tagFetishAnne's Ball Busting Pleasure

Anne's Ball Busting Pleasure


Many would say I was doubly cursed, while few others would say blessed when it comes to what turns me on sexually. Since I can remember I have always been attracted to women with sexy legs and feet, as well as having my balls roughly fondled to the point of seeing stars. I really only had one girl friend who gave me pleasure in this way. Unfortunately I did not find her until my senior year in High School. Our relationship did not last long. Not because of the sex we had, which was great, but because I headed to college and she left for Germany with her family.

It was not until my freshman year in College when I ran across a true ball buster extraordinaire named Anne, who quickly made me realize what an amateur ball buster my High School girlfriend was. To this day I break out into a cold sweat just thinking about Anne. What follows is my story about Anne and how she sexually crushed my balls while taking me to a level of sexual bliss I have yet to experience again.

After High School I left for a small college in Texas on a baseball scholarship. After our second out of conference preseason game against TCU, I was invited by several of the senior members of the team to attend a after the game party at one of the frat members house. On the way to the party it was explained to me by Carl, our junior second baseman, how we needed to get the partying in now before the season officially started. Once the season starts the coach would hit us hard with a curfew.

Upon entering the party house we were greeted immediately by two blonde Texas beauties. I recognized one of them as Tom's girlfriend Julie. They had been High School sweethearts. The other one, Julies' friend, I could not help but notice. I recognized her from our practices and games. She usually sat with Julie in the seats directly behind home plate. Her body was amazing.

Upon seeing my initial reaction to Anne, Tom smiled and made the introductions. "Eric meet Anne, Anne meet Eric."

I smiled and said hi and Anne did the same.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence which seemed to last forever, Tom leaned in next to my ear. "Hey sport, don't make it look to obvious. Reel your tongue back in and get her a drink."

I stammered, "yah…yah, okay…right, a drink."

I moved in towards Anne and asked her what she was drinking.

She said, "Waters fine."

I proceeded towards the kitchen hoping the keg would be somewhere in the vicinity, and mentally kicking myself for acting like a teenager on a first date. I definitely needed a cold one.

Anne reached out and grabbed my arm saying, "I'm coming with. I think Tom and Julie want to be alone tonight."

Once in the kitchen Julie reached in to the fridge and pulled out an avian water.

I asked, "You wouldn't happen to know where the keg is?" She replied, "Out back on the porch."

We made our way out to the porch and I filled my cup. The beer felt good going down. I relaxed and for the first time that night I took a moment to take all of Anne in from head to toe. She looked gorgeous. She stood approximately 5'2'' tall and slender build. She had on a tight fitting thin red dress that clung snuggly to her, accentuating all her curves in all the right places. The hem of the dress came to about half thigh level. Her legs were long, shapely and smooth. Her calves were perfect for her size, solid and slender tapering to classically shaped ankles. Each ankle bore a shiny silver anklet from which dangled tiny charms. She wore red leather slip on shoes which were open toed. Her lightly bronzed skin seemed to glow under the porch light. I was riveted by her legs and the subtle muscle tone they revealed with each of her movements. I was awaken from my trance by Anne's giggle and looked up into her smiling face. I must have blushed slightly as I was obviously caught staring.

She cleared her throat purposefully, smiled and said, "You looked good out there today pitching."

I filled my cup and said, "Thanks, you look really, really good tonight. I can't take my eyes off you."

Anne laughed and glanced down at her legs saying with a hint of seduction, "I noticed."

It was then I realized that she must know what attracted me the most about her physically. I began to feel my cock harden in my shorts.

We made our way back into the party and got to know each other a little better. Mostly small talk about where we were from, family, and interests.

Throughout the night I kept sneaking leers at Anne's great body, specifically her legs and her feet. Each of my stares became longer as I gained courage with each passing beer. Little did I know at the time, Anne was aware of my stares and was adding to my state of excitement by slipping her foot in and out of her shoe and crossing her legs in such a manner to accentuate her calf muscles.

