tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnna Saves the Company Ch. 02

Anna Saves the Company Ch. 02


When Anna opened the door to leave the bathroom, she noticed Mr Davies had left. In a slight panic she looked around the room and found he had left her a note.

Dear Anna

I know tonight seemed cruel of me but I couldn't resist. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I just simply couldn't turn down the offer once I had seen you. I have signed the contract and will keep to our agreement.

Yours sincerely

Alan Davies.

"Turn down the offer?" she said out loud to herself.

Anna sat feeling very confused as she read the letter over and over. Realising the time she quickly put the letter inside her bag and got dressed. She was going to discuss this with Tom in the morning.

Anna arrived home just after 11pm and was relieved to find her husband fast asleep. Watching him sleep however, only increased the terrible guilt she felt inside.

Monday couldn't arrive quickly enough and Anna walked into the office to find all the staff congratulating her on her success. This made Anna paranoid thinking they all knew what she had done. Of course they didn't, and Anna made for Toms office.

"Well done Anna, Mr Davies faxed the contract over this morning and the company is saved. I can't thank you enough." Tom said smiling.

Anna closed the door and stood at his desk. Tom could see the anger in her eyes and his smile quickly disappeared.

"Shut up Tom! Do you have any idea how I feel? I feel like a cheap little office whore!" she said angrily.

"Ok Anna, Ok, please sit down and lower your voice."

Anna sat down handing Tom the note Mr Davies had left her.

"What's this?"

"Just read it."

Anna waited inpatiently as she watched Tom reading the note.

"Ok, so he left you a note thanking you. He must have been impressed."

"Don't even go there Tom, I mean it."

"I'm sorry Anna but why are you showing me this?"

"What does he mean, by not being able to turn down the offer Tom? I didn't offer myself; you told me he requested me."

"He did request you. When he told me his terms I felt sick to the stomach Anna. But after a few minutes I wanted to know who he was interested in. He told me immediately the young blonde. As you know there are only two blonde women working in here, you and Laura. Laura didn't look young when she was young." Tom said as he broke in to a laugh.

"Don't laugh Tom. There is nothing amusing going on here."

"Look Anna, it's done now and we got the contract and I know it's hard, even if I don't understand how you feel. But remember nobody made you do it. Take some time off if you need it and work from home."

"I think I will. Ring me if you need me Tom."

With that Anna left the office to speak to the girls before going home. As she left the office, she missed what Tom had muttered under his breath.

"I'll ring you Anna, don't you worry about that." He said quietly smiling.

Anna arrived home and sat in the garden, enjoying the rare sunshine she lit a cigarette and tried to pull herself together. She knew she either tried to get on with her life as though nothing happened. Or confessed all to her husband and risk losing what she had. Anna knew what she was going to do; she felt she had no choice. She decided to say nothing and try to forget what she had done, knowing full well it would take time.

The next few weeks were spent dealing with Mr Davies' company, but Anna was delighted to find she would have no direct dealings with Mr Davies himself. She began to feel more at ease with her new position and revelled in her new pay rise.

Whilst she knew the guilt would never go away, she was learning to cope with it.

As Anna was enjoying a late morning in bed, she woke to find her husband had brought her mail to the bedroom. Lighting her first cigarette of the day she sat up and sorted through her mail.

Holding up a small package she quickly opened it up, wondering what was inside. Whatever it was it was protected with bubble wrap. After opening it Anna pulled out a disk which had DVD written on it.

Thinking how strange it was she quickly got up and put it into her DVD player. Sitting back onto the bed she watched in horror as she appeared on the screen entering a hotel room with Mr Davies. His face had been blanked out, but Anna could clearly been seen.

Anna knew what she was about to watch, but still she sat frozen watching the DVD play out.

Crushing out her cigarette she lit another and sucked deep on the filter as she watched herself being seduced on film. From the angle of the filming, the camera must have been hidden above one of the hotel paintings. The camera was filming from the side of the bed and captured every angle that Anna had been fucked in.

The film ended and Anna collapsed in tears. She thought everything was getting back to normal and now this. She quickly stood up and told herself to get a grip. Picking up the package she checked inside and found nothing. She scrambled for her phone to ring Tom and noticed she had a missed call from him. Nervously she returned the call.

