tagLesbian SexAnne Working Overtime Ch. 11

Anne Working Overtime Ch. 11


AWO11. - Oral exam

The intriguing "romantic approach"- part of Jean's training program definitely brought Anne closer to her beloved lady. At least that's how she felt. For a lovely little while it was just like their first, intoxicating dark night of lovemaking, way back that almost legendary night. That heart- warming night! Those days of sore- trunk syndromes and tickling belly butterflies at all damned times. And still it felt like it had happened just yesterday. Even when her senses were overfilled by the power of Bridget's body and soul. The woman had been wonderful, totally exhilarating, but still she felt she could have given her right arm to be able to spend the rest of that night alone with Jean. Just the two of them.

The new twist to the program obviously was something different. It was a serious part, no doubt about that, but clearly more difficult to conduct according to the intentions than Jean seemed to have put into it. At least that was the case with Bridget. The second "romance" a few days later was much more according to her liking. With yet another of her normally well paying clients; some Ms. Kyle, or whatever her name was. A lady with considerably better self-control.

And as she eventually got to understand the basic philosophy behind it all, she found that her leading star was right again. Like always! The adjusted role she now had - putting her a little more in some kind of a general servant position with her client - helped to focus on the total comfort of the lady in a new, kind of extended way. It made her see the part beyond the critical task of providing sexual ecstasy and satisfaction more clearly. The part that elevated her client from a gracious lady up to an exalted queen - a superhuman goddess!

This actually made Anne discover a new level of enjoyment on her own part as well. The insane pleasure of being this kind of optimal comfort provider, pleasure provider, perfection provider. The pleasure of giving it all - with total commitment - to the glorious mistress. And with absolute denial of any kind of physical comfort or pleasure on her own part! Like Jean had underscored so strictly all the time. It was now, in this last part of the program, that she was able to grasp the full, emotional concept of this kind of ultimate service. That her eyes were really opened!

What she didn't know at all was that her enthusiasm about filling this ultimate role was what had brought Jean to the ultimate level of understanding as well! She had seen it in a flash, almost like a white shiny revelation. An experience of all pieces of the puzzle falling in place in one, single slide!

She remembered it so well. How she had observed the young girl, all the time thinking of what actually made her so special.

It was her special skills of course, – and her extraordinary loving and comfortable personality. And naturally her commitment! But still there was this extra something about her that she hadn't noticed with her other students. More like a feeling – a hunch - than anything else. And it was increasingly annoying that she wasn't able to put her finger on it. Not until the day of revelation!

It was a few days after Pam's memorable Roman party. Her friends Veronica Chambers and Claire Wilders had asked for a separate, undisturbed session to test out Anne's special skills... to the full depths, as they had put it. The ladies had been too drained and too exhausted to take any further demonstrations at the night of the party itself.

A session like that actually didn't fit in all that bad with the girl's regular schedule, so Jean had agreed, seemingly very reluctant, claiming that it indeed did disturb the program. Anything to win and keep grateful clients!

So for this important evening she had booked a room at one of the best downtown hotels, and arranged tree deep, comfortable chairs in a half circle around Anne's place on the floor.

It turned out to be another long, breathtaking evening of moaning, groaning and teeth- gritting orgasms as Anne played out the full scale of her unique oral skills. The girl broke their sophisticated defenses one by one with murderous efficiency, intensely enjoying the fullness, taste and rippling sensitivity of those lewdly presented buttocks, thighs and shamelessly drooling pussies. The energy and enthusiasm with which she joyously used her hands and miraculous tongue truly exceeded anything even Jean had seen and felt in such a setting before. Something that made her and her two friends yell out in mindless delirium as one orgasm succeeded the next at a devastating rate.

And it was when she saw Anne with feverish energy squeezing her face into the soaked depths in between those welcoming thighs that it suddenly struck her. That thing! That thing that made Anne different!

It was suddenly completely clear!

