tagLesbian SexAnne Working Overtime Ch. 01

Anne Working Overtime Ch. 01


01 – A personal meeting

A warm breeze came up the rugged mountainside from the sea and filled Anne's thin white blouse like a sail to lightly caress her tanned body as she walked over the terrace to her recliner under the huge parasol. She sat down with a dark yellow drink in her hand, enjoying the smell of warm sand, sun- baked rocks and salt seawater.

The wind was exactly right to cool the terrace that otherwise would be quite impossible to use because of the intense sun.

From her position Anne had a wonderful view out at the enormous crater of Lazithi, and around her the city of Thera pulsed lazily through the warm summer day.

Breakfast with black coffee and a shower had just about managed to clear her head from a long, wonderful nights sleep, and maybe just a very small glass of Metaxa too much, and she now just laid back and paid full attention to the things her body sensed and felt just here and just now.

She was proud, first of all. Proud. She had proven to herself – and to others – that she was something, somebody, a person who could make other people feel good, safe and relaxed in her company. Someone who meant something to other people - someone who made a difference. This had paid off handsomely, and now she was enjoying the fruits of her labour, and could afford to pay full attention to her own life.

She had always been a very shy and uncertain young girl, not at all among those who enjoyed flaunting her stuff and getting attention everywhere. And that certainly wasn't because she didn't look good enough to get attention. She had collected her share of wolf whistles at campus, and had had a number of dates and a lot of interest from the opposite sex. The realisation of the fact that she probably was a lesbian came eventually, slowly creeping in on her, and started with the feelings she had for one of the teachers. Mrs. Langley was a professor in biology, a stunning woman in her early forties, always perfectly dressed and perfectly looking. She was everything Anne felt that an ideal woman should be; tall, strong, independent and with natural authority. Mostly she had her dark hair set up in a tight knot, and wore a suit with jacket, skirt, shirt and shoes in matching colours. Sometimes she would wear gold necklaces or a discrete silk scarf with a matching arm ring or earrings or other things that would underline her style and taste.

Anne always felt a little strange when she was in her classes, and when she addressed her, and her strong, blue eyes bore directly into hers, she got totally weak and was hardly able to answer. Thinking back on this now, she felt quite certain that the woman must have noticed that her behaviour was a little strange. If she had been interested at all, she'd have many chances to approach her, as she probably could read her mind like an open book. The fact of the matter was, that Anne was deeply in love with, and even full of desire for that woman.

But no advances were ever made, and she didn't have the nerve to even think of doing something on her own.

So she ended up dreaming about her at night when she was alone and had the chance to masturbate, letting her thoughts flow freely and imagining herself kneeling down in front of her and very slowly raising her skirt up above her hips. She would never be wearing panties, so Anne could just look up at her smiling face with adoring eyes, wrap her arm around her hips and whisper her name. As her teachers hand came down and rested on her head, she followed it's ever so gentle guide in between her legs until her own lips came into contact with the soft lips of her teachers mysterious pussy. As her passion reached feverish pitches, there was no limit to how her fantasies let this continue until finally her teacher orgasmed violently into her hungry mouth, at the same moment as her fingers made her own little cunny blow off its pent up frustration. The fantasies about her kept coming back all the time, and growing wilder as it eventually got clear to her that there never would be any chance to get further in contact with her teacher. That's how Ms. Langley ended up just being the lady that made her young pupil properly aware of her own feelings, without ever knowing what she missed.

After this she repeatedly tried to turn back to a "correct" lifestyle. She continued dating boys and tried to limit her erotic fantasies to their gender, hoping that her dreams of her teacher love would eventually fade away. Actually after a while they did, but not the way she was planning. New women crossed her path on different occasions, some of them affecting her more, some less. But they all made her see and understand that this was nothing that was ever going to disappear the way she was hoping. So, what do a girl of her age do in such a situation? Ask her mother? Certainly not! Father? Out of the question! They would never understand.

