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Anklet Laws

byA Cuckman©

In ancient Egypt and other cultures, women often adorned anklets as a symbol of enslavement or possession by another man. It meant their bodies were available to be used by the man at his desire. Anyone seeing a woman with an anklet would know she belonged to another.

In ancient Rome, there was a period of time when Roman wives were to wear a veil that was symbolic of two opposite commitments: 1) her sexual fidelity to her husband and no other, and, 2) his freedom to explore sexual relations with others as he pleased. In some of the more extreme cases, a ceremony on the wedding night in which an orator would state to the bride that, while the husband loved his wife, he would be using other women at times for his sexual gratification. The men would at times go so far as to enjoy the pleasures of other women at large feasts, with their wives present. Not surprisingly, a period arose in Roman history when women rebelled against this discriminatory practice. These women essentially reversed the roles, often pleasuring themselves and pleasuring other men as their humiliated servant-husbands looked on.

These two ancient customs impact the story of my wife and I...

- - - - - - - - -

Ever since watching the movie "Tommy" as a young man, seeing the "acid Queen" (Tina Turner) dance out on stage with her sensual legs and high heels, men groveling before her, I have been drawn to various forms of female domination. Seeing a woman in heels and hose (especially black or tan) still drives me wild. It was not something I revealed to anyone until I started dating my wife, Melissa. I didn't fully reveal my fantasies but during our dating years I began to tell her how much I loved her entire body – including her beautiful feet with their painted toenails. She enjoyed my expressing my foot fetish and would allow me to "get off" while kissing her foot or rubbing my hard-on under my jeans. An unusual form of "dry humping" I must admit, but one that thrilled me as I imagined my enslavement to her.

Move ahead to a few years into our marriage. Like many married couples we struggled sexually, with my desires not matching hers. There were times when I would purchase a skin mag and masturbate, fantasizing about being dominated by some hot babe. She caught me a time or two and, needless to say, went through the roof. It put a great strain on our relationship, and she felt betrayed. That is, until one evening in bed she indicated that she wouldn't mind it on occasion if I needed to fantasize about a woman. Not anyone we knew, but someone who would not be a realistic fantasy, like a movie star or entertainer (at the time, she knew I was awfully hot for Madonna). She also revealed that on occasion she would fantasize about past boyfriends. Wow! That was a revelation. But, it turned me on to think of her dreaming of another man. That night (we were out of town spending the night at a friends house), I massaged her clit to orgasm as she fantasized about a former boyfriend. After her orgasm, I stroked myself to orgasm and imagined, not myself with Madonna, but my wife with her boyfriend!

This incident, and similar ones that would follow, opened the door to my revealing to her my desires to be dominated. Rather than tell her outright, I was too embarrassed, I would purchase some of the Penthouse Letters magazines. We would share these and I would ask her to read some that looked interesting to me (they were the female domination ones). Gradually I revealed to her my desire to be dominated and we even started acting this out – she was not altogether into it, but enjoyed the fact that it really thrilled me. I purchased clothing for her and She would dress in black stockings, high heeled red pumps, a luscious leather teddy that was braless, etc. She looked stunning with these items covering her 5'7, 135 lb body with her 36d breasts. She has great calves and sensually shaped legs with a hot, thick butt.

During the course of various domination sessions, I usually was the one who would arrange the outline of the scenario even though I was the one being dominated, I gradually introduced the idea of her playing with her boyfriends. Over the course of the same time period, she gradually revealed to me her past escapades with other boys. How many she dry humped, some who felt her up through her jeans or sweats (She never actually fucked anyone before our marriage). She was turning the tables on me. She would often fantasize of past scenes with her boyfriends, imagining them going even further with her, as I brought her to orgasm with my tongue or fingers. Or, as she brought herself off with her dildo. I vividly remember one incident in which she humped her dildo and had an incredible orgasm, whimpering and almost crying with pleasure, while I, as her slave, knelt before her, watching her and massaging and kissing her feet, stroking myself. She described her fantasy that she was with one of her ex-boyfriends and they were fucking in front of me; she knew she shouldn't let him cum inside her, but she couldn't resist it and he wasn't about to let her go – and he did cum (in her mind) and that brought her off. I don't think I have ever exploded so far during an orgasm before or since. I didn't know it at the time, but that was the beginning of my transformation from a part-time sexual submissive, to a full-fledged cuckold.

