Anna from Ukraine Ch. 08


"You and Paola?"

"Yes. She's really beautiful and, well, most of the guys are into me too, so it probably gets their dicks hard just to watch us make out."

"So Paola is into girls or what?"

"That's the problem. I have made out with her many times but only on parties. She's a great kisser, but I can also sense that there's nothing more there. She's just doing it to tease the guys and have fun, not because of sexual attraction to me."

"Are you sure about that?"

"I would have noticed by now, Anna. And, like, the moment our mouths part she's always immediately looking for the guys' reaction. And then I have to pretend I'm also doing it for the boys. But I'm not! I'm doing it because Paola is hot and super-nice to kiss. It's like... the only thing I have!"

She hid her head in her palms.

"God, you must think I am such a complete loser! You have like both a hot girlfriend and a lover who invites you to Tuscany and then you meet a pathetic non-entity like me whose only lesbian sex consists of making out with my heterosexual friend at drunken parties."

She helped herself to more prosecco and also poured Anna a full glass.

"But since it's all I have, I am so afraid that it will stop. I know it's super-lame but even knowing that Paola isn't into girls I still enjoy making out with her. Like I said, she's a fantastic kisser, she kisses way better than any guy I've ever kissed, that's for sure. And if I decide to come out as a lesbian, then, well, the kissing just has to stop, right? It's gonna feel weird for her to continue if my attraction is out in the open. And if I start going to Lecce to look for girls it definitely will be out in the open. Somebody from my home town will spot me in a club or somewhere and it will be all over Facebook in a heartbeat"

Anna tried to calm the youngster down.

"If Paola is your best friend, she cannot be a stupid person. My guess is that she has already figured out you like girls."

"You're right, she probably has, 'cause I'm not even pretending to be interested anymore whenever she wants to discuss guys. But at least now she can still pretend to herself that she doesn't know. If it's not a secret anymore, then she's gonna be all self-conscious and stuff and the kissing will just end. I mean, I don't think she will freak out or anything, she's not a moron and we will still be friends. But the kissing..."

"Ok, I see what you mean." The Ukrainian 19-year old thought for a second what to say. "But listen to me, Luna."

The youngster was all ears. Anna tried to weigh her words.

"I understand it's hard to give up making out with Paola. I really do, because I totally love kissing. I think the mouth is my favourite part of the female body! But that is still a small loss considering what you are absolutely 100 % certain to gain in return. Look, if kissing Paola, who is not even into girls, is so nice, imagine what it's like to kiss a hot girl who's really into you. And then all the other stuff that kissing is usually followed by, you know, actually to have sex with a girl. So are you like a complete virgin or, I mean, have you had sex with men?"

"Yeah, I had a boyfriend for a while, because at least then I could have some kind of sex. He wasn't so bad, he could go down on a girl. Whatever, I dumped him after a few months."

"Well, if sex with him was tolerable, imagine how hot it will be when a nice girl goes down on you. I assure you, whatever you and Paola are doing now will be just fun memories."

"Come on, it's not gonna be that easy. Gay guys they just like somebody's photo on Grindr and 15 minutes later they're fucking each other's brains out. With lesbians it's a little bit different, right?"

"Yeah, maybe, but I wouldn't be too concerned if I were you, you're so hot they're all gonna be lining up for you! I know I would if it wasn't for Valentina."

"So you promise that making out with a real lesbian girl is even better than making out with Paola?"

"Of course!"

"Well prove it to me then."

"Prove it?"

"You're asking me to give up the one thing about life that I really enjoy, making out with Paola. You can't expect me to make such a sacrifice just like that. I need evidence."

"Luna, you know I'd love to, but... you're Valentina's niece. I already feel bad about leaving her and going back to my girlfriend tomorrow. We can't... - "

"Just kissing! Kissing is not sex!"

"Well, it's complicated..."

"No, it's not, because, because..."

The 18-year old was searching frantically for arguments.

"Because if it's sex then I'm already having sex with Paola!"


"And you said, you said that if I start dating and stuff then I could experience actual sex with a girl."


"So by your own logic what I'm doing with Paola is not sex. Then you and me kissing is not sex either!"

Fuck, Valentina had been right. This girl was not stupid. Maybe she had a point? Kissing is not really sex, is it? All the prosecco that Luna had been pouring her all evening was beginning to go to her head. Anna looked into Luna's hypnotizing dark eyes and realized she was losing the argument.

"Show me, Anna."

Luna knew she had won the battle and didn't even wait for an answer. Anna felt the force of Luna's tongue pushing against her closed lips. The Ukrainian tried half-heartedly to prevent the slippery intruding object from gaining entrance, but she knew her defences were no match for this super-eager 18-year old. First she opened her lips, then her teeth gave way.

If the way they liked to make out was anything to go by, there was nothing to ever suggest that Valentina and Luna were relatives. With Valentina everything was sensual and slow-motion, every moment dwelled upon for eternity. With her niece, it was raw, uninhibited sexual energy. It was like the Italian teenager wanted to explore as much of Anna's mouth as possible and as fast as possible, like this was her only chance ever to actually make out with a hot girl who was genuinely into girls. Luna's tongue didn't rest for a moment, exploring every corner of Anna's mouth.

The Ukrainian was enjoying every second of it and would have been happy to let the younger girl continue probing her mouth, not to mention other parts of her body. But she felt responsible for this girl's sexual education; after all, she was the older and more experienced one here. She pulled her lips from Luna's.

"You don't like it?"

"I love it, Luna. You're really good. But let's try to do it a little more slowly, like, more sensual. Let me show you."

Luna nodded enthusiastically and had already opened her mouth to give Anna full access. The Slavic girl gently started licking Luna's lips. The Italian 18-year old sighed with contentment, but then instinctively she pushed out her tongue again and started attacking Anna's mouth with it.

