tagLoving WivesAnna's 30th Best 'Reunion' 'Yet

Anna's 30th Best 'Reunion' 'Yet


This is a new series for me. Would appreciate any inputs, which will determine if I should continue on with Ted's problem and how he solves it with "help" of Anna. To all you "don't like wimpy husbands" readers- this older guy was a stud until age and physical problems caught up with him.

Anna and Ted have been married since college and are now empty nesters that have lived a good life, including very good sex –until recently.

Anna is medium height, a beautiful natural blonde with full lips, classic facial features, long flowing hair, and a body guys still check out. She is especially proud of her 36 Cs, which even at her age, have not sagged much. Ted is well built, works out a lot and proud of his flat stomach. He also craves sex.

When life got boring they loved to go to a bar and have a little fun. Anna flirts in a steamy short dress and blouse with a plunging neckline. The guys drooling over her really turns on Ted, who just can't wait to get her home- sometimes they don't even make it home.

Lately Ted's libido has been dropping big time. The doctor sees no physical problems but so what! For more excitement he has tried porn, sex toys, Viagra, and "everything" with Anna. They all helped but weren't the real thing. Anna is very understanding. She loves Ted unconditionally but she really does miss his hard cock. Now a "soft" blowjob will have to do and she loves what his mouth does to her, but still....

Anna is excited about her up coming 30th high school class reunion this weekend, in Fort Worth. The 25th was a blast. Ted goes along with it but only like a typical spouse. He knows the drill. Friday night they get together for a social hour at a nearby Mexican cantina. Saturday night will be a dance. At the 25th, Ted paid his respects for an hour or two at the Friday social, then drove back to Anna's mother's house where they were staying. Later Anna got a ride home with a girlfriend.

All was going well at this social. Soon Ted had enough as Anna was just getting started with her high school girl's talk. He bid her farewell knowing she'd get a ride home.

After his mother-in-law had retired, Ted waited up for his now tardy wife. Finally, a car pulled up in the driveway. Lights went off but no one got out for a few minutes. Later the door opened and Anna slid out. Ted could also see a guy had brought her home! His stomach was suddenly churning with curiosity. Could Anna possibly??? No way he rationalized, although the thought of her with another man was tantalizing.

"Hi doll, did you enjoy the evening? Must have, getting back so late."

"Yeah, it was fun, got catch up with many old friends."

She undressed then disappeared in the bathroom, nighty in hand. Quickly Ted found her just worn clothes and crushed her frilly used panties to his face. No doubt. She had just been fucked! Her undies were not only wet but gooey, and smelled of cum. He quickly returned to bed just as his wayward wife reappeared in her short little cotton nighty and slid into bed next to him. Anna seemed nervous. Will she tell him? His cock stirred with anticipation.

They lay still in bed. The silence was deafening.

Finally, "Husband, something just happened tonight. It wasn't planned, it just happened."

"Go on."

"After you left, I had a few drinks with an old friend, Dean. Dean and I were never an 'item' in high school but there was always an attraction. He played football, was extremely handsome, popular, and very smart. Today he has a very successful law practice, has been married twice, but just can't settle down. Anyway, he's a fun guy, still handsome, and offered to bring me home. Well he did but it took awhile."

"Ted, I'm not proud of the rest, maybe I should stop now."

"No baby. I want you to go on and you know how I love you and besides..."

With that he took her hand and lowered it to his groin area.

"Oh my. Feels like my Teddy IS GETTING HARD."

Anna then continued. "As Dean was driving his right hand casually rested on my thigh. At first I flinched but then figured this was no big deal. After all we are old friends. Then he began squeezing and moving up my thigh. I told him that did feel really good but I am a happily married woman and.... He cut me off."

"Dean responded by asking to let my imagination run wild. They were two high schoolers out on a date and wanted to do some petting in the back seat of the car. No harm, just fun and some youthful making out. We are 16 and hot!"