It was..... that enthusiasm... kind of.... That devotion.... that total, unlimited commitment to providing maximum pleasure! All the time! But first and foremost the way she somehow added a mental dimension to the physical ecstasy. In a way only she could do! The way she in the moment of erotic bliss sent her lady high up on a white, fluffy cloud... as that true, exalted goddess! The queen of queens.... The one and only worthy of the most extensive and self obliterating worship. The superhuman spirit of ultimate, erotic satisfaction!

It came from her eyes, her movements, her aggression... her joyful moans. All those little details on top of her marvellous sexual skills. And that added up to an all mind-bending effect that nobody could withstand, no matter what kind of stamina they tried to mobilise....

Because they were weakened first by her mental attack.... And then by her physical - the oral one! Until there was nothing left to fight with. If that should have been the point of a love session with her.

So, the unique mental elevation created a pleasure that worked as high explosive fuel to the physical stimulation that her massive tongue thrusts generated. The very effect that had flipped Jean herself over the brink and into her fourth, quivering orgasm of the evening. As she finally found the secret of Anne's magic. The full secret!

And the strangest thing of all, maybe, that this was exactly what she had been teaching herself... All this time! Exactly this kind of extra effort that made something more out of the experience for the client than just a way of achieving physical relief. And still she hadn't really been able to see the whole thing herself! It had been more of an additional technical feature to make the client more satisfied – as a client. Purely a business concept! Client satisfaction... No real thought about this deep, kind of soul- shattering sensation of being a completely new personality! Of being on the top of the top. Being renewed. The ultimate free being on the pedestal of perfect worship. Yes... simply a goddess. That was the word. No less!

And the others? The other service girls. What about them? What was the difference... actually?!?

That mental thing, of course! Even with their excellent skills and relaxed elegancy.

They were still of a different brand..... Still!

And why, actually?!?

They had... no, rather lacked... this combination of seemingly unlimited submissive enthusiasm and at the same time this incredible aura of self-confidence. At least what felt like self-confidence to the ladies. Or rather some kind of mental power.... Or something like that.

They worked with a kind of meek submissiveness, effective and energetically, truly enjoying what they did too... as they had learned. But with an attitude to their ladies that reflected a respect that in some cases even bordered to a kind of nervousness or even fear. Not obviously though! More like a faint tendency. But certainly not with the aggressive appetite and concentrated focus that Anne had. A focus that overwhelmed the mistresses with the acceptance of the fact that the girl was there for her pleasure, - for her pleasure only! This enormous mental impact!

Another key of keys discovered during Anne's training! Because that was what it felt like now; Anne was training her! Mentally enlightening her and opening the door to this higher level of understanding. What had to be the ultimate level!

And - imagine - she thought she had a challenge by training them in Anne's special oral skills! Right?!?

Now how was she supposed to deal with this?!?

Jean hadn't told Carol about that session at all, even though she knew her friend would have loved to take part. And she knew Anne would have loved her to be there too. And when she found out, it didn't make the relations between the two much better!

Anne had to tell her some days later when she was called home to her in the evening. Her husband and kids were off to Cape Mt. Larde for the weekend, so they had all the time they wanted for a lazy session of lovemaking. She could feel from the unfamiliar stiffness in Carol's body that her gorgeous mistress was upset for a long period after she got the news, and she really had to work extremely hard to finally make her relax and start concentrating on her pleasure.

Anne actually had the first possibility to try out her new ideas outside Jean's control that afternoon, and as her skilled stimulation took full effect, she brought on an explosion so violent she thought she would be grinded to pieces between those powerful thighs. She was even happier to notice that her lady apparently also got out some of the pent up frustration through that one. At least she was a lot more receptive to her worshipping care after that.

As they lounged at the pool in the back yard, free from prying eyes, Anne fixed drinks, made coffee, oiled her back and massaged her tensed shoulders. Then her back and voluptuous buttocks. All until the sexual drive again brought thighs apart and tongue burying deep into hot, glistening pussy. For the rest of the evening.....

