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Anna Ch. 08


To those reading for the first time, your might follow things better if you read some of my earlier submissions, but I hope you'll check this out regardless. To those who have read my work before, enjoy this next chapter. It's longer than the others, mostly stemming from a sense of guilt at not posting sooner:) I figure I have one more chapter to go to finish the story off, so please stick with me. I adore your comments and feedback.


Madame Ko presented Anna with a dossier on her next contract the following day. "The mining exposition lasts for two days. It will be held in one of the major event centers here on Ceyla, and Matilda is just one of the merchants who will be displaying there. Here's a list of the others, as well as a probable list of the companies who will send representatives and the independent contractors who will attend. Ms. Snow will be marketing her custom pressure suits, and you're going to be required to demonstrate competency in modeling one of them. Have you worn a Snow Suit before?"

"No," Anna admitted, looking down at the thick folder in her hands. "We could never afford anything so nice."

"I have one in the Wardrobe. Harriman can find it for you. I suggest you practice."

"I will."

"Good." Madame Ko left her room, the door sliding soundlessly shut behind her. Anna opened the folder and began to flip through the pages. Practically every person she had met so far would be there, including her three previous liaisons. Her heart beat a little faster at the thought of seeing Varan again. Would he talk to her? Would she get any time with him? There was no real reason she shouldn't, since she was going to be modeling equipment. If he just happened to want to talk to her, well, Matilda could hardly complain. She turned to the next page but was interrupted suddenly by her neighbor's door slamming shut. Cris never slammed her door. Anna put the folder down and walked over to their connecting door, knocking softly. "Cris?"

There was no direct answer, but Anna could hear muffled sob. Reaching down, she opened the door and stepped into and through the bathroom. She entered Cris' room slowly. "Cris?"

A pile of clothes in the middle of the bed stirred slightly. "Go away."

"What's wrong?" Anna moved over and sat down on the bed.

"I don't want to talk about it." Her voice was wet-sounding but the tone was sulky.

"It might make you feel better," Anna suggested.

"Hah," Cris muttered derisively. "No it won't." She sat up anyway and glared over at Anna. "I just came back from a contract, and Justin and I had arranged to meet. I went to his room and I found him there, fucking Ramsey." Anna could hear the fury in her voice. "He saw me, and...he shooed me away. He shooed me! He'd rather fuck that muscle-bound freak than me!" She threw a pointy shoe at the far wall. "Fucking bastard!"

"Does he know how upset you are?" Anna asked, wanting to soothe Cris' riotous feelings. "Surely if he knew..."

"Elsie, didn't you listen to the damn lecture the Madame gave when you came?" Cris asked scornfully. "She won't tolerate infighting. If she even hears about this, it's my stupid ass on the line. Stupid, idiot, I should never have let myself..." Tears filled her eyes. Anna reached for her, but she pushed her arms away. "Don't touch me right now! You're the last one who should be trying to comfort me anyway, I know you're still mooning over your first client. Most of the other Stars didn't think you'd last even this long. Just leave me alone, Elsie." Cris turned away from her and buried her head in the pillows again.

Anna felt stunned. Mechanically she stood up and left the room, returning to her own and locking the door behind her. In her head, she knew Cris was lashing out at her just because she'd had her own feelings hurt, not because she was trying to hurt her. Logic didn't make her feel any better. Cris had been her first friend, her first lover, the first person to care about her since she'd arrived in Ceyla City, and listening to those harsh words come out of her mouth was like being stabbed. She had to leave, soon. There was too much involvement here, and if she wasn't careful it would hurt her beyond repair.

She had saved close to six thousand credits already. Matilda's contract would bring her close to her goal of ten thousand, and hopefully soon after she would have enough to pay off her debts and leave. She could leave behind the drama, the conflict and the pain and strike out on her own. Friendless all over again...suddenly very confused, Anna bounded off her bed and out of the room. She needed to burn off the energy that made her think about things she wasn't ready to deal with.


Anna spent the rest of the week practicing using a Snow Suit in the gravity chamber, as well as working with Harriman on her rope dancing. It wasn't likely that she'd be called upon to perform, but, as Harri insistently said, you never knew. "And you'd just hate to be caught off guard, wouldn't you Elsie?"

