tagGroup SexAnna & The Tramps

Anna & The Tramps


I first discovered my wife Anna had been unfaithful to me two years after we married. We had married young, both 25, and I guess I should not have been too surprised. Anna, is a stunning looking woman - blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect hour glass figure – and she has a voracious sexual appetite, which until I caught her I thought I satisfied. I had gone to work that day as normal and Anna said she would be working from home. An hour into the day and I suddenly came over sick and eventually decided I would go home to try and shake it off. I never phoned to let Anna know and when I arrived home, I let myself in to find no sign of her but a loud moaning coming from upstairs. I could barely believe my eyes when I traced the moaning to our bedroom and entered to find my pretty young wife rutting with our coloured, college drop-out gardener, Claude.

There was a fearful scene, and threats were made and recanted and apologies and tears flowed. But the truth was I didn't know what to do. Yes, she had cheated on me but she pleaded that it was a one off and she had just been overtaken by lust she couldn't control. She promised it would never happen again and that if I could forgive her she would do anything I asked. I think she knew where she was going with that claim. We were both pretty kinky and I had wanted to try anal sex with her since we had started seriously dating but she was dead against it. Besides where would I find a prettier wife? So I agreed to forgive and forget and in return a couple of weeks later when the anger and recrimination had subsided I found myself finally being able to fuck my wife's virgin asshole.

Of course she ended up loving it and it became a staple part of our sex life after that. Life slowly returned to where it was before and I slowly started trusting Anna again. Then fully two years since I found her fucking the gardener I began to suspect her of cheating on me again. There were signs, hushed phonecalls from strange or withheld numbers, late nights at work, and other things. So this time I got a private detective to check and within a week he had all the evidence I needed. Pictures, film and recording of her infidelity with a work colleague. The only consolation to me was that they showed she seemed only interested in the physical, sexual side of things with him. I had to face the fact that my wife was a nymphomaniac that I could not satisfy.

I confronted her with this new evidence and she didn't deny it, agreeing she sometimes could not control her urges and she finished by asking if there was anything she could do to make it up to me. I nearly said no and kicked her out but again my own urges took over and I thought with my cock rather than my head. A woman in the office I worked had come onto me earlier that year. I had knocked her back, telling her I was happily married. Undeterred she had offered a threesome and I had to admit I was tempted to speak to Anna about it. But Anna had always been much into men and consistently made remarks disparaging about being with another woman. So again I was weak when faced with my wife's infidelity, and told her I wouldn't separate from her if she agreed to see someone about her urges and agreed to a one off session with me and Sally. She agreed and a week later I spent a Saturday pleasuring two beautiful blondes. We did everything imaginable, in every orifice, with every object and limb imaginable. And I guess, to nobody's surprise Anna was more turned on by it than ever. As I knelt on the bed, my cock deep in Sally's moist mouth while Anna thrust her tongue in and out of my anus I began to think my wife was unmatchable for sex.

Given that history it was no real surprise to me when I discovered Anna was screwing around again last week (a mere three months after her second affair). What was surprising was who it was with; she was sleeping with her brother-in-law, Mike, who was married to her sister Carol. Again I got the private detective to gather evidence and this time I knew I would have to take more extreme measures.

They had been meeting in a hotel on the far side of town and after much arranging I waited outside for first Mike to exit the hotel and then, fifteen minutes later, Anna departed through the front door. I drew up to her on the sidewalk and she could see immediately that I knew. I told her to get in and wasted little time in showing her incriminating photographs and letting her know how let down and disgusted I was by her.

She made some half hearted apologies but I could see in her eyes that she didn't really care about being caught by me. She thought I'd just let her off after some more sexual forfeit (which it was apparent she was enjoying). But t was also apparent that the thought of Carol discovering what she had been up to with her husband genuinely frightened and worried her and she pleaded that I not tell her dirty secret. As she pleaded and apologised and promised to do ‘anything' to make it up to me her hand snaked over my thigh and began to rub at my cock through my trousers, the usual gleam taking over in her clear, blue eyes. I drove on for a minute as she fondled me until I drew in to a small alleyway and edged down it.

Anna looked around, concerned that we had taken this route in an area of town that was not the nicest.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Well Anna, it seems to me that every time you cheat on me you end up enjoying it more than you let on. You say you love me and that you'll prove that, well we'll see."

I stopped the car and as Anna questioned me further I ignored her and stared past her and out the passenger window of the car. Eventually, she cottoned on and broke off and turned to look as well. All we could see were a run down, abandoned warehouse. Five vagrants lay outside it in clumps of rubbish and cardboard and bottles. They looked liked stereotypical tramps, wearing long messy overcoats, their hair unkempt and ragged, fingerless gloves on their hands.

Anna looked at me "What? What is it you want here?"

