tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnne's Atonement Ch. 03

Anne's Atonement Ch. 03

byThe Needler©

Anne Thiman was lovely, her face and hair perfect, her green buttoned up sweater fitting tightly across her torso. August sent several people on vacation and she was having to take a turn behind the counter. Her face was a little more lined than a couple of months ago, her smile not quite as brilliant, but she still charmed the masses. Jeff North sat at his Bank President desk, thinking idly ahead to the last evening of her atonement ahead. His cell buzzed and he noticed an old friend was on the line. "Hello, Barry," he said as he accepted the call.

"Hi Jeff. How's it hanging?"

"Fine. Did our little lady come though for us as she promised?"

"Absolutely. Everything's in its rightful place, and all's right with the world. Kinda makes me sad."

"Yeah, me too. I'm going to miss our Tuesday night entertainment."

"So maybe should we cook up something on Betty to get some fresh meat?"

The line at the teller's window dwindled, and Anne caught Jeff's eye. He nodded, and she waited on the last customer. "Barry, I got to hang up in a minute, Anne wants to talk. You got her transfer ready?"

"You bet, all set. She wise to you?"

"Hell, no. She's coming, see you later."

"Later." The last customer was done and Anne closed the window, walking across the lobby to Jeff's office. Her stride was still strong and confident, her face pleasant but purposeful, her manner calm.

When she entered the office, she asked Jeff: "Would please close the blinds?"

"What? How come?"

"I have something to show you in private for once."

He moved to do as she asked for both the outside blinds and the inside ones that cut them off from the Lobby's attentions. Jeff sat back at his seat as his Vice President stood before him, and folded his hands. "Yes Anne, what is it?"

"I want you to look at what you've done to me," she said with irritation in her voice, pulling open her sweater and revealing her breasts. "Look at these poor things." Anne wasn't wearing a bra, and her breasts hung before him, her nipples starting to perk in the draft of the air conditioner. "See what you've done to them."

"Anne, they look wonderful. I don't understand why you want to show me this. . ." he said, turning his head aside.

"Good God, Jeff, why so shy? You've looked at them every Tuesday night for two months. What's the big deal now? See these lines on the side?"

He looked back seriously. "Yes, there's a little more sag than before."

"They're bigger, you've made them bigger. I can't wear a bra any more, you've made them sore too often. I used to jog every morning, can't do that now." She palmed them and lifted them up, her nipples just an inch in front of his face. "Now I have to worry about how much the jiggle when I walk, whether they're going to turn on the garbage man or the bum on the street or the dirty old men at the Potsdam Bible Church. And look at this." She pinched his nipples and held them up, swinging them a little. "I have doorknobs on the end of my breasts now. Big hangers, thanks to your clamps and tit sucking." She shook them a little more by her nipples, then let them fall to bounce a little. "I used to have nice, pert titties, and you've made them floppy old hangers."

"Hangers? Where did you see that word?" She ignored his question and Jeff shook his head. "I don't understand, Anne. You're complaining because your breasts are bigger? Some women pay top money to increase their bra size."

"They used to be tighter."

"You're getting older, Anne. These things happen. Ever think of that?"

"You men are all alike. To perverts like you, these poor things are a playground. I imagine in your mind's eye I'm no good for anything other than going down to the Dreamweaver's club and pole dancing every night."

Jeff spread his palms. "If you want to, Anne, if you want to. After tonight, your time is your own. I don't understand what your problem is."

She stamped her foot and crossed her arms in front of her. "You're ruining me."

"Button up, Anne. Look, any ruining is your fault: you've ruined yourself and these are part of the consequences. In a few weeks, your tits probably won't hurt and you can wear your bras again, maybe buy them a little bigger if you have to. Time moves on and people forget. Take your punishment like a big girl and be done with it."

"And speaking of punishment, what unspeakable things do you perverts have in mind tonight? Going to hang some weights from the nipple clamps this time? Going to put clothespins all the way up and down my arms as well as my ass? Maybe a good, old fashioned branding so I'll be your little heifer from now on?"

Shaking his head and closing his eyes, Jeff sighed. "Anne, you know that telling you in advance will spoil the fun for us."