Towards the end of the night the party began to dwindle as the guests made their way out or passed out. I had quite a few beers and was feeling a bit groggy myself. I knew I was not completely drunk, judging by my trips to the restroom I could tell I had at least 90 percent of my faculties working. But still I was feeling pretty good.

Anne and I had been sitting on the couch and she was really working her leg and performing a classic shoe dangle off her toes. Throughout the night I was at a state of perpetual hardness. Now sitting on the couch with her and watching her crossed leg swing slowly up and down as she played with her shoe I could feel my hard on begin to ache. I squirmed uncomfortably and tugged on the shorts between my shaft and my inner thigh.

I looked up to find Anne smiling at me. She new my predicament and sensed my state of frustration by now and smiled at me saying, "You're either a leg and or footman."

Even in my inebriated state I could not help but be taken aback by her out right bold statement.

I was speechless as I felt the awkward silence grip my throat like a frozen vice. I sunk back into the couch and gulped down the remainder of my beer.

She smiled, enjoying the moment as she watched me sink ever deeper into the fabric of the couch.

She slid in close to me her gentle hip touching mine and I watched as her shoe fell off her toes onto the floor. With her right leg crossed over her left she began to run her right instep slowly up and down my lower leg. "C'mon I know you like what you see you couldn't take your eyes off them since the moment we met. Besides that rod swelling in your shorts gave you away hours ago."

Then she stood up, put on her shoe and faced me. I'm bored. Lets you and I get out of here. Walk me home, I only live a few blocks away. She reached down and I grabbed her hand still in a state of semi-shock at how forward this vixen had suddenly displayed a Jekyll and Hyde type of syndrome. As she pulled me up from the couch she said, "I'll make a deal with you. I will give you what you want if you give me what I desire."

I smiled, "Sounds like a win-win situation to me."

Still holding my hand, Anne led me through the thinning crowd. On our way out I saw Tom and Julie on the other side of the room. Tom smiled and whispered something in Julie's ear as he gave me a thumbs up. I saw Julie feign an angry look at him as she slapped him on the shoulder.

From our conversation earlier that night I learned that Anne was a local attending the University. She was in her Junior year majoring in psychology. On her way to her house she explained that her parents were out of town for the week. The arrangement was that as long as she was in school as a full time student she could live at home. The basement was finished out and was hers until she graduated and landed a job.

We made our way into the basement through a back door.

"Sweet!" I said, "Your own private entrance."

Anne laughed, "I know. My parents are pretty cool they understand that I need my privacy."

She had a nice setup up. A completely finished out basement fully carpeted with all the trimmings.

We entered the living room and she kicked off her shoes, looked back at me and smiled, "Don't get all excited now." As she saw my eyes trace her steps across the room where she turned on the stereo. She sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to her beckoning me with her index finger to come hither.

I sat down next to her as she leaned in and looked me hard in the eyes saying, "I know what your end of the deal is." As she lifted up her feet placing them in my lap rubbing my rigid cock through my shorts, firmly moving them side to side.

She continued, "Let me tell you my end of the deal. I like to be in control and I like to play with guys' balls real HARD while I get them off. You see it excites me, to see and feel a guy squirm in pain and pleasure. Are you okay with that?"

I swallowed hard, "Yes…oh yes, I'm good with that."

Anne giggled, "Excellent! Now take off your clothes."

I stood up and proceeded to strip post haste! While I was undressing I noticed Anne was making preparations of her own. On the end table was a bottle of baby oil. She applied a liberal amount all over her legs and feet. She then grabbed two of the heavy couch pillows and placed one against the inside armrest of the couch and propped her back up against it. The other pillow she placed on the seat of the couch in front of her resting her feet on top of it in such a way that her knees were brought up inches from her chest allowing her to rest her chin on top of them. Seeing her sit like this in a cannon ball type manner made me curious as to what she had in mind.

Still standing and butt naked I looked down at her and commented, "Your legs look amazing with all that oil on them. Aren't you going to take your clothes off as well?"

Anne smiled, "What I am going to do to you does not require me to remove my clothes. Besides what I have here is all you will need…right?" Having said that, I watched her slowly rub the outside of her legs from knee to ankle.

