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Annette's Toys


Although she felt like slamming it in his face, Annette Maguire quietly closed the door behind her former boyfriend and hurried up to her room. Jason, apparently not interested in her womanly charms, had kissed her on the cheek when he said goodnight and then had driven away, leaving her totally frustrated and horny and wanting his cock in her pussy. She actually wanted a lot more than just his cock but would have settled even for that minimum of attentions. It was just not happening. He had told her he was saving himself for marriage and was eschewing the "so-called pleasures of the flesh," to use his words, until then.

Annette wasn't eschewing any pleasures at all if she could help it. The same thing had happened to her before, with another young man, and she had to satisfy her own needs as best she could. At least, she had turned 18 since then and had been able to go to a nearby town where there was a store selling sex toys. The store was happy to provide the dildos she believed she would need to bring herself to half-way decent orgasms without the stupid and bungling presence of any guy.

She walked quickly and quietly past the bedroom her parents shared, glad to see the light was off and the door was closed. After her older sister got married, Annette had moved into the bedroom formerly occupied by her sibling. She told her parents she wanted a view of the flowers in the back yard and that was one advantage of the new quarters but her real reason for the move was to have her bed farther away from that of her parents. When she takes care of her sexual needs, as she intended to do that night, they are unable to hear her cries of joy, which she partially muffles with wadded up bobby sox. Annette considers her sex life or lack of same, to be none of their business anyhow.

The first thing she did, after closing and locking the door, was to arrange her bed by turning down the covers and spreading a clean towel under where her ass would be. Sometimes things get a little messy while she takes care of her sexual needs, and she doesn't want to leave any evidence, just in case her mother starts snooping. With the bed ready, she tossed a clean pair of sox onto it and reached into the bottom of her panty drawer to get out the tube of KY Jelly and the plastic bags containing her dildos made of plastic gel, which she has named Big Dude and Little Dude.

The former is nine inches long and two inches thick at the base and shaped and curved exactly like a big cock, except for the multiple pleasure bumps in the shape of stars and pyramids and a movable clit spur. At its base is a big pair of balls and protruding from the bottom is a ring that she can slip a finger through for easier use. Annette has never inserted his entire length into her pussy, although she is looking forward to the time she can start fucking herself using the entire toy.

Little Dude is the same length but thinner and has the same kind of ring at the base. He is not equipped with pleasure bumps but is smooth and tapered to a point at the end so Annette can slide that toy into her ass with a minimum of lubrication. When in her menses, which is when she is at her horniest, she drives it in and out of her ass while fingering her clit until she reaches her orgasm. At other times, and that night would be one of them, she likes to use both toys simultaneously.

While lying on her back, Annette squeezed a small quantity of the KY Jelly onto the middle finger of one hand and used it to cover the first few inches of Little Dude. She added more of the lubricant to the same finger, lifted her thighs and reached around and under her hip to her ass. Carefully, she inserted that finger to the second knuckle and moved it back and forth inside herself, smiling at the erotic sensation, to apply the jelly to her ass. Not much was needed because the toy is not very thick, and she has been thinking of getting a larger one. Little Dude is alright when used in conjunction with its larger partner, but really too thin to give her as much of a thrill as she wants when used alone, even when the fingers of one hand are active on her pussy.

Remaining on her back, Annette slipped her right index finger through the ring at the base of the smaller dildo and, once again, reached under her thigh, this time to press the tip of the toy against the oily hole it would be fucking. She reached her other hand down to hold the dildo steady and gave a light push. The pointed end slid easily into the small hole where she wanted it and she used the fingers of her left hand to check for loose skin or other potential problems. Finding none, she pushed again and almost two inches of the lubricated toy burrowed into her ass. That felt good, and it felt even better as she carefully worked another six inches of the plastic cock into her needy ass.

"Mmmmm," she murmured. "Little Dude, you sure know what you're doing."

She stopped then and switched hands so her left index finger was through the ring at the base of the first toy. Annette is right-handed and she uses her left hand to fuck her ass with that toy while her right hand performs the more important task of inserting Big Dude into the place where he will do the most good.

That wouldn't happen for a while, though, because Annette's pussy first has to produce enough natural lubrication for her to slide the thick toy into place. From thinking about what she was doing, some juices were already flowing, and there would be more as Little Dude continued to plunge in and out of her ass. She had once tried using KY Jelly on her pussy, but it hadn't worked well. Once her natural juices were flowing heavily, she was too sloppy wet to receive the full benefit of the big dildo. The way she masturbates now, it takes her a few minutes longer to come but she really loves every second of the process and would not want to change anything, except for eventually getting a thicker dildo to use in her ass.

"Ooooo," she murmured again as Little Dude and her fingers on her clit worked their magic. Her body started writhing on top of the towel as pleasure flowed through her body from her ass and her pussy.