There was quite a period after this that she really felt totally alone in this world with her "problem", and she could just thank her own personality and the self- confidence she had in so many other fields, that this didn't develop into a major crisis in her life.

The turning point came when she finally got the nerve to visit the school shrink. It didn't make it easier that she happened to be just the kind of lady that she actually felt attracted to, but the woman masterfully built a relaxed atmosphere of frankness and trust that made it possible to open herself completely to her.

She came out of her office loaded with facts and statistics about her feelings, quite convinced that she definitely wasn't alone, but maybe more than ever uncertain about what to do next. The woman had told her that it was she, and she alone who should decide whether to go carefully in the direction of her fantasies, or choose a conventional lifestyle. She didn't give her any clue about her own advice in this matter, as Anne was desperately hoping she would. The only thing must have been the way she used the word "conventional". From her it definitely had something negative about it. But that wasn't exactly something that she could base one of the most important choices of her life on!

Still, on her own account she decided to leave the situation open, and see what destiny actually had in store for her. Now that she was more or less convinced that she could control her feelings, she could do as the psychiatrist had said, and not focus on it as such a problem.

The next months she let herself drift quite freely, focusing on her studies and calming her nerves with her little finger when some new object of fantasy passed by. She actually had several dates with a boy she liked quite well, and who showed something she felt was a little more than just a sexual interest in her. Maybe that was the road to choose after all? But still, she didn't feel very sexually attracted to him, and she actually had all the time in the world, so she was quite clear about her unwillingness to any kind of commitments at that time. Even this he seemed to accept, at least for a while, and she really started to feel that she maybe could have something with this boy after all. They eventually could get married, have children, and everything would be fine.

That was when destiny brought her in the arms of Jean.

Jean Alden was her full name. She was a brunette at about 40 or a little less according to Anne's judgement, with grey- green eyes and a body that still had all features of a fit and beautiful lady intact. She had a most convincing businesswoman- like appearance, using a classical style with jacket, skirt or pants and medium high-heeled shoes. She always dressed correctly, with discrete make- up and matching colours on arm rings, scarf, belts, handbag and shoes. She had exactly the same effect on Anne as Mrs. Langley had had, - maybe even stronger, - only that this time there seemed to be some kind of interest in return. At least that was what she felt.

Ms. Alden was a physio- therapist, who was hired in to a number of education centres in the area for helping to develop or improve fitness and training programs, and having classes in physiology. Ann saw her for the first time when she was lecturing her and other classes about the current plans for their school. She was completely stunned by her appearance, and could not help but stare at her almost all the time.

And it didn't take long for Ms. Alden to notice her. She had seen how the woman's eyes seemed to kind of scan the classes as she was lecturing, almost like she was looking for someone. And at the moment their eyes met, she actually felt that she was homing in on her. It was almost a bit frightening how her interest suddenly seemed to be returned, and her feeling of joy for being noticed got mixed with the nervousness of someone being hunted.

In class Ms. Alden wore a white coat resembling a physicians outfit, covering her usual dress. This gave her an almost doctor- like appearance that added to the image of authority that she communicated. To Anne she was absolutely overwhelming, and she found herself hovering around in the same cloud of wild, lustful fantasies once again, happily letting herself be totally absorbed into this woman's powerful sexual sphere. Mrs. Langley was gone forever, and this new woman took over her place along with the rest of Anne's mind. Obviously the experience was so strong basically due to the fact that she now felt the response in a entirely different way, that the whole thing suddenly appeared as something more than just an impossible dream never to come true, as had been the situation up until then. There was a real possibility in this real world, that this woman in fact could be the one laying on her back and letting her look after her desires. When Anne met her gaze, she could imagine her face, slightly tensed with sexual excitement, looking down at her as she herself lay between her wide spread legs, lovingly tonguing her hard clit and massaging her tits with her hands, feeling small jerks of excitement in her soft belly and thighs. The sheer thought of it made her so hot she nearly had an orgasm right there in class.