When Carol fell asleep completely exhausted sometime after midnight, Anne lay at her side for a long time, just lightly kissing her cheek and stroking her almost completely black hair with loving hands. And then just looking at her perfect contours in the dim light. Still she felt she hadn't taken out her full potential as a complete service girl, but she had tried hard, and she had learned a lot already for the next day! Then she would be perfect! To a perfect lady! Oh, she was so incredibly happy.... How could anybody expect her to take any side in this mischievous division between her two wonderful ladies?!?

Even though Anne didn't feel like having any kind of extended vision on what it was like to be a complete service girl the way Jean had, she was eager to work the new understanding into practical action in her regular service girl training. Try to find her way, somehow. Bridget, and the ladies that came after her, helped making it clear to her what it meant in practical terms. How she could adjust – or maybe rather extend her routines to reach far beyond the sexual part of the service. Attempt to become a kind of combination of a classical submissive slave and a self-confident hostess. A perfect combination, of course! One that took care of her strange desires to be humiliated and respected at the same time. And now it was clearly up to her how to balance the two. It didn't take long for her to discover that Jean definitely had no answer! That this was something that even she hadn't thought properly through in all her time as the supreme business ideologist. Not yet, anyway... Picture that!

The long monologues she had to endure from time to time, clearly were meant just as much for putting things straight in her own mind as for teaching Anne. But still she sensed that her mistress eventually was able to work out some kind of structure around the ideas, and even find a way to start communicating the philosophy of it to the others. That was when she got really eager, almost annoying at times.

Anne tried to do her part the best she could, but it wasn't always that easy.

The TV screen flashed one of its endless soap shows. The volume was turned down almost to nothing, at least low enough not to disturb the two in the room. The light disco music seeping from the stereo was turned down as well, so much that it had problems breaking through the sounds from the laughter machine supporting the show.

Lights were dim too. Blinds were down to shut out the autumn evening sun. On the table a calm candle flame was the main source of light, illuminating two glasses of red wine and the folded napkins indicating that a light evening meal had just been finished.

Jean and Anne relaxed with their tea, chatting lightly about the latest plans for the business. Jean was more laying than sitting in a comfortable pile of pillows in the corner of Anne's couch, taking small, relaxed sips from her cup. Between her legs Anne enjoyed her dessert, her head resting gently on a soft thigh, her tongue lazily massaging the upper area between those sweet pussy lips, right under the shaft of the lady's sensitive clit.

Less than half an hour before Jean had had her first violent orgasm into her insatiable mouth, and by now the woman's heat was slowly rebuilding as the miraculously patient tongue and the subject of their light chatting was taking its toll.

She took another sip and sighed.

"Anne, you'll have to slow down or I'll have to put down my cup. I'll spill tea on my new shirt!"

"Sorry," came the mumble from down under as the girl prepared to change her technique to something a little lighter for mind and body.

Room temperature was up so much that they didn't have to worry about intimate bodyparts getting cold from air exposure. Anne also had learned to breathe almost exclusively through her nose, further ensuring that something like that wouldn't happen. She was only surprised that the temperature still hadn't encouraged Jean to undress her expensive shirt.

Anyway. Not her problem.... Just as long as she could lie around like this and enjoy her favourite pastime.

In the beginning she had found her latest role as simultaneous sex- and discussion partner difficult to cope with. But now this was a habit she mastered to perfection, just like anything else that had to do with proper service to her dearest lover and teacher. Fully according to the romantic approach training!

Jean had been doing a lot of thinking after her discovery of the mental dimension impact on the service - its enormous potential - and she had started to involve Anne in a whole different way. More asking than teaching, actually. Sometimes almost begging for ideas how to move on in her effort to build a good philosophy on the concept.

But she never forgot her old self when it was about organising and controlling the business. That was still the important thing, of course.

"Now, where was I?" Jean took another sip of the now lukewarm tea.

"Yes... I actually wanted to tell you some great news!"


