Anne's Bust


I was chatting on the computer with Greg, my secret crush. Greg is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk that goes to my high school, we unfortunately don't shares many classes. He is popular, and he is the captain of pretty much every cool sport in the school; and of course he's dating the perky head cheerleader, like all head jocks do. I have no luck, huh?

I am the complete opposite of Greg's girlfriend. I have blonde-brownish shoulder-length hair. Ware framed glasses over my ocean blue eyes and braces on my slight overbites; I am not svelte, I stand a meagre five foot six and weigh a generous, for a girl, hundred and thirty pounds. But what sets me apart most from Greg's girlfriend, and pretty much every other girl at school, are my extremely large natural breasts, don't get me wrong, I am not the only big titted girl, but unlike the rest I grew them, rather then come back from the plastic surgeon with them.

My breasts are pretty much the only assets I have to work with to get a date. My tits look like two enormous bowling balls sticking out of my chest. It has been hard to find bras for my oversized mammaries. My bras would consist of at least four shoulder straps and a heavy under frame, to hold up my jumbo melons, and keep me from literally tipping over. I am failing gym class because I refused to run or pretty much do anything that consists of me jumping up and down.

Puberty struck me very late; I wore a B cup bra through my entire junior high, and for practically three years of high school. But finally over the summer before entering my senior year, my B cups blew up into double D's, soon followed by F's, and I'm now stuck wearing G's.

Many of the unpopular girls tried to hide their chests, especially the ones who were well endowed, but seeing how it was impossible for me to do that, I just avoided wearing low-cut shirts, tight shirts, and anything else revealing to the public. My big tits were a pain until I met Greg. He was new at our school, but he was already very popular, mostly due to his good looks and charm. I was going to try to avoid using my huge breasts to get a date with Greg, but, I was too late, Susan had already won the mantle and was his current girlfriend.

I used my network of contacts to get Greg's AOL screen name. My friend knows Greg's best friend, so she asked his, and he gave her the info, she then relayed it to me, and since I asked her to keep it quiet, and she asked his to also not tell Greg, he did not know who I really was. I asked them to introduce me to Greg online, but to do it casually. The introduction went off smoothly; Greg and I became friends quickly, and I've been talking to him ever since; but I have taken great efforts to avoid revealing my true identity, however I have been telling him the truth about my life.

Oh, Greg just popped online, he always IM's me the second he gets online and sees that I'm available. Let's see what he has to say today.

Greg101: How is it going Anne?

AnneSweetheart: I've been better Greg, but thing are pretty good. Especially now that I'm talking to you:)

He seems to bubble when I tell him that, the only problem is that I don't know if he realise how true it is.

Greg101: That's great to hear Anne.

Greg has the habit of turning on his webcam while we talk, today is no exception. He loves to show off his body, he has kept it mild until now, I can always dream, but he almost never wares a shirt while we talk, on look he's topless again today. I have a web cam also, but I rarely use it, and of course I have never let Greg know I have one, I know he would urges me to use it, and I would cave, but then he would know who I was, and I don't know what he would say, or do. I don't want to deal with him rejecting me.

I was lost in my thoughts and didn't hear Heather, my best friend, climbing the stairs, but suddenly, my best friend came walking into my room. I jumped in surprise as she said, "Hey Anne!" Heather doesn't know that Greg and I are computer buddies, and have been for a while now.

Her curious eyes quickly recognised the live Webcam feed of Greg. "Anne, that's that Greg, isn't it? I know you have the biggest crush on that hunk, why didn't you tell me you two know each other?" Heather quipped. "I had no idea him and you were computer buddies? How come you're not on your web cam showing him some naughtiness?"

I replied frantically, "Because, Heather. He doesn't know I have a crush on him and that we go to the same school. And even more importantly he doesn't know who show I really am. I haven't told him yet."

"Anne you little minx, you haven't told him who you are. Just how did you get his nickname, and even more importantly, how did you manage to get him to put you on his buddy list?"

"I had a friend setup the meeting, and we just became friends."

"You sneaky little thing, you so need to tell him who you are."

"No!" I anxiously replied, "What if he doesn't like me? What if he stops talking to me? I can't afford to take the risk."

"Anne, how do you expect to get anything in life if you never take any risks? Besides, how else do you suppose you will get him to notice you, you have to reveal your secret?" Heather urged me on, "This is your chance. Make your move, it's worth the risk. Besides no man can resist your charms." Heather had her hands wrapped around her the sides of her breasts as she stuck he chest at me to emphasise her point.

So I am sitting there, wondering what to do, heather is still egging me on and tempting me to finally reveal myself to Greg. And that's when I notice that Greg has just typed his seventh "hello?" Oh my god, I have been ignoring him, he must be wondering where I am. I quickly type back.

AnneSweetheart: Sorry Greg. A friend of mine just showed up and I got carried away talking with her.

Greg101: Oh. So does that mean you have to go now: (

Just then I decide that I want him to know, so I reply.

AnneSweetheart: No Greg. I'm not going anywhere, but I have some good news for you, she brought over her webcam, so, if you want, you can finally see what I look like.

Greg101: Awesome! Let's see what you look like girl.

I quickly rush to hook up my webcam, and as we wait for it to come on Heather takes a seat right beside me. I send the invitation to Greg to view my webcam; butterflies file my stomach as I wait to see how he reacts. His face fill with shock as my image comes up on his PC; I can't tell if it's good or bad, my heart stops as I wait to see what he has to say.

