time to come out. I also took shower in the other bathroom, got ready and waited in the drawing room watching TV.

After half an hour Anjali emerged from our bedroom. My eyes were transfixed over her. Of late she had occasionally dressed so tastily, except some festivals or family functions, and those were mainly Saree-cladding occasions. Anjali always looked great in saree, but today, her attire was different. She was wearing the short denim skirt that she had purchased the last day. It was not even reaching her knees. Her lovely legs were bare. From the side cuts of the skirt, shape of her firm thighs was clearly visible. The skirt fitted well around Anjali's 36 size butts. She wore the skirt quite low on her 28 sized waist and it was fitting a couple of inches below her navel.

Of the two tops she had bought, Anjali had chosen to wear the red colored sleeveless one (in fact, it had only thin strips around the shoulders!). Sure she was wearing a strapless bra. Her collar bone and well-shaped thin arms were extremely inviting. The cute red top reached midway between Anjali's 34C sized firm breasts and her deep navel. The red color of the top was contrasting with her fair skin. The short top and the low waistline of the skirt together exposed more than half of my beautiful wife's midriff. I always insisted Anjali to expose her flat tummy by wearing shorter tops, but she had rarely listened to me. Today's evening however seemed to be different as a lot of skin was on show. Anjali wore high heeled shoes that added at least two inches to her 5.5 height. She carried the black jacket and the long purse in her arms. She had applied light lipstick and set her shoulder length hair free. She reached the sofa and placed her purse and jacket over there.

"Time to go, Anjali?" I asked, turning off the TV.

"Wait, let me take a sip of water." Anjali went to the kitchen.

Quickly I reached her purse, took out a pack of condom from my pocket and slipped it in her purse. In a minute, Anjali was back.

"You are dressed to kill!" I exclaimed as Anjali rested on the sofa.


"You don't look more that 23-24," I exclaimed.

"I shouldn't, Rishav is only 23...," was my wife's reply!

"A lot of skin-show, Anju," I could not resist speaking it out.

"This will take care of it, Rajeev." Anjali put on her jacket. The situation seemed to be better with the waist-long jacket on, though it was also sleeveless.

"I want to make love with you, now." I said, staring at her.

"Call Rishav and cancel the party." Anjali handed over her cell phone to me.

"Let's get going," I got up instead and moved out. I was not prepared to miss an occasion to see my wife having fun with a guy. Moreover, I wanted to see who this Rishav was for whom my wife dressed so tastefully. Anjali followed me silently.

We had selected the newly opened pub located on the expressway on outskirts of the city. We drove straight to the pub, but due to the bizarre traffic of Pune we took a lot of time to reach our destination. It was almost 8.30 when we occupied our table. I was happy that we got at least some time before Rishav arrived. Light music was playing and people had started rolling in. We ordered vodka and chicken kebabs to start with, and started talking. Anjali likes vodka and as we don't drink regularly, she always takes an occasion to enjoy her drink. Today was no different, but Anjali seemed to be a bit nervous, even after tasting her favorite drink.

Suddenly, Anjali took out her cell phone and typed some message. I looked at her.

"SMSed our table number to Rishav." Rishav was on Anjali's mind since the evening, and now she was anxious of his arrival, as the time passed. I was sitting with my back towards the entry of the bar while Anjali was seating on the opposite side of me. She could clearly see everyone entering inside.

All of a sudden Anjali's eyes lighted up. I turned around and watched a young guy approaching us. He waived at Anjali and she responded back. He was taller than me, well built and dressed casually in jeans and T-shirt. He looked smart and it was apparent that girls would fall for him only by his looks.

"Hi, Anjali!" Rishav eased on the sofa besides Anjali as he shook hands with her.

"Hi, Rishav," Anjali replied in a bit nervous tone, "... meet my colleague, Tushar."

Tushar? Anjali never told me that I would be some Tushar here. She was sure done with her homework.

"Hi," Rishav extended his had to me. I greeted him as I felt his firm, yet warm handshake.

"Actually, the other guy couldn't make it," explained Anjali.

"Oh!" Rishav didn't seem to be bothered about her colleagues as long as Anjali herself was there.

"What will you have, Rishav?" I was playing the host.

"Vodka, Anjali?" Rishav turned to my wife. Possibly, they had shared it on the last occasion.

"We are already having it," Anjali replied.

"Let me get one for me!" Rishav exclaimed.

"Wait, I will arrange for," I continued playing the host.

"So, missing your hubby?" Rishav began with his drink.

"Not really, as you are here now!" Anjali giggled and Rishav joined her giggling.

Soon all of us were relaxed and drinking and chatting. Only that I was more on drinking and Rishav and Anjali were more on chatting. They were talking, laughing, giggling and exchanging glances. Initially I was trying to get into the conversation, but soon I decided not to intervene and disturb their flow of conversation. I was enjoying my vodka, the music and giggles of Anjali and Rishav. I immersed myself in my thoughts except occasional nods to both of them, and continued with more vodka.

"... ... ..., isn't it, Tushar?" possibly Rishav was saying something.

Tushar? Who was this Tushar? I was not able to make out. I kept staring at Rishav. Was vodka having an effect on me? No, it couldn't be. I could drink much more, without any trouble. Why was I feeling like my head lost then?

"Hey, dude! You OK, Tushar?" Rishav called me.

Well, I was Tushar, and this guy was addressing me.

"Oh, ya, I'm fine. Just lost in some thoughts." I could say meekly.

"Are you OK?" Anjali asked me in a bit concerned voice.

"I am fine ...," I managed not to say '...honey.' I was only a colleague, after all.

The conversation resumed and the distance between Rishav and Anjali reduced now. They were sitting quite close and their thighs must have been rubbing each other under the table. Apart from glances, there were casual touches now. Rishav's well-shaped arms under his short-sleeved T-shirt pressed every now and then with my wife's bare and delicate arms. Rishav was holding her hands and patting her back occasionally. Anjali seemed not to object to anything. On the contrary, she was enjoying everything. Both of them seemed to have a great chemistry. Sure, Rishav knew a thing or two to make ladies comfortable, relaxed and non-objecting to his touches. It was amazing to see Anjali getting into all this stuff, given that she never flirted with guys before this.

All of a sudden I realized that the whole episode started to turn me on. Secretly, I was fantasizing for a long time for all these things to happen in front of my eyes. Now as my fantasy was unfolding before me, I was filled with a mixture of anxiety, turn-on, and a bit of jealousy.

It was time to dance and everybody started moving to dance floor. Rishav offered Anjali to dance with him. With a glance at me, Anjali stood up, reached out to her jacket and took it off. It was now Rishav's time to get transfixed, even with dim lights around. I could see Anjali's nipples pointing from her top, confirming that they were erect. Rishav could not take out his eyes off Anjali's body, and I thought that Rishav had a lust in his eyes instead of extremely friendly looks he was having till now.

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