tagInterracial LoveAnn Makes Me a Cuckold

Ann Makes Me a Cuckold


Ann and I have been married for about 25 years. We met on the job years ago. Our courtship was fast and hot. We met and were married within about 8 months. Like all new couples we fucked like rabbits. Ann is an accountant and very conservative. I am a Marketing executive and open for anything. In the beginning we had a lot of vanilla sex. Occasionally, we would stop on the side of the road on the way home from work and fuck in the car. Sometimes we would dress up in sexy heels and tight skirt and I would seduce her. This went on for a couple of years. Soon she wanted to have babies and we made that happen very fast. She went off the pill and we fucked once and she was pregnant.

After my daughter was born, the sex slowed down and was not as exciting. Soon, we got into the married rut. Once a week, we would go through the motions and have sex. Work, kids and stress became the mantra and we slowly got to the point of sex maybe once per month. She seemed fine with that, I was not. I needed some physical contact. I expressed my displeasure. It did not go over well. We fought about sex and our fights ended up with a trip to counseling.

After counseling we decided to just stay together for the sake of the kids. We went back into the once a month sex rut. I jerked off almost every day, sometimes twice a day. She hated that I jerked off so much. Once again, we began to fight about sex. One day she came home with a small velvet bag and said she had something to fix my problem. I opened the bag and saw some sort of metal object. I removed it and was amazed. She had bought me a cock cage. She looked at me and in an uncharacteristically firm voice and told me to put it on. I was shocked but happy to hear she was thinking about my cock. After I put it on, she locked it and took the key. She told me that from now on she will be in control of my orgasms and that I needed to learn some self-control. My cock strained against the cage. A few days went by and my balls were full. I asked her when I would be released. She told me not in the near future. I protested. She told me the more I bitched, the longer it would take to unlock me. I shut up quickly.

She kept a constant vigil on me to make sure I was locked and not plying with myself. Randomly, she would text me at work and make me take a picture of my locked cock and send it to her. She would make me show her my cock next to something with a date and time so that she knew I did the picture right then and there. I complied willingly to each request.

About two weeks later, she told me she was going to let me out for a bit. I was excited and immediately had a raging hard on as soon as I was released. She told me not to touch my cock. She controlled my orgasm. She grabbed my cock and jerked it real hard and very fast. She didn't use lube. Just a rough, dry jerk off. It felt like she was going to snap my cock off. I quickly got to the edge and my balls tightened up and my body got stiff. She knew I was about to cum. As I reached the edge, she released her grip and pinched both of my nipples really hard. My cock began to pulse but would not explode. It just stood there hard as a rock and pulsed. Then nothing. My cock just slowly deflated and she told me to put my cage back on.

I couldn't believe it. She got me to the edge and then ruined my orgasm. It was the first time I had ever had a ruined orgasm, it would not be my last. For the next six months she would randomly unlock me, ruin my orgasm and lock me back up. I was so frustrated I couldn't stand it. I was constantly horny. A gentle breeze would make me semi-rigid. The only sex I would get was to eat her pussy while she masturbated. She never masturbated much but after she locked me up she began to do it more often. I love eating pussy so I was ok with it.

One day she told me that she was going to masturbate and that I needed to get into position for my duties. She came into the bedroom and got undressed. She laid on the bed and I assumed my position. She kept me locked up in my cage. She pulled out her favorite vibrator and told me that I needed to watch and learn. She slipped her hand under the sheets and took out a medium sized realistic black dildo. My cock filled the cage and strained for more.

Ann turned on the vibe and slowly began to rub the head of the dildo on her pussy lips. She began to moan softly as she began to push it in further. I gazed in amazement as she began to rhythmically pumped the black cock into her wet pussy. She began to whisper softly. I asked her what she was saying. She didn't respond. She just kept shoving the dildo into her pussy and whispering. I leaned over to try to hear what she was saying. As I got close to her lips I heard her saying that she wanted Tyrone to fuck her and that she wanted his big cock to fill her full of his seed.

I thought WTF! Who the hell is Tyrone? Ann began to shove the cock into her soaking pussy like a jack hammer. Her body began to stiffen up. She reached the edge and screamed that she wanted Tyrone's cum and began to have an orgasm like I have never seen in the entire time we have been married. She came for what seemed like a full two minutes. As she did, she shoved the dildo as far into her pussy as it would go. I was dumbfounded, dizzy. I felt so fucking overwhelmed I couldn't even speak. I desperately wanted to fuck her. I needed my cock unlocked.

