Anne Working Overtime Ch. 04


"Helooooo! Anybody in there?" Ann jumped in her seat as she realised that she hadn't listened at all as Jean was talking. She straightened up and looked back into Jean's smiling eyes. "I'm sorry, I was thinking".

"About what? About Wednesday?"

Anne got red. "Er.... Yes, yes I was!" She felt almost desperate; was she really an open book or what?!?

Jean laughed. "Don't worry. I think I know quite well what's on your mind." She put the file to the side and leaned forward; "Say, honestly dear... about Wednesday; are you more nervous or excited?"

Anne felt more and more embarrassed; "I - I... really don't know... really! This was something that I never actually imagined. It's just all new. I don't know..."

Jean interrupted, drilling her eyes into hers her typical way; "But is it exciting? Do you think you can experience the pleasure of serving that way?" Again the woman laughed at her expression.

"I really don't know! Really!"

"Fine! Never mind that. Mary will be your tutor. I actually had another nice lady on hand, who especially loves it this way, but she'll not be able to make it, and it wasn't hard to make Mary volunteer, I can tell you."

Jean sat back again. "And remember; as before, there's nothing we'll do against your will. We certainly will encourage, but not press you to go through the lecture. If it's not your thing, Okay. However, personally I think you're gonna love it! And that's why I want you to go through with it. Because I think you'll excel there the same way you did yesterday!"

Jean again placed the folder in front of her, and took a sip of her now lukewarm coffee. "And speaking of yesterday!" She entered a few notes in Anne's log before she looked up and continued with a strange smile; "I know I simply have to know everything about your special service talents! What you do, how you do it, what actually happens anatomically and why it has such tremendous impact."

Jean fetched a notepad and found a pencil in her jacket. She proceeded with roughly sketching some kind of an anatomic plan of a very familiar female body area. Silence sank down on them as the pencil worked. In the beginning her movements were swift and determined, but as the objective started to take shape, she was suddenly more reluctant and unsure. She stopped briefly several times, then corrected something, then continued. When she looked up for a moment, Anne discovered that she was purple red! She stared! Imagine; her lady was embarrassed, from top to toe... deeply embarrassed. And she wasn't able to hide it at all!!

There was another moment of roaring silence. The moment ended up lasting more than a minute.

Finally Jean bent over and opened one of the low drawers in her desk. She came up with a bottle of Subrovka Vodka and two small glasses. She put them on the table and then immediately tore off the sheet with her drawing, angrily curling it into a ball and throwing it into the wastebasket. When she straightened up and faced Anne again, she had regained her confident appearance, only a little read around the cheeks still.

"I think the two of us need a drink" she stated flatly, "At least I need something stronger this time."

She poured the glasses with a steady hand. Then swept down the content like an angry tow truck driver.

"Damn" she mumbled to herself as the liquor warmed her chest. Then she finally let herself fall back in her chair, and looked over at Anne.

"Cheers" she smiled at her as she urged Anne to bottom her glass as well. Then they sat silent for a moment.

Ann took just a small sip. She felt confused for a moment as they looked at each other. How was she actually supposed to .....?!?

Then she got glowing hot! So hot it was nearly impossible to draw a single breath.

She had seen Jean's eyes, those grey- green eyes, those eyes that still could dig into the deepest and most secret corner of her soul! The moment was here! Now, when she least expected it. It was here!!

She tried not to show anything, but she all of a sudden felt her pulse hammering so violently she was practically jumping in her seat!

She thought she had gotten more used to the erotically loaded atmosphere around this woman by now. Used to the thrills of hot attraction, passion and desire. But that was with the others. With Mary and Pam. They were great... fantastic! Absolutely some of the most awesome experiences any girl could have. But Jean... she was a thousand times more than that! She was beyond contemplation. Out of this world. Beyond anything!

Finally Jean looked down, almost a little shy again. "I really was not planning this at all.... - I wasn't. I was... you know, kinda... planning to.... well..."

She pulled herself together and straightened up.

