Jason looked up briefly from the spreadsheet he was so diligently going through when Anna entered his office with a knock.

"Mmmhm?" He half grunted in question at his assistant; already back to the computer trying to make sense of the damn budget from Marketing.

Anna made her way across the office, her sensible low heels clicking in a muted only-in-the-office type sound on the highly polished hardwood floors until her feet met the rug Jason had laid out to mark the area where guests were sat, opposite his side of the desk. She stood for a second, waiting patiently, looking out the window of the office at the streets far below.

Finally Jason looked up again..

"Yes?" he said half amused. He knew why she was there.

"You are coming tonight, I've arranged for a car to pick you up at eight so you have no excuse. You can still make the gym with plenty of time to get home and change."

Jason leaned back in his chair, the leather creaking, and observed Anna for a moment silently. She was an amazing assistant, especially for one so young, but she had decided at some point in the last year working with him to also help out with more than just work, deciding it was her personal mission to get him to socialize more.

Of course he pretended to be greatly annoyed by it and brushed off most of her attempts at activities gruffly but he was getting to the point where he actually looked forward to the banter each time something came up.

Anna shifted her weight to one foot and placed one hand on her hip arching her own eyebrow right back at him.

"It is a company event Mr. Stanton, you are the VP of Product Marketing and responsible for many of the reasons these people have to celebrate."

Jason grimaced at that... no one would care if he was there or not... especially once he was done yelling at his managers for these obtuse budgets they submitted.

"Please?" She changed tactics, not begging but using the tone of voice she knew would work.

Rubbing his eyes and leaning back towards his PC in one movement, he paused then "Fine, 8pm I'll go."

"Great!" She perked up and with a quick spin was already moving out of the office on to her next project, whatever that may be.

Jason watched her over the tops of his reading glasses as she left, admiring her athletic legs and frame. It was good to be the VP that was for sure.

Eight O'clock found Jason waiting in front of his brownstone for the car. A light snow was falling, but it would never stick in the city. The event was suit and tie but thankfully he didn't have to break out the tux. He could never figure out how to get all the bits together and not look like some kid's dress up doll.

He shrugged deeper into his wool coat and moved towards the curb as his car rolled to a stop, only five minutes late. Without a word the driver merged back onto the street and started the twenty minute process of fighting ground traffic in the city, on a Friday night, in the winter to get to the office building.

Jason watched the lights and people absently as he rode in the back, occasionally checking his PDA to see if he had any email or missed a call. His mind wandered to Anna as he found it often did recently.

She had been with the company only a year before she applied to the internal job posting for his Executive Assistant, still pretty much fresh out of college. When she had walked in to the interview he assumed he would have her walking back out in a matter of minutes after just a courtesy interview. She was new, young and he needed someone who could keep up with him. By the end of the interview he was smitten with her. She was charming, seemed very capable and, he hated to admit it, she was not that hard on the eyes, though he was old enough almost to be her dad. Petite athletic blondes that had a penchant for skirts (not too short of course) and form fitting tops were definitely in high demand amongst the executives, to have found one who seemed to enjoy working for him and did a great job at it was a major plus.

He gave her the job on a trial basis, and she excelled in all cases, leading to a very good year under him. Plenty of his peers ribbed him on his choice but it was pretty clear to all she worked for everything she had received and he himself was above reproach in the company. Mainly he knew because people thought he was a boring forty-something engineer type that went home and read manuals at night...

He only did that once in a while...

The car pulled into the parking garage, breaking his current train of thought. Ah well... now to go socialize for a few hours, watch people he had to work with on Monday get trashed and act like idiots, then go home.

As he stepped out of the car his PDA buzzed silently in his breast pocket. A text from

Anna: Where R U?

Jason grunted... he hated texting, but he had to admit it was faster then voice calls sometimes.

He popped open the keyboard and quickly replied: Just got here. In garage.

Anna: K meet U in lobby.

"How hard is it to type 'y o u'." Jason said to no one in particular as he headed for the elevator.