Of course she could be misunderstanding the whole situation. There could be any reason for her to send the signals she did. But still; Anne felt that this was different, and that the eyes focusing on her up there had a hunger and some kind of promise and invitation that somehow convinced her that she was not wrong about it this time. That lady in fact was ready for her devoted caresses, she could feel it in every nerve of her body!

But how to get closer to her? Anne knew she wouldn't have the nerve to approach her at all. No way! She would die of shame right there and then if she would just confront her and meet her eyes. Even though they were quite close on many occasions, Anne felt she could just as well have been on the moon.

It was another month until she by chance ended up alone with her on the way back from an out door training session with the class. Ms. Alden had dismissed them and gone to her car for some things she needed for her next class, while Anne was on her way in after talking to some of her friends. They met right in front of the old, distinguished stone stairs up to the school building. It looked like it all happened by chance, but Anne still felt that the instructor had coordinated her activities to run into her. It had nearly happened several times before, but she had always managed to avoid a confrontation, nervous about how to handle it. All the time she felt the lady's eyes on her, so she knew perfectly well that she was hunted, and that she probably was looking for a proper chance.

So, since she didn't pay proper attention with her navigations this particular time, she faced her before she even knew it. It was quite a shock, and she almost froze at the spot, completely unable to look up and meet those burning eyes.

"Well hello dear" came the soft voice from over her. "You're Anne, aren't you?"

"Yes ma'm, I am", Anne answered meekly, as she had to lift her eyes and answer in a proper way. The teacher had the sun right behind her, so she looked gigantic the way she hovered above her, her hair waving softly with the light breeze. As she lifted a hand to protect her eyes, she was able to meet the smiling eyes and generally have a closer look at this gorgeous woman. She was terrified; straight out scared shitless, and felt like a mouse. A microbe facing a mountain.

She stood more or less totally lamed for a few moments until she was able to get grip somehow, accept the fact that she after all was a person, even a friendly one, and a person that could even make a major difference to her life.

"I've been looking at you in class" the woman told her, "and I've noticed that you seem to have special talents in many of the sports we're practising, especially track and field. Do you train on a regular basis?"

Anne mobilised all her strength to pull herself together. She just had to show a minimum of personality. Some kind of stamina. After all she was a strong person, and the only thing special was that she was deeply in love!

"Yes I do", she told her, trying not to sound meek. "My father was an athlete for many years, in university and afterwards." The lady's face shone still brighter; "That's great. The parents' influence is very important in building the interests for sports. You know, I was looking fore someone like you to see if it could be possible to build a group with special interests for athletics and general fitness activities in this school. The professors are very much in favour, and has asked me especially to try to encourage this." She drilled her eyes into Anne's; "And I'm going to need some students to pave the way, to be role models for the rest. If it can't be trendy in some way, I don't think there is a chance to get the right influence."

Anne felt the eyes on her as a mental attack; "But I'm a senior, this is my last year", she exclaimed.

"I know, and that's why I want you! A trend maker should be a little older, or have some other kind of advantage over the group she's supposed to influence, right? And I feel you have both! I've been watching you, if you hadn't noticed."

Anne's heart sank. Was that why she had taken such an interest in her? Nothing but a strategic move in the pedagogical development of the class and the school. No response to the feeling she had for her?

"But that's not all," she suddenly continued with a broad smile, as though the disappointment had been written all over her face. "I think you are an adorable young girl, and I'd really like to get to know you better!"

Anne again felt more or less lame. The lady deliberately held in, leaving them for a long moment in an embarrassing silence. She obviously knew perfectly well that Anne wasn't able to get a damned word over her numb lips. She could just feel how invisible waves of energy seemed to draw her against this lady with such a force that she felt she was going to fall helplessly into her arms. She knew this was it! Right this moment they were in the process of being tied together in a way that would make them inseparable. The feelings again totally overwhelmed her, and she felt how she would sink into her arms, how she would caress her, please her, worship her like a goddess....