Anne smiled and said, "Kneel down on the couch facing me. I want to see if the height is right for you."

Still not fully understanding I did as she instructed.

My cock was fully erect and the head inches from the front of her shins which she kept pressed tightly together.

All business like Anne pulled my cock out straight and said, "Looks perfect."

She leaned forward placed both her hands on my hips and guided me towards her legs saying softly, "Straighten your cock out, stick it between my clenched calves and fuck my legs." I reached down with one hand and pulled my cock out straight pointing the head directly at her shins.

I had never felt my body shake with such anticipation and excitement as I watched the head of my cock approach those beautiful long shapely legs. I felt the head of my cock slowly touch against the smooth slick skin of her right shin then slide into the cleft created by her pressing calves. Her hands continued to guide me forward as I felt the head of my cock slipping between the supple muscles of her calves. Anne kept her chin resting on top of her knees as I watched a smile spread across her beautiful face. I felt my body begin to shake even more as I held back. Anne felt my resistance saying, "Oh come on now. You know you have wanted this all night. Just let it slide in between my calves." I felt her hands grip more firmly as she pulled me into her legs. It was then I felt how right she was when she said the height was perfect. I looked down to watch and could not help but moan as I began to feel the head of my cock pass and rub between her perfect calf muscles, feeling her smooth oiled skin rub against the sensitive glands of my cock head. Slowly she guided me in between her legs my shaft slowly disappearing inches beneath her beautiful smiling face.

With her chin still atop her knees and hearing my obvious pleasure, Anne tilted her head up looking at me and giggled, "Ooooh yes you like how that feels I can tell. Make as much noise as you like, no one will hear you." With my cock now fully buried between her calves and seeing her beautiful face looking up at me from her amazing legs was such a turn on. Anne smiled and stuck her tongue out running the tip of it up and down along my stomach. I shoved my cock completely between her calves as I felt her shins press hard against my surrounding groin.

Anne removed her hands from my hips and told me stay there for just a second. I watched as she placed her hands against the outside of her loose calf muscles and pressed in firmly causing them to mash against my cock. She then leaned back to get a look and smiled saying. "Your cock fits perfect. I call this a calf sandwich. Your cock is completely sandwiched between my calves except for the cute head peeking out."

I just had to witness this for myself and leaned forward over her knees to see. What I saw was amazing. With her calves pressed in by her hands, my entire shaft and the flared rim of my cock head was completely covered. The only part peeking through was the remaining tip of the head.

Anne looked up at me asking, "Ever have a girl do this to you before?"

Somewhat surprised at my rate of breathing I stammered, "God no. It feels great."

Anne leaned forward and placed her chin back on top of her knees and smiled saying, "You're going to feel some good friction this way. Go for it now and fuck my legs."

I started out slowly, pulling my cock out enjoying the pleasurable pull of her calves on my cock. I thought I was going to cum right then. As I felt the head exit completely I immediately inserted it again. Anne kept her calves pressed tightly together and as I re-inserted, she pressed her calves in tightly together. The feeling was even more intense than before causing me to release a long groan. My body quivered and shook even more as I felt the head pass against the pressing walls of her amazing tan calves. As I continued to slowly thrust deeper I watched as Anne moved her beautiful face forward past the tops of her knees and stuck out her tongue wiggling it up and down to meet my lower abdomen. I felt the tip of her tongue lick across my lower stomach sending more shivers throughout my body. Anne continued to tease me with her lips and tongue enjoying my reaction as I heard a throaty laugh escape her.

I knew I had reached a full measure of thrust once I felt her shins contact against my pelvis. I slowly withdrew once again enjoying the tight pull the smooth skin of her squeezing calves caused on my shaft and sensitive head.

Anne coaxed me on seductively saying, "That's it, I want to feel you pound against my legs. Keep going."

I inserted again this time increasing the pace a little faster. Each time I felt her smooth shins press against my pelvis it aroused a stirring of excitement inside my lower abdomen.