Once inside the elevator he swiped his access card and pressed the button for the penthouse level where the party was. After a second he remembered he was supposed to meet Anna in the lobby and pressed that instead. Holiday muzac wafted down from hidden speakers in the roof as he waited for the floor countdown to slow, then finally stop, his salt-n-pepper reflection in the doors his only companion thankfully.

With a silent rumble the doors slid open and Jason stepped into the bright, tastefully decorated lobby of his company. The floor was some flavor of rare highly polished marble, inlaid with the company logo in the center of the broad room that took up over half of the thirty-second floor. A paired set of wide carpeted stairs swept up from either side of the reception area towards a balcony above that ran the entire length of the room leading to the penthouse. All the brass had been polished, the oak paneling in the huge room glistened in the colored lights and the marble floor looked more like ice or polished colored glass.

Anna waited for him in the middle of the floor, standing in the middle of the company's logo, still typing on her own PDA, held close to her face with both hands.

Jason nearly stumbled when he saw her but quickly regained his composure and kept moving. Anna was wearing a skin tight red satin cocktail dress that looked like someone had spray painted it on her. The dress bared her shoulders with a modestly plunging neckline, but hugged every inch of her skin down to just above the knees... he supposed to make dancing easier. Her toned legs were encased in some patterned stockings of some sort (he wasn't about to try and look too closely to figure out what the patter was of) and around her left ankle she had a simple anklet. He loved anklets... he had no idea why but they always seemed very sexy to him.

She looked up and shot him a dazzling smile, her face framed by her short blond hair.

"Jason!" She reached up and gave him a quick hug. Did she just call me Jason? "Sorry but Jim down in accounting has been hammering me all night with last minute questions. I've been trying to get him all the info he needs so you could just enjoy the party but he still needs the numbers from Michael's group. For some reason it never made it through when you get the rest to him." She stopped for breath and looked back up at him while taking his arm and herding him towards the stairs.

"I am so glad you came tonight Mr. Stanton, I think you will have a lot of fun plus "she leaned closer in a conspiratory manner "I hear Old Man Franks might be moving on, from his EA, and this is a good opportunity to get some brownie points with the boss."

Jason let himself be led up the wide carpeted staircase, barely listening to Anna's chat. It was all he could do to concentrate on walking with his arm sandwiched between her arm and breast.

At the top of the stairs a coat check had been setup at the entrance to the penthouse ballroom area. The level was referred to as the penthouse but in reality it was just a large open area suitable for company gatherings, meetings and entertaining. In a city such as this it was a luxury to be sure, but times had been good to his company thus they had room and money to spare, at least for now. All of the office space remained on the floors below.

After checking his coat he let himself be escorted into the room by Anna, feeling very underdressed in his suit next to her. People definitely noticed their entrance and Jason nodded to a few people he knew as they made their way towards the drink table. The room was packed with people, some dancing, most milling. A live band played casual jazz in the Southern corner of the huge room while the bar and tables were aligned with Western wall, windows gave play to a winter night view of the city through the other two sides of the room. A balcony could be seen through the glass on the shorter Northern wall, but due to the time of year it was closed off.

At the drinks table Anna let Jason hand her a glass of Champaign then he took one for himself. He turned to look about the room, not enjoying the idea of having to spend a few hours in there before being allowed to leave.

"..anyway, just remember to resend that file when you get a chance Mr. Stanton, he needs that to close out the books this weekend."

Jason gave his standard "Mmmhmmm" response while craning his neck, looking for a table.

"Oh! There is Toby!" squealed Anna "he and I started here together down on the 26th... I'm going to run and say 'hi'." She turned to leave but then saw Jason looking for a table.

"I order you to mingle some Mr. Stanton" She sternly delivered "you need to appear more... approachable... and it's the holidays for Christ's sake! Let loose a bit and have some fun!"

He smiled a bit sheepishly "Fine... Mingle, act happy, got it."

Anna flashed him a dazzling smile then turned and deftly moved through the mass seeking out Toby, a red form darting amongst the crowd. Jason watched until she was gone.

It's a good thing I'm not married anymore, thought Jason. I'd be in the doghouse for a long time for the look I just gave her backside.

