tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnn: A Love Story Ch. 54

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 54


Ann and I had another long drive waiting for us. I knew that as I stared at the ceiling. But the warmth of the covers, and Ann's silky smooth skin nestled snugly against my body was making it next to impossible for me to move. In fact, that combination was only going to make a difficult task that much more arduous. But I knew we needed to get up if we were going to make the next destination on Tina's list in time to have any sort of fun. And since I didn't know if there was a specific agenda other than the destination itself, I didn't want to chance ruining anything she might have set up.

I was the one that was already awake, so it was up to me to make that first step. I slipped carefully out from under the sheets, not wanting to lift them too far so that the colder air of the room would disturb Ann. I wanted her to get at least a little more sleep. I slothed off slowly toward the bathroom...my tired body dragging along as I shuffled across the carpet. Closing the door quietly, I turned on the light, squinting and shielding my eyes until I got used to the brightness.

Pulling back the shower curtain, I groaned as I looked at the single silver handle, and the odd markings on the ring that surrounded it. They looked more like hieroglyphics than actual words. All I wanted to do was take a nice steamy shower to wake me up, yet I knew from the design of the fixture I was staring at that I'd likely need a one hour course to learn how to operate it. I fiddled with the handle, trying to figure out how to make the water hot, without going straight to scalding.

"Why do hotels always have to make these things so fucking complicated," I cursed as I moved the handle back and forth, trying to find a temperature that my body could withstand.

After a minute of playing around, I was finally standing underneath the hot spray, and my body started to feel human again, rather than whatever unrecognizable life form it had been in when my feet first hit the cold tile. My hands were against the wall of the shower, my body directly underneath the head as I let the water rain over me. I didn't move for the longest time, just feeling the hot, steamy spray as it tingled against my skin.

Finally feeling alive, I grabbed the unopened package of soap, the paper soggy from sitting it the little puddle of water that had formed on the tiny shelf it had been perched on. Discarding the wet wrapper on the edge of the tub, I lathered up, cleaning the nooks and crevices of my body. After washing my hair, I was just about to take the first stroke of the razor against the skin of my abdomen when there was a knock at the door.

"Neil...why's the door locked?" Ann said, just loud enough for me to hear over the noise of the water splashing all around me.

"I didn't want to get distracted," I laughed.


"Yeah...if I would have left the door open, I'm sure we'd be doing something besides showering."

"And there's a problem with that?" I heard Ann giggle.

"There is if we want to get to the next little erotic playground on our trip and be able to do anything there."

"Oh...OH...never mind then, baby. I can wait." I could feel her excitement coming into the bathroom, like it was oozing underneath the door, and I felt my own body shake. I had to take a deep breath to calm myself before I resumed shaving my crotch. I didn't want the blade to slip...otherwise, it really wouldn't have mattered what time we made it to the next stop on Tina's map of sexual adventure.


Ann was taking a shower and I was busy packing up my things. She had said she had gotten the things she needed out of her suitcase, and she hit the shower after me, just keeping her makeup bag with her to get ready.

That allowed me to go downstairs and pay the hotel bill with the cash Ann's Uncle Marty gave me to pamper her with on the trip, and not put the charge on my credit card. As I waited for the young man to come back with an invoice, I thought about our first day of the trip back to Indiana. Besides the incredible sex, I was pretty pleased that I had been able to actually treat Ann in the way Marty had intended. And while I didn't know all the details of the rest of the trip, I felt pretty confident that Tina had similar things in store for us for the next few nights ahead.

I took all of our things to the car, including the dress Ann had worn the night before. It was there, waiting for us, freshly dry cleaned and bagged, ready for travel. It startled me at first when the guy went back behind a wall and brought it out to me, but I couldn't help but smile as I thought about Ann removing it for her massage with Maryam. And that made me wonder more about what happened in hour plus that Ann was with Maryam.

When I finished packing the car, I met Ann back upstairs in the suite as she came out of the bedroom with her makeup case. To say I was stunned with what she was wearing would be an understatement. So stunned, that I stopped caring about what happened the night before...I only cared what was happening right in front of me.