We would often fantasize about her with other men (she has informed me countless times that I am no longer permitted to even think about myself and another woman – unless it is her idea). She also works in the legal field and is often around several nice looking, virile, young attorneys who like to flirt with my sensual wife, now in her mid 30's. We would share fantasies of us going to a bar, my sitting away from her, watching her being hit on and flirting with other men. The fantasies would lead in all directions, from her going to his car, to our car, to a hotel room, to our home with me driving – the whole gambit. These types of fantasies dominated my sexual thoughts. Still, she was from a conservative background and I never imagined she would do anything. A couple of times we did go to bars and let her flirt with men, saying she was waiting on a man but that he was very late and then after 30 – 45 minutes of flirtation, etc. I would show (just as a date, not her husband) and be humiliated – she would sometimes say, "Well, I promised I'd go out with you tonight, but these awfully nice men were very entertaining and I'm getting their phone numbers..." Of course, she wouldn't call.

Then came the day I gave her the anklet. The anklet is used by some today to indicate that a wife is a "hot wife." (i.e., she is looking for other men to fool around with, with her 'cuckold' husband's permission). Not all do this, but there are many couples who use this as a fun symbol. This idea really appealed to me and I gave one to my wife with a "fantasy" Law that I wrote up – The "Law of the Anklet" read:

"While in Ancient times the anklet symbolized a woman's sexual commitment to and possession by another, this anklet, when adorned by a wife, is symbolic of her total freedom to explore any and all sexual relationships with anyone she desires. It not only symbolizes her freedom to do so, but her desire to do so when she adorns it. It is also symbolic for her husband. He must not only accept his wife's freedom to explore all forms of sexual pleasure with others when she adorns the anklet, he must long for and desire her exploration with others. When he sees the anklet on her, his passion, his desire, all his sexual fulfillment will be fulfilled only when she is with another man. As for him, his commitment is to her, regardless of what she does or with whom she does it!

The husband and wife will demonstrate their complete commitment to the law of the anklet with a special ceremony. She, wearing a sensual pair of heels to express her dominance over him, will hand him the anklet as a sign that she is willing and desires to engage in sexual activities with others. He will show his acceptance and submission to the law by voluntarily placing the anklet on her right ankle, then sucking the heel of her shoe, and declaring, "I submit to the law of the anklet and I long for you to find pleasure with others. Your pleasure with them is my pleasure." From that point on, she may freely choose to adorn the anklet or not. The moment she places it on her (or she may ask him to do so), the law is invoked."

I gave her the anklet in a box with the "law" inside the box. It was before a night of "fantasy sex" as we often refer to it, and I entered the shower while she lounged on our bed in a sensual outfit. When I came out of the shower, she had the anklet in hand and a smile on her face – she was very excited. She said the "law" made her wet and handed me the anklet. I went through with it, expressing my commitment to her. I sort of assumed she would consider this just part of the fantasy. But, she asked me, "Are you really serious... you are really willing to let me do that?"

I could tell by the tone of anticipatory excitement in her voice that she was viewing it as more than fantasy. I answered her with a simple, "yes."

"Oh, that makes me so hot... you are such a good husband... er, should I say 'slave'!" She quickly put on a sleeping "blindfold" and proceeded to ask one of her lawyer friends to ravish her body in front of her husband (I played the role of the lawyer). She had a wild orgasm while I fucked her and talked to her about how wet she was for "me" (that is, her lawyer friend, Jeremy was his name), in front of her husband. When she came she was shouting his name, begging him to fuck her faster and harder and fill her deeper than her husband! That night she had two orgasms (a rarity) and both were for Jeremy, she was his slut.