Anna agreed. She'd been caught off guard way too much lately. Cris had avoided her after her outburst, and Anna didn't want to press the matter. She didn't want to talk to Cris at all. She wanted to lean on someone, find someone she felt she could trust. Nadia was still away on contract, so after some deliberation Anna sought out Giovanni. He instantly knew something was wrong and took her to his room.

"The way Cris has been skulking around like a kicked catterpet clued me in that something was up. I thought the two of you got along well."

"I thought we did too," Anna sighed. She told Gio about what happened, how Cris had lashed out at her after finding Justinian, the man she loved, ignoring her for someone else. Gio shook his head.

"I knew she was falling for him, but I hoped she'd keep it under control. Justin is much more into boys than he is girls. He's always been friendly to Cris, but I guess she took it as more. You have to be careful to guard yourself as a Star. This will be rough on her." He stroked Anna's long auburn hair. "And she was rough on you. You didn't deserve that kind of backlash."

"Are you all really surprised that I've lasted this long?" Anna asked quietly. Gio looked into her eyes, then nodded.

"Frankly, yes. You're so fresh, your emotions are so raw...it's as endearing as hell, Elsie, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't set you up to be a successful Star. We all heard that Varan visited you in the hospital, and-"

"He did?" Anna interrupted in surprise. "I didn't know that."

"Oh, yeah. Rumor has it he offered to take on protecting you himself, but Madame Ko refused. Elsie...," he said seriously, "I know you don't have enough yet to pay off your debt, but you should know that there are a lot of captains who would be happy to take you away from this rock for a few thousand credits. You'd be blacklisted here, of course, but you'd be free."

"No." As tempting as the idea was, Anna knew she could never do that. "I pay my debts, one way or another. I'll stay until I do, and then..."

"Then what?" Gio asked softly.

"I don't know yet. I thought I did before, but now...I'm not sure about anything." Anna let the smaller man pull her into a hug, compassionate but not sensual. He held her for a long time, running his clever hands lightly over her hair, her shoulders and her back. Anna let herself be comforted for a while, and then slowly pulled away. "I have to go get ready for Ms. Snow."

"Ah yes, Matilda. A woman whose innermost fantasies will never be played out with one of us boys, more's the pity," Gio said disconsolately. "I hear she can be an animal in the sack."

"Gio, you perv," Anna grinned and slapped his chest lightly.

"It isn't a crime to want what you can't have," Gio protested. "It only becomes a crime when you let it get the best of you. Take care, Elsie. Come and see me when you get back, let me know how things go."

"I will." Anna stood and walked out of the room, feeling better than she had all week. She thought about what Gio said. He was right, harboring unrequited feelings and dreams was one thing, throwing them at other people was another. There were so many things she wanted, but in the face of her contract, all other concerns were pushed aside. Now was a time for her to work, to be pleasing. So she would be. She'd be so pleasing that Matilda would never forget her.


"This is hardly how I expected to spend my first evening with you," Matilda Snow said ruefully to Anna as they assembled the last wall of her extensive booth. "Three of my staff ate something that disagreed with them, and I can't have the stagers bring my merchandise in here before the damn walls are up for them to hang it on."

"It's no problem," Anna assured her. "I've set up so many of these structures as temporary shelters, I could do it blindfolded. I don't mind at all."

"Well, it's torn my schedule to shreds." Matilda scowled as she began zipping molecules together with her Raveler, changing what had been two separate pieces of wall into one joined piece. "I had arranged for a room in a hotel, but I need to be on site here in case something goes wrong before opening tomorrow morning. This is our biggest trade show and I can't afford to let things get out of hand."

"I understand." Anna zipped up her side of the wall, then stood back. "I think that's it for this one. Are there any more?"

"No." Matilda signaled to her stagers, who began rushing in with Snow Suits of various models, colors and sizes. "My assistant Amy knows how I want things. You can get some rest. You know I want you modeling for me both days?"

"I've been practicing in one of your suits."

"Good. I'll let you give the one I have in mind for you a test run tomorrow morning. If people ask questions that require demonstration, that will fall to you. The gravitational chamber should be big enough for you to do everything they could want." She gestured at the large dome behind her booth, a series of interconnected, transparent hexagons. "You'll be connected to Amy and I via radio, and through us with any customer who needs to get specifics to you. I'll give you plenty of breaks from the zero-g as well."