Ann slowly regained her exposure. She opened her eyes and leaned forward, grabbed my hair, pulled my head down between her legs and demanded that I eat her pussy. She held my face hard against her pussy. At times I could even breathe. Then boom, she pushed me away and got out of bed and walked away. I wondered what the hell had just happened.

The very next day she told me to get into position again. She rarely masturbated more than once a week. I didn't quite understand what she was doing. It very quickly became clear to me. She repeated the scene from the previous day. This time her whispers were louder. She began to repeat phrases like, fuck me Tyrone, full up my tiny pussy, I need your seed in me Tyrone. Again, my mouth was forced to eat her pussy. This time as she shoved my face deep between her legs and I heard her tell me to clean up her pussy and to clean up Tyrone's hot seed.

After she finished with me, she left me there on the bed. As she came out of the bathroom, I got the nerve to ask her who the fuck was Tyrone. She blew me off and walked away. I pressed further and she told me that it was what she called her dildo. Hmmm, that was a new one on me. I didn't even know she had a dildo, never mind it was a realistic black one.

For the next week she made me watch as she fucked herself with her black stick. With each episode, she talked more shit, she got louder with each orgasm. Each time she would beg Tyrone to fuck her hard, deep and she always wanted his cum in her. At the end of the week, she unlocked me after she came and told me that I needed to fuck her. I was dumbfounded. I hadn't gotten pussy in what seemed like a life time. I immediately hoped on top of her. I pushed my hard cock into her very wet pussy and began to pump. Ann grabbed my head and pulled it down. Her lips were pressed against my ear. She asked me if I could feel Tyrone's cum inside her. She told me that's what a real man's cum feels like. I immediately blew my load. My cock pumped shot after shot of cum into her sopping wet pussy. I had never cum so fast in my life. Ann laughed and told me that she knew I would orgasm in less than 15 seconds. She pushed me off of her and jumped on top of me. She pushed her pussy down onto my face and told me to clean up my mess. I greedily sucked my mess out of her pussy. I was confused but amazed. What had gotten into her?

As time passed, Ann continued to fuck her dildo while I watched. One day, I assumed the position and she pulled out her dildo. It looked like Tyrone but something was different. It was a couple of inches longer and bigger around. As she began to masturbate, she slowly worked in the larger dildo. I was in awe. The sight of a large black cock going in and out of my wife had become normal to me. I was excited to see her have explosive orgasms on her dildo.

Ann pumped the larger dildo in and out of her pussy with vigor. Once again, she begged to be fucked, begged for cum in her, but this time she didn't call out Tyrone's name. This time, as she reached climax she screamed to Jamal that she loved his cock and that she wanted him to plant his baby into her. Fuck, I thought. What was that all about? Ann had a massive orgasm that continued in waves. She was going wild and then it happened. Huge amounts of liquid began to shoot from her pussy. I couldn't believe it. Ann had never squirted in her life. She grabbed her pussy and rubbed it like it was on fire. He juices continued to shoot out of her like she had sprung a leak.

There I was, between her legs, covered in her squirt. She gasped for air as she began to come down from her high. I leaned over and put my face into her crotch without being asked. Her squirt was everywhere. It was delicious, sexy and amazing. She let me clean her up and then unlocked me and jerked me off. I came within 30 seconds and shot my load all over my chest. I told her that what she just did was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. She said that I would then be a happy man in the future.

A week or so went by and Ann didn't masturbate and I remained locked up. I was depressed. I was getting addicted to our new routine. One night, Ann got home before me. This was not normal. When I arrived home he car was in the drive way and there was a Corvette parked behind her. I assumed one of her work girl friends had stopped by to talk about work. I came into the house and called her name. She did not answer. I looked for her and did not find her downstairs. I went upstairs to change out of my clothes. As I approached the bedroom, I heard Ann say that she wanted Jamal's cum. She told him to pump his seed into her. I giggled, I assumed Ann was masturbating without me. I snuck around the corner to spy on her masturbation session.