Reality arrived a few weeks later. It was a Friday evening, about 6:30 p.m. The kids had gone to spend the night at their friends house and Melissa had told me to be ready for a fun evening. She had worn her anklet to work that day (as she had done a couple of times – just to tease me about her doing wild things with other men – but, she said that she never did anything). I was horny already from her wearing the anklet that day. She had put it on the outside of some dark hose and had asked me to kiss her foot before she left for work and express my commitment to the law! She left saying, "we'll have some hot fun tonight!" I had trouble keeping a hard on down all day and it was a struggle to not jack off!

I sat watching TV when she walked in. Usually on Friday's she got off work around 4:30 and I had expected her a lot sooner. She looked a bit disheveled, but was very hot as she kissed me on the lips and asked if I was ready for the "thrill of a lifetime." Of course I was – I would have done anything for her at that point – she looked so sensual. She went to the bedroom and returned with a different set of shoes (her very sexy red pumps – she doesn't wear them at work b/c they are a bit too "slutty" for her office – though she really would like to!). She slipped her silky black dress off and revealed that she had worn a half-cup bra, nipples uncovered, to work that day! I thought I had noticed her nipples looking extremely hot through the dress, but that was wild. My cock "leapt" at the site. "Wow!" was all I could say. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my thickening, growing cock and began lightly stroking it. She loves for me to look at her and stroke myself – to see that she is really turning me on. Then, she lifted her leg up onto one arm of the easy chair in which I was sitting and revealed that she was wearing her black stockings that we had torn the crotch out of a couple of months earlier, for one of our fantasy scenes. What was amazing was not that she was wearing them, but the fact that she didn't wear any panties! I was blown away by her daring sensuality! She knew that I had often fantasized about her going to work like that and knew it would drive me wild. I could have cum within less than a minute had I continued stroking!

She sensually danced for me, touching the anklet seductively, with a knowing glance, pointing out what we both wanted more than anything. She asked me, "How badly do you want to see me with another man right now?"

"Desperately!" I replied in longing, breathless voice. "Mmmm," she muttered, "Don't you just want to see me fuck another man right here on the floor tonight?"

"Oh yes, yes, I do," I weakly uttered. She kept cajoling me, teasing me with the thought, making me beg for it – indeed I wanted to see her with another man more than anything at that moment and told her such. All this took only about 10-15 minutes from the time she arrived home (later she told me she had planned the timing). About five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Before I could say anything she said, "I'll get it and just hide myself behind the door – that will be kind of wild!" I quickly zipped my pants and sat there waiting for her to get rid of whoever was there. It was her lawyer friend, Jeremy! "Oh, hi, Jeremy! Great to see you! You know John don't you?" She said as he peered through the open door, her standing behind it and pointing to me. She then invited him in! My jaw dropped to my lap! He walked into the living room and she shut & locked the door. Then she walked up beside him and put her arm on his shoulder. She quickly explained how she had been flirting with Jeremy ever since the anklet incident and he had been asking her out. A few days prior, he asked her about the anklet and told her he had heard about how it symbolized different things to different people and was wondering if it symbolized anything to her? I guess she had an idea that he would be "cool" about things and she told him what it meant! He was not only cool about it, but expressed his intense interest in participating! It turned out, that he had a past experience with a couple when he was in college and wanted to do it again! She had planned the evening since that day. They had gone out for a couple of drinks after work (thus, the reason for her late arrival) and while they were in the bar they had made out with each other and that she even let him have a few subtle touches!