I wanted this to last all night, however the urge to increase my pace was too great. Anne added to my state of arousal as she began to jostle her calf muscles with her hands while I continued to fuck her legs. The sensation of her jostling calves pressing and moving against my shaft and head felt amazing. I pounded even faster, her shins slapping into my pelvis with each forward thrust. Each time I pounded against her shins I felt a greater urge to cum. Anne was forced to lift her chin from her knees as my thrusts became much harder causing her feet to lift several inches from the pillow and rocking her knees back into her chest. Still, each time the head of my cock entered between her calves Anne kept applying the squeeze which added to my heightened state of arousal. I reached up with my hands and cupped either side of her face, brushing her hair away to get a better view of her beautiful face. Anne must have seen the state of ecstasy I was in by my expression. She turned her petite face and kissed the inside of my palm saying, "That's it, your doing great. Your cock feels so hot and hard against my calves. I love how it feels and how turned on you are."

The way she spoke to me excited me further as I held her face in my hands, I began to pound into her legs faster and harder. With each slap against her shins I grunted loudly. I was going out of my mind. Anne giggled and said, "Okay, okay stop now, your starting to leak. I don't want you to cum just yet. Not before I had my fun."

I was happy to stop. I did not know how much longer I could go as I was out of breath. We must have been going for a while as I felt a bit exhausted. Anne leaned back against the couch keeping my cock trapped between her luscious calves I noticed she had crossed her ankles allowing for her calves to clench my hard cock that much tighter. I leaned forward pressing my pelvis against her shins and my stomach over her knees. Anne smiled and brushed her hair away from her face. She said, "You know, you were hitting my legs pretty hard. I know you probably don't feel it now but tomorrow you're going to have some pretty good bruises around your pelvis."

Out of breath I moaned, "I don't care. This is a dream come true. Your legs are incredible Anne." After a few seconds to catch my breath I said, "I'm ready when you are. Let's do this again." Anne smiled saying, "You're the one doing all the work. I'm always ready. This time we are going to do something a little different. Something I enjoy. I want to play with your balls."

Hearing Anne say that, for that matter hearing any girl say that; is such a turn on. Anne leaned forward, her face assuming that wonderful familiar position above her knees (A memory that haunts me to this day). I leaned back keeping my cock between her calves. Anne instructed me to pull out half way leaving just the head of my cock between her calves, and to use my hands to press her calves in tight. Feeling her calves in my hands was amazing. The muscles were toned and smooth. I pressed them firmly together feeling their warmth as they completely engulfed the head of my sensitive cock. Like this I could look down and see that there was a 2 to 3 inch distance between her shins and my groin region. I watched as she opened and then re-crossed her ankles, the silver anklets creating a tiny metallic sound as they touched. Anne scooted her torso in even further and I watched her run her slender fingers slowly up and down her shins as if she enjoyed the feel herself. She smiled up at me and said, "How does this feel" She flexed her crossed ankles up and down causing the muscles in her calves to flex in my hands and against the head of my cock. Upon feeling this sensation, I immediately moaned excitedly, "Oh God yes that feels great!" Anne laughed, "Good, you think about that feeling. Because I am going to keep doing that while I play with your balls. I know how special the head of a guys cock is. How sensitive it is. I want you to feel all of my calves against it."

I watched as she traced her nail tips across and around the lower part of my shaft which protruded in front of her shins. She continued to trace the tips of her nails around the base and running them through my pubic hairs. While she did this I was able to still look down and watch her ankles flex up and down feeling the toned muscles of her calves roll against the head of my trapped cock. She continued to roll her calf muscles and slowly rake the tips of her nails along the surface of my shaft for several minutes. The sensation was exquisite as my body responded by shaking to her touch. Anne kept her face turned up to me smiling at the reaction she caused within me saying, "My, my you must really be enjoying this because you're shaking like a leaf. I like making you shake with my legs and fingers." Hearing and seeing her smile up at me as she said that caused my head to spin. I could not help but fall to the side against the back of the couch. Anne laughed and stayed right with me not missing a beat with her fingers and calves.

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