"I couldn't believe this was happening but instead of putting on the stops, I just weakly smiled."

"Soon we were at a local lovers point and alone. Things began getting a little more serious. Oh Anna, I've always had a thing for you. All these 30+ years."

"His hand now cupped my breasts. He turned as our lips gingerly met for the first time. I admit it did feel good and so naughty but should I be doing this. The answer came quickly. We were suddenly drawn into a kissing frenzy. Our tongues entwined and probed. Finally we parted and caught our breaths. This really brought back high school memories- in a car. He looked down at my partially exposed tits and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I felt 16 again. I knew what to do next and with a deft move, unhooked my bra."

"Dean let out a gasp as he visually enjoyed my full swaying breasts with their dark areoles and small but perky nipples. Taking each in his hands he told me how they were absolutely beautiful. He lowered his head to lick and suck on each."

"By now we were both getting hot. Anna, lets get a little more comfortable in the back seat. Dean then stepped between our bucket seats and sitting down in the back seat, unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down along with his briefs.

This was no longer high school heavy petting. I was mesmerized by his bold action and his large penis. My head felt dizzy and I was losing control. Sliding into the back seat I struggled but managed to squirm out of my jeans and now faced him wearing only my unbuttoned blouse, unhooked bra, and soaken pastel panties.

We stared into each other's eyes. "Anna, I want to make love to you sooo bad..."

"Dean, I know this is not right, but I do need you too. Besides this is only heavy petting, right?"

"I now was staring at his throbbing pre-cum covered cock and knew I had to have it in me. Straddling him, I pulled my panties aside and lowered myself onto his slimy penis. It was like heaven. His fullness totally penetrated me."

"Now we both rode up and down with more and more intensity. My tits crushed against his chest and our lips became one. On and on, more intensity, more heavy breathing and moaning. I needed this so badly since you were no longer able to function like you use to. Suddenly I felt Dean stiffen, grab me tightly, and make one ultimate lunge up as his hot cum exploded in me. We both continued pumping and moaning. Soon it was my turn. I felt this pleasurable feeling radiating up from my groin. My pussy muscles grabbed his still hard cock and I experienced a complete orgasm like you and I use to have..."

"Oh Anna, that was wonderful. At last I get to experience my mystery girl," Dean exclaimed.

"Returning to my senses, I made Dean promise this would not get out. He understood."

After Anna's detailed description of her night's activities, Ted was all over his just fucked wife. His raging hard-on had to wait as he devoured her cum flooded cunt like the wild animal in heat he was.

"Oh Teddy, do it more. Yes right there. Up a little. Oh my clitty. Your tongue is like a baby cock. Yes, yes as she bucked hard against his face."

Ted finally rose up. His face covered with someone else's cum and his wife's love juice. Now she opened her legs exposing that swollen pussy ready to be fucked again. Ted guided his long suffering cock into her slit and frantically humped her again and again till at last he spewed all his saved up seed into her.

Anna kissed him passionately as they cooled off in each other's arms.

"Oh dear husband, thank you for understanding. I really do love you with all my heart it was just that...."

"Anna, I am not upset. There is no stronger turn -on then my loving wife openly having sex with a stranger and knowing she still craves me. You have so much to offer. I can understand other men coming on to you and you giving in, since I cannot normally perform. You do on occasion need a good stiff cock. It's a win-win situation. This could be the answer to (my) our problem. I think probably we ought to test this theory tomorrow night just to be sure."

"Teddy, you are so open minded. I am game only if you promise to ravage me afterwards."

The dance was held at the Ft Worth Country Club, which met a dresses and slacks.

Anna was so hot looking in her black spaghetti strapped off the shoulder party dress with its plunging neckline that had the guys reeling and some of the gals frowning. Anna danced with a lot of her classmates but didn't leave me long. It was fun watching her dance partners cop a quick look down her cleavage and check out her bountiful titties..