My heart was pounding with anticipation, excitement and fear. The reality was so heavy. "Do you still want it to happen, John?" Melissa asked. What could I say? Here was a good looking, tan young man with dark hair and my wife with her sensual body was ready to attack him! More than that, I wanted to see it. I couldn't deny what I had always wanted. "Please, I beg you to let it happen. I will comply with the Anklet law!" At that I unzipped my pants and revealed my throbbing hard on! "That's good honey – you just relax and enjoy yourself but don't cum until you are allowed to!" Melissa said, with a somewhat dominant tone and she kissed me on the lips. She then sauntered to the stereo to put on some music, then over to Jeremy and began to dance with him. I never could dance, though she always wanted to, but he obviously could and now they were going at it in the living room as I watched. She strattled his leg and slid her crotch up and down against it as his hands held her side. It was a wild sensual dance. Soon his hands flowed across her breasts and she sighed. They were kissing and he was massaging her breasts to her moans. She ran her hands across his crotch to louder moans and undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor revealing a pair of those tight underwear with the short length legs. He had a huge bulge within. She then slid his hand down her body, as she kissed him deeply on the lips. She spread herself and let him feel her open crotch – this time he moaned. He pulled his lips away and looked into her eyes with fire burning between them! As his hand caressed her clit he said, "I can't believe how wet you are for me! So wet for another man, right in front of your husband!"

"Ohhh," she sighed and closed her eyes – that talk drove her wild with desire!

She grabbed either side of his underwear and slid them down his legs and she went down with them, kneeling before his engorged cock! It stuck straight out and was amazingly straight (mine has a curve), as well as fairly thick and long! She began to kiss it and gently massage and stroke it. He gently held his hand on the back of her head, showing he was in control – she was his and was giving her mouth to him! They both were moaning and sighing aloud as she kissed his cock, moving it all over her face. She couldn't get enough of it! She wanted it to touch every inch of her face and kept pressing against it, kissing his balls, telling him how hot his cock made her and how "totally gorgeous" it was! She glanced at me and called me up to them. I walked over and she held both our cocks close together. He was obviously much longer and slightly thicker. I am about 6.5 inches so he had to be nine inches. As she tongued his cock and kissed it, she looked at me and said, "you know how hot this will be when I feel him inside me, don't you? You know how much I love to be stretched and filled!" And I knew. She loves that aspect – is enamored with it! A lot of women don't care about size, I know, but she loves it! She loves the feel of her large dildo inside her, but it's not the same as a real man! Now, she had her real man!

She motioned me back to the chair and returned her full attention to his cock. The eroticism in the room at that point was beyond belief! I've never seen my wife, or any woman, so completely enamored and so hot to give herself to another man! He seemed just as thrilled. "I'm sorry," she said to him, as she hungrily attacked his cock, "but I can't get enough of you and your delicious cock! I've never wanted anything so badly... I don't think I've ever been this turned on; I could cum in seconds!" That drove me wild and I had to stop stroking myself to keep from cumming. She looked up at him and begged, "Please, Jeremy, fuck me! Fill me with your wonderful cock, let my pussy make you cum and give me all your luscious meat and seed!" (I think she was so expressive for my sake – I love to know what is in her mind, and she was telling me).

He moved to the couch and sat down. She straddled him, but just rubbed her pussy against his long hard flesh as he massaged her protruding nipples and took turns sucking on each one. "I need you inside me, but can he help me?" She said, nodding to me, as her hips gyrated, rubbing her pussy all over his shaft. "Yeh, sure, that would be hot to make your husband insert me into you!" She nodded again and I was there in a flash, my hands reached first to her lips between her legs and I spread them – she was soaking wet! I timidly grabbed his cock as he closed his eyes and thrust his hips slowly upward. She rose up to get to the tip of his cock and I slowly inserted the head. She stopped me right there and grabbed the back of my hair, ordering, "kiss my clit, kiss it and suck it – eat me while he slides into me and fulfills me! I want you to eat our fucking, and kiss my clit while I'm being filled!" She pulled my head over – it was an awkward position, but I held myself with one arm as my mouth sucked on her wet clit and I felt his cock brush against the side of my face sliding into her pussy. She held my head there as her pussy moved down closer and closer to his pelvis. She was going up and down, slowly so that he could thrust deeper each time, attaching more moisture to his huge hard on! It was too hard for me to stay on her clit as she pressed toward his pelvis and I slowly pulled away, which was fine with her. She had her humiliation of me, knowing too that it was a thrill I had fantasized about for some time! She then gave all her attention to him and his cock. When she is ready and gets on top of a man, she doesn't take long to go wild! She wanted to savor the feeling however.

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