"Anne, dear Anne! You probably saw.... understood by now, but I'll tell you anyway. I was planning to kind of save myself for later. You know what I mean? I wanted our first sexual experience together to be something very special, some kind of a reward for the patience you have shown by going through the program." She still looked right down at her hands. "And another ting too, a final way of knowing what we can build together. You know?"

She took a deep breath and looked up at her;

"Now, this stunt of yours, this new technique,... that changed everything! In a very unexpected way! In a very great way.

I realise there is no other way to show this to me than the live one, the unplugged one so to say, and the best one!

I've been thinking for several days now how I could possible get to know and learn. But I really don't know how I could be stupid enough to believe that it could be done with the help of a sheet of paper!!"

And then she finally bent over her desk and looked at Anne;

"Anne, would you like to show me.... The real way? You know..."

"Yes", came the breathless answer from Anne. Tears of joy suddenly flooded her eyes. There was no way holding it back. No way!

She did want to be cool and confident and relaxed in front of Jean. She knew that was what she liked best. But it was just plain impossible. The lady could switch her over from one mood to the other - from joy to despair - just with the snap of her fingers.

Jean poured another glass, clicked it against Anne's at the table and emptied it in the same swift movement. Then she got up and slowly came around the desk towards Anne. Anne got up on shaking feet and let her hands be grabbed. For a moment they stood face to face, just like that first time in front of the old main stairs. Jean taller, more mature, stronger and mightier. Anne almost as tall, but tinier, more fragile somehow. She already could feel the faint odour of the vodka, and started to feel a little dizzy just from the one half little glass she had had herself.

"You know" Jean started as her hands shook lightly, "even if you didn't notice, you've made me totally loose all my emotional control! From that very morning I first time saw you in class I was lost. Gone!"

She cleared her throat, took a deep breath and for the mphth time drilled her eyes into Anne's in her typical way before continuing;

"I've been looking for promising candidates for my program since I started it. And frankly, I've tried to convince myself that you were just one of those candidates.... And just that. At least from the beginning." She gripped her hands tighter;

"But I realise I didn't even believe it myself! I knew you were special. I just had some kind of rational feeling that I couldn't get emotionally involved with all my program participants. But there shouldn't be something wrong about being involved with one of them, right?"

Her hands had stopped shaking, and she was completely calm by now. Only the slow, but heavy breathing revealed her excitement, making her full tits rise and fall under her light shirt.

"And now I'm about to be introduced to something that may be the best oral technique in the world, by the one that I most of all would like to be involved with! How about that?!?"

Her deep grey almost hypnotic eyes shone at Anne, sparkling with excitement. A broad smile expressing the joy that the decision finally was made! Ann again had to pull herself together to return it, and she tried so hard not to look shy. But still it was impossible to appear confident when confronted with a lady like this. This thing about the one with the sore trunk......

"Come with me!" Jean took Anne by the hand and almost dragged her with her over to the couch at the wall. Giggling she let herself tumble down on it with Anne on top. Again hot glances were exchanged before the first real and deep love- kiss, the kiss to start a new and very special relationship.

They lay like this for a long while as their heat grew rapidly, making them shake from excitement. Anne's hands were all over the body of her dreams, while Jean struggled to unzip the side of her skirt from her strained position underneath.

"Show me, oh! show me," she moaned as she finally succeeded and started hiking the skirt upwards to her waist. Anne felt the first contact with naked skin almost as a shock. She sure felt like being used to the touch and feel of beautiful female thighs and hips by now, but this was totally different. It was electric! High voltage!

The jacket and the shirt underneath prevented her from getting at the fantastic tits. She had to settle with long and tender kisses all around her neck, nibbling her earlobes and sinking as far as she could get into the upper cleft between those tits. Her blood felt like boiling. Her heart racing, hands shaking...

Suddenly she felt the body under her jerking slightly, accompanied by a damped snap. It took a moment of looking down into the smiling face until she realised it. Jean had ripped her panties!

"I'm ready" she whispered as she grabbed Anne's head with both hands and pressed her lips against hers for another deep kiss.

Then she gently put her hands on her young lover's shoulders and slowly, very slowly eased her downwards.....

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