tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnna Saves the Company Ch. 03

Anna Saves the Company Ch. 03


Anna had dressed provocatively for work that day. Her short skirt and low-cut blouse was greeted with a lecherous smile from Tom.

"You are looking unbelievably gorgeous today." He said, looking her up and down.

Anna politely smiled before thanking him for the compliment. "Please, come into my office." He said.

Anna flicked her hair behind her shoulder as she walked into his office.

"I hear that your trip to London went well. You earned a lot of money Anna." He grinned.

"Look, Tom, I can't do this anymore." She pleaded.

Tom ran his eyes over her legs before they wandered into her cleavage.

"There's a way of settling this, Anna," he said. "But it requires a small favour from you."

"A favour?" she laughed. "Haven't I done enough favours for you?"

Tom moved behind her chair. "You know I've always wanted you," he whispered.

Tom slid his hand down her arm, gently. "What do you want from me Tom?" she asked grabbing his arm. "I think you know what I want, Anna."

Anna stood up and faced him with anger in her eyes. "You can forget it."

Tom smiled as his eyes shifted to her breasts, making her nervous.

"I'd give anything to see those luscious breasts of yours," he groaned. "I want to caress them and taste your soft flesh."

"Don't you care about your wife and children?" she said. The guilt talk didn't work.

"Like you cared about your husband," He chuckled. "Don't be a hypocrite, Anna."

"That's not fair and you know it!" she shot back. "If you give me what I want, it will all be over." He said.

Ann felt as though she was being strangled. His idea repulsed her, but was it worth it to end this nightmare?

"Don't be a fool Anna," he said softly. "Why risk everything when you're so close to the end."

"Tell me, how is this supposed to work? I mean, what are you going to do?" she asked fearfully.

Tom reached out and cupped her face. He knew that she hated him, but that only added to his excitement.

"You're so beautiful, Anna," he whispered, tracing a finger down her cheek and then along the outline of her blouse.

She shuddered as his finger slid into the valley of her cleavage, stroking between her breasts. "Goddamn it, you make me horny." He said, pressing his bulge into her leg.

Anna took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Just get on with it will you."

She cursed her body as she became sensitive to his touch. Her nipples were hard and tingling as he slid his hand into her blouse.

"Do you like that?" he grinned, catching the soft moan that had escaped her lips. His one hand caressed her breast, while the other unbuttoned her blouse.

She could feel her heart beating hard against her chest now. Biting her lip, she tried not to gasp as he skilfully removed her blouse and bra.

"Your tits are perfect, so soft and firm," he groaned. "And look at those nipples."

She opened her eyes as he lifted her chin and kissed her. Taken by surprise she kissed him back.

Tom was feeling pleased with his handy work until his wife's voice startled them. "Oh, shit! Quickly, get dressed." He instructed.

Anna didn't know whether to be annoyed or relieved as she quickly buttoned up her blouse. In the short rush that had followed her molestation, she had thrown her bra out of view, in order to save time.

"What are you doing here?" he asked his wife.

"I thought id drop by on my way to work, seen as you left the company books at home." She replied.

Anna quietly sighed with relief at Sandra's reply. If she suspected something, then surely would have said immediately?

"Are you ok, Anna?" she asked. "You look a little flustered."

"Umm ... no ...no I'm fine thank you." She stumbled, before leaving the office.

"Will there be anything else, honey?" he asked politely.

"No, that's all. I'll see you tonight." She replied.

At four o'clock that afternoon Laura popped her head into Anna's office, letting her know everyone was leaving.

"What, now?" she exclaimed.

"Yes, its four o'clock, Anna," she replied. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No ... it's ok ... I ... I just lost track of the time." She mumbled.

And so she was left alone, with Tom in his office. Anna grew nervous, spending the last half an hour watching Toms door.

"Shit!" she screeched, when her phone rang.

Her voice grew tight when he opened his door and strolled into her office, waiting for her to finish. He stood in front of her, arms folded with a cocky smile on his face.

"What do you want?" She mouthed silently.

Anna watched horrified as he slithered his tongue out of his mouth and circled it around his lips. "You know what I want." He whispered.

Anna stared at him blankly, hoping this telephone conversation would never end. But it did, shortly after Tom had locked the door.

"Tom, I can't do this anymore." She moaned.

"Take off your clothes." He instructed, ignoring her pleas.

"Tom!" she shrieked.

"Take off your clothes, Anna. Now!" he demanded.

"What if I don't? What if I refuse to do what you want?" she said.

"We have already been through this, Anna," he said, walking up behind her and stroking her hair. "It would be a shame for your husband to walk into work one day and find all his colleagues watching a DVD of his precious wife, prostituting herself."