"Hello Anna, I was just calling to see if you had received any interesting mail this morning?" he said laughing down the phone.

"You bastard Tom, why did you do this? What the hell do you want from me?"

"Firstly Anna I'd like to congratulate you. You are hot and from what I seen you very much enjoyed yourself."

"Fuck off Tom, I'll go to the police and have you charged."

"Charged for what Anna? Watching and wanking over a video of you cheating on your husband. I don't think so and where is your evidence I have done nothing wrong?"

Anna tried to compose herself before she lost control and quickly lit another cigarette as she listened to Tom.

"Ok Tom, what do you want?"

"I'm coming over to your house to meet you in about an hour, so be ready. Oh and don't worry Anna I'm not going to make you sleep with me, I'm coming to talk."

Anna hung up the phone and quickly jumped in the shower before getting dressed. She wore black trousers shoes and a jumper; she made sure she wasn't revealing anything in front of Tom.

Anna opened the door and gave Tom a vicious look as he walked in smiling.

"Ok Tom say what you got to say then get out."

"Despite what you may think of me Anna I'm truly sorry for what I've put you through."

"Whatever Tom, What do you want?"

"Alan Davies was negotiating on a lower price for our stock and I couldn't afford to do it Anna. He seen how desperate I was and after picking up the photo of my wife on my desk, he asked for her services to clinch the deal."

"So how did I get mixed up in all of this? You said he asked for me."

"I offered you instead."

"I can't believe it you fucking arsehole."

"I know Anna, and im sorry."

"So what's with the DVD? Why did you have it filmed?"

"I'm sorry Anna but I have another two suppliers who are keen to buy our stock."

"I won't do it Tom. I'm not your little office whore you can lend out to clients."

Anna put her head in her hands and began to sob as Tom rose to his feet.

"Yes you are Anna; I'm not losing my business for anybody. If you don't comply, this film will mysteriously surface at your husband's work place. Who knows it may even appear on the internet? I'll give you until tomorrow for your answer. If it's a no, the film will be posted as soon as I put the phone down."

"Why are you doing this to me Tom? I've never harmed you and I've always been loyal."

"Don't take it personally Anna; this is saving my business and your job. I'll see myself out and expect your call tomorrow."

Tom closed the door behind him, leaving Anna in despair as she felt as if she was cracking up. She had to tell her husband otherwise this would just go on and on. Images of the film began to run through her mind and she knew her husband would leave her once he seen the film.

Anna knew she hadn't been forced to do it. Alan Davies could be clearly heard giving her the option to leave. No, she had chosen to stay and very quickly began to enjoy herself. Her husband would never forgive her and then she really would lose everything.

Tom was pleased to hear from Anna the next day and that she had agreed to meet his clients. Tom gave her all the details before hanging up the phone.

The following weekend Anna prepared for the meeting. She had been instructed to meet a Mr Ian Phillips who owned several clothes shops in London. She was to arrive in London by train for 10am, where she would be picked up and taken to an exclusive hotel.

Mr Phillips specialised in all sorts of clothing and was trying to break into the lingerie market. He had found a cheap lingerie manufacturer in Europe and was hoping to pass it on in the UK. Many businesses were keen to see the merchandise in the hope for a good profit. If they could get some good lingerie that was cheaper than UK manufacturers, then they could possibly compete with the bigger UK lingerie companies. Seeing himself as the middle man, Mr Phillips could make a lot of money.

When he met with Tom to purchase his stock, Tom had offered Anna in exchange for a fair price on the stock. As every other company began to drop their prices, Tom was trying to use Anna for a better deal.

Mr Phillips admitted he needed a model for his lingerie show and Tom convinced him she could be used to clinch any deals of his own if needed.

Anna however was only informed that she was modelling lingerie and everything was above board. Tom had told her that Mr Phillips was only using her to cut modelling costs, but not to be surprised if after seeing her in lingerie, he wanted a private viewing.

Anna accepted she would probably end up having sex with Mr Phillips but hoped she would get away with just modelling.

