Annah & Adam


The house next door to mine is a multi family dwelling, which is not uncommon in my area. The neighborhood is very quiet, and people mind their business. When Anna and Adam moved in next door, I had no idea that he was her son. I thought maybe her younger brother. There was no way that a woman that looked so young could have a son in high school. Adam is not a bad looking kid. 5'8 slim and athletic. He plays soccer on the varcity team. He's a senior, just turned 18. He recently died his hair blond. Anna is a Latin bombshell, she speak no English whatsoever. She's 5'4 120 lbs (about), her long dark brown hair, the sexiest smile, hazel eyes, and the best body.

I tried approaching Anna one day but it did not work. I don't know but I sensed that she does not like black men. I am usually not the type to take something like that personally, but she is someone I had to have. The little Spanish that I speak was not enough to say more than "Como esta" and she would reply "bien gracias". Man that was it. One day something just came over me and I began plotting on Anna.

Anna and Adam live in the basement apartment. The entrance is at the side of the house, step down three steps and you are at the front door. The door is wood and glass. Adam walks to school every morning at 8:20 am. One morning after a good workout, I decided to put my plan in effect. I took a long hot shower, and dressed in just sweats sneakers and a tank top. I ran over next door and knocked. I could see Anna as she pulled the curtain to the side to see who was at the door. She signal me to wait a second, I assume she was putting on the house coat she was wearing when she answered the door. As she cracked the door open I pulled it opened, it startled her and she scream something and ran in the house toward the phone in the kitchen. I had already cut her phone line on the outside so I was not worried about her calling anyone (hehe).

I locked the door behind me and walk in the kitchen to find her with the phone in one hand and a big butcher knife in the other, screaming all sorts of curses and swears in Spanish. As I approached her she took a wild swing with the knife, I simply stepped to the side and knocked the knife out of her hand. She turned and smacked me, very hard mind you. I returned her smack and it knocked her on the kitchen table. I could then see why she put on the house coat. All she had on were some sexy thongs and a flimsy t-shirt. Which made me wonder is she walked around Adam dressed this way. She tried running but I grabbed the house coat, she slipped out of it and ran to her room. The apartment was not big at all. Within a few seconds I was right behind her. She tried pushing her weight against the bedroom door to keep me out, but was no match for my strength. As I pushed back she tumbled backwards and fell onto her bed... wow things were looking up for me.

All the chasing had gotten me so aroused it was unbelievable. My dick was harder than the time I tried some Viagra and ecstasy. Anna fell to the floor and looked like she was just giving up. She sat there sobbing and didn't resist when I pulled her to her feet. I pulled her close to me and started to kiss her but she fought back. I grabbed her hair and pushed her on the bed. My lip was bleeding from where she had bitten me. I decided against a blow job at the time. I went straight for her pussy.

I grabbed at her thong, it ripped off with ease, and the t-shirt was even easier to rip off. She was screaming even louder by that time. Fearing that someone would hear her screams, I turned on the stereo that was in her room, and blasted the Spanish station it was already set to. No one would hear us now. She was on the other side of the bed, cradled on the floor. I had taken off my clothes and walked, across the bed over to her. I pulled her up by her hair this time, and slapped her hard across the face. With my hand still full of her mane I guided her to lie on her stomach. She laid there looking so good, her ass was unbelievable. I parted her legs and just enter her dry pussy... which flooded with pussy juices by my third stroke. At that point I let go of her hair and just began to thrust really hard. She got on all fours on the bed while I rammed her standing up. My balls were slapping hard against her clit and in less then 5 minutes I felt her body trembling. She was still crying but the cries were mixed in moans. I kept fucking her, thinking in my mind that this was just one of my many dreams of Anna. But it wasn't, I know when she joined me in rhythm to the way I was fucking her. Every time I pushed in she instantly pushed back. Heaven!!!! In my sick mind I didn't like the fact that Anna was enjoying me fucking her. I wanted her to resist longer, not just give in. I pulled out of her and she looked back at her. I made her lower her ass as I aimed to enter it. She screamed and crawled away. NO!! NO! Poosie!! Poosie!! Por Favor!! Please Poossie solamente!! But at that time I didn't hear anything she said. I grabbed her ankle just in time and pulled her back to me. I jumped on top of her and placed one knee deep in her thigh. I parted her ass and entered her slowly. She was screaming louder than the radio. It was difficult getting my dick in her virgin ass. I had to spit in her ass a few times until I felt enough lubrication, and began to insert myself again. Once my head was in I felt her relax, I think she know that was the only was to diminish the pain. I knew she did not want to get fucked in the ass but she was a smart woman. She gave in and let me enter her. 15 minutes later I was easily stroking Anna's ass. It was so tight god. I could hear her cursing in Spanish the whole time I fuck her. But as I kept fucking her cries turned from "mierda" to "ah dios" "si" "si" "oh yes", "papi", "fuck" "si". I keep on fucking her and could feel myself about to come. She could fell it too because she tightened her ass to squeeze me dry. I pulled out right before the moment and spun her to her back. I climbed up to her face and place my balls on her lips, she stated to suck them, as I jerked off on her face. That was just the beginning.