She snorted and tossed her head. "God only knows you have to have fun while you humiliate and mock me. God forbid you shouldn't have fun when I suck your cock and swallow that stuff that comes out the end."

"You know you accepted this punishment rather than be led away in handcuffs to the county jail and stand trial for several felonies and misdemeanors. You might get out of jail in time to retire if we go that route. If you don't want any more of this abuse, I can pick up the phone and call the cops."

"Damn you, Jeffrey Allen North, damn you. You're so cruel, if I knew you were this cruel in High School, I would have told Glenda never to marry you."

"I wish you'd told her not to marry me in the first place," he murmured to himself.

Turning around, she started to walk out the door, then suddenly remembered she was going into public view with her breasts exposed. Her frantic fingers redid her buttons, and she sighed in exasperation twice before she finished and returned to the real world.

Jeff looked at the financial reports and shook his head. "I'll never understand women," he said under his breath.

She arrived at the Elks Club at 9:00 PM, and was lead into the room with the semi circle of masked, robed figures standing in front of her. On the floor was a small platform with a white appliance on a tripod. "What's this?" she asked. No one replied. After waiting a moment, she spread her hands, shrugged her shoulders and started unbuttoning her green sweater. "Either you tell me or you don't, guess I can live with it." Quickly and efficiently, she divested herself of her clothing and stood completely naked in front of her enemies. "Where do you want my hands?" A voice from the side commanded:


"Kneel? And what?"

"Just kneel where indicated." She did as ordered, noticing a mat had been provided and she didn't have to kneel on the bare concrete floor as she did in the past. A blindfold was slipped over her eyes and she folded her hands on her head as she had before. The tripod was moved so the bulb of the appliance was in direct contact with her slit.

There was a long period of waiting, she trembled in anticipation of the first move. Five minutes passed before a tentative touch on her side made her flinch. It returned a couple of times before tracing her ribcage, making her quiver. The finger sailed down her breast, circling her areola before returning to her side and moving up to her armpit. Anne smiled and strived to control herself, not wanting to laugh out loud as the ticklish sensations. A finger landed on her other side and traced the opposite ribcage, working up to the other armpit and down the breast. "When does the pain start?" she asked out loud, and got no answer.

A click and hum, and she gasped as the appliance between her legs started vibrating. "What the hell is this?" she asked.

"You've never heard of a vibrator?"

"Ahh, that's one of Satan's toys, isn't it?"

"You should know about Satan's toys."

Her lips started moving back and forth over her teeth with her mouth wide open, as the effects of the vibrator caused a response in her body. The fingers tormenting her flattened into hands and began stroking her sides. Her body shook, and a faint glistening appeared on the skin of her crotch in the dim light. She rocked forward and backward, and two more hands clasped her shoulders to keep her in contact with the vibrator. Incoherent gibbering escaped her lips, which increased in sound and intensity over the next three minutes until they reached the hight of a crescendo. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and went out of control as a massive orgasm racked her body.

It lasted a long time, and the four hands supported her, keeping her from falling over. Anne's mouth opened and closed quickly, drool escaping from the corner, and her wailing drowned out the buzz of the device giving her pleasure. She came down and the vibrator was switched off. Panting heavily, she wound down, speechless for several moments, drenched with sweat.

Finally, she came to her senses. "That was nice. Don't know whether to thank you or curse you. When does the pain start?" With a click, a pair of handcuffs fixed her hands above her head. "Here it comes. Guess you're going to mangle my tits again." There was another long silence as she sat on her heels. Anne licked her lips and waiting, shivering a little, and took a couple of deep breaths. "All right, must you make me wait again? When does the pain start, you bastards?"

The voice said: "Now," and the vibrator switched on again at a higher speed. Two more pairs of hands put themselves on Anne's body and they all started tickling relentlessly, slowly at first, and making her laugh and giggle until she rode the roller coaster to another trip to the summit. A hand pushed the vibrator more tightly against her crotch as she came closer to her goal and the hands worked hard to keep her under control as the second orgasm hit her. She wailed and shouted her fresh climax, her senses lost to everything else.

Everyone let go of her and she rested a moment, her breath coming in huge gasps. "My God, that's never happened to me before. My God, my God, my God. Why, why? Oh my God! Why did you do this to me tonight? Shit!"