Annette removed her fingers from her clit, felt to see how much of her natural juices had begun trickling inside her pussy and decided there were enough to ease Big Dude into place. A grin of lustful joy creased her face and she briefly ceased fucking her ass so she could use that hand to guide the bigger dildo into place, after moving the head around to cover it with her natural lubricant. When she considered the toy to be ready, she firmly pushed it into the eager hole that was getting wetter by the second.

"Ahhh," Annette sighed as the head of the big plastic cock wedged its way inside her. "I'd better stifle myself," she decided and placed the rolled up bobby sox inside her mouth.

For almost a minute she lay there, reveling in the waves of delight that washed over her body from the two holes that were being so pleasurably crammed with the toys. All her senses were heightened and she even relished the rough sensation of the terrycloth towel against her bare skin. As good as everything already felt to her, Annette knew it was nothing compared to the tremendous sexual pleasure she would be receiving momentarily, so she firmly but gently pushed Big Dude in more deeply while leaving his smaller partner in place. Once more, gushes of erotic joy surged through her body from the same two places until six inches of either dildo were stretching her openings and expanding the attached channels.

Once again, Annette lay on the bed and let the flood of pleasure saturate her body before the serious fucking of herself started. With one middle finger holding the base of either toy, she began by slowly withdrawing the cock from her pussy and continued until no more than the head was still inside. A few seconds later, she reversed the stroke, pulling most of Little Dude from her ass while plunging Big Dude back into her pussy. As it had before, joy of a different kind but just as intense washed over her body from the paths of both toys.

Over and over, Annette thrust Big Dude and Little Dude in and out of her pussy and ass. She could already feel her climax mounting, beginning deep inside. Her body sensed it too and she started rocking from side to side with her legs thrusting out in the same rhythm as the stuffing of her greedy holes. Annette's voice was reacting too and she was moaning with bliss, making her happy she had muffled herself with the rolled up stockings.

'Uh! Uh! Uh!" The horny teenager whimpered joyously with every thrust into her pussy. Her body reacted even more strongly and she started fucking back to meet the slow strokes of Big Dude.

Annette was also receiving joy from what Little Dude was doing for her ass, but she decided to leave that dildo in place while concentrating on pleasuring her pussy. He wouldn't exactly be stationary, because the gel cylinder would move inside her with every thrust of Big Dude, especially after she had moved the clit spur into place. Annette started fucking herself faster too, and her soft cries of joy became louder, at least to her, but she knew they would not be heard by anybody else in the house.

The time had arrived and Annette reached up and, while holding the end of the toy, pinched the clit spur with the fingers of her left hand. She slid it down to the point on the shaft of the dildo where she had determined it would give her the most fun and held it in place while starting to drive the toy more deeply into her pussy. As with the previous strokes, pleasure swept through her body as she fucked back to meet it until the tiny fingers started raking her swollen and sensitive clit.

She literally screamed with joy as the multitude of givers of pleasure did their job. There are at least fifty of them some of them thick and rigid and some thin and flexible. Every one of them performed its assignment in the fantastic way she is accustomed to and greater and greater waves of pleasure were pouring through her body from every one of the fingers. She drew Big Dude back for another stroke, driving him into her pussy faster and more deeply this time and the result was even better. All the pleasure bumps on the shaft of the toy were finding hot spots to massage and the clit spur was giving her the greatest pleasure of all,

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Annette warbled to herself, glad again of her foresight in muffling her voice.

Her hips continued swiveling under her, thrusting her legs out and back as her delighted body rocked from side to side, deriving even more pleasure from Little Dude in her ass. Her whole body was wildly in motion, churning up the sheets as Annette felt her momentous climax drawing nearer.

"Yes! Yes! She sang out silently as the tsunami of pleasure swept over her.

She didn't stop or even slow down, but continued to fuck herself even harder and faster while her body thrashed all over the towel. All her muscles were going wild, including those in her throat as she howled of her joy, until the second, even greater tidal wave of ecstasy inundated her body.

After that fabulous orgasm, Annette removed the sox from her mouth but left the dildos buried deep in her ass and pussy while she continued to lie on her back. Pleasure still rippled through her body from its length, although not the exquisite delight she had felt before coming and during her climax. The spur was no longer raking her clit, which was still swollen with her lust but slowly shrinking back to a state of non-arousal. As Annette lay, happy and content, she thought of Jason, the young man who had walked away and left her sexually unfulfilled.

He may not have known it right then, but he had walked completely out of her life as well. That night had been their first date and she silently vowed it would definitely be their last. Although he was tall and handsome and had a certain degree of personal charm, Annette loves carnal adventures far too much to ever have any kind of a romantic relationship with a man who had such a miniscule interest in sex.

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