Later, one of her classmates invited us and some other selected guests to his home for after dance drinks.

Before accepting Anna explained this is no ordinary after dance social. This guy, Sid, is a real playboy, lots of money and loves to "entertain to the fullest extent". In other words if you go, expect a pretty wild evening finale.

We agreed to go and maybe test our new theory.

His lavish home included a seven-car garage, indoor and outdoor pools, many bedrooms, a really large hot tub in a real party house setting, and lot of romantics music piped everywhere. He also was very well preserved for a man his age. His young 'trophy' wife just seemed to look the other way.

Finally the host and hostess announced the hot tub was ready. Anna, immediately asked about swim suits. He laughed and responded by reminding everyone how they use to go skinny dipping and we are older and bolder now. Everyone agreed, knowing Sid's reputation.

Now the hosts took the lead and standing next to the hot tub removed their clothes. Sid's wife remained in her bra and panties but Sid boldly took it all off. There were a few gasps and giggles from some of the women. Proud of his flaccid but obviously large penis, Sid posed briefly before hopping into the tub. There were six couples, all quickly followed. Soon the girls were sliding into the tub in their bra and panties and the guys followed Sid's example quickly shedding all. Anna was the last to disrobe. As her full set of boobs sprang into view, every male eye was on her. Her very thin bikini panties left little to their imagination.

After some underwater toe explorations and leg rubbing, Sid asked Anna since she was a first time visitor, would she like a tour.

"Oh Sid I'd love that. I really am into checking out other's tastes in living."

With that she got a helping hand from him getting out of the tube. She might as well been wearing nothing. Her wet bra exposed two succulent nipples and her now very wet, panties became very transparent and could no longer hide her full slit. Sid was also coming to life. The women were trying not to be obvious in starring at his huge and growing manhood and the men could not take their eyes off of Anna. Ted could not help but to gaze at Sid's oversized cock and visualize that soon it would be probably be consumed in his wife.

After Sid and Anna donned pool robes, they disappeared into the house with Anna turning and winking at Ted. After about 15 minutes he knew he had given his lusty wife enough time, so without saying a word, exited the tub and went hunting for her and Sid.

It didn't take long. Behind a door to an isolated bedroom the sounds left no doubt.

"Oh Sid, yes right there. I love where your finger is- your so hot." Now her moans intensified and Ted could hear some thrashing around. Then Anna's voice became very garbled.

Now it was Sid's turn, "Anna, you do that so well. Oh god you are good and you can take so much of me." The slurping and sucking sounds left no doubt...

Soon there were sounds of a hard cock pumping and fucking a receptive hot pussy. The bed springs squeaked, their voices grew shallow and Ted could even hear the sounds of Sid's balls slamming against his wife. Sid's piston like cock plunged in and out of Anna's pussy with a squishing sound that you clearly hear from outside a door. Finally the ultimate cries as they both climaxed. After a couple of minutes, Sid opened the door and was surprised with Ted standing there. Ted quickly put his finger to his lips. Sid seemed to understand, smiled, and left saying, "she's all yours, you lucky guy."

Entering the room, Anna was still sprawled out on the bed, with arms outstretched. She really wasn't the least surprised.

"Teddy, I delayed as long as possible. Knowing you would get hot and come looking."

My gleaming manhood was full evidence of my interest in what had just transpired. - two nights in a row and totally hard.!

"Oh Teddy, this has worked again. I want your cock in me so bad."

With that I was immediately between her open legs and once again savoring her just fucked pussy and all that strange cum. This time she was on top and rode me for 20 minutes having orgasm after orgasm. Finally it was my turn. Anna was now flooded with two men's cum and feeling no pain.

We eventually located our clothes and left this mini orgy discretely, never saying goodbye to the rest of the party who had ended up in Sid's home theater room watching some porno movies and who knows what else.

We'll have to work on this back in Houston. What we discovered in Ft Worth will not be routine but on occasion, why not!

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