The train pulled into London where Anna was met by a beautiful brunette called Tanya. She made Anna feel very relaxed as she explained what Anna was to do and they soon arrived at the hotel.

Tanya led Anna through a function room and into a small office where she met Ian Phillips. As Ian instructed her on what she was going to do, Tanya wheeled in a large clothes rail with various types of lingerie hanging from it.

On seeing the lingerie Anna felt her heart racing and Tanya sensed her nervousness. Tanya took her outside for a cigarette where she gave Anna tips on how to model the lingerie. Anna wasn't expected to be a catwalk model and Tanya reassured her that she was beautiful and that that would be enough to see her through.

The first showing was at 12pm sharp and Anna peaked through the door to see 3 men and two women dressed in suits sat in front of Ian Phillips as he spoke. Anna froze as she realised she was about to get naked in front of another woman, but Tanya didn't give her time to worry as she told her to quickly get ready.

Once Anna was naked Tanya handed her a very sexy pink school girl outfit. She put on the bra and quickly stepped into the very short skirt, pulling it up her legs. Anna looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at how good she looked. She stood in a pink and black chequered bra with very thin shoulder straps, looking more like a bikini top. The skirt matched the top but barley covered her arse cheeks. Anna wore a pink thong underneath the skirt and hoped she didn't have to bend over.

Anna stepped out into the function room and felt her stomach doing somersaults as her nerves went into overdrive. Low moans and whispers of approval could be heard as Anna walked from left to right on the red carpet that had been laid out. Placing her hands on her hips she stopped then pushed her waist to the left before pushing it to the right. As she took up her pose, Ian Phillips would describe the lingerie to his clients. Anna felt the heat rising between her legs as she watched several pairs of male eyes looking her over.

A few minutes later she was back in the office with Tanya quickly changing into the next item. After six shows Ian Phillips called for a break and Anna went to the toilet. Ian walked into the office handing Tanya a pill.

"Put this in her drink and make sure she drinks it before the next show. She is too nervous and it's putting the clients off. I need her to loosen up and act sexy."

Walking back out Ian bumped into Anna and congratulated her on doing a great job so far. This pleased Anna and it gave her confidence as she entered the office. Tanya handed her a glass of water in which she gulped down before getting undressed.

So far the lingerie hadn't been to revealing by lingerie standards but Anna gasped when she was handed the next item. She was to model some bridal lingerie and the next item was a sexy white corset with white stockings. Anna climbed into the corset and Tanya helped her do it up before she sat down and rolled the stockings up her legs.

Anna walked out and once again the room filled with groans of approval. As she stood posing and listening to Ian describing the outfit, Anna felt her body getting hot. The corset pushed her breasts up to the point of almost spilling out. As the rush of heat coursed through her body she began to feel the clients undressing her with their eyes.

Anna was relieved to get back into the office and Tanya quickly calmed her down as she knew the pill was kicking in. A few more items later and they stopped for the last break.

Anna was shocked at how turned on she was, her pussy was soaking and desperate to be touched. It didn't even occur to her she had been spiked; she just believed the whole situation had unearthed something inside of her.

The next item had Anna gushing as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She stood in a baby doll and thong set which really showed off her figure. It was see through black with white dots and a pink bow on the front of the thong. The baby doll opened up showing off her stomach and only a small pink bow tied together in between her breasts, was keeping her breasts covered. But the pink bow made little difference as the see through material revealed what was underneath.

Anna walked out and heard the loudest moans of approval yet. Anna felt the need to spice things up a bit and shocked herself with her actions. Posing she began to run her hands through her hair and occasionally flicked her head as if she was in a shampoo advert. Her naughty pouts didn't go unnoticed either as she began to notice some of the clients adjusting their trousers. She began to act slutty with her poses and Ian was delighted.

When the show was over Anna was desperate to fuck anything that moved. The modelling had made her so horny but in truth, it only helped. Tanya left Anna alone and she quickly locked the door before plunging two fingers into her pussy. She fucked her pussy hard whilst rubbing her clit and she was soon biting her lip to silence her orgasm as her mind exploded.

Four of the five clients snapped up most of the lingerie, delighted with Anna's display. Only one of the clients remained.