Ann always dressed sexy for me...and I suppose she did it a little for herself too. But every once in a while, she would surprise me with a combination that was unexpected, and this one fell in that category. She was wearing a pair of her hip hugger shorts...the ones with the V shaped opening in front that where held up with the lacing across the opening where her crotch was. Ann had bought a pair of brown suede ones the night we were at 'The Leather Door', right after I'd found her lying naked on the floor in the dressing room, handcuffed to the bench by her friend Missy. She'd told me that she had three other pairs that were the same general style as those brown ones, and she was wearing one of them as she walked toward me.

These were made of black leather, and they were skintight, appearing to be glued to Ann's body. The thin, shoelace like leather string criss-crossed back and forth across the front, splitting the soft blond hair of her pubic strip, which was totally visible. My cock lurched inside my navy shorts.

As amazing as what Ann was wearing below, it was what she was wearing above the waist that had me smiling. She was wearing my dress shirt from the night before. She'd rolled up the sleeves to the middle of her forearms...and she'd taken the tails and tied them into a perfect little knot below her tits, making sure she showed off her perfect, flat stomach. She also left most of the buttons undone...fastening just the bottom one that was above the knot she'd tied, to help cover her tits. Not that it mattered. As big as the shirt was, the top still flapped open as she walked toward me, flashing parts of her wonderful, perfect breasts every so often.

I was also surprised Ann had decided to go without her trademark high heels. Instead, she was sporting a bright white pair of canvas sneakers, along with some low cut white socks that you could barely see above the cut of the shoes. But that made more sense when I looked at Ann's angelic face. She had done her hair in pigtails, and her lips were elegantly done with a dark, almost maroon lipstick that matched her eye shadow. She looked sultry...and she looked slutty at the same time.

She looked like a naughty schoolgirl. Well, not really. Maybe she was a naughty rocker chick in a hot video. Well, maybe not. Maybe she was...well...it didn't matter. Ann's style defied a logical category or stereotype. The fact was, she looked hot, and that's all that mattered to me.

But Ann saw a look of disappointment cross my face, and she looked down at her attire. Looking back up at me, she said, "What's the matter? You don't like it?"

I grinned wickedly at her and said, "Anna...I love it. I'm just pissed at myself for packing the camera in the car!"


We'd done a lot of things in Utah that would be considered taboo there by most local residents. From the innocent act of drinking a bottle of wine together, to the lascivious one of my fucking Ann in the ass...with a few others in between that were thrown in for good measure. But Ann walking through the lobby of the hotel that morning might have been the most brazen, because it was the most public.

Sure, Ann had returned from her full body massage with Maryam in just her robe and her stilettos, and she'd dropped the robe there in the hallway to show me her amazing naked body. And, she'd gone to the car in just my dress shirt, and had gone so far as to take it off in the parking lot to let me photograph her from the hotel window. Ann had even returned to the room with it still unbuttoned, although I was pretty sure she would have covered herself quickly if she needed to. And of course, she'd sucked me off in front of the window, making me splatter my load all over the glass.

But in all of those cases, there was little chance she...or we had been seen. And if we had been, we hadn't noticed anyone watching us. So while there was a thrill to it, we still felt fairly safe and secure in what we were doing. Anyone that may have seen us did so anonymously, from the shadows or out of our sight.

This was different. Ann was walking calmly down the long, marbled hallway from the elevators, past the front desk, towards the front doors of the elaborate hotel. She was also walking proudly as she held my hand...her head held high, her eyes glowing as we moved slowly. She was in control of her emotions, which was saying something, since I was so nervous I felt like we were criminals about to get nabbed any second.

Ann hadn't bothered to button up any more buttons of the dress shirt, and the front was flapping and moving as we walked, showing more skin than most of Utah had probably ever seen. From my vantage point next to her, I could see all of her right breast. I know it wasn't that obvious to anyone else, but the mere thought that she could be flashing all or part of either of her tits at any moment had me on fire.

