tagFirst TimeAnnabel's Awakening

Annabel's Awakening


Annabel was the kind of girl most men didn't look at twice when they passed her in the street. She had a very pretty face, but she didn't do anything to show it off. Her wild, copper curls hid her hazel eyes and she rarely smiled. She dressed in long, modest skirts and baggy shirts that hid her firm d-cup tits, a slight waist and feminine hips. No man who looked at her ever fantasised about her milky white mounds, crowned with cherry-sized pink nipples or the silky folds hidden between her soft thighs, under more copper curls. Not until Jason Stratton laid his eyes on her.

Jason was a lecturer at Annabel's university. He didn't teach Annabel, but he first met her a couple of months before graduation when she waited for her roommate to come out of a tutorial with Jason. The sight of her erect nipples under the shirt had brought his eyes to the size of her bosom. He loved big tits, and big tits on a young woman like Annabel were irresistible to him. He'd fucked quite a number of co-eds in his career, but they'd all come to him. He'd let them seduce him in return for higher grades and he'd been the envy of all his friends, fucking all those willing young girls all the time when his wife had long since lost interest in sex and just lay in bed like a dead fish.

At the age of 45 he was recently divorced and he didn't like his situation. He didn't miss sex with his wife, and living alone had its advantages as he demanded ever more sex from his students to raise their grades. But there were not going to be any desperate college girls all summer and he didn't like the idea of having to wine and dine divorced women of his own age, without the promise of getting laid.

Jason couldn't get Annabel's tits out of his mind and as soon as found out her name he started making sure that he'd run into her as often as possible. He had full access to the computer system and could see when she checked in and out of various facilities. It wasn't long before he started running into her virtually every time she was in the library. Then he volunteered to be the faculty member on her fundraising committee. It wasn't difficult to find out about her interests and whenever they met he made sure to mention something that he knew would interest her. He noticed a glow in her eyes when she talked about things she was passionate about and he was dying to see that very same glow with her legs wrapped around him and his cock buried deep in her cunt. He suspected that she was a virgin and the though turned him on even more. He knew that he had to have her.

One day Annabel was late for a committee meeting, but when she arrived he could tell that something was wrong. At the break he pulled her to the side and asked what was wrong.

"My house," Annabel sobbed. "My house has been repossessed. I'll be homeless when I graduate in two weeks' time."

"What do you mean? I thought you lived on campus?"

"I do. But I was going to move back with my dad after graduation, only he passed away just after Christmas and I didn't know how much debt he was in. I tried to sort it out, but I don't have any money either. So this morning they came and took it. They're going to sell it at an auction."

"Don't you have any family to stay with while you look for another place to live?"

"None that live close enough for me to be able to afford to travel to them. I don't have a job yet so it's going to be months before I can afford a deposit on an apartment. What am I going to do?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something. Maybe one of your friends has a spare room. And if there's no other solution I have a spare bedroom in my house that you're welcome to use as a last resort."

He said the last sentence as a joke, but his cock was stirring in his pants at the mere thought of having Annabel sleeping in his house. The next day Annabel's roommate had her next tutorial with him and she bemoaned the situation. She'd been offered a job in New York and was torn between her friendship with Annabel and the fantastic career opportunity. She knew that Annabel would never move to New York, that she wanted to stay in a small town and find a job as an office manager until she found a nice catholic boy to marry. Jason forced himself not to smile and said that she had to go for the once in a lifetime career opportunity and if Annabel hadn't found a solution by graduation that he'd let her board at his house until she could afford a deposit.

The last few weeks went by, and the day before graduation Annabel showed up at Jason's door.

"Hi Mr Stratton," she said shyly. "Do you have some time?"

"Sure Annabel, what can I do for you?"

"Is the offer to board with you for a little while still open? I've been offered a job, but after they sold my dad's house there was no money left and I still have to pay for my last semester's board here so I'm not going to be able to afford an apartment before August at the earliest."

"Sure, no problem."

"I promise you won't know I'm there."

"It's OK Annabel. I'm going to spend the summer finishing my next book so I'll rarely leave home. It'll be nice to see a friendly face every once in a while."

So it was that Annabel moved into Jason's three bedroom house the next Saturday. It was a hot day and Jason had looked forward to seeing Annabel in something other than her baggy clothes, but he was disappointed. She was wearing shorts, but very sensible knee length shorts. Her t-shirt was baggy and he could see that she was wearing a sports bra underneath. All he wanted was to pin her against the wall and rip her clothes off so that he could fuck her senseless. But he knew that he had to be patient and await the right opportunity.