"Very good show Ian, the items are fantastic and so is your model. Quite a slut I see, or is that just part of her show to help us make up our minds?"

"She was very good wasn't she Mike? So what can I put you down for?"

"I haven't made up my mind yet Ian; I think I may need a second viewing before I place an order."

Both men laughed and Ian was more than happy to help him make up his mind.

"Well my friend what would you like to see? Would you like me to call Anna out for you?"

"That won't be necessary, but if you can get her to come up to my suite in say, half an hour? You can put me down for one hundred of each item."

"That shouldn't be a problem Mike, What room are you in?"

"Third floor room 302, I'll look forward to meeting her and make sure she's wearing the fourth bridal suit she modelled."

As Mike left the room Ian called Tanya over to him. He opened a bottle of water and dropped another pill into the bottle before handing it to her.

"Go for your smoke break with Anna and make sure she drinks this. Be back in ten minutes, I need to speak to her."

"Don't let any harm come to her Ian, this is bad enough already and remember she has a train to catch." Tanya said.

"Don't worry, I'll go up with her and make sure it doesn't get out of hand."

Tanya entered the room and found Anna doing up the last of her jacket buttons. She handed her the bottle of water before taking her outside for a much needed cigarette break.

Although Anna felt terrible for the mess she was in she had to admit she really enjoyed today. She never imagined she could even show herself off like that, never mind actually doing it. She managed to blank out thoughts of her husband and Tom, besides she had only modelled lingerie, she kept telling herself.

Ian pulled Anna to one side as he told Tanya to get a long ladies coat from his van. Anna looked at him a bit confused before her heart sank. She was beginning to get used to this sinking feeling, but it still didn't feel any better each time it happened.

Ian told her to get changed into bridal item number four and take the coat from Tanya. He would take her up to the room and Anna knew what was going to happen.

Walking into the hotel room Ian handed Mike the contract for his order. He quickly signed the contract and watched Anna enter the room.

"You have two hours Mike, be nice to her." Ian said looking serious.

"Don't worry we will be very nice to each other."

Mike said then closed the door.

Mike poured then handed Anna a glass of wine which she eagerly accepted. She felt more relaxed with a drink inside, especially at times like this. Mike wasn't particularly attractive to Anna; she was dreading the next couple of hours. He was about the same height as her with a balding head and some excess weight around his waist.

"Ok Anna, this is what's going to happen. You will model that lingerie for me, but I want it to be sexy and slutty like you did in the function room. Do you understand?"

Anna ignored him; instead she pushed him back onto the sofa and stepped back. She stood in front of him slowly unbuttoning the long coat as she watched him fumbling for his buckle. By the time she had reached the last button she had managed to keep the coat together, concealing what was underneath. Turning around with her back to Mike, she looked over her shoulder and seen he had removed his trousers and pants. Anna gasped and felt the juices leaking out of her pussy.

Anna forgot what he looked like or even what he was making her do. As the pill kicked in to effect inside of her, she focused on the impressive cock before her. Unable to wait any longer as the heat from her pussy began to flow through her body, Anna opened the coat and slid it over her shoulders. Anna very slowly turned around to face Mike, dropping the coat at the same time. The suit looked better the second time, Mike thought to himself as he reached for his throbbing cock and began to stroke it.

Anna stood before him in a white strapless low front bridal Basque. The Basque didn't push her breasts up, it was low enough to reveal the tops of her breasts and she could see the look of lust in Mike's eyes. The Basque clipped onto the stockings and her thong was tight showing the outline of her tight pussy through the material.

"Fuck the show bitch, get your arse over here and suck my cock, I need to feel that sweet little mouth of yours."

Anna walked slowly to Mike and dropped to her knees between his legs. She took a hold of his cock and felt her pussy quiver as the meat throbbed in her grasp. Bending towards him, she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Mike gave out a loud groan as his cock entered her warm mouth. Closing her mouth around his cock Anna began to wank the base slowly as she slid her mouth up and down his cock.

Mike opened his eyes to see the most beautiful blonde set of locks on any girl, bobbing up and down in his lap. Putting his hands into the hair he raised his hips to bury his cock deeper. As he fucked her mouth hard he could hear Anna gagging which only turned him on more.

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