But as much as that turned me on, it was nothing compared to the fact that Ann still had the shirt tied below her breasts, which meant that there was nothing covering up her bare midriff. Or...her shorts. Ann was walking through the lobby with her blond strip of pubic hair on display for everyone to see. With her having the black shorts on, the color stood out, drawing your eyes to it.

Ann having her stomach uncovered meant that it was pretty obvious it was her tanned skin that was showing in between the black laces. And that meant the blond stripe they were seeing wasn't just a design element of the shorts themselves.

Ann got stares. Lots of them. I suppose I did too, since I was walking next to her, holding her hand as we made our way from the elevators out to the parking lot. I could feel the stares and shocked expressions. So could Ann. But we she never acknowledged them...other than the smile she had on her face, and the way her fingernails were digging into the back of my hand as she squeezed it tightly.

"That was so hot!" Ann said as soon as her tight ass plopped down in the passenger seat of the car.

I slammed the hatch, having put her make up kit away, and I got in. Heading down the road, I looked over at Ann, my eyes shifting towards that golden strip of hair above her crotch. I actually tried not to, but it was impossible. It was like it was calling to me. Still, I tried to act nonchalant and said, "So...where do you want to go for breakfast?"

Ann giggled and said, "I can tell where you want to eat." Her hand gravitated to her lap, and she played with the curly fur, making sure I knew what she meant.

I might have blushed, but I struggled to maintain control and said, "Sit down, or fast food on the go?"

Ann moved a little, making sure she got me to look so she could make eye contact. "You don't have to pretend you're not looking, Neil. Everyone in the hotel was staring...why shouldn't you?"

"Sorry, babe. I just can't help it," I shrugged, my eyes glancing back again.

"Don't be sorry. I wore this because I WANTED to be stared at. I'd be disappointed if you didn't look."

"You're never ever going to be disappointed then. Because I can't imagine not staring at you...you are without a doubt the most amazing woman I've ever met."

"You're just saying that because you want to fuck me," she said, her nose wrinkling as her eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

"Yes...I do. But you know I mean every word I say, Anna," I said, winking at her. "So...do you want to eat inside, or go though a drive thru?"

"Let's get it to go," she said, unbuttoning the one button she'd bothered to fasten on the oversized dress shirt she was wearing. I looked at her, a mischievous glint flashing in her eyes, and I knew the morning just got even more interesting.


While it seems commonplace now, not every fast food restaurant used to have breakfast menus. So, it took a while, but Ann and I finally found one that was open, and we pulled into the line of cars waiting to order. Ann turned in her seat, pulling her left leg up onto it, bending her knee so that her lower leg was pointing a little towards me. She leaned back against the very edge of her seatback and the frame of the door, and she reached for her stylish dark sunglasses she had set on the dashboard earlier.

Putting them on, she started moving around her shirt, trying different positions to see how the material of the white fabric covered her upper body.

"What in the world are you doing, Ann?" I asked, smiling at her.

"Trying to figure out how this looks best. What do YOU think?"

My face twisted as the smile on it changed. I became bewildered by her question. "What are you TALKING about?"

"I want to show off as much as I can, but I want it to look natural...not staged. What do you think?"

"I think your nuts," I laughed.

"Neil...I'm serious."

And she was. As turned on as Ann was, she wanted to be even more turned on. At first, I wasn't sure how to help her, but when we pulled up close to the menu board, I smiled and let out a little laugh.

"Something funny?" Ann said, not necessarily seeing any amusement in a big sign with food items on it.

"I have an idea. Quick...tell me what you want to eat before we get to the speaker," I said as I nodded towards the car in front of us, showing her that we were just one car away from being able to place our order.


I grinned and said, "I want you to pretend to be asleep, just like you are now." How Ann looked at that moment...was spectacular. Her right breast was pretty much totally exposed, and her left one had the fleshy inside showing.

"What?" she said again as she started to move to shift her position.

"Stay still, Ann. Just tell me what you want to eat, and follow my lead when the time comes."