As the temperature got hotter Annabel found herself staying away from the house more. She wished that Mr Stratton, no Jason, would stop parading around his house in nothing but shorts. She wasn't used to seeing half naked men and she didn't like what it did to her. Jason may be more than twice her age, but he took good care of his body and he looked really good. One morning she'd had to squeeze past him in the narrow hallway as he was getting into the shower. He'd had nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist and she'd seen his morning bulge. She knew that men got big in the morning, but nothing prepared you for that first sight of what big actually meant.

She sat in the air-conditioned coffee shop and tried to think of anything but Jason's body, but she couldn't. She felt the guilt drowning her. She knew that it was wrong of her to think of him like that. He was old enough to be her father and he'd been married. Her church didn't approve of divorces and neither did she. She had to get over this. She decided to get involved in some volunteering at church. Maybe then she could find a suitable unmarried young man to start dating.

The next Sunday morning Annabel was relaxing in the bath. She'd heard the door slam behind Jason as he went out on his morning jog and she knew from experience that she had an hour for a bath. That was the only time of the week when she allowed herself a bath as the lock on the bathroom door was broken. She relaxed into the bubbles and started dreaming. Before she knew it she'd fallen asleep and as the water cooled and hardened her nipples the bubbles slowly burst. She didn't hear Jason return from his jog, nor did she hear him getting undressed in his bedroom. He was expecting her to have gone to church by now so he walked naked to the bathroom and was startled by the erotic sight in his bathtub.

"Jason!" Annabel exclaimed, splashing water everywhere while she tried to figure out whether to cover her tits or her pussy and all the while having her eyes locked on his rapidly expanding cock.

"Annabel," he said, eyes fixed on the beautiful naked woman. "I thought you'd gone to church."

"I must have fallen asleep," she was panicking now and he wasn't covering up. "Please, get a towel."

Too late she realised that he had to walk up next to her to get a towel. His cock was fully erect as he wrapped the towel around his waist, making a tent in the cotton. He still looked at her.

"Why are you so flushed, Annabel?" he asked, his voice smooth as silk. He knew that this was it. If he didn't get her today he'd never have her. "You're a beautiful woman, it's only natural that a man gets turned on when he sees your body."

"It's wrong," she protested. "It belongs in a marriage."

"It belongs between people who are attracted to each other. You can see that I'm attracted to you and I think you're attracted to me. Why not find out how wonderful we can make each other feel?"

"But you're not supposed to do it until you're married."

"Annabel, you are not going to find a man to marry who is still a virgin. At least if you have sex with me I'll be gentle with you and I promise to teach you what you like and how to give pleasure to your future husband."

She was attracted to him. She could feel the throbbing excitement between her legs. And he was right. She was aware that most men of marriageable age were not virgins and she'd hate not to know what to do. She'd always made sure she did all her research before embarking on a new project.

"Well... Maybe tonight we could..."

"Tonight? What's wrong with now?"

"But it's daylight."

"Daylight is the best time for lovemaking. That's when you can see your partner's eyes."

Annabel blushed and he could tell that she wanted to back out. In her world sex was something a husband and wife did under the cover of darkness on a Saturday night. If he didn't act now he'd lose her. She'd talk herself out of fucking him. He pulled off the towel and stood next to her, his 8 inches standing proud a few inches from her face. He leaned over and pulled the plug from the bath. The water slowly sipped away, and as it reached waist level he pulled her up and into the towel. He slowly kissed her as he towelled her dry and then he dropped the towel and squeezed her against him.

She was terrified as she felt his hard shaft against her stomach. She knew that she should say no, but she couldn't. He picked her up in his arms and took her to his bedroom where he dropped her on his bed and kneeled next to her face.

"It's customary for women to suck their man's cock until it's hard. Mine's already hard, but I'll let you try a little anyway. I don't want you to miss out."

He smiled with satisfaction as her lips wrapped around his shaft. He was dying to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat, but he figured it would scare her before he got to her cunt.

"That's right, baby. Suck it in and out and run your tongue across it. Use your hand to work the part of my cock that you can't reach with your lips."

The girl was a natural and after weeks of not fucking anyone he knew that he had to stop this before it went too far. He pulled out and moved down between her legs, which he parted, despite her modest protests.

"Now it's my turn to lick your pussy. You see, for sex not to hurt a woman has to be moist in her pussy and the man makes her moist by licking her pussy."

"But I'm already moist," she protested, unsure of the idea of having a man lick her down there.

