tagMatureAnn Ch. 01

Ann Ch. 01


Ann and Doug had been married for twenty-six years. In fact, today was their wedding anniversary. But that wasn't why Ann was examining her reflection as she adjusted her bra and sweater in the big bathroom mirror. She was preparing to attend a reception for the daughter of one of her best friends.

The sweater was cut much lower than anything she normally wore. She'd never shown that much cleavage in public before. Most women didn't have anywhere that much cleavage to show! And the new bra she'd bought a month ago really showed off her breasts. She'd worn it several times before with her regular tops. Men would stop dead and stare. It was if she were walking naked. But with this new sweater, my god!

Ann had always had large breasts, so she knew ahead of time she'd always get attention. If she wasn't totally comfortable with it, at least she was used to it. Over the years, she'd put on about thirty-five pounds, and Doug always kidded that most it went to her tits. And he adored them.

Ann looked at herself critically. She was obviously not the lithe young college cheerleader she was when she met her husband. But her face was still very pretty, her eyes a beautiful pale blue, and her hair had never darkened. It was still ash blond and totally straight.

Just a couple of months ago, at the mall, a handsome manager was admiring her as she waited in a check out line. She was sure he was ogling her boobs, and he approached her after she completed her purchase. Most men just stared silently; very few ever said anything.

He, however, smiled. "I just wanted to tell you that your hair is the most beautiful color I've ever seen." And walked away. She was on a high for the rest of the day. She still smiled to herself when she remembered.

Then there was her mouth. It was larger than Julia Roberts' and she had those full puffy lips that some women have to pay for. Her perfect, white teeth gave her a great smile. A friend once told her that if she didn't have those boobs, guys would be lusting after her mouth.

Once, while waiting for Doug at a restaurant bar, a nice looking man in a suit sitting across the bar kept stealing furtive glances at her. She decided to tease him a little, so, like some feminine ninja, she took up lipstick and mirror and delivered a slow, sensuous performance.

As she applied a thick coat of shiny, shocking pink, Ann deliberately pursed her lips, opened her mouth in an oval, and ran her tongue across them. As she pretended to admire her handiwork in the mirror, she actually was peeking to see his reaction.

Subconsciously, he lifted his hips off the stool and reached below the bar level, obviously needing to make an adjustment to relieve a pressure down there. Ann was thrilled that she could cause such a reaction.

When she saw Doug arrive she slid off her stool, she opened her jacket, pushed her shoulders back and smoothed her sweater. She was no longer looking at the guy across the bar, but she was positive he was looking at her. As she closed her jacket again, she smiled at Doug and with a quick glance on the way to the restaurant, noticed that a second adjustment was being performed.

Finally, Ann turned her attention to her legs. They showed the signs of her weight, but were proportionate and shapely. She wore a black silk skirt that ended about three inches above the knee and had a 4-inch slit at the left front.

She slowly raised the hem until she could see above the tops of her thigh high stockings and just a peek of her black silk panties. The stockings were something for Doug. Like all men, he preferred them to pantyhose, and Ann was going to do some subtle teasing at the reception. She thought that if she gave him and occasional glimpse above the stocking, and maybe even let him run his hand up her skirt, the turn on might be an additional boost to his erection. Doug's cock was a little over five inches long, but what he'd lacked in size he had always made up for in firmness.

Ann had had three lovers before Doug. All were larger, but none were nearly as firm. In the past year of so, though, Doug often failed to achieve full erection. Sometimes, even her oral manipulations weren't enough. And Ann was having trouble achieving her own orgasm with the new softer Doug. More often than ever, she had to finish herself manually. Ann had thought about Viagra, but that was a subject Doug would have to bring up himself.

Ann walked out of the bathroom and faced Doug. "How do I look?"

Doug's mouth hung open. "Holy Shit!" he gasped, smiling like a high school junior who'd picked up his blind date and found Dolly Parton. Ann had her answer.

Doug immediately groped her breasts, but Ann backed away. "There'll be plenty of time for that later."


"No buts. Come on, we'll be late."

The hotel was only about five minutes from the reception hall. Actually, the hall was only about twenty-five miles from Ann and Doug's house, but they decided to get a room close by so they wouldn't have such a drive home afterward. And, both secretly thought, maybe there would be a little romance, too.

