tagBDSMAnna, Master and Me

Anna, Master and Me


It was extremely hot and humid that day, and I was beat when I got home from work. Anna, my twenty-year-old slave, met me at the door with an ice-cold Coke and a smile.

"How was your day, Mistress?" she said as I eyed her up and down looking for any telltale signs of misbehavior.

"Exhausting, just look at me, I'm a mess. Thank you." Taking the glass from her, I raise it to my lips and take a big swallow. "Aaahhhhhh, that hits the spot," I sigh. "Anna will you start my shower, and remember I like the water lukewarm."

"Yes, Mistress. Anything else you would like me to do?" she asks, turning to leave.

"Yes, after that, set out the silk night coat Master got me. It's his favorite." I tell her.

I sat and relaxed while I finished my drink. Then I padded through the living room and down the hallway to the Master's bedroom. On the way, I checked to make sure the house was very tidy. That was my job; to make sure Anna did hers.

During the day, Anna's job was taking care of the house and me. Even though she was my slave, she was paid well for her work, and didn't need to work outside the house. She worked hard and was entitled to more then just room and board. But, unlike a "normal job", the consequences for poor work were quite severe for both of us, because at night, the two of us belonged to Master.

As I put some of my jewelry away I looked at Anna, smiled, and asked, "How was your day."

"Fine," she said, and smiled back.

"I know that look girl!" I cautioned. "It's too damn hot, so forget it."

She padded off to the bathroom to check the shower. A moment later she came back with the front of her dress wet, and almost see through.

"It's ready. Need some help Mistress?"

"No, Anna, I'm ok." I said, smiling.

Anna stood there and watched me remove my clothes as I looked back at her. She is easy to look at, not only because she is beautiful, but also because she radiates sexuality. She knew exactly what she was doing to me standing there in her, now wet, pale blue summer dress with her excited nipples poking out shamelessly under the light material.

I looked at Anna and smiled, "You're such a tease Anna."

She walked over to me, lifted the front of her dress, took my hand, and placed it on her soft warm shaven pussy.

I closed my eyes and moaned.

Anna smiled, "See I need you Miss and you need me."

Anna knows the only place she can top me is in the bedroom. I'm not aggressive. I'm quiet and shy and I love being the bottom. Master likes it too; I think he likes watching Anna top me.

Slowly my fingers slipped in Anna's pussy. I leaned down and bit her nipple through her wet dress. As I bit I felt the muscles in her pussy suck my fingers in deeper. Anna moaned, and my fingers came out. She sucked her juices from my fingers. I smiled, backed away and walked into the shower.

While I was in the shower I thought of Anna and how nice it would be if she were here. I love how she sucks my nipples in the shower, and runs her tongue up and down my body. I found myself with my fingers deep in my pussy and wishing I'd asked her to come in with me. My loss, smiling to myself.

I finished the shower and got out. Anna was there with a towel in hand. I smiled and held up my arms. She circled my chest with the towel and she rested her hands on my breasts and held them tight. I laid my head back on her shoulders, and looked at her. She smiled and said, "Missed me didn't you slut?"

I shyly closed my eyes and nodded yes.

Then her mouth came down on mine. I felt my knees buckle. Anna had an effect on me like my Master did. They take my breath away with just a touch. The towel dropped to the floor, and Anna said, "Get on the bed slut!"

As I started to walk to the bed Anna said, "No! Stop! Crawl slut. I wanna see your ass as you crawl across the floor."

I did as Anna asked, knowing Anna knew what I liked and needed. When I got to the bed Anna said, "Now slut, stand and bend over. I wanna see if your pussy is as wet as mine."

I could hardly stand I was so excited. And I knew Anna. She was going to use me good. I felt her there behind me. She had removed her dress and was naked too. Her hands were on my hips, sliding up my back, and back down. Resting at the top of my ass. Anna leaned down and kissed my back.

I felt her tongue sliding up and down my back making it as wet as I felt between my thighs. Then her tongue moved to the top of my ass. I felt Anna go to her knees. I felt her tongue as it slid down my ass. I moaned at first and then stifled a shrill scream, as I knew where she was headed. I grabbed the pillow and held it tight as her tongue circled my tight little asshole and then poked at it trying to get in. My legs spread wider and wider. I crawled on the bed and my ass was high in the air. Anna slapped it and said, "Yes slut. That's it, show me my pussy."

As I arched my ass toward Anna, I felt her tongue at my pussy, then in it. I screamed into the pillow. "I'm ready to cum." I yelled at Anna. "I'm cumming!"

Then there was this loud voice that screamed, "Stop slut, don't you dare cum!"

I froze. It was Master.

Anna jumped up and stood there. Her lips and face with my cum on them.