"Again," ordered the voice of command.

"No, no, no," she wailed, but the hands returned to her flesh again. This time, they stroked her long body, stroked her breasts and gently milked her nipples, teased her thighs, traced her ass crack on both sides. The vibrator switched on again, first at a low speed, then moving up and down in frequency. "Why the hell don't you whip me again?" she wailed, as she was molested with gentility. Her breath came in gasps, she responded to every soft touch, lost herself in every squeeze. They lifted her up again and more quickly than the last time, their touch and the wildly accelerating vibrator took her to a third orgasm, a painful orgasm, that wrung her back and forth until she was totally spent.

The figure approached again and made a gesture at his thigh. The penis landed on her cheek, and without prompting, she sought it with her tongue, running it over and around the head. Then she sucked it into her mouth, taking it all the way to the base several times before working on the end in her mouth. It didn't take long before the robed figure gasped; a little whiteness leaked from the corner of her mouth as she swallowed everything the man's long orgasm gave her.

Her blindfold was ripped off while the cock was still in her mouth and she looked up into the eyes of her husband. Dave Thiman looked down and held her head in place. "Hello, Annie. Just keep it in there for now. It's a good way to get you to listen to a few things."

The room was perfectly silent, and all the robed figures were motionless. "All these years you told me good Christian girls didn't do this, good Christian girls didn't suck cock. I knew you were wrong, but I put up with it. Until six years ago, we had a pretty good sex life, well, good if you count me doing all the work and you just laying there. Guess whose cock you've been sucking all these Tuesdays? Jeff North's? Barry Halls'? I would have been fine letting them make you do that. But my friend Jeff had a better idea. Why not let you make up to me all the years you've deprived me of this special wifely obedience? Thanks guys."

"You're welcome," Jeff said quietly.

"So for the past two months, you've been sucking my cock every Tuesday night. And it seems like you enjoy it. What a lucky man I am! Yes, Anne. Now I know you can do this, and there are circumstances where you will do it. I have witnesses and I have evidence. We've recorded every session."

She looked up at him with big eyes, the head of his cock still in her mouth, his hand still holding her head in place. If her mouth hadn't been full, she would have been using her charismatic smile on him. Dave stroked her cheek, traced her chin, and gave her mouth a slight pump with his dick. "Here's the deal, Annie. I told you when the time was right, you could ask forgiveness and I'd take you back. If you don't want that, Jeff's worked out a transfer to another branch in St. Louis and you can start a new life by yourself. If you want to come back, be my wife again, you can say so when I pull out. Things will be different, I think you know how they'll be different: I will be the Master and you will the Slave, the way God meant it to be. And you'll be a honest employee of the bank once more: if you cheat them again, there will be no forgiveness for you. Understood?"

She nodded, her mouth still full. He looked down, and pulled out of her mouth with a pop. "I beg your forgiveness, David. I will love you, honor you, obey you, serve you, all the days of my life. Take me back. Please, darling, please."

Taking the key of the handcuffs out of his pocket, he released her and stood her up. His robe went around her body and he told her: "Let's go home."

After they left, the bar opened and Barry sidled over to Jeff. "That's all very sentimental, Jeff, but what do you get out of the deal? Other than a Vice President who won't try to screw you anymore."

"I get a shot at Clara," he murmured with a smile on his face.


"Dave said it would be very Biblical, and he'd rather I take a shot at his daughter than any random young stud out there. After all, I am an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. She's eighteen, almost nineteen, disdains every boy under the age of 30, and is definitely not a lesbian. If she's anything like her mother, it'll be fantastic."

"But Jeff, what about your wife?"

"She's gone, Glenda left yesterday. About time."

Barry shook his head, and sipped his drink. "How're you going to do this?"

"Money parts a lot of legs. I've made a lot of good investments, and I think I'll make a great Sugar Daddy. I surely have the bankroll to try."

There was a commotion in the room, and Fern Davis was standing on a table getting everyone's attention. "Boys, this has been fun, and I'm sure you want to continue our little Tuesday night games."

"How?" Barry asked. "We no longer have a guest of dishonor?"

She flipped her black dress over her head and stood naked in front of them. "Me. Spank me."

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