On the drive to the reception, Doug kept looking sideways at Ann's breasts. Ann smiled, wondering what reaction Doug was having somewhere below his eyes. When she slid into the passenger seat, Ann made sure Doug got an eyeful of her legs and allowed just the beginnings of the stocking tops to show. Doug noticed.

In her seat, Ann's skirt was resting about six inches above her knee and she left her legs slightly parted. Doug dropped his hand on her thigh and started to run it up her leg. Ann pushed his hand away.

"That's for later, she told her husband. "And keep your eyes on the road." Doug groaned and Ann giggled.

"Let's just bag the reception and go back to the room right now," Doug suggested hopefully.

Oh how Ann wanted to do just that! She wanted Doug rock solid tonight though, and her plan to achieve that was just starting.

"Well, that might be fun, but I was thinking of something else first."

"What?" Doug asked excitedly.

"Do you think anyone else at the reception will notice how I look?"

"I think everyone else will notice. I think if we were going to a funeral, the corpse would notice."

Ann had to laugh. She loved his sense of humor. She was a little nervous about the next step however.

"Well, you know how I sometimes tell you about guys who check out my boobs during the day? Like last week when the bag boy at the supermarket couldn't close his mouth, and messed up the bags and everything. Even the cashier had to laugh and tell him to put his tongue back in his mouth. Your said I was such a tease with my big boobs flouncing everywhere. I said I didn't do anything, but that you loved hearing about it. You even admitted it got you hard."

Ann had been looking at Doug to gauge his reaction to what she was saying, ready to backpedal if he seemed hesitant. She took a breath and plunged in.

"So, I thought I'd give us both a thrill and do some teasing tonight. You could watch and maybe I'd get turned on a bit as well. Depends on what the guy looks like."

Doug swallowed hard. "What would you do?"

"Oh, I'm not sure how far I'd carry it. Not very. Show some cleavage, obviously, maybe press my tits against him if we danced. Maybe hump his leg a little if he really turned me on."

" Would you kiss him, or let him feel you up?"

"Would you mind?"

"If that's all, I think I could handle it. You know sometimes when I think about you and another guy, it sort of turns me on in a way. Guess that's kind of weird, huh? Just don't act like too much of a slut."

"Doug, that's disgusting! But the really nice thing is we won't know anybody there except Margie. And we won't ever see any of them again either. So it's the perfect occasion to be a little daring."

At the reception, Ann and Doug sat at a table with two other couples from Margie's work. Both were mid-thirties and pleasant enough. One husband was fairly attractive, but the other was a complete nerd. Both did a double take when they saw Ann, but she didn't want to start any trouble by playing up to someone's husband.

At the next table were five interns from the hospital where Margie's daughter worked. Two of them had dates. They too noticed Ann as soon as she sat down. They appeared to be in their mid to late twenties, and all were very attractive. No doubt about it, these guys were ready for a party.

Margie came over after Doug had gotten drinks and proceeded to introduce everyone at the table and then waved the young doctors from the other table over. She introduced each to Ann and Doug. They all grinned widely and Ann smiled back.

The last intern introduced was Colin. He was tall and slim and spoke with a perfect British accent as he shook Ann's hand.

"Pleased to meet you."

His eyes looked deeply into Ann's, and he didn't release her hand. Her hand trembled ever so slightly as she felt a surge of excitement ripple through her vagina. She was immediately wet. Could he tell?

"Oh, what a nice accent. Where are you from?" Ann asked.

"Bermuda, mum."

He was the blackest man Ann had ever met.

After introductions, Margie stood to the side chatting briefly with Ann and Doug. She kidded Doug that he'd better keep Ann away from the interns, given the way his wife looked. Margie made a special point to single out Colin.

"He's already slept with half the married nurses on the floor," Margie stated, winking at Doug. "And, he's a tit man," she finished, smiling at Ann.

Ann quickly finished her drink and went to the bar for another. She ordered a double because she needed the courage of alcohol. Ann knew better than to make Colin part of her little teasing games that evening. Her husband was no a bigot but, there was no telling how he might react. However, any one of the other four young men would do nicely.