Jason grinned and started to move towards a table anyway. I didn't see any panty lines... I wonder if she is wearing a thong... Halfway to a table he got caught up in a group that was discussing TPS reports...

Throughout the evening he found himself wondering occasionally if Anna was going to show up again.

Around midnight Jason decided it was time to go. He had imbibed a bit more than he had expected to and though no where near drunk he was a bit buzzed. Not a good condition for an executive at a party, it would be better to cut and run before he ended up like Samuel a few years ago... Jason shuddered at the thought.

He grabbed his coat from the coat check, said his goodbyes to a few people in the foyer and started for the elevator. He was about to step in when he remembered the damn files he needed to send. Might as well do it now and not come back in over the weekend mused Jason and he turned on his heels and headed for the stairs leading to the offices below, his coat on but not buttoned.

He followed his feet through the normal hallways to get to his corner office on autopilot, not really thinking of anything in particular. The way the building was laid out Anna had an outer office before his with a window overlooking a park below, then a single door led into his own expansive room, both doors keyed the same though so each could get in as needed.

Jason got to the door to Anna's office and reached for his key but the knob turned under his hand. He "harrumphed' Anna must have forgotten to lock the door again, and moved into the room beyond. Her office was lit well enough from outside so he moved towards his door without turning on a light.

As he reached for the second door handle a noise beyond stopped him. It sounded like a woman crying in the next room.

What the hell?

He wasn't really sure what to do, he certainly didn't want to get involved with someone's issues, but it was his office. He opened the door quietly to see if he could get a better idea of who was in there.

He stopped dead in his tracks, the door open maybe six inches gave a perfect view of his huge desk maybe twenty feet further in.

With the heavy door open it was immediately clear the sounds were not of someone crying.

A man with his back turned to the outer door and his pants down around one leg, hastily removed from the other, had a woman's legs up over his shoulders, one shoe still on the other on the floor under Jason's desk. The sounds were mostly coming from the woman who was on her back on his desk, his desk, gripping the edge while her friend pounded her.

Jason was not pleased and opened his mouth to lay into the amorous couple (the nerve to sneak into his office for a tryst) when a flash of red caught his eye. In the split second he realized he recognized the voice exhorting her lover to fuck her faster and deeper... it was Anna.

He stood still, struck into inactivity, staring through the partially open door into the room. The man's muscular legs and buttocks flexed with each thrust into Anna and she moaned in appreciation. The room smelled of sex, even from where Jason stood, so they had been at it for a while. Anna's scent was very arousing he decided absently.

"Oh god yes Toby, fuck me!"

Toby, so it was the infamous Toby apparently, responded by slamming her harder, pulling almost all the way out then stroking long and deep back inside her pussy, a beautiful wet slapping sound jack-hammered through the office.

"Mmm I forgot how tight your pussy was Anna, you feel so fucking good..."

"Cum in me Toby, I want to feel you shoot inside me..."

"Oh fuck yeah, talk dirty you slut I love it!" Somehow Toby picked up his pace even more, Anna's other shoe slid off her foot and hit the carpet with a muffled thud.

"Oh yes, oh god yes! You are so fucking deep!" Anna lifted herself up to her elbows, affording Jason a better view of her from his vantage point. She still had her dress on, just pulled up to her waist. Her chest heaved as she watched her lovers face, her nipples standing out against the thin fabric of her clothing.

Jason's cock was rock hard and he found his hand massaging it through his pants, a small wet spot already forming on his trousers. He berated himself mentally, Was he a fucking schoolboy perv? He needed to stop this right now!

He kept watching of course.

"I'm cumming... of fuck yeah I am cumming babe!" Toby was literally fucking himself with Anna now, her legs still splayed up in the air he gripped her waist tightly and pulled her hard onto his cock.

"I can feel it, mmm... fill my cunt... give it to meToby..." She bit her lip and leaned back obviously savoring the sensations.

With a wordless grunt Toby buried his cock deep inside her and his whole body tensed as he came. He started to stroke her a bit slower, his body wracked with the power of his orgasm, but he kept fucking her.