"Well darling wife, it seems to me you stray far too easily. It also seems to me that I've been too lenient in your ‘forfeits' up to now. Almost like you want them and get off on them more than I do. Well I'm sick of your adultery, if you want to remain my wife and if you want me to keep quiet and not tell your family what you and Mike have been up to your going to have to do something slightly less pleasant (though knowing her maybe not, who knew the depths of her depravity in lust). What you are going to have to do is get out of the car, strip naked, pass me your clothes and walk over to those hobos and tell them that you are giving yourself to them for the rest of the afternoon to do with as they like."

Her eyes widened as I told her my demands and she shook her head as I continued.

"You'll obey everything they tell you to do until they decide to stop. If you can do that then I'll take you back and I won't pass these on (showing the photos to her again). It's your choice honey. What's it gonna be?"

She pleaded for a minute but soon realised I was deadly serious and with a glint in her eye she said "OK" and got out of the car. I knew that glint, maybe she was repulsed by what I was blackmailing her to do but she was also turned on by it as well. I knew she would be, I was beginning to realise Anna was not just a nymphomaniac but a pervert as well.

She was wearing a smart cream, business suit, with a matching skirt that stopped just above her stocking clad legs. Her high heels clicked on the deserted pavement as she exited the car and paced alongside the car, obviously working up the courage to begin stripping. The tramps had noticed her getting out of the car and were watching her with interest. She looked at me again but got merely a nod to get on with it in return, to which she responded by shrugging off her jacket. She handed it to me and next to come off was her skirt and heels , leaving her standing there in just her blouse, stockings and underwear. She hesitated again then began to unbutton the blouse. By now the tramps were more than interested in what was going on and were craning for a better view and hollering out encouragement. Then Anna peeled off her blouse and flung it through the car window and I saw that she hadn't been wearing a bra or panties for her rendezvous with her brother-in-law and she stood there, looking slightly embarrassed at this revelation as I and the tramps scrutinised her. What a slut my wife was!

"And the stockings Anna, let them see the lot" I instructed, and she peeled them off as well.

"Isn't there any other way?" she pleaded with me.


With that she turned and I had a perfect view of her peach of an ass heading over toward the vagrants as they yelled to her, her blonde hair coming down her back.

"Yeah missy, shake those titties" shouted one of the tramps while another wolf-whistled at her.

She walked up to them and I clearly heard her address all of the men as they lay in their squalor and filth.

"Erm.. Hi, I am Anna and I will do whatever you want me to do" after saying this she stood before them naked as the day she was born waiting for a reaction.

There was a silence for a second that was broken when the oldest, fattest and roughest of the vagrants shouted gruffly "Well hell bitch, you better get down here and suck my cock, it ain't seen nothing like you for a long while."

Anna looked at the tramp in disgust then made one last look towards me in the car, I merely smiled back at her and watched as she wetted her lips and sunk to her knees before him. He was a big man, surprisingly overweight for a vagrant, he wore old and ripped grey trousers and a faded brown overcoat and had a bushy beard which sometimes parted to reveal a mouth missing many of its teeth. It was open and smiling now as my beautiful wife crawled up to him barely able to bring herself to look at him. He was half lying/half sitting on a pile of boxes and made himself busy in untying the string that seemingly held his trousers up. The other tramps looked on amazed and were no doubt kicking themselves they hadn't spoken up first but this guy seemed to be the unofficial leader of them, besides, I thought, you'll all get your fill of the cheating bitch.

After some fumbling the string came loose in his hands and he pushed them down and a semi-erect cock jumped up. It looked, from where I sat twenty feet away to be pretty sizeable. It also looked to be extremely hairy and dirty and I guessed from the way Anna recoiled with a look of revulsion on her face it smelled pretty bad. ‘Good' I thought, eager to see if Anna was as sorry and kinky as I thought she was.

"Come on missy, suck it, get it nice and hard for me sticking it in your cunt" he had a harsh demanding voice that I knew would annoy Anna and enjoyed watching her kneel there, ready to take the plunge.

I watched Anna's head dip down and saw his thick member disappear into her bright red lips. I watched as the vagrant reached down, placed his big hands on the back of her head and pulled her mouth further onto his cock, a big grin evident on his face. I knew how that would annoy her, she always liked being in control and here she was getting it whichever way this street gang wanted. His greasy hands dug into her beautiful blonde hair and pushed her mouth further onto his dick.

By now the other tramps were getting over their initial wariness and I could see one move behind my wife and begin to let his fingers roam all over her exposed backside and eventually they started to probe her holes, gaining an immediate reaction from my wife as she writhed at their touch and penetration. The other two were getting their cocks out in readiness of being serviced by this hot nymphomaniac slut. They cut a very grubby bunch, their torn clothes, and their unkempt appearance.