True her word, Ann flirted and danced with each of the interns. Mostly they were fast dances, but, after the nerdy husband asked her once, she used that as an excuse to ask the sexiest intern, Patrick, to rescue her so he couldn't ask again.

It was a slow number, and Ann made sure she pressed her chest firmly against his. She danced mostly with Patrick from then on. During subsequent slow songs he became progressively more forward, rubbing his crotch against hers, sliding his hand down her ass.

She could feel Patrick's erection and Ann was getting progressively wetter. Her teasing had better be having the desired effect on Doug, as she would be in some serious need of attention later.

Ann watched her husband to see his reaction, and he seemed fine. She dragged him to the dance floor once and moved her body in to feel his.

"Why Douglas," she whispered in his ear, "I do believe there's some tenting going on in your pants. Are you experiencing a chubby?"

He laughed and admitted he was enjoying her show. Ann revealed she was enjoying it as well and that he'd better be prepared for a tigress when they got back to their room.

Despite her earlier good intentions, Ann found herself subtly teasing Colin as well. She was unable to curb her attraction to the young black man. She'd lean over in front of him making sure he had the best view her cleavage. When she talked to him, she deliberately licked her lips. He ignored her and she became increasingly irritated.

Colin, it seems, had decided to tease the tease. He danced with other women. He deliberately selected married women of Ann's age -- or rather they selected him. His movements were oh, so erotic. He never looked directly at her, yet he always seemed to know where she was and that she was stealing glances at him.

He would move his partner to a position where only Ann could see, then deliberately kiss her neck, fondle her breast, or massage her ass. The women would do nothing to resist.

It was like he was telling Ann, I can have any woman here, including you, and I know it. What's more you know it too, so if you want it, you're going to have to ask for it, beg for it.

Ann mentally tortured herself imagining the forbidden fruit that was Colin. After so many years of knowing she could have whatever she wanted from men, Ann was faced with wanting something she wasn't sure she could get. It infuriated and enflamed her.

Finally, her panties were soaked through from watching the handsome young doctor she'd had enough. He wasn't moving on her and she didn't have the nerve to approach him. Her husband's dick had better be good and hard tonight, damn it!

"Let's go," she said to Doug.

"OK, I just have to use the men's room first."

As Doug walked off, Ann saw Colin approach the bar. As if she were a programmed computer, she walked over for one last hopeful attempt to get him to acknowledge her. With her chest thrust out as alluringly as she knew how, Ann smiled at Colin.

He looked into her eyes and never even glanced below. Ann had meant to tell him she was leaving, but found herself deliberately looking down at her chest and back up to Colin's face.

"Don't you want to touch them?" she asked him.

For a split second, Colin didn't understand her question, and then he smiled broadly. Ann quickly took Colin's hand and led him out the back door. Once outside, they rounded a corner of the building where it was pitch black. They were facing each other, but neither could see a thing.

Ann brought Colin's hand up and placed it on her breast. Colin raised his other hand and massaged Ann's chest. She moaned deeply, and with her own hand, reached for his crotch. She fell against his chest as his size startled her. She quickly unzipped his slacks and extracted his phallus.

Ann stroked him for no more than 10 seconds before she whispered, "I've got to have you" as she slid to her knees and began fellating him. Colin's cock felt hot and hard and big in Ann's mouth. She used her hand to help get him off. It didn't take long.

As Colin neared his release he took Ann by the shoulders and tried to lift her up.

"Let me fuck you," he told her.

Ann shook her head. Although Colin couldn't see her in the darkness he felt he answer as his cock was pulled from side to side.

"My husband is waiting, please come," Ann said, temporarily removing the fleshy, exciting tube from her mouth.

Colin took Ann's head in his hands and gently began to fuck her mouth. When Colin moaned, signaling his imminent ejaculation, Ann knew she too would orgasm. As Colin shot off into her mouth, Ann reached under her skirt and moved her finger across her panties at her clit.

The magnitude of her orgasm shocked her. She slumped to her hands and knees against his legs. She swallowed the load in her mouth though the distraction of her own release prevented her from tasting anything at that moment. She was shaking so badly, Colin had to help her to her feet.

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