"Shall we? You don't want to be late for class, do you?" The voice tore her out of her trance, and the hand on her shoulder made her jump slightly as it gently motioned her towards the stairs. She felt like an idiot. Her feelings were written all over her with red six feet flashing neon light letters accompanied with sirens and heavy drums! She couldn't hide anything in front of this lady. Nothing at all!

That first meeting was the trigger. Already the next day Ms. Alden asked her to stay behind after class. Not so that the others could hear. Just a very short motion with a flat hand, indicating for her to remain seated. And she did. As the classroom emptied, she strove to look terribly occupied with organising her things, not to arouse any suspicion. When the door slammed shut behind the last of her classmates, she felt the familiar nervousness creep in on her, and again she had a hard time lifting her eyelids to face the queen of her dreams. Ms. Alden stood up at the desk, smiling at her. Then she came down towards her with her soft, elegant and oh-so-female movements, her green eyes mercilessly locking her own. She sat down at the desk next to her, crossing her arms over her chest, letting the silence last just a moment longer than natural.

"So hello there young lady! How are things today?" Anne managed to squeeze out a meek "fine" until she was able to pull her self together enough to get up and try to stand tall in front of her. She was glad to notice that she was able somehow to control her shaking. But she still was so nervous that she found it difficult to speak without revealing a trembling voice.

Again they stood facing each other a moment longer than "normal".

"I suppose this is still too short notice, but have you had some time to think about my request?"

Anne got even more embarrassed. She honestly didn't think about that still. Her mind had been all over the lady's body, worshipping every spot, drowning in the cleft between the tits... and the ass cheeks! Caressing her belly button, her thighs, shoulders ears and toes. Everything! But not with the track and field athlete inspiration role! Not still. Not with this personality hovering over her, eating her alive with her strength....

"I.. I'm sorry; I was busy preparing for the... for the..."

"Never mind, never mind," Ms. Alden laughed softly. "I shouldn't push this so eagerly. But I wanted to tell you that I've got a lot of stuff back in the instructor office that could be useful for you if you should want to join in on my little promotion plan. Any time you would be interested, you could come and have a look at it."

She paused briefly before completing her message; "Then I can show you anything I've got that you'd be interested in. I really think I have something to offer you!"

With that she gently patted her cheek, rose and went for her purse up at the desk, leaving Anne behind in a cloud of feelings, ranging from burning love to sheer curiosity. With a short, smiling "see you" the lady threw her purse over her shoulder and disappeared out the door. The room was suddenly extremely empty, and as soon as Anne heard the steps vanish, she jumped up and practically rushed out of there in the opposite direction.....

That lady obviously was an expert in making Anne feel like an idiot. She had always thought of herself as a sensible person, and sometimes she even had the feeling that she could be quite cool with her friends. But when facing Ms. Alden she was transformed into a wounded Indian timber-loading elephant in a crowded glass arts exhibition (with a sore trunk). Everything was out of control; her hands, the expressions on her face, the stuff in her bag, notebook and pen, lipstick, mobile phone, shoes, hair and the panties suddenly digging into her bottom crack. When all this fell out of her hands, dropped on her toes, came out of position, rang, slipped and nearly penetrated her ass at the same time – as soon as the lady came into view -, it was fairly difficult to appear confident and relaxed. Very difficult.

And then she had to see – to sense – the vaguely indulgent smile on that perfect face, to suffer the ironic remarks that she knew were held back and never spoken out of sheer politeness only, to face the statement of the fact that she would never in her life be able to unlock a door with Ms. Alden waiting behind her.

This all went so far and made her so confused that she started to avoid her, and feel a sense of anger that she was able to bring her so totally out of composure at all times. Until that day when she suddenly grabbed both her hands in hers and squeezed. With a broad smile she locked her eyes with her own in her typical way, and shook her lightly; "Relax Anne, it's just me!"

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