Greg101: How come you didn't tell me it was you?

I type back hesitantly.

AnneSweetheart: Because, I didn't think you would want to chat with me anymore after I had revealed myself.

I feel my life ending, his expression softens s he sees how worried I am, then he types back the best words I have ever read.

Greg101: That's not true Anne. I've always noticed you walking in the hallways and sitting in the back of Science class. I just didn't have enough courage to talk to you.

My world is turned on its side, he knows me, he wants to talk to me, and even more importantly he has just admitted he has wanted to approach me, but was worried to make the first move.

AnneSweetheart: Really?

I could barely bring myself to accept that Greg might have actually wanted to get to know me better, and now I have to hear it again, to hear he actually has been trying to talk to me all this time.

Greg101: Yeah really. Just because I'm well liked around the school doesn't mean I can't talk to whomever I want. Susan can be a bitch about that sometimes.

AnneSweetheart: lol yeah. I can't stand her.

"Hey Anne. Ask him to see his dick?" Heather volunteered. "I want to see how big it is?" I gasped.

"Heather. I couldn't do that," I protected.

Heather pushed me away from the keyboard and quickly typed in, "I want to see your cock."

"HEATHER!" I shouted out loud angry.

Greg laughed as he typed back. "As you wish." "Oh my!" I said stunned by Greg's decision to actually show us his cock.

Greg stood up and unzipped his jeans right in front of his cam. He opened the slit in his boxers and pulled out his limp cock. It was unusually big for a flaccid cock but beautiful none to less.

Greg started playing with his cock for Heather and I. We were getting very turned on by Greg's large, even thought it was soft, cock. I couldn't wait to see how big it would get when hard.

Greg101: How do you like it? Sorry I'm not at my full potential. Just not very horny right now.

I refocused and typed back.

AnneSweetheart: It's nice Greg. Really large, it being soft and all, and your balls look enormous too.

"Hey Anne! If you showed him those big ol' titties of yours, I'm sure that would turn him on," Heather suggested.

Greg sat back down after toying with his cock and balls for a while. He saw the huge grin across my face.

Greg101: I knew you would like it. I could show it to you personally sometime :)

Heather and I started giggling like schoolgirls.

AnneSweetheart: Do you want to see my breasts?

Greg licked his lips and typed back.

Greg101: Oh yeah!

I stood up and leveled the web cam with my gigantic chest. My breasts were solidly encased inside my large red Hawaiian shirt. The words and picture were distorted by the strain my huge breasts put on the garment. Heather looked up at me but her eyes locked directly onto my huge boobs. I started lifting up my shirt over my massive bra cups. My enormous breasts swelled over the top of the cups.

"Jesus Christ!" Heather said excited. "I've never seen you in your bra before. Let me unleash those monstrous puppies."

As I held my shirt up to my neck, Heather grabbed the bottoms of my white bra cups and started lifting them up over my fleshy orbs. My huge G breasts tumbled out and started swaying gently back and forth in front of the cam. My enormous pink areolas captured the gazes of my audience, while my small pink nipples seem to hypnotise Greg and Heather.

I saw Greg's facial expression, he was blown away. I saw his hands starting to reach into his jeans and play with his cock. Heather had her eyes glued to my big swinging tits as she held my bra cups up.

"Holy Shit Anne! Those are some fucking enormous titties! You must have the biggest fucking tits in the whole damn school," Heather shouted.

I bent down over my ample orbs and typed, "How do you like them?"

Greg101: Big and juicy just like yours sweetheart. God my cock is hard.

I started smiling after Greg said that. The next thing I knew, Heather's cold hands started fondling my hanging tits. She scooped them up and dropped them back down and watched them jiggle and ripple, then flip and flop like crazy.

Heather then typed in "God Greg. If only your hands could feel this massive mammaries. You would but your nut in those jeans."

I started laughing and Greg agreed.

Greg101: Lick Anne's nipples Heather.

I was shocked at what Greg had asked Heather to do, but sure enough, I felt a juicy wet tongue circling the small bud on my left breast. Heather used the tip of her tongue to trace circles around my hard nipple. She then pressed the back of her large tongue flat against my nipple, pressing my nipple back into my tender breast flesh.

She turned her tongue around and pressed my nipple back into my pillowy flesh with the front of her tongue. Then her mouth locked over my small nipple as she began sucking my nipple like nursing baby. Her face was pressed flat against my soft breast while she suckled the nipple, I could feel the air from her nose rushing against my tit.

She cupped, squeezed, and mauled my large tit as she was sucking in both her small hands and captured a good amount of tit flesh between her eager lips. She was sucking away at my left jug just like a starving lady might.

I started moaning and crying out from Heather's sucking. I saw Greg had whipped out his large hard cock and was stroking it while watching Heather and I.

Minutes later, I heard a large pop as my left tit fell out of Heather's mouth, it glistening in her saliva.

AnneSweetheart: Her huge juicy tits taste good Greg. You could come over and taste one with me.

Greg stopped stroking his extremely large cock and replied.

Greg101: I would like to come over if that is ok with Anne?

Heather looked up at me while sliding her tongue back and forth over the nipple she sucked repeatedly. Flickering and pushing at my wet nipple with her tongue and then lapping around my enormous wet areola with her tongue. I was so turned on by Heather, that knew I needed Greg to come over and relief me of my horniness. So I nodded my approval.

Greg101: I'm on my way...

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