He smiled inwardly. He could see how dripping wet her cunt was, but there was no way he was going to be cheated out of this delicious feast. "Yes, of course you're wet. You're always wet when you get excited. But that wetness is not enough, that's just a start that I use with my tongue to make you wetter. Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

He didn't let her say anything else, but dove straight in. He parted her thighs wide and saw her engorged clit under that generous copper bush. He almost laugh when he heard her yelp of pleasure as he locked his lips around her clit and started sucking. It didn't take many flicks of his tongue for her to have her first mini orgasm. He swiftly moved on and started lapping up the lavish supply of her sweet juices that were now free flowing from her hole. He started tongue fucking her and knew for certain that she was a virgin. His cock ached as she came for a second time.

"Are you feeling good now, baby?" he asked as he made his way back up her body, sucking on her nipples before letting her taste her pussy juices on his lips.

"Yes..." she sighed. "Is that it?"

"No, now we're going to fuck."

He parted her legs wide and marvelled at her moist pink folds. He rested his cock on her slit and savoured the moment. He started pushing against her and slowly slowly his cock made its way until it burst through her hymen and inside her tight wet passage. She cried with pain and he held her in place with the weight of his body. Soon the pain passed and she started moving her hips. He started fucking her. He got her legs up over his shoulders and started pumping into her. Every thrust into her tight cunt squeezed her juices out of her, making delicious fuck sounds. He fucked her fast and furiously. Her tits bounced as he fucked her even harder. With every thrust he stopped to grind himself against her clit. Then he felt that wonderful warm feeling around his cock. She cried out as her orgasm possessed her and her cunt convulsed around his shaft.

As soon as she was done cumming he rolled around so that he was on his back and she was straddling him.

"Ride me!" he commanded and showed her how to move her hips. Her tits bounced before him and he soon sat up and sucked on and bit her nipples. He squeezed her giant tits, knowing that one of these days he'd fuck them and cum into her open mouth, but she still had a lot to learn before then. He got her to ride faster. He took her hand and placed her finger on her clit and showed her how to rub it. He reached for those luscious tits again. Her juices ran down his shaft and he marvelled at the sight of his thick member disappearing past the copper jungle and into her tight hole.

And she came again. She was amazed by the sensation and both their bodies were glistening with sweat. He wasn't done yet.

"I have to cum as well," he told her. "Get on your hands and knees."

She did as she was told and her cunt gaped wide for him as he stood on the floor behind her. He shoved his cock deep inside her and they both cried out loud as he filled her more than he had all morning. He grabbed her tits and pulled her up against his chest. Slowly at first and then faster and harder he fucked her from behind. He squeezed her tits hard as he possessed her cunt.

"Rub your clit, baby," he commanded. "I'm ready to cum and I want you to cum with me."

She started rubbing her nub and she soon set herself off. As her cunt squeezed him tight for the third time he released his load and shot it into her. It never seemed to want to stop squirting. With a final deep thrust he deposited the last of his seed in her womb before pulling out. She collapsed on his bed and he smiled as he saw his milk dripping out of her pussy.

"It's customary for a woman to clean her man's cock after a fuck. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I thought you might want to finish this right."

She wrapped her lips around his shaft and started sucking off her own juices. By the time she was done he was hard again.

"I think it's time I teach you how to fuck in the shower," he said and she went willingly behind him. She'd never felt this good and she just wanted more. Before the end of the day they'd fucked in every room of his house and she couldn't get enough of him. When he moved to go to bed after fucking on the living room carpet she cried out.

"Jason! Where are you going?"

"I'm going to bed. Isn't this your bedtime?" he said casually.

"Yes, but... Well, after today... I don't want to sleep alone. Can we share a bed?"

"But we're not married."

"I don't care about that. I just want to fuck some more. I never knew how great a man's cock could make me feel."

"I don't want to fuck anymore tonight."


"No, no more fucking. We need to sleep. But I'll let you sleep in my bed if you promise to suck my cock in the morning."

"I promise."

"Good girl. That's what a man likes. A woman who's keen to satisfy him in any way possible. Now off to bed."

The next morning Annabel sucked Jason dry and then he reciprocated with a long breakfast in her pussy. He then took her to the bathroom and shaved her pussy before fucking her. She didn't get to work until lunchtime. In fact, she was late for work all week because of Jason's increasing morning fuck demands. By Friday she was addicted to his cock and her first thought when she lost her job was that she could fuck Jason more. He generously agreed to let her stay free of charge as long as she remained his to fuck. When school went back in September he stopped giving out grades for sexual favours. Annabel stopped by his office to service him every lunchtime and her cunt was always available when he came home.

Annabel is 32 now and still addicted to Jason's 55 year old cock. She's born him two sons, but they still live in sin. He says he doesn't like what marriage does to women and as long as his cock is functioning he's got his woman right where he wants her.

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