As I peeked around the corner my jaw dropped. Ann was flat on her back in bed. A massive black man was on top of her pounding her pussy like a jack hammer. The whole bed shook with each pump. My initial thought was to burst into the room and go nuts. However, just as I was about to go in I felt my cock fill my cage. WTF, why was my cock getting hard? Why was I getting aroused by watching someone fuck my wife? My head began to swirl. I became dizzy and hit the wall and slipped down to the floor. The two of them had no clue I was there. Ann was screaming his name, demanding that he cum in her and telling him she wanted his black baby in her. After what seemed like hours, he began to groan, then scream as he pumped his seed deep within her womb.

As he filled her pussy with his hot cum, she began to have an earth-shattering orgasm. She began to squirt all over his cock and balls. As she did he grabbed her throat and leaned down towards her face and told her to cum like a bitch, cum on his black cock, take his seed. She screamed as she looked wide eyed at her Bull. Ann looked catatonic. She couldn't move. She just laid there and gasped for air. Her black Bull rolled off of her and laid next to her. They both fell asleep.

I just sat there on the floor, stunned. What had just happened? Who was this chiseled black Bull that just fucked my wife? I was confused. The it hit me. My pants were wet. I unzipped my pants. My underwear was full of cum. I couldn't believe I have shot my load while watching my wife get fucked. I got up and slipped away. I parked down the street and waited for him to leave. A few hours later he left and I came home. Ann was in bed. I slipped under the covers with her. I reached over and put my finger on her pussy. She grabbed my hand and pulled it away. I told her she seemed very wet and asked her if she was having a sexy dream. She stumbled through and answer and told me yes. I pulled myself close to her and asked her if she wanted me to eat her pussy. She turned to me wide eyed, giggled a bit and said yes.

I hopped down between her legs and put my mouth on her pussy. He labia were puffy, red and firm. She was very wet. As my tongue began to spread her lips, her Bulls cum began to leak out. I was trembling. She could feel me shaking. She asked me if I was enjoying myself. I quickly said yes. Ann laughed and said that she was loving it too. Soon she had her hands on the back of my head, pushing me deep within he freshly fucked pussy. When I finished, she looked straight into my eyes and told me that I could do that more often if I wanted to. Of course, I told her I would love to. She asked me if I noticed anything different.

I told her yes. She asked me what was different. I told her that her pussy tasted like cum. Black Alpha Male cum. Ann grabbed my head and looked wide eyed at me. She asked me if I knew and how I found out. I told her what had happened. She fumbled around a bit and then told me that I wasn't supposed to find out quite yet.

Ann said that she had been conditioning me for months. She had been fucking a couple of black guys from work. They are brothers and their names are Tyrone and Jamal. Tyrone is older and has a cock about 8 inches long. Jamal is a few years younger and is hung like a horse. Tyrone had been hitting on her for months. Ann had always thought he was sexy but never thought they would fuck each other. One day, Ann stayed late after work. At about 8 pm, she thought she was alone and slipped he finger into her pussy and began rubbing it. After a few minutes she closed her eyes and began to rub harder. As she became transfixed with her finger in her pussy she did not hear Tyrone enter her office.

Tyrone walked up to her and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He took it and put it against her lips. She opened her eyes and gasped. As she did, he shoved his cock into her surprised mouth. She began to squirm and fight to get away. He grabbed her head and held it tightly against his crotch. He demanded that she finger her wet pussy and asked her how does a real cock taste. She made a muffled sound that could not be understood.

She was so overwhelmed by his cock that she began to cum. As she did, Tyrone let out a groan and dumped ropes of hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed and he kept pumping cum into her mouth. She swallowed again and began to choke. He held her head tightly and told her to take it like little white girl. She did and it was exciting. She had never been treated like that before.

Tyrone put his cock back into his pants and told her that she should get used to it, he was going to make her his white bitch. She just shook her head in agreement. He told her that from now on she was going to be on call. Any time he wanted to cum, she was to be there and be ready to accept his seed. She just shook her head and agreed.

Ann told me that his cock was so amazing that all she could think of was sucking and fucking him. She told me that we had had sex shortly after and all she could think of was Tyrone. She knew from that point that she could not ever fuck me again. Tyrone's cock was just too amazing.