I walked Anna over to the bathroom and ran the shower. She washed us both and I fucked her some more in the shower. By this time she was really into it and I didn't care. We even kissed as we fucked standing in the shower. She cooked me something to eat and we fucked some more. But then at 3:30 things took a turn for the worse. Adam came home. I was fucking Anna doggy style; she was bent over the kitchen table. As soon as she saw him she started yelling... "Policia" policia", he just stood there shocked, I could not make out what else she was saying, but he took out his cell fun and began dialing. She must have told him to run outside, but thank god he stood there just long enough for me to hit him with a right cross to the jaw and daze him. I grabbed the phone from his hand and took the battery off and tossed the phone in the toilet. Adam was a little dizzy from the punch. I punched him again to knock him out. Anna was on the kitchen floor crying.

At this point so much was running through my mind. Okay I would fix this. I looked through Adams closet and found a few ties. First I tied Anna to her bed post. Then I woke Adam and brought him to the bed room. Anna was speaking to him in Spanish; I had no idea what was being said. I didn't care. I told Adam to get undress. He asked me why... I told him he was about to get fucked. Anna must have asked him what I said because after he answered her she started yelling... NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN DIOS NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh God No... Yes Anna and you’re going to watch. I smacked Adam and told him to tell his mother in Spanish "oh yes and you are going to watch". He told her and she burst into tears. Adam seemed to eagerly get undressed. I pushed him down to his knees and make him suck me off, he did so with enthusiasm. His mom cried the whole time, struggling against her bound hands. Adam licked my balls and ass hole without any instruction from me. It made me suspect that he was either bi or gay. When I made him get up and bend over my suspicions were true. Adams ass hole was definitely stretched out. I could not believe with what ease my dick went in and out of him. It's a good thing I'm the size I am or else I probably would not have felt a thing. He looked like he had just survived a gang bang from some very well endowed guys.

I fucked him until I dropped a nice load in his ass, then he licked my dick clean. Without my asking. Anna was really getting on my nerves because of her constant crying and I didn't like what she tried to pull earlier, I had a surprise for her. I stood on the bed and pissed right in her face. She was so shocked she could not believe it. Adam stood there and started laughing, and started pissing on his mom also. This in turn made me laugh. Anna was furious. She started yelling something to Adam in Spanish, and Adam headed for one her drawers. Not knowing what was going on. I jumped off the bed and grabbed him by his neck and told him if he tried anything funny I would choke him. I saw tears in his eyes as he just reached into the drawer and pulled out this huge strap on dildo.

I just stood back as Anna instructed him in Spanish to untie her. "My mom says for you to watch", he said. I just stood there, my dick was limp but the excitement of what I suspected was about to happen was arousing me again. Anna strapped on her weapon and buried the dildo into her son without so much of a blink. I could not believe my eyes. There she stood hair full of piss and cum and she was fucking her own son with a strap on. No wonder he was so stretched. WOW. My dick grew even harder. I squeezed in between the dresser and Anna and started to fuck her from behind. Her pussy could not have been any more wet than it was, my god... This is what they did behind closed doors. Anna would fuck Adam to sleep. As I looked to my left I could see us 3 in the mirror, and I could see Adam's reflection and the tears in his eyes as his mom pounded away. After 15 minutes of pounding Anna stood on the bed and pissed on Adam the same way I had on her. I had no cum yet so she sucked me in until I shot a small load into Adam’s awaiting mouth... And this went on for 2 more days. The day I left Anna laid Adam in the tub and took and dump on him... but that is another part of the story, for another category (lol).

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