Although I pretty much knew that Anna's body would be lapping this up I hoped that what she was doing would be lodging in her mind as an embarrassment and humiliation. But who knew? She was already reacting like she wanted more tramp dick inside her.

The tramp who was roughly mouth-fucking Anna had now changed his grip of her head so that his right hand was wound around, and pulling at her blonde hair, forcibly pistoning her mouth onto his penis. He provided all the momentum, treating her pretty much like a sex doll. Each thrust was pushing his dick further down her throat until only his hairy balls were visible and Anna's head looked to be glued to his groin. I saw that he had kept one hand on her head and moved the other to around her throat and was gagging her with his big dick. Suddenly he released his grip and she came loose coughing and spluttering and gasping for breathe. She hardly got a chance to get it though as her quickly rammed his filthy cock back down her throat and resumed fucking it.

"Goddamn! This cunt's soaking wet" announced one of the other tramps busy fingering her.

"Well fuck her then, you heard her, she want's it" shouted the leader as he mouth fucked my unfaithful wife.

At that the last vestiges of shyness left the others and one slid under my wife and slotted his penis into her cunt while a third pulled her ass cheeks apart and with no lubrication jammed his cock into her arsehole. I honestly wondered who was getting off more: my slut of a wife or the tramps as they established a punishing rhythm of fucking her three holes airtight.

So in amongst the slum surroundings of a filthy back alleyway I watched my wife take three tramps in her holes and more waited for their shot at her. The two in her ass and pussy seemed to come at the same time and I watched their shapes contract in ecstasy as the came inside her . Two others replaced them but the leader kept on fucking and gagging Anna relentlessly until finally he pulled his big dick from her gasping mouth and sprayed a spectacular load of white cum all over her face so that it ran down her beautiful face in five or six hot lines, dripping to the dirty ground below.

As Anna knelt there gasping to catch her breath and two tramps fucked her the leader tramp dropped his trousers to his ankles before her and turned over to face the boxes he had been sitting on. He presented his great big, fat, hairy, dirty arsehole to my wife and I clearly heard him order her to "Lick it clean you filthy slut."

Was there reluctance in her eyes? Did she shake her head in resignation? I was too far to tell for sure but then I caught her head nod pathetically and heard a cackle from him as she knelt there. She really didn't have much choice. She was neatly impaled on two meaty tramp cocks and the other two tramps took glee in shoving her pretty face forward into the leaders arsehole until her nose was well inside his two arse cheeks.

"Lick it whore, lick it clean. That's it, now get your tongue inside my sphincter , yes!!!!!!!"

Words that brought a smile to my face. A smile that only grew as it became evident that my pretty wife was doing exactly as instructed, she was giving this filthy vagrant a deep rim job! The tramp fucking her arse kept up a hard and fast pace that bounced her face deeper and deeper into the leader's arse and he encouraged her with the coarsest language imaginable.

"That's it you filthy, rich gutter trawling slut, lick my shit, lick it. Yes! That's it get that little tongue of yours as deep as you can."

It must have seemed an eternity that Anna spent down there to her but in reality it was just ten minutes. However, for some reason all the other tramps wanted the same and Anna spent the best part of the next hour with her face, nose and tongue deeply buried in various tramps arseholes, while being constantly fucked in her pussy and arse. And do you know what? By the end of that time I could tell that Anna was enjoying herself , her nymphomaniac body controlling her. It all came to a finish when the last arse was licked and they told her to kneel as the five tramps still there circled her, each one's trousers off or around their ankles.

Anna certainly wasn't expecting what came next as they all began to piss on her! She tried to dodge it but surrounded by them there was no escape and it cascaded onto her face and body in a constant flow. She looked over at me and I gave her a nod and was delighted to see her drop her head in acceptance that this is what she would have to do to buy me off. She raised her face and opened her mouth and allowed them to do this as she fondled her breasts.

They seemed to last for ages and by the time the last had finished and pulled up his trousers and shuffled off Anna lay in a large puddle of acrid smelling piss, her body shiny and her hair drenched. She watched the last leave and called falteringly over to me.

"Is that it? Have you seen enough yet?" her voice bitter at her treatment and at the knowledge that she had got off on it.

"OK. Crawl over here and we'll finish this."

Finish it I did as Anna knelt at my feet smelling disgusting and the piss that coated her dripping to the pavement. I finished it by having Alex, my private detective emerge from the nearby derelict building with a state of the art video camera that he had filmed Anna with from the moment when she had propositioned the tramps. I finished it by telling her that I wanted an immediate divorce with everything we owned going to me otherwise the evidence of her affair with her brother in law would be used as would the film of her with the tramps ( her daddy would be so proud of his little angel). I finished it by spitting in her face and leaving her there naked on the pavement with the comment that if I ever set eyes on her again I would let the whole world know how low she really was.

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