Master walked over and said, "Having fun, sluts?" He pinched Anna's nipple and said, "You like my cunt, Anna, don't you?"

Anna nodded yes and Master released her nipple.

He leaned down fast and kissed Anna knowing she didn't like men. But Master wanted to taste his cunt. At the same time he kissed Anna, Master spanked my ass.

I screamed at the sting but more so at the thought that I might cum.

Master told Anna to get on the bed and spread her legs so his slave could taste her wet pussy.

"Yes Master", Anna replied. She hurried on the bed as Master slaps her ass. Anna screams, "Masterrrrrrr". Anna crawls up on the bed and I see the red hand print on her ass. The tears roll down my cheeks in a bit of jealousy, hoping Master left a print on my ass as well. As Anna settled herself on the bed, I watched and her pussy was swollen and wet. I could almost see it throbbing.

I felt Masters hand touching me. My eyes closed as I felt his fingers tease my ass and pussy. I moaned and heard Master say, "You like this, slut?"

I took a deep breath and said, "Yessssssss Master."

Anna was lying there with her pussy open and wet. Her legs spread wide apart and her nipples hard as rocks.

Master yelled, "Look slut, look at your slave. She's wet and ready for you. She's ready for your tongue; you want her, slut?"

I closed my eyes. Master's cock was there at my pussy. I could feel him, pushing but not going in.

"Like that, slut," he yelled.

I moaned and yelled "Ohhhhhhhh god, yes Master."

"Good, now move up there and show your slave how much you want her," he replied.

Slowly I inched my way up her body, feeling my nipples slide across her warm sweaty body, making my nipples ache for her lips on them. When I reached her lips I leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue darted at mine, making me moan and lay my pussy on hers and move ever so slowly.

Anna's pussy thrusted up to meet mine. Anna screamed as my hands found her nipples, and then my lips sucked them in. Anna moaned "Yesss, that's it slut, suck them, make me beg for you."

I ground my hips, and Master spanked my ass. I stopped, and Anna groaned.

Master said, "Her pussy, girl I wanna see you suck her pussy till she cums in your mouth."

I slid down Anna's body kissing and sucking as I went. When I reached her soft shaved mound I laid my face on her, and took in a deep breath. Then I kissed her, and I felt her legs widen. I was on my knees my ass in the air and Master was close behind me, then as my fingers parted her pussy lips, my tongue reached for her, teasing her clit, and then darting in and out of her pussy.

I felt pain as Master slammed his hard long cock deep in my ass. I screamed and lunged forward, burying my face further into Anna's pussy. She moaned while I sucked her, and I screamed in a low voice as Master fucked me hard. Slamming his hard cock so hard in me I could feel his balls slap my pussy. I reached under me and I could touch his balls holding them as he fucked me. I loved it and he was getting ready to cum.

Anna yelled, "I'm gonna cum.", and I said, "Master I'm gonna cum too."

Master yelled, "Don't you dare. I'll punish you!"

I yelled, "Masterrrrrr please."

He snapped, "No slut, not yet." Then he took his cock out of my ass.

I moaned, "Awwwwwwwwww Master!"

He slapped my ass and said, "Suck your slave slut. Make her cum."

I happily stuck my face back in her pussy that was throbbing and so wet. I wanted to feel her insides throb as I made her cum and suck her dry.

Master was rubbing my pussy, and said, "Awwwww, there you go slut, suck that pussy."

Again I felt a stabbing pain as Master resumed fucking my ass. I moaned as he pushed deeper and deeper. It made me suck harder and harder. Anna was nearly there; I could taste it and feel her throbbing pussy. As master fucked my ass he reached around me and he shoved two fingers deep in me.

Anna was cumming. I sucked and licked her hard as Master fucked me. I screamed, "I'm cumming Master, ohhhhhh god I'm cumminggggggg."

Master yelled, "Yesssssssss slut, cum for your Master," as I felt him explode inside me.

We all collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

Master said, "Ohhhh slut, you're not gone yet."

I looked at him and smiled. Master always leaves me a gift.

Master wanted me to suck his cock so I cleaned it off. I loved doing this, as I crawled over to Master's cock, and started to suck. Master smiled he always saved me some. Master smiled and said, "Good girl, suck me dry now!"

As my lips kissed and sucked him in, I felt Master throbbing, and he grabbed my hair. Held me tight to his cock. Making me gag, but I loved the taste and loved to please him. Master pumped and pumped till he was done. Then he laid there, out of breath and me looking at him, his cum on my red lips from his use.

Master smiled and patted the bed next to him. I crawled up and Master kissed me, sucking the cum from my lips and then tenderly kissing me. He smiled and said, "Good girl slut, you pleased Master."

I smiled and lay next to Master.

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