"Remember the apartment downtown where you had the lecture with Bridget?"

Anne nodded, using the opportunity to place a few well-aimed flicks over the hood of the clit.

"Well, just about four blocks from there we've bought a new downtown office. Actually it's about a third of the 4th floor of the Wesner Building. It has a separate section with its own front desk. Pam and I signed the contract yesterday. It was expensive, but I think it will pay off generously!

Most of our clients are situated – or rather working – near downtown or the bay. And it's been more than unpractical to run the whole thing from the Mayo Institute."

A light shudder went through her as a result of another particularly successful flicks alarmingly close to the oversensitive tip itself.

"So this will be a great relief... in many ways!"

She smiled down at Anne.

"And I can assure you the offices are complete with recliners and service chairs to meet all possible needs!"

Anne smiled back through the softly trimmed bush around her nose, wiggling her tongue quite powerfully right over the base of the clit a few times, drawing a small, involuntary gasp from her mistress.

"And this has given us the possibility to install a great idea that Carol had a while back... a demonstration office!! How about that?"

"Ummmmm... sounds wonderful!"

"And I was thinking... If it would be okay with you... that Carol could administer the office, with you being the head demonstrator!"

Jean chuckled at her own joke, then had to gasp again as the clever tongue did its unpredictable magics.

They could play this game for hours: Jean teasing her with cheeky remarks, and Anne 'punishing' her with acrobatic tongue flicks. A kind of attack and defence game - sweet torture and defiant endurance - even though there was never any doubt who was going to win!

Anne was pleased, but also a little confused. Knowing how the relations between the two had developed lately, why would she place her in the arms of her rival this way? Was it some sign of a change of strategy? Was it...

"And that's not all, my dear little tigress!" she cooed as she took a final sip of her now nearly cold tea.

"Business is going well, and I thought it was time to forward the interest of some of my very best and most promising partners a little.

I was thinking of offering you a new flat, actually. Not very far from here. So you'll be able to stay in touch like today. But you will have a major step forward in standard, I can tell you!"

She lifted her eyes from Anne's confused ones, and let them sweep over the interior of the small flat.

"Nothing wrong about this. I think it's quite cosy! And of course it's after all just an offer."

She shifted her butt slightly on the pile of pillows, using a well-manicured hand to gently guide the wonderful head and tongue to an even better spot. Then she sighed joyfully as the increased stimulation made her body glow from tickling passion - made a new, lazy wave of hormones flush through her veins all the way out to the tip of her fingers and toes. Told her once and for all that she was in the supreme position to control a new, slow ride up to another peak of maximum pleasure. Pleasure as ultimate as it could possibly be taken... from any human effort. Because it was provided by Anne! Her own unique and indispensable VIP in the expanding organisation.

Anne made no sign of even attempting to answer, and actually didn't even seem to be listening too much at the moment. The hand guiding her head had inspired her to an even stronger focus on the task on hand – or rather on tongue - and her eyes had closed, giving her beautiful face an expression of blissful joy.

Jean's words churned around in her head, of course, but somehow nothing she heard was able to get properly through to her at this moment. A new flat... Great! But not right now.....

A few minutes passed as the two women took their time to just enjoy being with each other; lightly moaning and sighing as they let the sweet waves of passion flow freely back and forth. Jean had put her cup away and lay almost like dead all over the pile of pillows. Every now and then a small jerk ran along her thighs and spine. She felt a pair of hands sneaking up under her shirt, and couldn't help but moaning deeply as the playful fingers started tickling her erect nipples. It was so intense; so soul- drillingly wonderful. Almost unbearable. Even now, when they were actually just lounging!

But she didn't want to come just yet. Not in a long time actually! The clue was after all to make sure to be able to enjoy these exceptional feelings to the fullest. Let it drug her mind, and let it put her on a big, fluffy white feather floating on the blank, sun baked surface of an endless ocean, or a windless sky. In some distant dimension... along with Jonathan Livingstone Seagull!

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