"You're just trying to scare me." She whimpered.

She suddenly yelped as he grabbed a handful of her lush blonde hair and yanked her to her feet. "Am I?" he said. "Don't test me, Anna. I promise you will live to regret it."

Anna couldn't bear the thought of her husband watching that DVD. She accepted that this would be the only way to stop everything. "Ok," she said. "I'll do what you want."

"That's a good girl," he said, releasing her hair. "Don't worry; very soon you'll be enjoying yourself just as much as me."

Then, with deepening breaths, he began to unbutton her blouse. A tremor went through her body as he pulled the blouse down her arms and removed her bra. His two hands grabbed her exposed breasts, before he took a nipple into his mouth.

She could only look away in denial as her cheeks flushed. His hands reached around to the back of her skirt and pulled down the zip. The skirt loosened around her body as he thrust his hand into her panties. A soft moan escaped her lips as his finger found her sensitive clit.

"Look at me," he whispered. "I want to see the pleasure in your eyes."

She turned to look at him, trying hard not to show any enjoyment. However, her breathing gave her away as he plunged a finger deep into her pussy.

"You're soaking wet," he groaned. "But you already knew that, didn't you?"

He withdrew his hand and then slid her skirt over her arse. She offered no resistance as the thin fabric left her body, falling to the floor. Then, a flush of excitement flooded into her pussy as he knelt in front of her, tore down her panties and thrust his tongue into her pussy.

Shock waves went through her body and she began to tremble. Grasping his shoulders, her breathing became shallow as he spread her pussy lips and slid his tongue inside.

His fingers gripped her thighs as his tongue thrust into her and then slid across her clit. Clutching his shoulders, she began to push and shove her pussy into his mouth.

She was so horny. Sensing her clit couldn't take much more, he sucked hard on her little bud. Her body jolted and shook as her wetness soaked his face.

Anna sagged as Tom stood up, her head slumped as her body went numb. "Did you enjoy that?" he laughed.

Pulling her to her feet, he thrust his bulge into her bare pussy and grabbed her breasts.

"Unzip me, Anna," he grunted. "Take my cock out so I can fuck you."

Anna wanted to be fucked, but she couldn't do it. Having cum hard on his tongue, she felt back in control of herself.

As Tom stood smiling, waiting for this beautiful wife to take out his cock, she angrily rammed her knee into his groin. While he lay in a heap on top of the floor, she hurriedly got dressed.

"You fucking bitch!" he whimpered. "This isn't over."

"Yes it is," she said proudly. "I'm finished with you and this job."

Tom arrived home that evening intending to go straight upstairs and shower, but his wife, Sandra, called out to him from the kitchen. He entered the kitchen to find his wife sat at the table, anger in her eyes.

"Is everything ok?" he asked, concerned.

"Not at the moment," she said. "But it will be."

Tom felt his throat tighten as if somebody was trying to strangling him. To his horror, he watched helplessly as his wife held up a blank looking CD and a black diary.

"I've read the book and I've watched the DVD, Tom," she began to sob. "How could you?"

"Sandra, please let me ..."

"Shut it!" she snapped fiercely. "At first I suspected something with you and Anna. But blackmail!"

"Sandra, please ..."

"I said shut your mouth!" she screamed. "You disgust me. I have had to bottle this up all week. Then I discovered in your little, sick and twisted diary and what you put that poor girl through in London."

Tom flopped onto the chair, shaking his head.

"At first I thought she was some cheap whore making you money, so I thought maybe you were fucking her too," she said. "So, I dropped by early this morning, and what did I find?"

"You seen us?" he replied.

"Not only did I see you, I heard you. I heard every word, Tom." She said.

"I didn't sleep with her, Sandra," he grovelled. "I haven't slept with anybody since the day we met. You have to believe me."

"What does that matter? I've discovered a side to you that's repulsive." She said.

The house fell silent for a few moments. Tom sat with his head in his hands, while Sandra composed herself.

"What happens now?" he mumbled.

"First of all you will sign the business over to me..."

"But ..." he interrupted.

"No buts, Tom," she jumped in. "If you want to come out of this with your reputation in tact I suggest you listen. I could go to the police with this."

"What do you want?" he asked, resigned to his fate.

"I want the business, and of course a divorce. You can keep the house." She said.

"And what if I don't agree?" he inquired.

"I'll go to the police and everybody will know what an evil, dirty pervert you are," she hissed.

Picking up her suit case, Sandra walked towards the front door. Tom looked up at her as she paused to look back at him. "I'll be in touch tomorrow," she said. "By the way, stay away from Anna."

"She quit this afternoon." He said.

"I'll be phoning her shortly. She's the new manager.

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