"No, no, Luna, let me be in charge. Trust me, I know this stuff."

"Ok, ok," the Italian teenager replied impatiently.

Anna resumed licking Luna's lips, then let her tongue caress the Italian girl's teeth. The Ukrainian knew that in this moment, Luna's whole world was reduced to this kiss; nothing existed outside of it. Despite the noise from the sea, she could hear Luna's heart beating. As Anna slid her tongue inside, Luna emitted a loud moan, the kind of moan you'd rather expect to hear if Anna's tongue was entering her pussy. They were only kissing, but for Luna this was, well, like having sex. And maybe that was not so strange? This was the first time in her life she'd actually had an erotic lesbian experience where the other girl was also really into it. And she wanted to enjoy every second of it as much as she could. Because although Anna knew that somebody as hot as Luna was bound to have lots of sex in her life, and sooner rather than later, Luna herself might still think that this kiss would constitute her only lesbian experience for a long time.

Wine glasses were downed, saliva was exchanged, caresses were given and received. When the sun started rising, Anna realized they had spent the whole night on the terrace together. All the wine and prosecco and the early hours were catching up with the Ukrainian, who had to excuse herself, amidst loud protests from her new friend.

"But why? Zia is not gonna wake up in a couple of hours yet."

"Luna, it has been a truly wonderful night. But I'm like half-dead. Every night this week Valentina and I have been partying or ... - "

"Or making love. I understand. Only losers like me who never have sex are left with all this surplus energy!"

Their tongues intertwined for one last time. Anna felt almost cruel to leave the youngster. But she needed two-three hours of sleep so that she wouldn't look completely wasted when seeing Valentina tomorrow. That was more than Luna was likely to get. "She'll probably spend the hours left before breakfast masturbating and dreaming about me," Anna thought. With that pleasant image on her mind the Ukrainian quickly fell asleep.


"WHAT?!?! You seriously let this opportunity pass?"

Mona was on the phone and Anna had told her about tonight's events.

"So Luna is the girl on the photo you sent me? The very one? With the dark hair and eyes?"

"Yeah, that's her."

"She's gorgeous! And she wanted you! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"It wouldn't be right to Valentina. I've already hurt her enough. And... I'm not an animal, right? I wanted to know that I am actually capable of controlling my libido."

"Blablabla. Valentina has made you soft, Anna. I never dreamed the day would come when I'd hear such things from you. You, who taught me everything I know about the ruthless pursuit of sexual gratification. Sitting on your teacher's face and ordering her to finger your ass! Turning the hottest non-Ukrainian girl at school, the homecoming queen with the perfect boyfriend, into your pussy- and ass-licking sex slave! Having your own sister kiss your breasts in front of other girls! You're a legend, Anna. And then, inexplicably and unforgivably, you say no when an 18-year old lesbian novice from a Southern Italian village, as sex-starved as she is hot, is begging you to teach her everything about lesbian love! I mean, her pussy must have been drooling, right?"

"I don't really know, I didn't actually touch her there."

"You didn't even touch her! And why, Anna, why? Because of some pointless ethical bullshit? What are you turning into, Anna? You need to work hard now to rehabilitate yourself, Anna. Like, go down on your sister or seduce Aunt Britt or something."

"But I think Valentina is in love with me."

"Of course she's fucking in love with you. And unless she's a complete retard she's gonna get over it. "

"But I like her. And she would inevitably be sad if she knew I slept with her niece. Not everybody is like you and me, Mona."

"Well, if you didn't want Valentina to feel left out, you could have arranged a threesome or something. That's what the old Anna would've done."

The word "threesome" conjured up some nice images.

"Oh yeah, fuck, that would have been awesome! Yeah, Luna would definitely be up for that, she seems to have very few inhibitions."


"But Valentina... no, don't think that would be her cup of tea. She's just... I guess, just more conventional."

"BORING!" Mona complained. "I hate conventional people."

"Valentina is great, you'd like her too."

"Ok, maybe," Mona muttered. "Well, at least I hope the sex with her was good."

"It was fantastic. But now it's over and I'm coming home to my girlfriend. Or maybe you would like me to stay there for another week or two?"

"Fuck no, baby. I really started missing you. The first couple of days the bed sheets still had your smell, but now there's less and less of it left. It feels so fucking lonely in that bed without you there."

There was a moment of silence.

"And I've discovered a great new pub in Charlottenburg. We have to go there together!"

"Can't wait, baby. Ok, I'm boarding now, so I have to hang up. See you in a few hours, baby."

Anna grabbed her backpack and took her place in the line. While she had been chatting away with Mona, her inbox had received a message. A big heart and a photo of Anna's panties. Oh yeah, she'd almost forgotten about that already, but she'd decided to leave a pair of her used panties in Valentina's bathroom. Whoever found them would be free to put them to whatever use she wanted - sniff them, wear them, sell them on E-bay. Not surprisingly, it was the alert teenager and not the aunt with her head in the clouds who spotted them first.

"Thanks and till next time. Wet kisses, Luna"

Sweet. Thinking about what the Italian 18-year old might be doing with her panties sent a nice tingle through Anna's body. She didn't have too much time to reflect on it though, as immediately another message appeared, this time from Valentina.

"If I could, I would just relive this week over and over for the rest of my life. I wish you all the happiness, Anna. I don't know if I am strong enough to see your face again. Mona is the luckiest girl in the world and I hope she knows that. Love, Valentina."

"Fuck!" Anna thought as she boarded the aeroplane. "Why does it always have to be so complicated?" The Ukrainian 19-year old sat down in her seat and tried to figure out what to reply to her Italian admirers.

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not a bad part

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