"I appreciate you giving me something to do," Anna said. "Any chance to try out new technology is wonderful. I wore my mother's old suit once I got big enough to fit it, and it was used before she got it." As the two of them packed up the last of the materials they'd used to construct the booth, Anna glanced surreptitiously at Matilda. She looked much the same as the last time they'd met, only instead of wearing a business suit, she was in a smart-fabric jumpsuit like Anna had worn with Varan, and like she was wearing now. Her black hair was cut close to her head, and her square, attractive face was devoid of any cosmetics. She was a little shorter than Anna, but she carried herself like she was a giant. Despite Nadia's help, Anna felt a little nervous. Matilda hadn't shown any interest in her physically yet. Maybe she was just going to work as a model.

Finally Matilda straightened up. "My people can put the last of these boxes away. The show doesn't start until center hour, but we have to get you into the suit to get some practice in..." she glanced at her chronometer and grimaced, "six hours. Damn. I'm sorry to give you so little time."

"It'll be plenty," Anna smiled. "I've worked tougher shifts."

"I'm sure you have." Matilda looked at her again, and this time a definite gleam of interest came to her eyes. "Uncomplaining, hardworking and beautiful. What more could a woman ask for?" She reached out a hand and caught Anna's wrist, firmly drawing her in for an embrace. Their lips met, and Anna reminded herself to be soft and yielding. It wasn't hard. Matilda guided every moment, knowing exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. Anna sighed contentedly into her mouth, happy to not have to strive to impress for once, and just let herself relax. Matilda finally pulled away, and they both smiled.

"So sweet," Matilda murmured. "Mmm...let's take this to my office." She pulled Anna all of twenty feet into another small, hastily-made shelter which, fortunately, had a door attached. The small interior, maybe eight-by-eight feet, was filled with boxes and a desk. "There. How's that for ambiance?"

Anna laughed. "At least we didn't have to go far."

"True." Matilda stroked the tendrils of Anna's hair that had come out of her knot. "That is a definite advantage. We'll have to be fairly quiet, though, and unfortunately I didn't bring any of my toys." Anna's breath hitched a little, and Matilda leered. "Heard about those then, Elsie? I thought you might have...who did you talk to about me?" She nuzzled at Anna's collarbone.

"N...Nadia," Anna managed.

"She's such a treasure, isn't she? I've gotten some new things since Nadia and I last entertained each other. Did she give you any hands-on advice?"


"Do you think you're ready for me?" She caught Anna's eyes and regarded her seriously. "It might be childish, but I insist on playing things my way, Elsie. Tell me if you really don't want to do something and I'll respect that boundary, but otherwise I expect willingness. Did Nadia talk to you about that?"


"Then spread your legs."

Anna did so, and Matilda wasted no time opening her suit up and stripping it down to her ankles. Her nipples perked up immediately in the cool air, and her breath caught in her throat. Matilda wrapped her arms around her and they kissed again, long and slow, tongues writhing against each other's like contortionists. Soon Matilda turned her face down and lowered her mouth to one of Anna's nipples, sucking it into her mouth and grazing it sharply with her teeth. Anna moaned and put one hand on the back of Matilda's head, but her lover immediately removed it, and her mouth. "No touching unless I indicate that you can. Say you understand."

"I understand..."

"Good." She pulled Anna's body tightly to her own as she began to lave her nipple again. Her free hand pinched the other, and the sharp ache sent thrills of pleasure through Anna's frame. Matilda let her breasts go and kissed down to her belly before dropping to her knees in front of Anna. "Wider." Anna obediently scootched her feet further apart. Matilda reached up and caressed the outside of her pussy, fingers circling slowly around her clit. She dipped them into Anna's cleft, and then brought them to her lips. "Mmm. I need some more of that." Leaning in, Matilda pushed Anna's hips back until her ass was resting on the edge of the desk, then spread her legs a bit wider and pressed her tongue inside of her.

