Annabeth Tutors My Roommate


"Was that everything you dreamt it could be, baby?" she asked.

He was panting. "Yes, it was incredible. You're amazing. This was my first time."

"Such a crime that no woman has ever gotten to enjoy your big hard cock," she cooed.

"Is it really that big or are you just being nice?" he asked bashfully.

"You're three inches longer than Tony and like a full inch thicker," she flattered.

She then kicked off her heels, hiked up her dress, and removed her pink lace panties.

"But, I've never made love before," he stammered. "I don't know how to please you."

"That's alright, baby, I'll take care of you. That's why I sucked you off first, so now you'll last longer before you shoot your second load." As she straddled him, I saw that she wasn't just giving him an ego boost, his cock was over the ten inch mark, even while semi-flaccid, and a lot thicker than mine. How has it taken him this long to get laid when he's been packing a monster in his shorts? She lowered herself and slowly impaled herself with sizeable manhood.

She started to ride him while pulling her dress down to display her matching lace bra.

"'re so thick...I love it..." she sighed, adjusting to his girth.

Duane had practically gone cross-eyed as this was the time of his life.

"Ohh...Annabeth...I love you...I've always loved you..." he cried.

He then pulled her bra up and manipulated her nipples with his thumbs.

"Mmm...nice and gently...that's how I like're doing so good..." she praised.

She leaned back, holding onto his undershirt, and was now bucking wildly. "YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD! DUANE!!!" She obviously wasn't worried about me hearing them at this juncture. She was lost in a sea of ecstasy. He sat up, trying to suck on her tits, but his rotund physique made it difficult. "OH MY GOD! DUANE! OHHHHH... I LOVE THIS BIG THICK COCK!!!" She pushed him back down and started tearing at his shirt as she neared climax.

" feel so good...I'm cumming..." he gasped.

He nearly fainted as his cock erupted again, but she continued bucking until she reached orgasm. "YES! YES! JESUS CHRIST! I'M CUMMING!!!" She then collapsed on top of him, biting her bottom lip. "Mmm...what a stud you turned out to be...I'm so glad that I was your first..."

I hurried back to my bedroom. Why didn't I confront them? I guess I was in a state of shock.


I could sleep, but I couldn't listen to them fucking anymore, so I put my headphones on and listened to some music. I finally decided to emerge from my bedroom at 7AM. I felt liked I was punched in the gut by what I saw in the kitchen. Annabeth and Duane were making out, she had her tongue down his throat, she must have been giving lessons in that too because it looked like he knew how to kiss her back. He was in his lame flannel pajamas and she was wearing one of his oversized t-shirts.

His sweaty hands were all over ass, gripping and practically lifting her off the floor. After another minute or so of them kissing, where they didn't either know or care that I was watching, she sunk to her knees and pulled his erect cock out of his pajama bottoms. He groaned like a walrus as she blew him for at least the second time in the past five hours. He palmed her head, his fingers still wrapped, and fucked her face while leaning against the refrigerator.

I went back to my room, stewing, and waited until I heard the shower running before I went returned to the kitchen. Annabeth was alone, still in his shirt, fixing breakfast. "I guess we should probably talk," was all she had to say, in a very calm and direct manner.

"Don't bother apologizing," I said right off the bat.

"I wasn't going to apologize," she snapped back.

"So, you've become truly cold hearted," I surmised.

"Don't make yourself into a martyr, but we need to take a break," she clarified.

"A break?" I asked. Like I was really going to fight for her heart at this point.

"I owe it to myself to see where things go with Duane," she said with pride.

"So, what, are you like in love with him?" I queried with genuine wonder.

"I don't know." She sighed and sat down at the table. "It's complicated."

I stared daggers through her. "Well, I'm not going to wish you guys my best."

She was not intimidated by me. "I wouldn't expect you to."

"What happens now?" I asked.

She beamed. "We were planning on meeting his mother at the mall."

I rolled my eyes because she always avoided my mom. "Seriously?"

"She's going to help us pick out curtains for my bedroom," she explained.

Duane then appeared in a flannel robe which matched his pajamas. I approached him and socked him in the nose. He fell to floor, his nose bleeding, and Annabeth quickly came to his aid. My actions only made their bond stronger and that was the end of my relationship with both of them. Over the next month, they stayed at her apartment mostly and he only dropped by our place to pick things up when he knew I wasn't around. I had warned him to keep a distance.

The night before he was officially moving out for good, by happenstance, I came home from work about an hour early than usual and caught them fucking on the couch in the living room. I don't know if this was their attempt to rub my face in one last time. He was reclined on the arm of the couch while she rode him reverse cowgirl style. His shirt was unbuttoned and his gut was hanging out. She was nude, with her clothes scattered around on the floor. The were modest enough to give it a rest when they saw me and she covered her breasts despite me having already seen them bare countless times.

I allowed them to finish packing his stuff up and they departed quietly without any farewells. Did I learn a lesson? Well, I'll never glorify a woman just because she fits my preconceived notions of who the girl of my dreams should be and I'll probably never fully trust one of my buddies again. The guy code means nothing when compared to a nice piece of ass.

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