tagLoving WivesAnna Goes Big

Anna Goes Big


We have remained in contact with Shirley and Mike but Anna has vowed to never go down the lesbian road again. She admitted it was nice in a strange way but never felt totally comfortable with it.

Her curiosity had well and truly been satisfied but she did enjoy swapping partners in the same room. I too felt better with this and we had begun to set down the foundations of what we wanted our swinging lifestyle to be like.

There was always a long time between each of our meets because you meet so many people who fake being swingers in attempt to get photographs of your wife. We had a certain way of doing things before which mainly came from our previous experiences.

Anna has always had a very high sex drive. She becomes very sensitive during sex and is very easily pleased. By this I mean no real work is required during sex to get her off. If you get the foreplay right with her she will come time and again on any size cock. Once she is highly sexed up any form of penetration satisfies her, because of this one of our fantasies is to have her taken by a very well endowed man.

I fantasised about watching her being ruined sexually by a big cock and Anna wanted to feel one inside her.

We set about searching for single men or married couples with very well endowed husbands. We insisted on the man being white not that race bothered us because it doesn't. Anna finds black men attractive as I find black women attractive, but the impression we both felt from interracial sex on Literotica and pornography is the white wife craves black cock. That just simply isn't the case with us; it was about the size of cock and not the colour. We didn't want to give any impression otherwise.

After months of finding suitable candidates then finding out they weren't, we met a guy called David. He was 21 yrs old, which Anna found highly erotic and claimed to have a ten inch cock.

We exchanged various photos and spoke on the phone. I found him to be very nice and polite but also rather shy. On the e-mail he was very graphic and erotic but on the phone Anna found him nervous which delighted her no end.

Anna seen this as an opportunity to seduce a young boy, in the hope that once she got him to bed, he would turn into the man she felt was underneath.

This also made me feel reassured as I felt Anna would have total control. How wrong we were.

David was happy to travel to us and we would pay for the room. As he only lived a 2hr drive away he said he would travel back that same night. We also agreed some conditions with him as he felt very nervous. He wanted Anna to himself as he wasn't comfortable doing a threesome but I insisted on being present or the deal be off. Anna sensed how nervous the guy was and was very keen to agree to what he wanted. She felt he was just protecting himself.

After several phone calls between David and Anna we agreed to meet Saturday afternoon. David agreed to meet me in a bar across from the hotel for a pint before I took him to our room and Anna. In the hotel room Anna headed for the shower as I went to meet David. Anna had bought something sexy but said id get to see it the same time as David.

I walked into the bar and recognised David immediately from his photo. We shook hands and he bought me a drink as we sat down to chat. David was about my size but thinner. From his photos though he was very athletic and toned underneath.

I could see how nervous he was but reassured him that Anna would take over in the room and I would just watch. We talked about lots of things even with me trying to explain why we do what we do, before heading off to the hotel.

When we reached the door to the room I knocked and waited for Anna to give the ok. We both entered and stopped dead in our tracks. Anna stood before us in a black wide neck, long sleeve, fishnet shirt with pink ribbon garter shorts. With her curly blonde locks cherry red lipstick and her sexy heels she looked like something out of a lingerie catalogue.

David stood gasping as he stared at my wife's breasts in all their glory. I went and poured a drink as David made his way to the bed. I wanted to kick him out and fuck her myself but I had to wait.

Any thought of watching Anna seduce this guy were soon evaporating as David took control.

"Get on your knees Anna and take out my cock." He said trying to sound dominating.

Anna smiled and dropped to her knees as David stepped closer. She reached for his zip and undone his jeans before sliding them down with his boxers. True to his word and photos he was huge. As Anna pulled down his pants his cock had sprung free hitting her in the face. She had wanted this for so long and she wasted no time in taking his cock into her mouth and wanking him with two hands.

David ran his hands through her hair as he gently rocked his hips back and forth. I could hear my wife gagging on his cock as she tried to take him deeper.

"Get on the bed Anna and take off your panties. I want you to show me your pussy." He said.

Anna quickly obeyed and I could see the wanton lust in her eyes as she pulled down her shorts.

"Play with your pussy Anna and tell me how much you want this cock."

Anna had never been dominated like this nor had she masturbated in front of anyone. She didn't need to lick her fingers wet; she was already soaking as she rubbed her clit and slid a finger inside her hole.

"That's it Anna how much do u want this cock?"

"I want it more than anything. I want to feel it tearing me apart."

David took off his t-shirt and climbed onto the bed in front of Anna. He got between her legs and spread them wide as she still continued to rub her pussy. She grabbed his cock and used the thick head to rub against herself. They soon began moaning as Anna came hard beating his cock against her clit.

As she lay panting for air David took his cock in hand and started rubbing in between her pussy lips without penetrating her. I would be amazed if she took it all but that's what she wanted.

"Tell me again Anna, how much do you want my cock?"

"Just put it in, please just fuck me now."

"Are you a slut Anna?"

"Yes..... Yes I'm a slut please David just fuck me."

David continued to rub his cock between her lips and Anna was starting to lose control.

"Tell me what a slut you are Anna."



"I'm a dirty slut and I fucking love it ARGGGHHHHHHHHH!"

As Anna spoke David rammed his cock in deep with one long thrust. She grabbed a handful of duvet either side of her and tried to push back but David was too big. He kept ramming his cock into my wife and she just kept screaming with joy. Anna came immediately but David continued with long slow deep thrusts and Anna was soon having multiple orgasms.

David could see Anna was fucked and pulled out with her juices covering his cock. He turned her over onto all fours and slowly slid his cock into her again. Anna was soon cumming again as she buried her head into the pillows and David kept fucking her too another orgasm.

I wasn't sure how much more of this Anna could take but David soon tensed up and fucked her hard as he began shooting his load into her pussy. They both collapsed onto the bed and I checked if Anna was ok. She smiled with a very satisfied look on her face.

David asked if he could grab a shower before leaving and I said no problem as I gave Anna a drink. I know she wanted more of David but she really was out of it. I had never seen her looking so fucked after such a short session.

She hoped David would stay but I could see he was beginning to come over all nervous again. He got dressed and kissed Anna before leaving.

I left Anna to sleep as I went down to the bar for a quiet drink.

David wouldn't reply after our session. He confessed it was the best thing he had ever done but he wanted Anna to himself. Anna was having none of it and I felt very relieved as she insisted I had to be there at all times.

Anna confessed it was the best fuck she had ever had but these experiences were always about raw sex. I felt a little jealous after watching her being so thoroughly fucked but I knew deep down that that was the whole point.

Anna insisted that we don't meet single men again as David was requesting things outside of our agreement. This is why it's sometimes difficult with single men.

Life has so far gotten back to normal and we are enjoying some very erotic nights alone. We still go online looking for our next experience but so far haven't found anybody suitable. We are off to Spain and Mexico this summer for our holidays so we will have to see what happens.

I will keep you posted if the Anna series continues to grow and thank you to everyone that has taken their time to read our experiences.

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