"mmmmmmmm... god I love that... " Purred Anna, her toes once curled now flexed as she coyly watched Toby's face as he slowed down.

Toby, once fully spent, gently lowered her legs and slowly let his cock slide out of her pussy, taking a staggering step back. Anna sat perched on the desk top lightly swinging her legs as she watched him, her skirt still up around her waist and her pussy lips and ass pressed wetly against the surface. Jason could see she has nearly trimmed bald, the lips red and extended from her fucking, and wonderfully wet. She kept her legs spread still as she watched Toby trying to organize himself.

Toby bent down to grab his pants and boxers.

"I'd forgotten how much fun you were Anna. Having been stuck down on the 26th –"He started to turn towards the door as he slid his leg into his boxers, a little off balance. Jason had only a fraction of a second to do something snow that the couple was not longer fucking like weasels they were moments from realizing he was there and watching.

Before Toby could finish and as he turned Jason pushed the door open and strode in as if nothing was amiss, then stopped and stared. A look of total terror instantly set upon both Toby's and Anna's countenances. The three stared at each other for a full three or four seconds, Jason breaking the silence first.

"What... the ... FUCK is going on in here?"

Toby's face went sheet white, and Anna, only now realizing her legs were still spread wide for all to see, slammed her legs shut.

"Uh... sir... umm... Sorry Sir, it's just... we..." Toby stammered

"There is nothing you can say to justify this, Toby was it?" Toby somehow found a way to turn even more pale at that "Get the fuck out of my office..." Jason pointed towards the door. "NOW."

Toby, seeing an escape quickly took it murmuring a quick 'I'll call you' to Anna as he hurried out of the room carrying his jacket.

Jason watched Toby leave the outer office before closing his door and turning. Anna had already gotten off his desk and was smoothing down her dress, though she was still barefoot. Her face had transitioned from pale to crimson with shame, her mussed hair was lending to her generally disheveled look. He stared at her for a minute, taking in every detail. Without shoes she only came up to his shoulder level. She looked sheepishly away hands clasped behind her back not meeting his gaze.

"Well?" Jason said finally, noting that her nipples were still rock hard as he waited for her blue eyes to finally raise and meet his.

Anna started to speak, he eyes still low...

"I am so sorry Sir. I just... we just... " She stopped and started a few times. "What are you going to do?" she said quietly at last.

He actually had no idea what he was going to do. He should fire her and Toby immediately, file a report with HR and make sure Legal gets a copy as well. That would destroy Anna's career though. He let the silence hang for a bit longer as he thought.

Anna's eyes raised a bit, then a small smile started touch her lips.

"Why Sir... you appear to have gotten something on your trousers." She met his eyes now, the first time since entering the room "... you were watching us weren't you." She said quietly, the smile stuck firmly on her face now.

"What? No! I was just coming in to get those files off..." Jason could feel his face going bright red involuntarily.

Anna laughed all of a sudden and she leaned back onto the desk, breathing a bit more easily.

"You were watching us, and you liked what you saw didn't you Mr. Stanton." When he did not immediately deny it she went on "That's why you let Toby go, you scared the hell out of him but you let him go." She crossed her arms under her breasts and quirked an eyebrow at him. "So now what?"

"Yes, yes I saw what was going on before I came in. I was ready to fire both of you until I realized it was you. I was not 'watching' you two though." He huffed.

"The bulge in your pants and the wet spot kind of beg to differ I think." Anna's slightly taunting laugh filling the room.

"I tell you what Sir " she enunciated the Sir more than usual " I am at your mercy, you hold my job in your hands..." she stood up now and in a smooth, slow motion slid the top of her dress off her shoulders exposing her breasts. "Do with me as you will." an impish smile followed the statement.

Jason stared at her. She stood in front of him, her dress laying her torso bare, her high, firm breasts inches away, beautifully formed with large areolas and nipples. The office still smelled of sex and, off handedly, he noticed the wet spot on his desk of her juices mingled with Toby's cum. He really should have had either more, or less to drink he mused.

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