Anna was glad she had something to lean against. Matilda worked her over with her mouth, darting her tongue deep inside, then withdrawing to circle the edge of her pussy. She used her teeth as well, grasping the edge of her lips and pulling gently, nipping at her clit. Her hands were firm on Anna's hips, controlling her movements, stilling her when she tried to shift or buck. Matilda wanted her perfectly still. It was extremely difficult to remain so, but she managed, pushing the quivering into her throat to block her moans. Tiny whimpers escaped, and Anna could feel her face flushing as her nerves radiated their pleasure.

Suddenly Matilda thrust all four fingers of one hand into Anna's pussy. They penetrated to the lowest knuckle, and it was all Anna could do not to scream as her orgasm ripped up her body, leaving her trembling without control, back arched and mouth open and gasping. She barely held herself up with her arms. Matilda worked her fingers this way and that, wringing every last drop of ecstasy out of her young lover before removing them and standing up. She held Anna's waist with one hand while offering her a glistening finger on the other. "Taste."

Anna obediently opened her mouth and licked Matilda's finger. It was her, the taste of her body, and there was something deliciously sinful about experiencing herself that way for the first time. Others, yes, but never herself before. She licked the next finger as well, running her tongue up and down its length.

Matilda smiled satisfactorily. "You do taste good, don't you." She lowered her hand. "Time to sleep."

"But..." Anna began confusedly, slowly recovering her mind, "I haven't done anything for you yet. Shouldn't I..." She gestured down with one hand.

"No. I like the frustration, it makes me a sharper negotiator. Besides, you need your rest." She let go of Anna and stepped back slightly. "My aide put a sleepsack under the desk. Feel free to use it. I'll make sure that no one disturbs you until it's time to get ready for the show." Matilda kissed her again, less controlling now, a bit softer. "Sleep."

"I'm sure I will," Anna grinned. "Once I calm down."

"You've got the body of a sensualist for sure," Matilda smiled, "which we'll both have fun with. I'm sorry, the lights can't be dimmed, but you were a miner-"

"-and miners can sleep through anything," Anna finished the saying. "As long as there's coffee in the morning, I'll be fine."

"Child." Matilda pressed a hand to her chest, pretending to be affronted. "As though it were in question." She turned around and opened the door, stepping out and closing it with the quick step of a very busy person.

Anna reached around behind the desk and found the sleepsack, pulled it out of its cover and activated it. A soft mattress suddenly covered half the available floor, complete with detachable blankets and two pillows. Suddenly exhausted, Anna mostly fell onto the mattress, barely taking the time to pull a blanket over her nudity before snuggling in and falling asleep.


The coffee was just how she liked it, as black as the sky but with a delicious aroma. Matilda pressed a mug into her hands, gave her a nutrient bar to chew on and walked her quickly through the display. Hers was the largest at the expo, with the inclusion of the gravitational chamber. The walls were lined with Snow Suits of all different colors, models and with as many varying features as you could cram in without causing more harm than good.

They made a circuit around the exhibit and then walked back to the front. "It's unlikely anyone will ask you for the location of things, but now you have a general idea," Matilda said. "The style I want you to model is this one." She pointed to the very first suit on display. Anna was a little surprised.

"Not one of the sports suits?" she asked. "They're sleeker than a mining suit."

"Which is why they'd make a lousy expo piece," Matilda replied, sipping her own coffee. "I only put out the sports suits to appeal to the playboys and girls coming attached to their parents' or lovers' hips. The sporties use way too much energy for thermoregulation for anyone serious about the industry, and to save on that energy, you have to make the suit a little denser. My mining suits maintain smooth lines, which is important when you're dealing with a lot of debris, but they're thick enough to not only decrease thermo-energy use but increase impact survivability. You could slice through the top two layers of a Snow Suit before rupturing something immediately vital to life, and this one is the best of them." She gestured at it proudly.

"The biosystem in this will keep you alive for thirty-six hours without renewable air or water, it has an automatic waste recycling unit, and it's still flexible enough to do a backbend in. Micro-thrusters give you fine motor control and there are built-in attachments for tools of all sorts. The communicator doubles as a distress signal in the event of detachment from a rig or biological dysfunction, and it broadcasts loud. This baby is a work of art."

"Very impressive," Anna agreed, running one hand over the slightly-scaly outer material.

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