Ann smiled; the confidence she had in me reflected in her face. She told me what she wanted me to order for her, and then she leaned back, letting her body relax. By the time we moved forward to the speaker to place our order, I wasn't so sure Ann wasn't asleep. She wasn't moving at all, her body limp and, well...she didn't look 'staged', as she put it. She looked natural...and hot!

I pulled up to the speaker, and scanned the menu again to make sure I had our order right. A fast food drive thru is always a crapshoot anyway. You have just as good a chance of getting what you want in the bag as you do getting something you didn't order. But I was a little distracted by the half naked babe to my right, so it seemed only logical to make sure if there was a mistake in the order, to make sure it was on their end and not mine.

After giving my order, I glanced over and Ann, who was still sitting there in the same position she'd slumped in when I told her to be still and trust me. I watched her naked breast rise and fall with her deep breaths, and I fought the urge to reach over and pinch her nipple. I waited for the car in front of us to move, and then I slowly pulled forward to the first window to pay for our meal. I tried to keep my composure, not wanting to tip my hand.

Oddly enough, the girl at the first window never noticed Ann. She was in her twenties, and she was totally businesslike, taking the order of the next car in line while she took my twenty and made change. Handing it to me, she robotically told me to have a nice day as she moved her attention back to her next customer, telling them what the total of their order came to.

I glanced at Ann again, wondering if she was disappointed that she hadn't been noticed. But she didn't show any sign of it. Instead, she held her position, and continued to breathe deep, like she was sleeping. I grinned, thinking about how easily Ann had fallen into the playful mood she was in, and how well she acting the role of sleeping beauty.

Pulling forward again, I stopped at the second window, and waited for the person working the drive thru to bring us our order. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Ann's body tremble slightly with anticipation; the first real sign that she wasn't sleeping after all.

It took a moment, but finally another girl in her early twenties showed up at the window. She was a cute redhead, with long curly strands that surrounded her face. She looked like she was barely tall enough to reach over the counter, and I wondered why they'd make her work there.

Yet there she was, looking sexy as hell as she slid it open, asking politely if I wanted a drink tray in a voice that was high pitched and bubbly. I told her no, and she stepped up onto something, likely a stool, and she leaned through the window to hand me the first of two coffees to go, asking if we wanted cream and sugar.

As I grabbed the Styrofoam cup, I turned to Ann and said, "Babe, here's your coffee...do you want cream and sugar for it?"

I could hear the gasp behind my turned head as the girl got a look at Ann's bare breast. Ann roused, yawning and stretching, bringing her other tit out in the open for just a second, before both of them were covered by the front of the shirt as she flipped up her glasses and took the coffee from my hand.

Making eye contact with the girl at the window, Ann said, "Yes please."

The girl just stood there, her mouth smiling softly as she held out the other coffee for me take. I took it and put it in the cup holder nearest to me, and turned back to the same wide-eyed stare. "We'd like the cream and sugar, please," I said, startling her.

"Oh...sorry," she said as she reached for sugar packets and the little containers of creamer. She fumbled with them, and started giggling as she looked over her shoulder towards Ann...staring right past me.

Ann leaned forward, kind of ducking her head a little to make eye contact as she smiled warmly at the girl. In doing so, she inadvertently uncovered herself as the shirt moved with her movements. Her breasts were again visible for the briefest of moments...and then the material drifted again, and just the inside of her perfect tits showed as she waited.

The girl turned back to me, blushing a little as she handed me the packets of sugar and the little creamer containers. I handed some to Ann, who smiled and said, "Thanks," nodding toward the girl that was now staring blatantly at her.

It was such a small comment, but it made our 'guest's' eyes light up, and she flashed a big toothy grin, along with the cutest set of dimples I'd seen in a long time. She watched Ann though the window like she was looking at a painting, studying it...captured by the beauty and texture displayed in front of her.

Ann calmly went about shaking the sugar packet as she put the coffee in her cup holder, taking the lid off and placing it on the dashboard. It all seemed so perfectly natural...like Ann and I were at the kitchen table, and she was making her morning cup for the day. But she was being watched, and as Ann stirred in the cream, her nipple came into view for just a moment.

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