Tyrone called all the time. He had an amazing sexual drive. Sometimes he would stop by her office at lunchtime and would bend her over her desk and shove his cock deep inside her. She came to realize that she would need to train me to see her with a black cock in her. She knew that at some point I would be her cuckold and Tyrone would be her Bull. He was just so domineering, a complete Alpha Male. Ann wanted him, wanted his cum and wanted to be his bitch.

Ann told me that was when she started using her Tyrone dildo in front of me. She was thrilled that I liked it. She then explained that one day Tyrone was sent on a business trip and her pussy was desperate for his cock. She called him on his cell phone and he told her that he could assist her. He told her to bend over her desk and spread her legs and wait. About five minutes later the door opened and someone walked in. A large hand pushed down on her back as the other hand ripped her lacy underwear off. He hiked up her skirt and she heard a zipper. She was wet and waiting. Then she felt it, it was huge and different. He shoved his cock deep into her with one thrust. She let out a scream. It hurt. He pushed her head into the blotter on the desk and began to pump her hard. The pain began to turn to pleasure. She had never been so full of cock. She heard her lovers breathing become faster, he began to shake and then it happened. He began to cum but his cock was so deep in her that it seemed like it had nowhere to go. He jammed it deeper, she felt a pop. What was that, she thought. Did he tear something? What has happened? Then it dawned on her. He had pushed his cock right into her womb. The tip of his massive cock was covering her womb, the place where her eggs were. Her eggs was being flooded by his fertile seed. The thought made her cum violently.

She convulsed on the desk. She let out a scream and begged him to stop. She could not take anymore. He stopped, pulled her up off the desk and yanked her head back so she could see him over her shoulder. To her surprise it wasn't Tyrone. It was Jamal. He pulled her hair so that her neck extended as far back as it would go and told her that his brother said she was a good fuck. Then he demanded that she get on her knees and clean off his cock. She immediately dropped down and greedily cleaned his cock.

From that day on, Tyrone and Jamal fucked her daily. She had become a cum dump and she loved it. Ann told me that from now on, they would be fucking her at our house, in our bed. I protested but she told me that I had no choice. From that point forward I was locked in my cock cage 24/7. Each day, one of them would come to the house after work and use her pussy. Most of the time, Ann would have me sit in the corner, in a chair, with my hands tied behind my back. For most of their sessions they would ignore me and my presence. Every once and a while, as they would be brutally blasting her pussy, she would look over to me and tell me how great it felt and how I could never do this to her. As crazy as it sounds, each time she would say shit like that my cock would try to get hard.

As time went by, Tyrone and Jamal got used to having me in the room with them. They would regularly talk shit to me. They would ask me how it looked to see a real man fuck my wife. The two of them where very aggressive. It was common to have them just rip clothes off of Ann instead of taking them off. It was getting to a point where she was running out of bras, shirts and panties. One weekend, Jamal came over to plow his cock deep into Ann. When he finished, he looked at me and demanded that I take them to buy some sexy panties. I did as I was told and drove them to the mall. As we entered, Jamal told me that I needed to walk just behind Ann and that I was not allowed to touch her. Jamal grabbed Ann's hand as we entered the mall. It was obvious that they were a couple. We made our way to Victoria's Secret. Jamal told me to find Ann some thongs and some lacy panties. As I searched, the two of the kissed each other and played grab ass. A store clerk came by and asked if she could help. I told her what I was looking for and she asked me the size. I told her small. She asked if I was sure on the size and asked me to point to someone in the store that resembled my wife. I pointed to Ann and said that's her. Just as I did, Jamal grabbed her ass and pulled her into his chest and shoved his tongue down her throat.

The clerk gasped and then realized that a small was the size. The clerk looked Jamal up and down and gave him the look women give when they are attracted to hot men. Jamal winked at her and told her to find something sexy. She moved through the counters and came up with an arm full of things. She asked if Ann wanted to try them on. Jamal insisted and we made our way to the dressing room. Jamal opened the door and the three of us went in. The room was tight and small. Ann stripped down and put on the first pair. They were a sexy pink lace number that hugged her tight ass. Jamal groaned with approval. He told her to keep going. After the third pair, Jamal unzipped his pants and took out his amazing chocolate pole and began to slowly rub it. Ann was in heaven. Her pussy began to get wet and she started to leave wet marks on each pair she tried on. Then it happened.

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